A scandalous

1 COR. V. incest reproved. that bone should have A. D. 59. 8 Therefore o let us his c father's wife.

keep the feast, P pot 2 And ye are puff. b Le. 18. S. with old leaven, nei

De. 22, 30. ed up, and have not

ther 9 with the leaven rather e mourned, c2 Co. 7. 12. of malice and wickedthat he that hath d ch. 4. 18. ness; but with the done this deed might e 2 Co. 7.7. unleavened bread of be taken away from Col. 2.5. sincerity and truth. among you.

+ Or, deter

9 I wrote unto you 31 For I verily, as mined. in an epistle r not to absent in body, but : Ma. 16.19. company with fornipresent in spirit, have Jno. 20.23. cators : judged + already, as 2 Co. 2.10. 10 Yet not altoge. though I were pre- b Job 2.6. ther with the fornicasent, concerning him

Ps. 109. 6. tors t of this world, that hath so done this i Ac. 26. 18. or with the covetous, deed,

Ja, 4. 16. or extortioners, or 4 In the name of 1 2 Ti. 2. 17. with idolaters; for our Lord Jesus

m Is. 53. 7.

then must ye needs Christ, when ye are Jno. 1. 29. go

11 out

of the gathered together, Re.5.6.12. world. and my spirit, & with Jno. 19. 14, 11 But now I have the power of our Lord Or, is slain. written unto you not Jesus Christ,

• Ex. 12. 16. to keep company, it 5 h To deliver such an one unto i Satan day.

Or, holy

any man that is called

a brother be a fornifor the destruction of the flesh, that the p De. 16. 3. cator, or, covetous,

or an idolater, or a şpirit may be saved 9 Ma. 16. 6.

12. railer, or a drunkard, in the day of the r 2 Co. 6. 14. or an extortioner; Lord Jesus.

2 Th. 3.14. with such an one y no 6k Your glorying s cb. 10. 27. not to eat. is not good. Know tch. 1. 20.

12 For what have I ye not that I a little

u Juo. 17.15.

to do to judge z them leaven leaveneth the

also that are without?

Ma. 18. 17. whole lump?

Ro. 16. 17.

do not ye judge 7 Purge out there

2 Th. 3. 6. them a

that fore the old leaven, y Ga. 2. 12. within ? that ye may be a new

13 But them that

Z Mar. 4.11. lump, as ye are un- Col. 4.5. are without God leavened. For even i Th. 4. 12. judgeth. Therefore Christ mour - Passo-a oh. 6. 1, 2. putb away from a. ver I is sacrificed for b De. 13.5. Imong yourselves that

wicked person.



Against going 1 COR. VI.

to law. A. D.59. wrong? why do ye CHAP. VÍ.

not rather suffer your1 DARE

a Ps. 49. 14.

any of Da. 7. 22. selves to be defrauded? you, having a mat.

Ma. 19. 29. 8 Nay, ye do ter against another, Lu. 22. 30. wrong, and defraud, go to law before the Re. 2.26. and e that your bre

& 3. 21, upjust, and not before


& 20. 4. the saints?

9 Know ye not that 2 Do ye not know

b 2 Pe. 2.4.
Jude 6.

the unrighteous shall that a the saints shall

not inherit the king. judge the world ? and

c ch. 5. 12.

dom of God ? Be not if the world shall

d Pr. 20. 22.

deceived : Ma. 5. 39.

f neither be judged by you, are La. 6. 29. fornicators, nor idolaye unworthy to judge Ro. 12. 17. ters, nor adulterers, the smallest mat

19. nor effeminate, nor

1 Th.5.15. abusers of themselves 3 Know ye not that e 1 Th. 4. 6. with mankind, we shall bjudge an- fch. 15. 50. 10 Nor thieves, por gels? how much more Ga. 5. 21, covetous, nor drunkthings that pertain to

Ep. 5.5.
1 Ti. 1. 9.

ards, nor revilers, nor this life?

He. 12. 14. extortioners, shall 4. If then ye have & 13. 4. inherit the kingdom judgments of things Re, 22. 15. of God. pertaining to this life, 8 ch. 12. 2. 11 And such were set them to judge

Ep. 2. 2.

somes of you : b but who are least esteem.

