The preference

of charity. 22 Nay, much more

A. D. 59. prophets,' thirdly those members of the

+ Or, put on.

ieachers, after that body, which seem to

miracles, then 'gists be more feeble, are division.


of healings, m helps, necessary. 23 And those mem

e Ro. 12. 5. governments, n o di

Ep. 1. 23. versities of tongues. bers of the body,

& 4. 12.

29 Are all apostles? which we think to be & 5. 23. are all prophets? are less honourable, npon

Col. 1. 24. all teachers are all these

we + bestow f Ep. 5. 30. workers ft of mira. more abundant ho- g Ep. 4. 11. cles? nour; and our un- b Ep. 2. 20. 30 Have all the comely parts


& 3.5. gifts of healing? more abundant come i Ac. 13. 1. do all speak with liness.

Ro. 12. 6. tongues? do all in. 24 For our comely k ver. 10. terpret? parts have no need : 1 ver. 9. 31 But o covet earbut God hath tem-m Nu. 11.17. nestly the best gifts : pered the body, to- n Ro. 12. 8.

and yet shew I unto gether, having given He. 13. 17. you a more excellent more abundant ho-Or, kinds. way. pour to that part

Ver. 10. which lacked : 11 Or,

CHAP. XIII. 25 That there should powers. 1 THOUGH I speak be no Ischism in the o ch. 14, 1. with the tongnies of body; but that the a ch.12.8, 9. men and of angels, members should have Ma. 7. 22. and have not charithe same care one for b Ma. 17. 20. ty*, I am become as another.

Mar.11 23. sounding brass, or 26 And whether

Lu. 17.6. tinkling cymbal. one member suffer, c Ma.6. 1, 2 2 And though I all the members suf

have the gift of a profer with it; or one The Greek phecy, and

under member be honoured, word, stand all mysteries,

ауап, all the menibers re- Love. And and all knowledge; joice with it. this was for- and though I have

27 Now eye are merly the all faith, bso that I the body of Christ, sense of the

could remove moun. and f members in charity. so tains, and have not particular.

Milton charity, I am no28 And God hath Dwells in

thing set

all heaven

3 And o though I church,

charity so first

bestow all my goods postles, secondarily

to feed the poor, and

ba- dear 1


commended, though I give my A. D. 59. as a child, I thought body to be burned,

as a child : but when and have not charity, a Pr: 10:12. I became a man, I

4.8. ut profiteth me no

put away childish thing.

+ Or, is not

things. 4 d Charity suffer- rash.

12 For know we

ech. 10. 24. eth long, and is kind;

see through a glass,

Ph. 2. 4 charity envieth not

darkly ; ++ but then

f Ps. 10.3. charity + vaunteth not Ro. 1.32. face to face: now I itself, is not puffed

know in part ; but

g 2 Jno. 4. up,

then shall I know 5 Doth not behave 1 0r, with

even as also I am

the truth. itself unseemly,eseek

known. eth not her own, is

h Ro. 15. 1.
Ga. 6. 2.

13 And now abidnot easily provoked, 2 Ti. 2. 24. eth faith, hope, chathinketh no evil;

ich. 8. 2.

rity, these three; but 6 f Rejoiceth not in

the greatest of these. iniquity, but s rejoic- reasoned. is charity. eth I in the truth;

k 2 Co. 3. 18.

all 7b Beareth


& 5. 7. things, believeth all Ph. 3. 12. 1 FOLLOW after things, hopeth all tt Gr. charity, and a desire things, endureth all in a riddle. spiritual gifis, b but things.

1 Ma. 18. 10. rather that ye may 8 Charity Dever 1 Jno. 3. 2. prophesy. faileth: but whether a ch. 12. 31. 2 For he that cspeak. there be prophecies, b Nu. 11. 25. eth in an Unknown they shall fail ; whe

29. tongue speaketh not ther there be tongues, Ac. 2. 4. into men, but unto they shall


& 10. 46. God: for no man whether there be

11 Gr.

nnderstandethti him; knowledge, it shall heareth. howbeit in the spirit vanish away.

Ac. 22. 9. he speaketh myste9 i For we know in

ries. part, and we prophe- ver. 8– 3 But he that prosy in part.

*As the star-Iphesieth speaketh 10 But when that light is lost. unto men to edificawhich is perfect is in that of the

tion, and exhortation, come, then that which sun, so will and comfort, is in part shall be our present 4 He that speaketh done away.

knowledge in an unknown tongue 11 When I was a light of eter- he that prophesieth

be lost in the edifieth himself; but child, I spake as a nity. chila, I understood

edifieth the church.

善 *

of the gift

of tongues. 5 I would that A. D. 59. may be, 80 many ye all spake with

kinds of voices in the

d ver. 26. tongues, but rather

Ep. 1. 17. world, and none of that ye prophesied : Phil. 3. 15. them is without sigfor greater is he that + Or, tunco. nification. prophesieth than he

1 Gr.

11 Therefore if I that speaketh with


know not the meantongues, except he


ing of the voice, I interpret, that the of spirits.

shall be unto him church may receive e Ep. 5. 19. that speaketh a bar. edifying."

