Comforts and 2 COR. I.

deliverances not the Lord Jesus A.D.59. Christ, blet him be A.

The first epistle to nathema i Maranatha. h Ma. 25.41.

the Corinthians was

46. 23 k The grace of

Ac. 23. 14.

written from Phi. our Lord Jesus Christ

Ga. 1.8, 9. lippi by Stephanas, be with you.

Jode 14, and Fortunatus. 24 My love be with i Jude 14,15. and Achaicus, and you all in Christ Jek Ro. 16. 20. Timotheus. sus. Amen.

The learned suppose this epistle to have been written A. D. 55, or 57, at Ephesus,--and not at Philippi, as the postscript asserts. Corinth, though noted for Grecian learning, being very opulent, became very corrupt and profligate. St. Paul, however, founded a church there; bot various evils having crept in, both in doctrine and practice, he wrote this epistle to correct and remove them.


The Second Epistle of PAUL the Apostle to the


A.D. 60. Christ, the Father of CHAP. I.

mercies, and the God

1 Co. 1.1. 1 PAUL, a an apos

of all comfort ;

Ep. 1. 1. tle of Jesus Christ by


4 Who comforteth the will of God, and i Ti, 1. i. us in all our tribulaTimothy our brother, 2 'li. 1. 1. tion, that we may be anto the churcb of b Ph. 1. 1. able to comfort them God which is at Co. Ro. 1. 7. which are in aliy rinth, b with all the 1 Co. 1.3. trouble by the comsaints which are in

Ga. 1. 3.

fort, wherewith we

Ph. 1. 2. all Achaia :

ourselves are Col. 1. 2.

com2 c Grace be to you

1 Th. 1. i. forted of God. and peace from God Phm. 3. 5 For as e the suf our father, and from a Ep. 1.3. ferings of Christ athe Lord Jesus Christ, i Pe. 1.3. bound in us, so our 3 a Blessed be God, le Ac. 9. 4.

consolation also aeven the Father of Col. 1.24. boundeth by Christ. Our Lord Jesus

6 And whether we

2 ri. 2. 12. of

mch. 4.15. none

2 COR, I.

of Paul. be afflicted, fit is for A. D. 60. by the means of many your consolation and

persons thanks may salvation, which + is fch. 4. 15.

be given by many on effectual in the enOr,

our behalf.

is torought. during of the same

12 For our rejoicing sufferings which we s Ro. 8.17. is this, the testimony also suffer: or whe

our conscience,

Ja, 1.2.4. ther we be comforted,

that in simplicity

h Ac. 19. 23. it is for your conso

and a godly sincerity,

1 Co.15.32 lation and salvation.

& 16.9.

noto with fleshly wis7 And our hope of 1 Or,

dom, but by the grace you is stedfast, know-answer. of God, we have had ing, that & as ye are i Je. 17.6.7. our conversation in partakers of the suf.

the world, and more

k2 Pe. 2. 9. ferings, so shall ye be

abundantly to you

1 Ro. 15. 30, also of the consola


Ph. 1. 19. tion.

Phm. 22.

13 For we write 8 For we would

other things not, brethren, have a ch. 2. 17. unto you, than what you ignorant of hour

$ 4. 2.

ye read or acknow trouble which came . co. 2. 4. ledge; and I trust ye to us in Asia, that

acknowledge We were pressed outp ch. 5. 12. even to the end ; of measure, above

14 As also ye have

9 Ph. 2. 16. strength, insomuch

acknowledged us & 4. 1.

ia that we despaired 1 Tb, 2.19, part, p that we are even of life:

20. your rejoicing, even 9 But we had the r 1 Co. 4. 19. as 9 ye also are ours sentence f of death in s Ro. 1. 11. in the day of the ourselves,* that we Or, grace.

