The marriage 1 COR, VIII.

of virgins. 31 There is differ- A. D. 59. marriage doeth well; ence also between a

I Lu. 10. 40.

but he that giveth her wife and a virgin. m He. 13. 4. pot in marriage doeth The unmarried wo-Ro, 7. 2. better. man I careth for the o2 Co. 6. 14. 39 n The wife is things of the Lord, p ver. 25. bound by the law as that she may be holy Th. 4-8. both in body and

à ch. 10. 19. long as her husband

Ac. 15. 20.liveth ; but if her in spirit: but she that 29. husband be dead, she is married careth b Ro. 14. 14. is at liberty to be for the things of the Ro. 14.3. married to whom she world, how she may a ch. 13. 8,

will; only in the please her husband.

9. 12. Lord. 35 And this I speak Ga. 6. 3. 40 But she is hapfor your own profit;

1 Ti. 6. 4. pier if ye so abide,

e Ex. 33. 12. not that I may cast Na. 1. 1. after p my judgment : a snare upon you, but Ma. 7. 23. and I think also for

that which is Ga. 4.9. that I have the Spirit comely, and that ye 2 Ti. 2. 19. of God.* may attend upon the

foh. 10. 19.

Is. 41.24. Lord without distrac

CHAP. VIII. tion.

36 But if any man ser. 40- 1 Now a as touchthink that he beba rendering of ing

things offered yeth himself uncome- this passage unto idols, we know ly toward his virgin, is as fol

that we

all have if she pass the flower lows and knowledge. Knowof her age, and need so 1 also have

I think that ledge puffeth up, but require, let him do the Spirit charity edifieth. what he will, he sin- of God;"> 2 And d if any man neth not : let them in reply to think that he knoweth marry.

those who

any thing, he know37 Nevertheless he might pre

tend a Di

eth uothing yet as he that standeth stedfast vine inspira- ought to know. in his heart, having tion for the 3 But if any man no necessity, but contrary.opi- love God, e the same hath power over his nion. It is known of him. own will, and hath be" and I 4 As concerning 80 decreed in his also am sup- therefore the eating heart that he will posed to of those things that keep his virgin, doeth kave;" &o; are offered in sacrifice well.

which makes unto idols, we know 38 - So then he still stronger that fan idol is nothat giveth her in

thing in the world, Meats offered 1 COR, IX.

to idols. and that there is A. D. 59. knowledge sit at none other God but

meat in the idol's

& De, 4. 39. one.

Is. 44. 8.

temple, shall not 5 For though there Mar.12.29. the t conscience of be that are called Ep. 4.6. him which is weak gods, whether in

i Ti. 2. 5. be temboldened to heaven or in earth, h Joo.10.34. eat those things (as there be gods i Mal. 2. 10. which are offered to many, and lords Ep. 4. 6.

idols; many)

k Ao. 17. 28. 11 And u through 6 But i to us there Ro. 11. 36. thy knowledge shall és but one God, the Or, for him. the weak brother peFather, k of whom are 1 ch. 12. 3. rish, for whom Christ all things, and we

Jno. 13. 13. died?

Ep. 4. 5. in + him; and lone

12 But when ye

Ph. 2. 11. Lord Jesus Christ,

sin So against the by ni whom are alim Jan. 1. 3.

Col. 1. 6.

brethren, and wonnd things, and we He. 1. 2.

their weak conhim.

nch. 10. 28. science, ye sin a7 Howbeit there is

o Ro. 14. 14. gainst Christ. not in every man that

13 Wherefore, if

p Ro. 14 17 knowledge: for some

meat make my hrowith n conscience of 1 Or, have

ther to offend, I will

we the more. the idol unto


eat no flesh while hour eat it as a thing

9 Or, have

the world standeth,

me the less. offered unto an idol;

lest I make my broand their conscience

4 Ga. 5. 13.

ther to offend. being weak is o de

++ Or,porter. filed.

r Ro. 14. 13.

CHAP. IX. 8 But Pmeat com-s Mao. 1.47. mendeth us not to t ch. 10. 28. 1 * AMI not an God : for neither, if 11Gr.edified. apostle am 1 not we eat, I are we the u Ro. 14. 15. free? b have I not better; neither, if wes Ma. 25.40. seen Jesus Christ our eat bot, are we the y Ro. 14.21. Lord ? care not ye worse.