Col. 3. 16. barian, and he that 6 Now, brethren, Ps. 47. 7. speaketh shall be a if 1 come unto

8 ch. 11. 24. barbarian unto me. you speaking with

12 Even so ye, fortongues, what shall ver, 5- asmuch

as ye

are Į profit you, except *The apostle zealous o of spiritual I shall speak to you here teaches gifts, seek that ye either by drevelation,

us to esti

may excel to the edi. or by knowledge, or lue of gifts

mate the va

fying of the church. by prophesying, or and talents

13 Wherefore let by doctrine

not by their him that speaketh in ? And even things brilliancy, an unknown tongue without life giving sound, whether pipe ing with

ness. Speak- pray that he may in

terpret. or harp, except they tongues was

14 For if I pray in give a distinction in serviceablo an unknown tongue, the # sounds, how for spreading my spirit prayeth, shall it be known

the gospel; but my understandwhat is piped

or wise it was ing is unfruitful. harped ?

more desira- 15 What is it then ! 8 For if the trum- ble to dis- I will pray with the pet give an uncertain course well

spirit, and I will pray sound, who shall pre subjects in

on useful

with the understandpare himself to the their own ing also: el will sing battle?

language, with the spirit, and I 9 So likewise ye, which would will sing with the except ye utter by have a ten.. understanding also. the tongue

vince those,

16 Else when thou easy I to be under-who, ont of shalt bless with the stood, how shall it curiosity, spirit, how shall he be known what is might be that occupieth tho spoken ? for ye shall present in

their assem

room of the unlearned speak into the air.


say Amen & at thy 10 There


giving of thanks, see

words deney to con

13. phesy,

Of spiritual 1 COR. XIV.

gifts. ing he understandeth A. D. 59. one place, and all not what thou sayest?

speak with tongues, 17 For thou verily h ch. 3. 1.

and there come in

Ps. 131. 2. givest thanks well,

those that are unlearn

Ma. 11. 25. but the other is not & 18. 3.


or unbelievers, edified.

& 19. 14. will m they not say 18 I thank my God, Ro. 16. 19. that ye are mad? I speak with tongues

Ep. 4. 14.

24 But if all pro

He. 5. 12, more than ye all:

and there 19 Yet in the church

come in one

that i Ma, 18. 3. I had rather speak

believeth not, or one

I Pe. 2. 2. five words with my

unlearned, he is conunderstanding, that tGr.perfect, vinced of all, he is by my voice i' might or of a ripe judged of all:

age. teach others also,

ch. 2. 6.

25 And thus are than ten thousand

the secrets of his words in an unknown Jno.10.34. heart made manifest; tongue.

1 De. 28. 49. and so falling down 20 Brethren, b be Is. 28. 11, on his face he will not children in un

Jo. 5. 15.
worship God,

and derstanding: how beit

report that God is

m Ac. 2. 13. in malice i be ye chil

in you of a truth. dren, but in under Is. 45. 14.

26 How is it then, standing be + men.

Ze. 8. 23.

brethren? when yé 21 k In the law ito ver. 6. is I written, With men

come together, every ch.12.8, 9,

10. one of you hatha of other tongues and p ch. 12. 1. psalm, hath a docother lips will I speak 2 Co. 12. trine, hath a tongue, unto this people; and

19. hatha revelation, yet for all that will

an interpretathey not hear me,

tion. p Let all things saith the Lord. ver. 22

be done unto edi. 22 tongues are for a ment appears

27 If any man speak sign, not to them tbat to beSince in an unknown tongue, believe, but to them God threat- let it be by two, or at that believe not : but ens this as the most by three, prophesying


curse, do not and that by course; pot for them that bring it upon and let one inter believe not, but for the charch, pret. them which believe. merely to 28 But if there be

23 If therefore the wake osten: po interpreter, let him whole church be

own gifts." keep silence in the ome together into

church; and let him

Ep. 4. 12. hath

The apos-fying,
Wherefore tle's argo-

Of the

1 COR. XV. resurrection. speak to himself, and A. D. 59. 37 - If any man to God.

think himself to be a 29 Let the prophets 9 ch. 12. 10. prophet, or spiritual, speak two or three, r 1 Tb. 5.19, let him acknowledge and q let the other

20. that the things that judge.

. 1 Jno. 4. 1. 1 write unto you are 30 If any thing be +Gr. tumult, the commandments revealed to another or, unquiet- of the Lord. that sitteth by, let the ness.

38 But if any man first hold his peace. t ch. 11. 16. be ignorant, let him

31 For ye may all u 1 Ti. 2. 11, be ignorant. prophesy one by one,

12 39 Wherefore, brethat all may learn, sch. 11. 3. thren, «covet to proand all may be com

Ep: 5. 22. phesy, and forbid

Col. 3. 19. forted.

Tit. 2. 5.

not to speak with 32 And the spirits 1 Pe. 3. 1. tongues. of the prophets are

40 b Let all things

y Ge. 3. 16. subject to the pro

be done decently and

z 2 Co. 10.7. phets.

1 Jno. 4.6.

in order. 33 For God is not

a ch. 12. 31. CHAP. XV. the author of confu- 1 Th.5.20. sion, but of peace, b ver. 33.

1 MOREOVER, breas t in all churches of

thren, I declare unto

a Gal. 11. the saints.

you the Gospel

b Ro. 5. 2. 34 - Let your wo

which I preached men keep silence in . ch. 1. 21.

Ro. l. 16.

unto you, which also the churches : for it

ye have received, and is not permitted unto 1 Or, hold

wherein b ye stand;

fast, them to speak ; but

2 By which also

Gr. by what they are commanded


ye are saved, if ye to be under obedi

d G., 3. 4.

keep in memory ence, as also saith

what I preached the y law.

. ch. 11. 2.


unto you, unless a ye 35 And if they will

have believed in

f Ga. 1. 12. learn any thing, let

vain. them ask their hus- s Ps. 22. 15. 3 For I delivered bands at home : for Is. 53. 5, 6. unto you first of all

Da. 9. 26. it is a shame for wo.

that i which I also

Ze. 13. 7. men to speak in the

Lu. 24.26. received,

how that church.

46. Christ died for our 36 What? came the Ac. 3. 18. sins according to word of God out from

& 26. 23. the Scriptures;

I Pe. 1.11. you? or came it unto

4 And that he was

& 2. 24. you only?

buried, and that he

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