b ch. 11. 23, things are

Ga. 6. 16. seek his

Of sacraments. 1 COR. X.

Of neata. wise z men ; judge ye

A. D. 59. , the Lord to jealousy! what I say.

are m

we stronger z ch. 8. 1. 16 a The cup of

than he ?

a Ma. 26. 26, blessing which we

23 - All things are

27, 28. lawful for me, but all bless, is it not the communion of the


not ex blood of Christ? Ac. 2. 42. pedient : all things The b bread which

46. are lawful for me, we break, is it notc ch. 12. 27. but all things edify the communion of Ro. 12. 5. not.

d Ro. 4. 12. the body of brist?

24 o Let no man 17 For cwe being

own, but many are one bread, e Ro. 4. 1.

every man another's

& 9. 3. 5. and one body: for

2 Co.11.1s.

wealth. we are all partakers f Le. 3. 3.

25 p Whatsoever is of that one bread.

& 7. 15.

sold in the shambles, 18 Behold d Israel

that eat, asking DO after e the Aesh: fare i Le. 17. 7.

5 ch.8. 4.

question for conscinot they which eat of De. 32.17.

ence sake: the sacrifices partak- Ps.106.37.

26 for the earth ers of the altar? Re. 9. 20. is the Lord's, and

19 What say I then ? Li 2 Co. 6. 15, the fulness thereof. that& the idol is any

16. 27 If any of them thing, or that which k De.32.38. that believe not bid is offered in sacrifice 1 De. 32. 21. you to a feast, and to idols is any m Ez. 22. 14. ye be disposed to thing?

whatsoever is 20 But I say, that

set before you, eat, the

0 ver. 33. things which

ch. 13. 5.

asking no question for the Gentiles h sacri- Ro.15.1, 2. conscience sake. tice, they sacritice to Ph.2.4.21. 28 But if any man derils, and not to p 1 Ti. 4. 4. say unto you, This God and I would'q ver. 29.

is offered in sacrifice not that ye should Ex. 19. 5. unto idols, eat not hare fellowship with De. 10.14. for s for his sake that devils.

Ps. 24. 1. shewed it, and for 21 i Ye cannot drink

& 50. 12.

conscience sake : for the cup of the Lord, Lu. 10. 7. the earth

is and k the cup of des ch.8.10.12. Lord's, and the fulvils: ye cannot belt ver. 26. ness thereof: partakers of the Lord's De. 10. 14. 29 Conscience, I table, and of the table Ps. 24. 1. say, not thine own, of devils.

u Ro. 14, 16. but of the other : for 22 Do we I provoke

why is my liberty

Dch. 6. 12. go;

the Rules for

1 COR. XI.

Divine worship. judged of another A. D.59.

4 Every man prayman's conscience ?

+ Or,thanks- ing or 8 prophesying, 30 For if I by


having his head cograce + be a partaker,

Ro. 14. 6. vered, dishonoureth why am I evil spoken ITI.4.3, 4. his head. of for that : for which y Col. 3. 17.

5 But hevery woI give thanks ?

1Pe. 4. 11. man that prayeth or 31 y Whether there- z Ro. 14. 13.

2 Co. 6. 3.

prophesieth with her fore ye eat, or drink,

1 Gr.Greeks.

head uncovered disor whatsoever ye do, à Ac. 20. 29. honoureth her head : do all to the glory of 1 Ti. 3.5. for that is even all God.

b Ro. 15. 2. one as if she were 32 2 Give none of-c ver. 24. shaven. fence, neither to the

a Ep. 5.1.

6 For if the woman Jews, por to the

i 'Th, 1. 6. be not covered, let Gentiles, i nor to a the

2 Th. 3. 9. her also be shorn : church God :

bch. 4. 17.

but if it be ka shame 33 Even as b1

och. 7. 17.

for woman to be please all men in alior,


shorn or shaven, let things, cnot seeking 2 1h, 2.15 her be covered. mine own profit, but d Ep. 5. 23. 7 For a man indeed the profit of many, . Ge. 3. 16. ought not to cover that they may be

1 Ti. 2. 11. his head, forasmuch saved.

1 Pe. 3.1.5.

as he is the image

f Jno. 14.28. CHAP. XI.