& 4. 22.
& 5.8.

ye are washed*,but ye ed in the church.

Col. 3. 7.

are sanctified, but ye 5 I speak to your

Tit. 3. 3. are justified in the shame. Is it so, that h ch. 1. 30. name of the Lord there is not a wise He. 10. 22. Jesus, and by the man among you ? no, i ch. 10.23. Spirit of our God. not one that shall be + Or, profit- 12 i All things are able to judge between able. lawful unto me, but his brethren? * Ma, 15. 17. all things are not

6 But brother go- Ro. 14. 17. expedient:t all things eth to law with bro

Col. 2. 22.

are lawful for me, ther, and that before

but I will not be the unbelievers.

* Not only brought under the 7 Now therefore by baptism, power of any. there is utterly a fault but in the 13 k Meats for the among you, because" fountain

belly, and the belly ye go to law one with opened for

for meats : but God another.


shall destroy both it ye not rather take

and them. Now the

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& Why do sin and un

20. man.

Dries of the

1 COR. VII. married state. body is not for forni-, A. D. 59. jin your body, and in cation, but for the

your spirit, which Lord ; m and the 1 ver. 15. 19,

are God's.

20. Lord for the body.

1 Th. 4. 3. CHAP. VII. 14 And n God hath

7. both raised up the m Ep. 5. 23. I Now concerning Lord, and will also n Ro.6.5.8. the things whereof ye raise upus o by his & 8. 11. wrote unto me: ali own power.

2 Co. 4. 14. is good for a man 15 Know ye not o Ep. I. 19, not to touch a WOthat p your bodies are the members of

p Ro. 12. 5.
Ep. 4. 12.

2 Nevertheless, to Christ? shall I then & 5. 30.

avoid fornication, let take the members of

q Ge. 2. 24. every man have bis Christ,


make Ma. 19. 5. own wife, and let them the members of Ep. 5. 31. every woman have an harlot! God for- Ir no.17.21, her own husband. bid.

22, 23 3b Let the husband 16 What? kuow ye

Ep. 4. 4. render unto the wife

& 5. 30. not that he which is

due benevolence: and joined to an harlot is • Ro. 6. 12. likewise also the wife

He. 13. 4. one body? for two,

unto the husband. saith he, shall be one

t Ro. 1. 24.

4 The wife hath not

1 Th. 4. 4. tlesh.

power of her own

u 2 Co. 6. 16. 17 - But he that is

body, but the hus. joined unto the Lord * Ro. 14.7. band: and likewise is one spirit.

y ch. 7. 23. also the husband hath

fornica18 s Flee

Ac. 20. 29.

Ga. 3. 13.")pot power of his own tion. Every sin that a He. 9. 12. body, but the wife. man doeth is without 1 Pe. 1.18. 5 Defraud ye not the body; but he that 2 Pe. 2. 1. one the other, except committeth fornica

Re. 5. 9.

it be with consent for

a ver. 8. 26. tion sindeth tagainst his own body.

b Ex. 21. 10. give yourselves to

a time, that ye may

1 Pe. 3. 7. 19 What ? u know

fasting and prayer;

e Es. 19. 15. ye not that your body

192.21.4,5. and come together is the temple of the Joel 2. 16. again, that a Satan fioly Ghost which is Ze. 7. 3. tempt you not for in you, which ye have di Th. 3.5. your incontinency. of God, sand ye aree ver. 12. 25.

6 But I speak this not your own? 2 Co. 8.8. by permission, e and 20 For y ye are

& 11. 17.

not of commandbought with a price : f Ac. 26. 29. ment. therefore glorify God

7 Forf I would that else

& 19. 6. 9. believing depart, let

Of marriage. 1 COR. VII. Of marriage. all men were & even A. D. 59. 14 For the unbelievas I myself. But

ing husband is sanc.

Bch, 9.5. every b man hath his

tified by the wife, proper gift of God,one

h cb. 12. 11. and the unbelieving

Ma. 19. 12. after this manner,

wife is sanctified by

i ver. 1. 26. and another after that.

the husband : 8 I say therefore o


wereo your children the

unmarried and I ver. 12. 25. unclean ; but now are widows, ilt is good m Mal. 2. 14. they holy. for them if they abide

Ma. 5. 32.