Lord Jesus. should i not trust in

15 And in this conourselves,


t 1 Co.16.5, fidencer I was mindin

6. God which raiseth

ed to come unto you the dead :

ver. 9

before, that ye might 10 k Who delivered • Not only have a second beus from so great a others

nefit ; death, and doth deli- thought thus

16 And to pass by

concerning ver : in whom we us, but we

you into Macedonia, trust that he will yet ourselves ap- and to come again deliver us;

prehended out of Macedonia 11 Ye also 1 helping that the end unto you, and of you together by prayer and ministry

to be brought on my for us, that m for the was come.

way toward Judæa. gift bestowed upon us

17 When I there

13. shall


He vindicates
2 COR. II.

himself. fore was thus mind. 1 A. D. 60. | are helpers of your ed, did I use light

joy : for 8 by faith ye ness? or the things u ch. 10. 2. stand. that I purpose, do 1 + Or,

CHAP. II. purpose u according preaching. to the flesh, that with Mar 1. 1. 1 BUT I determinme there should be Lu. 1. 35. ed this with myself, yea yea, and nay

Ac. 9. 20. that a 1 would not nay?

y He. 13. 8.

come again to you in 18 But as God is z Ro. 15. 8, heaviness. true, our + word to.

2 For if I make you ward you was not a 1 Jno. 2.20. sorry, who is he then yea and nay.

27. that maketh me glad, 19 For the Son of b Ep. 1. 13. but the same which God, Jesus Christ,

& 4. 30.


made sorry by

2 Ti. 2. 19. who was preached

Re. 2.17.

mo? among you by us,

3 And I wrote this even by me and Silva h. 5.5.

same unto you, lest, nus and Timotheus,

Ep. 1. 14. when I came, bI was not yea and nay, a ch. 11. 31. should have sorrow buty in him was

Ro.1, 9. from them of whom

Ga 1. 20. I ought to rejoice ; yea.

Ph. 1. 8. 20 z For all the

having o confidence promises of God in ch.2.3. him are yea, and in

& 12. 20. joy is the joy of you

in you all, that my him Amen, unto the

1 Co.4.21. glory of God by us.

4 For out of much

f 1 Co. 3. 5. 21 Now he which

1 Pe.5. 3.

affliction and anguish stablisheth us with

s Ro. 11. 20.

of heart I wrote unto you in Christ, and

1 Co.15.1. you with many tears; bath anointed us, is

a ch. 1. 23.

Dot d that ye should God;

&12. 20,21. be grieved, but that 29 Who bhath also & 13. 10. ye might know the sealed us, and cgiven b ch. 12. 21. love which I have the

earnest of the lech. 7. 16. more abundantly unto Spirit in our hearts. & 8. 22. you.

03 Moreover d I call Ga. 5. 10. 5 But e if any have God for a record upon a ch. 7. 8. 9. caused grief, he hath my soul, e that to

12. not f grieved me, but spare you I came note 1 Co. 6.1. in part : that I may as yet unto Corinth. f Ga. 4. 12. Do overcharge you 24 Not for that. Or,

all. we have dominion censure. 6 Sufficient to such over your faith, but

a man is this . pu

& 13.2. 10. all.

1 Co.15.10. death

of the gospel 2 COR. III. ministration. nishment, which was

A.D. 60. went from thence inflicted sof many.

into Macedonia. $

1 Co. 5. 4. 7 h So that contra

14 Now thanks be riwise ye ought rather b Ga. 6. 1.

unto God, which alto forgive him, and i ch. 7. 15.

ways causeth us to

t Or, comfort him, lest

in the sight. and maketh manifest

triumph in Christ, perhaps such a one k Ac. 16. 8. should be swallowed

& 20. 6.

then savour of his up with overmuch

knowledge by us in

I Co. 16.3. sorrow

every place. 8 Wherefore I be

m ch.7.5,6.