Ph.2.7,8. and glory of God :

& gh. 12. 10. but the woman is the 1 Be a ye followers & 14, 1. glory of the man. of me, even as I also h Ac. 21. 9.

8 For mthe man is um of Christ.

i De. 21. 12. not of the woman; 2 Now I praise No. 5, 18. but the woman of thé you, brethren, b that

1 Ge. 1 26. ye remember me in

& 5. 1.

9 n Neither was the all things, and c keep m Ge. 2. 21. man created for the the ordinances, as I. Ge. 2. 18. woman; but the wodelivered them to 21. 23. man for the man. you.

o Ge. 24. 64, 10 For this cause 3 But I would have it That is, a ought the woman to you know, that d the covering, in have power on her head of every man sign that she head p because of the

is under the is Christ; and ethe head of the woman husband. 11

Nevertheless is the man; and the

PEc. 5. 6.

neither 9 is the man head of Christ is GA. 3. 28. without the woman, God.

neither the woman

De. 22. 5. man.

power of her angels.


of the

1 COR. XI.

Lord's Suppet. without the man, in A. D. 59. (they which are apthe Lord.

Ro. 11. 36. proved may be made 12 For as the wo

manifest among you.

+ Or, veil. man is of the man,

20 When ye come s

1 Ti. 6.4. together even so is the man

therefore also by the woman; 1t ch. 7. 17. into one place, It this

& 14. 33. but r all things of

is not to eat the Lord's God.

uch. 1. 10,

supper. 13 Judge in your

11, 12

21 For in eating

& 3. 3. selves : is it comely


every one taketh bethat a woman pray

fore other his own unto God uncovered? - Ma. 19. 7. supper: and one is

14 Doth not even Ac. 20.30. hungry, and z another nature itself teach 1 Ti 4. 1.

is drunken. you, that, if a man 2 Pe.2.1,2. 22 What! have ye have long hair, it is Or, sects. not houses to eat and a shame unto him ? y De. 13. 3. to drink in? or despise

15 But if a woman Lu. 2. 35. ye the church of have long hair, it is

1 Jno. 2.19.God, and b shame a glory to her : for tt Or, ye them if that have not? her hair is given her cannot eat.

What shall I say to for a t covering.

2 2 Pe. 2. 13. you shall I praise 16 But sjf any man

Jude 12.

you in this? I praise seem to be conten- a ch. 10. 32. you not. tious, we have

no b Ja. 2. 6.

23 For e I have resuch

custom,, nei- 11 Or, them ceived of the Lord ther the churches of that are

that which also I deGod.


livered unto you, 17 Now in this that och. 15. 3. That d the Lord Jesus I declare unto you I

Ga. 1. l. the same

night in praise you not, that

11, 12. which he was beye come together not a Ma. 26. 26. trayed took bread:

Mar. 14.22. for the better, but for

24 And when he

Lu. 22. 19. had given thanks, be the worse. 18 For first of all, S. Or,

brake it, and said, when ye come

for a remem- Take, eat: this is gether in the church,

my body, which is u hear that there be

broken for you*: this

ver. 24divisions 1 among • i. e. The do osin remembrance you ; and I partly body of

of me. believe it.

Christ, as 25 After the same 19 For there must sufferings &

broken in his

manner also he took be also

the cup, when he anong you, y that

had supped, saying,


6 heresies death.


1 COR. XII. spiritual gifts. This cup is the new A. D. 59. 33 Wherefore, my testament in my

Or,shew ye.

brethren, when ye blood : this do ye, as

come together to eat,

. Jno. 14. 3. oft as ye drink it, in

& 21. 22.

One tarry

for anoremembrance of me.

Ac. 1. 11.

ther. 26 For as often as iTh. 4.16. 34 And if any man as ye eat this bread, 2 Th. 1. 10. hunger, let him eat and drink this cup,

Jude 14.

at home; that ye

Re. 1. 7. ve + do shew the

come not together Lord's death e till he

f No. 3. 10.
Jno. 6.51.

unto condemnation, come.

