Effects of

2 COR. VII. godly sorrow. no rest, but

A. D. 60. to be repented of: were troubled


but o the sorrow of every side; i without b ch. 4. 8.

the world worketh were fightings, within i De. 32.25. death.* were fears.

11 For behold this 6 Nevertheless ch. 1. 4. selfsame thing, that God, that comfort- I ch. 2. 13. ye sorrowed after a eth those that are

mob. 2. 4.

godly sort, what carecast down, comforted

fulness it wrought in us by the coming + Or,

you, yea, what clearof Titus;


ing of yourselves,

to God. 7 And not by his

yea, what indignation, coming only, but o 2 Sa. 12, yea, what fear, yea, by the consolation 13. what vehement desire, wherewith he

Ma. 26.75. was

yea, what zeal, yea, comforted in


o Pr. 17. 22. what revenge! In all when he told us your p ch. 2. 4. things ye have apearnest desire, your mourning, your fer- 9 Ro. 15. 32. be clear in this matvent mind toward

ter. me ; so that I re- ver. 9

12 Wherefore, joiced the more.

* Κατα θεον. though I wrote into 8 For though

I Or, in the

you, I did it not for made you sorry with

manner God

his cause that had a letter, I do not re

done the wrong, nor pent, m though I did ver. 10–

for his

cause that repent: for I perceive of the world, suffered wrong, p but that the same epistle is the certain that our care for you hath made you sorry, way to des- in the sight of God though it were but for peration, un- might appear

unto a season,

less God pre-
Tent it ; as

you. 9 Now I rejoice, not appears from

13 Therefore that ye were made the horrid were comforted in sorry, but that ye examples of your comfort : yea, sorrowed to repent- Cain, Saul, and exceedingly the ance: for ye were and Judas;

more joyed we for the made sorry 7 after a bat the re- joy of l'itus, because godly manner,* that corded tears his spirit q was reye might receive da- of David give freshed by you all. mage by us in no

tbe clearest

14 For if I hav thing.

example of

the other boasted any thing to 10 For a godly sor- kind of sor- him of you, I am not row worketh repent- row.-Beza. ashamed ; but as w ance to salvation pot

spake all things to


Liberality of 2 COR, VIII. the Macedonians, you in truth, even so A.D. 60.

5 And this they did, our boasting, which

not as we hoped, but I made before Titus, + Gr. bowels. first gave their own is found a truth.

ch. 6. 12. selves to the Lord, 15 And his tin. ch. 2. 9.

and unto us by the

Pb. 2. 12, ward affection is

will of God, more abundant

s 2 Tb. 3. 4. to

6 Insomuch Phm.8.21.

that ward you, whilst he

we c desired Titus, remembereth r the

a Mar. 12. 44.

that as he had begun, obedience of you all, Gr. so he would also finhow with fear and simplicity:

ch. 9. 11.

ish in you the same trembling ye received

grace also.

bch. 9. 1. him.

Ac. 11. 29.

7 Therefore, as 16 I rejoice there- & 24. 17. ye d abound in every fore that .I have Ro, 15. 25, thing, in faith, and confidence in you in 26. utterance, and knowall things.

1 Co. 16... ledge, and in all dili

, 4. CHAP. VIII.

gence, and in your e ver. 17.

ch. 12. 18. I love to us, see that 1 MOREOVER, bre

$ Or, gift,

ye abound in this thren, we do you to

Ver. 4. 19. grace also. wit * of the grace of

di Co. 1.5.

8fI speak not by God bestowed on the

& 12. 13. commandment, but churches of Macedo

ech. 9. 8.

by occasion of the

forwardness of others,

fi Co.7. 6. 2 How that in a

and to prove the singreat trial of affliction & Ma. 8. 20.

La. 9. 58. cerity of your love. the abundance of Ph.2.6, 7.

9 for ye know the their joy and a their h1 Co. 7. 25. grace of our Lord deep poverty abound

i Pr. 19. 17.