2 Co.11.29. my


the 9 But 9 take heed a Ac. 9. 15. Lord ? lest by any means

2 Co.12.12.

? If I be not an this Ht liberty of

Ga, 2. 7,8.
1 Ti. 2. 7.

apostle unto others, your's become га

2 Ti. 1. 11. yet donbtless ) am to stumblingblock to b Ac. 9.3.17. you : for the seal of them that are weak.

mine apostleship are 10 For if any man à 2 Co. 3. 2.'ye in the Lord. see thee which hast!

och. 3. 6.

3 Mine answer to


1 COR. IX.

of ministers, them that do ex- A. D. 59. jin hope ; and that be amine me is this,

that thresheth in hope 4 e Have we note ver. 14. should be partaker of power to eat and to i Th. 2. 6 his hope. drink?

2 Th. 3.9.

11 . If we have 5 Have we not

Or,woman. Sown unto you spipower to lead about Ma. 13. 55. ritual things, is it a a sister, a + wife, as Mar. 6. 3. great thing if we well as other apostles, Lu. 6. 15. shall reap your carnal and as fthe brethren

Ga. 1. 19. things? of the Lord, and & Ma. 8. 14.

12 If others be parCephas?:

h 2 Th. 3. 8. takers of this power 6 Or I only and i 2 Co. 10. 4. over you, are not we Barnabas, h have not I Ti. 1. 18. rather? P Nevertbe we power to forbear

2 Ti. 2. 3. less we have not used working

I De. 20. 6. this power; but suffer 7 Who i goeth a

Pr. 27. 18. all things, 9 lest we warfare any time at 1 Jno. 21. 15. should hinder the his

I Pe. 5. 2. own charges?

gospel of Christ, who k planteth


m De. 25. 4. 13 I Do ye not vineyard, and eateth

1 Ti. 5. 18. know that they which

n 2 Ti. 2, 6. not of the fruit there

minister about holy of? or who I feedeth

o Ro. 15. 27. things I live of the

Ga. 6. 6. a flock, and eateth

things of the temple not of the milk of the

p ver. 15. 18.

Ac 20. 33. and they which wait flock ?

2C0. 11. 7. at the altar are par, 8 Say I these things

& 12. 13. takers with the alas a man ? or saith

1 Tb. 2.6. tar? not the law the same q 2 Co.11.12. 14 Even So hath also ?

- Lo. 6. 16. the Lord ordained 9 For it is written

Nu. 5. 9.

that t they which in the law of Moses,

De. 10. 9.

preach the gospel Tho m shalt pot 1 Or, feed. Should live of the muzzle the month of Ma. 10. 10. gospel. the ox that treadeth

Lu. 10. 7. 15 But ot have out the corn.

Doth t Ga. 6.6. used none of these God take care for

1 Ti,5,17. things : neither have oxen?

u ver 12 I written these things, 10 Or saith he it

oh. 4. 12.

that it should be 80

Ac. 18. 3. altogether for our & 20. 34.

done upto sakes? For our sakes, 1 Th. 2. 9. it were better for me no doubt, this is writ- 2 Th. 3. 8. to die, than that any ten: that n he that : 2 Co.11.1o. man should make my ploweth should plowi:

glorying void.

me: for ye

gospel i Ro. 2. 12.

The Christian 1 COR. IX.

life a race. 16 For though I A. D. 59. the law to Christ,) preach the gospel, 1

that I might gain have nothing to glory : Ro. 1. 14. them that are without of: for y necessity is z ch.3. 8.14. law. laid upon me; yea, a ch. 4. 1. 22 ! To the

weak woe is unto me, if I

Ga. 2. 7. became I as weak, preach not the gos

Ph, 1. 17.

that I might gain the

Col. 1. 25. pel!

weak: m I am made 17 For if I do this b chc.0.33. all things to all men,

2 Co. 4.5 thing willingly, 21

& 11.7.

that n I might by all have a reward : but

och. 7. 31. means save some. if against my will,

23 And this I do

d ver. 1. aa dispensation of the

. Ga. 5. 13. that I might be par

for the gospel's sake, gospel is committed unto me.

f Ma. 18.15. taker thereof
I Pe. 3. 1.

with 18 What is my re

you. ward then? Verily 6 Ac. 16. 3. 24 Know & 18. .