15 For we are unto seech you that ye

a Cant. 1.3. God a sweet savour would confirm your • 1 Co. 1. 19. of Christ, in them love toward him. p ch. 4. 3. that are saved, and

9 For to this end. Lu. 2. 34. in P them that pealso did I write, that

Jao. 9. 39. rish: I might know the

1 Pe. 2. 7. 16 4 To the one we prouf of you, whether rch. 3. 5, 6. are

the savour of ye be i obedient in

unto Or, deal

death; all things.


and to the other the 10 To whom ye with

savour of life unto forgive any thing, 1

ch. 4. 2.

life. And who is .forgive also: for it i 2 Pe. 2. 3. sufficient for these forgave any thing, to t ch. 1. 12.

things: whom I forgave it, 6 Or, of.

17 For we are not as for your sakes forgave a cb. 5. 12. many, which is corI it + in the person of & 10. 8. 12. rupt the word of God: Christ;

b Ac. 18. 27. but as t of sincerity, 11 Lest Satan should . 1 Co. 9. 2. but as of God, in the get an advantage of

sight of God speak us: for we are not

ver. 14-
• This es-

we Sin Christ. ignorant of his de

pression is vices.

supposed to CHAP. III. 12 Furthermore, have an alluwhen k 1

came to sion to tri 1 Do we begin Troas to preach umphal pro- again to commend

cessions, Christ's gospel, and

ourselves during

or need al door was opened which in- we, as some others, unto me of the Lord, cense was epistles b of commen

13 m I had no rest burned, or dation to you, or in my spirit, because fragrant letters of commenda1 found not 'Titus my strewed in

tion from you? brother : but taking the streets.

2. Ye

are our my leave of them,

epistle written in our

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Of the gospel 2 COR. III. ministration. hearts, known and A. D. 60. of the spirit be rather read of all men :

d 1 Co. 3. 5.

glorious ? 3 Forasmuch as ye

9 For if the minis. are manifestly de

e Ez. 24. 12. tration of condemnaclared to be the epis-Pos: 10:4;. tion be glory, much tle of Christ d minis

He. 8. 10.

more doth the ministered by us, written

tration of righteousnot with ink, but with!: Jno. 15. 6.

ness exceed in glory. the Spirit of the liy-h 1 Co.15.10.

Ph. 2. 13.

10 For even that ing God; not e in

which was made glotables of stone, but

i 1 Co. 3.5.
Ep. 3.7. rious

had no glory in in f fleshy tables of Col. 1. 25. this respect, by reathe heart.

29. son of the glory that 4 And such trust 1 Ti. 1. 11, excelleth. have

12. we through

11 For if that which

2 Ti.1.11. Christ to God-ward :

was done away was

k Je. 31. 31. 5 & Not that we are

Ma. 26. 28.

glorious, much more sufficient of ourselves He.8.6. 8. that which remaineth to think any thing as 1 Ro. 2. 27.

is glorious. of ourselves; but


12 Seeing then that our h sufficiency is of m Ro. 3. 20. we have such hope, God;

Ga. 3. 10. wet use great I plain6 Who also hath

Jno. 6. 63. ness of speech : made us able i minis- Ro. 8. 2.

13 And not as Moters of k the newt Or,

ses, which put a vail testament; not of quickeneth. over his face, that the letter, but of the Ro. 7. 10. the children of Israel spirit : for m the letter p Ex. 34. 1. could not stedfastly killeth, nhut the spi

4 Ex. 34. 29

look to the end of rit t giveth life.

30. 35. that which is abo7 But if the mi

r Ga. 3. 5.

lished: nistration of death,

14 But y their minds

s Ro. 1. 17. written p and en

were blinded : for graven in

t Ep. 6. 19.

until this day rewas glorious, 9 só

1 Or, maineth the same

boldness. that the children of

vail untaken away in Israel could not sted - - Ex. 34.33. the reading of the fastly behold the face

old testament; which of Moses for the glory - Ro. 10.4. vail is done away in

. 3. 23. of his countenance ;


y Is. 6. 10. which glory was to Ma. 13. 11.

15 But even anto be done away:

Jno.12. 40. this day, when Moses 8 How shall not Ac. 29. 26. is read, the vail is ther ministration of

upon their heart.

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