Jesus Christ, & that, ed unto the riches of Ma. 10.42. though he was rich, their I liberality. 1 Ti. 6. 18, yet for yonr sakes 3 For to their pow

19. he became poor, that er, I bear record,

He. 13. 16. ye through his poveryea, and beyond their tt Gr.

ty might be rich. power they were will- willing.

10 And herein kl ing of themselves;

k ch, 9. 2.

give my advice : for 4 Praying us with ver. 1

this i is expedient for much intreaty that Irwporouer, you, who have begun we would receive the we make before, not only to gift, and take upon us known to do, but also to be the b fellowship of you tho forward tt a year the ministering

grace of to God, &c.

ago. the saints.

11 Now therefore

nia ;

4. with


Exhortations 2 COR. VIII.

to liberality. perform the doing of A. D. 60. sent with him the it ; that as there was

brother, whose praise a readiness to will, 1 Ma. 12. 43, is in the Gospel

44. so there may be a per- La. 21. 3.

throughout all the formance also out of

churches; that which ye have. Ex. 16. 18.

19 And

not that 12 For lif there be ver. 6.

only, but who was first a willing mind, och. 12. 18. also pchosen of the it is accepted accord- p 1 Co. 16.3, churches to travel ing to that a man


with this hath, and not accord-+ Or, gift.

grace, + which is ad

ver. 4. 6, 7. ing to that he hath

ministered by us 9 to

ch. 9. 8. dot.

the glory of the same 13 For I mean not

q cb. 4. 15.

Lord, and declaration that other men

Ro. 12. 17,
Ph. 4.8.

of your ready mind : eased, and ye bur- I Pe. 2. 12.

20 Avoiding this, dened :

10r, he hath.

that no man should 14 But by an

blame us in this a.

Ph. 2. 25. quality, that now at

bundance which is this time your abun- ver. 14

administered by us : dance may be a supply So far

21 r Providing for for their want, that Christianity honest things, not their abundance also seems to re- only in the sight of may be a supply for quite this.e- the Lord, but also in your want: that there that we the sight of men. may be equality :* should not 22 And we have

15 As it is written, suffer others sent with them our Hem that had gather to lack the brother, whom


have oftentimes provover; and he that sent life, had gathered little while we things, but now much had no lack.

abound in more diligent, upon 16 But thanks be

them. Whit- the great confidence to God, which put worthy of re- which 11 have in the same earnest care mark, How you. into the heart of Titus urgently the 23 Whether any do for you.

half of his

my partner and felaccepted n the exhor- poor bre- lowhelper concerning tation ; but being thren, while you: or our brethren more forward, of his he would re- be enquired of, they own accord he went ceise nothing are the messengers unto you.


of the churches, and 18 And we have

the glory of Christ,

ed much had nothing of this pre- led diligent in many

17 For indeed he pleads in be- enquire of Titus, he is


2 COR. IX. recommended. 24 Wherefore shew | A. D. 60. up beforehand your ye to them, and be

bountyt, whereof ye

ch. 1. 1. fore the churches,

had & 9.2.

notice before, the proof of your

that the same might

.ch. 8. 4. love, and of our Ac. 11. 29.

be ready, as a matter boasting + on your Ro. 15. 26. of bounty, and not as behalf.

1 Co. 16.1. of covetousness.*

Ga. 2. 10. 6 f But this I say, CHAP, IX.

b ch.8. 19. He which soweth 1 For as touching o ch. 8.24. sparingly shall reap the ministering to a ch. 8. 10. also sparingly; and the saints, it is super-e ch.9.6.17, he which soweth fluous for me to write 18.22. bountifully shall reap to you:

+ Gr. also bountifully. 2 For I know b the blessing:

7 Every man acforwardness of your 1 Sa. 25.27: cording as he purposmind, o for which I 2 Ki.5.15. eth in his heart, so boast of you to them 10r, which let him gide; 6 not of Macedonia, that hath been so grudgingly, or of neAchaia d was ready much spoken cessity : for b God

loveth & a year ago; and your Of before.

cheerful zeal hath provoked Pr.12. giver.