Dot that, bwhen I preach & 21. 23.

that they which run the gospel, I may b Ga. 3. 2.

in a race run all, but make the

one receiveth the of Christ without


prize? So run, that charge, that I c abuse

k ch. 7. 22. ye may obtain. not my power in the

25 And every man gospel.

1 Ro. 15. 1. tbat p striveth for the

2Co.11.29. 19 For though I be mch. 10.33. mastery is temperate freed from all men, n ch. 7. 16. in all things. Now yet have el made Ro. 11. 14. they do it to obtain myself servant unto . Ga. 2. 2. a corruptible crown; all, that I might & 5. 7.

but we 9 an incorgain the more.

Ph. 2. 16. ruptible. 20 And & unto the & 3. 14.

26 I therefore SO

2 Ti. 4. 7. Jews I became as a

He. 12. 1. run, "not as uncerJew, that I might

tainly ; so fight ,

p Ep. 6, 12. gain the Jews; to

iTi. 6. 12. not as one that beat them that are under 2 Ti. 2. 5. eth the air : the law, as under the & 4. 7. 27 But

I keep law, that I might q ? Ti. 4. 8. under my body, and gain them that are Ja. 1. 12. bring t it into subjecunder the law ;

1 Pe. 1. 4. tion : lest that by any 21 h To i them that r 2 Ti. 2. 5. means, when I have are without law, as, Ro. 8. 13. preached to others, without law, (k be- t Ro. 6. 18. 1 myself should be ing not without law'u Je. 6. 30. au castaway. to God, but under

To fice

1 COR. X. from idolatry. A. D. 59.


some of them CHAP. X. 1 MOREOVER,

a Ex.13. 21. committed, and k fell De. 1.33.

in one day three and bretbren, I would not that ye should be

b Ex. 14.22. twenty thousand.
Ps. 78. 13.

y Neither let us ignorant, how that

Christ, c Ex. 16. 15. tempt

as all our fathers were

Ps. 78. 24. somel of them also under a the cloud, and

d Ex .17. 6. tempted, and mwere all passed through Ps. 78. 15. destroyed of

serthe b sea;

+ Or, went pents. 2 And

were all with them, 10 Neither murmur baptized unto Moses De. 9. 21. in the cloud and in

Ps. 105. 41. ye, as n some of them

also murmured, and the sea;

e Nu. 14. 29.

Ps.106.26. were o destroyed of 3 And did all eat

He. 3. 17. the p destroyer. the same c spiritual Gr. our 11 Now all these meat ;

figures. things happened unto 4 And did all drink i Nu. 11. 4. them for gensamples: the same d spiritual Ps. 106.14. and a they are writdrink: for they drank & ver. 14. ten for our admoniof that spiritual Rock h Ex. 32. 6. tion, rupon whom that followed them : i Re. 2. 14. tbe ends of the world and that Rock was k Nu 25.1.9. are come. Christ.

Ps.106.29. 12 Wherefore slet 5 But with many 1 Ex.17.2.7. him that thinketh he of them God was not De. 6. 16. standeth take heed well pleased : for they Ps. 78. 18. lest he fall. were e overthrown in m Nu. 21.6. 13 There hath no the wilderness. n Ex. 16. 2. temptation taken you

6 Now these things No. 14. 2. but it such as is comwere our examples, o Nu. 14.37. mon to mau : but to the intent we should p Ex. 12. 23. Godt is

faithful, not lust after evil

$ Or, types. who will not suffer tbings, as fthey also

q Ro. 15. 4. you to be tempted lusted.

above that ye

are r 1 Jno. 2.18. 7 & Neither be ye

able; but will with idolaters, as

s Ro. 11. 20. the temptation also

were some of them; as it + Or,

makes a way to esis written, h'l he

moderate. peo

t ch. 1.9. cape, that ye may be ple sat down to eat

able to bear it. and drink, and rose

Ps. 125, 3.

14 Wherefore, my

2 Pe. 2.9. up to play.

* Jer. 29.11. dearly beloved, y flee 8 i Neither let

us y 1 Jno.5. 21. from idolatry. commit fornication,

15 I speak as to

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