& 13. 27: And the rest m will I 27 "Wherefore whosoever shall eat this : 2.Co. 13.5. set in order when o i

Ga, 6. 4. coine, bread, and drink this

1 Or, cup of the Lord, un- judgment.

CHAP. XII. worthily, shall he Ro. 13. 2. 1 Now

A concernguilty of the body h Ps. 32. 5. ing, spiritual gifts, and blood of the 1 Jno. 1. 9. brethren, I would not Lord.

i Ps. 94. 12. have you ignorant. 28 But & let a man

He. 12.5. . Ye know b that eaxmine himself, and k ver. 21. ye were Gentiles, so let him eat of that 1 ver. 22. carried away unto bread, and drink of


• dumb idols,

Or, that cup.

judgment. even as ye were led. 29 For he that eat-m Tit. 1. 5.

3 Wherefore I give eth and drinketh un-n ch. 4. 19.

you to understand, worthily, eateth and

that a no man speak

a ch.14.1. 37. drinketh I damnation

ing by the Spirit of to himself, not dis

b Ep.2.11,12.

God calleth Jesus cerning the Lord's Ps. 115. 5. accursed: tt and that body.

a Mar. 9. 39. no man can say that 30 For this cause

1Jno.4.2,3. Jesus is the Lord, many are weak and tt Or,

but by the Holy

anathema. sickly among you,

Ghost. and many sleep.

. Ma. 16. 17.

4 Now fthere are

Jno. 15. 26. 31 Forb if we would

diversities of gifts,

2 Co. 3, 5. judge ourselves, we Ro. 12. 4.

but the same Spirit. should not be judged. He.2. 4.

5 b And there are 32 But


we 1 Pe. 4.10. differences of tadare judged, i we are 8 Ep. 4.4. ministrations, but the chastened of the b Ro. 12. 6. same Lord. Lord, that we should 11 Or, 6 And there are not be condemned ministerios. diversities of operawith the world.

tions, but it is the

moh. 1. 5. many.

17 If

Diversity of 1 COR. XII. spiritual gifts. same

God 1 which A. D. 59. whether we be bond worketh all in all.

or free, and b have

i Ep. 1. 23. 7 k But the mani

been all made to festation of the Spirit 10:42.-6. drink into one Spirit. is given to every I Pe. 4. 10.

14 For the body is man to profit withal. l1 ch. 2. 6,7. not one member, but 8 For

to one is given by the Spirit

& 13. 2.

15 If the foot shall thel word of wis- 2 Co. 8.7. say, Because I am dom; to another n the a Ma. 17. 19, not the hand, I am word of knowledge 20. not of the body; is it by the same Spirit ;

2 Co. 4. 13. therefore not of the 9n To another faith o Mar. 16.18. body? by the same Spirit ;

Ja. 5. 14. 16 And if the ear to another the gifts p ver. 28, 29. shall say, Because I

Mar. 16.17. of healing by the

am not the eye, I am

Ga. 3. 5. same Spirit ;

not of the body; is it 10 p To another the 9 Ro. 12. 6. therefore not of the working of miracles ;

r ch. 14. 29. body?

I Jno. 4. 1. to another 9 prophe

the whole cy; r to another dis

1 Ac. 2. 4.

body were an eye,

& 10. 46. cerning of spirits ; to

where were the hear

t Ro. 12. 6. another s divers kinds

2 Co.10.13. ing? If the whole of tongues; to ano- Ep. 4.7. were hearing, where ther the interpretation u Jno. 3. 8.

were the smelling ? of tongues :

He. 2. 4.

18 But now hath 11 But all

x Ro.12,4,5.

God o set the memworketh that one and Ep.4.4.16. bers

every one of the selfsame Spirit, y ver. 27.

them in the body dividing t to every Ga.3.16. as d it hath pleased man severally u as he : Ro. 6.5. him. will.

a Ga. 3. 28.

19 And if they 12 For s as the body Ep. 2. 13, were all one memis one,

and hath 14. 16. ber, where were the many members, and

Col. 3. 11. body! all the members of Gr. 20 But now are they

Grooke. that one body, being

many members, yet many, are one body:

b Jao. 6. 63. but one body, 80 y also is Christ.

& 7.37, 38,

21 And the eye 13 For


cannot say unto the Spirit

o ver. 28. aro WO all

hand, I have no need baptized into one

d ver. 11.

of thee: nor again

ch. 3. 6. body, & whether we be Ro. 12. 3. the head to the feet, dows or + Gentiles,

I have no need of you.


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