& 19. 17. very many.

81 And God is able

& 22. 9. 3 e Yet have I sent


grace the brethren, lest

abound toward you;

g De. 15. 7. our boasting of you h Es. 25. 2.

that ye, always hav. should be in vain in

ing all sufficiency in

& 25. 5. this behalf; that, as Pr. 11. 25. all things,may abound I said, ye may be Ro. 12. 8. to every good work: ready :

i Pr. 11. 24.

9 (As it is written, 4 Lest haply if they & 28. 27. Het hath dispersed of Macedonia come

Ph. 4. 19. abroad ; he hath givwith me, and find Ps. 112. 9. en to the poor : big you unprepared, we 1 Is. 55. 10. righteousness remain(that we say not, ye) m Ho. 10.12. eth for ever. should be ashamed in Ma. 6.1. 10 Now he that this same confident

ministereth1 seed to boasting.

* That is,

the sower both mi. 5 Therefore I Not dono

nister bread for your thought it necessary sordidly, and food, and multiply to exhort the bre- as estorted your seed sown, and

from a cothren, that they

increase the fruits

vetous porwould go before un- son.' --Beza.

of your m righteous to you, and make

ness ;)

Ga. 6.7.9. to make

ver. 5

The apostle's

9 COR. X.

spiritual power. 11 Being enriched A. D. 60. you, that I may not in every thing to

be bold when I am

+ Or, all + I bountifulness, liberality.

present with that which n causeth 1 Gr.

confidence, wherethrough us thanks-simplicity. with I think to be giving to God.

ch. 8. 2. bold against some, 12 For the admi- n ch. 1. 11. which it think of us nistration of this ser

& 4. 15.

as if we walked acvice not only suppli- och. S. 14.

cording to the flesh. eth the want of the p Ma. 5. 16.

3 For though we saints, but is abun- q Ho. 13. 16. walk in the flesh, we dant also by many rch. 8. 1.

do not war after the thanksgivings unto

& Ja. 1. 17.

flesh : God;

4 rd For the wea

a Ro. 12. 1. 13 Whiles by the

pons e of our warfare

b ver. 10. experiment of this

cb. 12. 5.

are not carnal, but ministration they

mighty ? # through glorify p God

Or, in out. God to the pulling for

ward apyour professed sub- pearance.

down of strong jection unto the gos-c ch. 13. 2. holds ;) pel of Christ, and for

10. 5 h Casting down your liberal a distri.

1 Co. 4.21. imaginations, $j and bution unto them, and tt Or,

every high thing that unto all men ;

1 Ep. 6. 13. exalteth itself against 14 And by their i Th. 5.8. the

knowledge of prayer for you, which . 1 Ti. 1. 18. God, and bringing long after you for the 2 Ti. 2. 3. into captivity every exceeding grace of c Ac. 7.22. thought to the obediGod in you.

1 Co. 2. 5. ence of Christ; 15 Thanks be unto 110r,to God. 6 i And having in God for his unspeak- Je. 1. 10. a readiness to revenge able gift.

all h 1 Co. l. 19.

disobedience, & 3. 19.

when t your obediCHAP. X. 99 Or,

ence is fulfilled. reasonings,

7 I Do ye look on 1 Now Paul ich. 13.2.10. things after the out. myself beseech you k ch. 2. 9.


appearance ? by the meekness and

If m any man trust to

I Jno. 7. 24. gentleness of Christ,

himself that he is who b in 9 presence

m 1 Co.14.37.
1 Jno. 4.6.

Christ's, let him of am base among you,

himself think this

nch.11.23. but being absent am

100. 3. 23. again, that, as he is bold toward you : & 9. 1.

Christ's, even so ars 2 But I beseech

wen Christ's.

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