15 But if the uneven as J.

Mar. 10.11, 9 But kif they can

12. him depart. A brc. not contain, let them Lau. 16. 18. ther or a sister is not marry: for it is bet. . ver. 6.

under bondage in ter to marry than to o Mal. 2. 15. such cases: but God burd.

ch, 14. 33. hath called us pt to 10 And unto the

Ro. 12. 18. peace. married I command,

& 14. 19.

16 For what know.

Ho. 12. 14. yet ! not I, but the + Gr. in est thou, O wife, Lord, m Let not the


whether thou shalt wife depart from her 91 Pe. 3. 1. save 4 thy husband ? husband : 1 Gr. what. or I how

knowest 11 But and if she

thou, o man, whe

rch, 4. 17. depart, let her remain 200.11.29. ther thou shalt saye unmarried, or be re

s1 Mao. 1.15.

thy wife? conciled to her hus

17 But as God hath

t Ac. 15. 1.5. band: and let not the

19. 24. 28.

distributed to every husband put away Ga. 5. 2. man, as the Lord his wife.

u Ga. 5 6.

hath called every one, 12 But to the rest & 6. 15. so let him walk. And speak I, o not the Jpo. 15. 14. sor ordain 1 in all Lord: If any brother I Juo. 2. 3. churches. hath a wife that be- & 3. 24.

18 18 any man calllieveth not, and she ver. 19–

ed being circumcised? be pleased to dwell The essence let him not become with him, let him not of religion uncircumcised. 18 put her away.

consists in
any called in

UD13 And the woman supreme love

t let circumcision ?

to God; and which hath an hus- this love will him not be circumband that believeth constrain its cised. not, and if he be possessor to 19 u Circumcision pleased to dwell with koop the is nothing, and unber, let her not leave ments of God circumcision is nohim.

thing, but the keep


Exhortation to 1 COR. VII.

content ment. ing of the commando A. D. 59. thon loosed from a ments of God. 20 Let every man Jno. 8. 36. Wife! seek not a wife.

28 But and if thou

Ro. 6. 18. abide in the same 22. marry, thou hast not calling wherein be Phm. 16. sinned'; and if a virwas called.

+ Gr. made gin marry, she hath 21 Art thou called free,

not sinned.

Neverbeing a servant ? care z ch. 9. 21. theless such

shall not for it: but if thou Ga. 5. 13. have trouble in the mayest be made free,

Ep. 6. 6.

flesh : but I 1 Pe.2. 16.

spare use it rather.

you. 22 For he that is a ch. 6. 20.

29 But this I say, called in the Lord,

Le. 25.42.

i Pe. 1. 18. brethren, the time is being a servant, is

short : it remaineth,

b ver. 20. the y Lord's + free

that both they that man : likewise also o ver. 6. 20: have wives be he that is called,

2 Co. 8. 8. though

they had being free, is a Christ's a 1 Ti. 1.16. none; servant.

ech. 4. 2.

30 And they that 23 a Ye are bought i Th. 1.12. weep, as though they with a price;* be not 1 Or, neces- wept not; and they ye the servants of sity. that rejoice, as though men.

f ver. 1. 8. they rejoiced 24 Brethren, b let 8 Ro. 13. 11. and they that buy, as every man, wherein 1 Pe. 4.7. though they possess. he is called, therein

2 Pe. 3. 8. ed not; abide with God. 1 ch.9. 18. 31 And they that 25 Now concerning i Ps. 39. 6.

use this world, as not virgins o I have no Ja. 1. 10. abusing h it: for i the commandment of the & 4. 14. fashion of this world Lord: yet I give my

1 Pe, 1.24.

passeth away.

& 4. 7. judgment, as one

1 Jno.2.17.

32 But would that d hath obtained k 1 Ti. 5. 6. have you without mercy of the Lord Gr. of the carefulness. k He to e be faithful.

Lord, as that is unmarried 26 I suppose there- ver. 34. careth for the things fore that this is good

that g belong to the for the present f dis- ver. 23–

Lord, how he may tress, I say, fthat it hath re- please the Lord : is good for a man so deemed yon 33 But he that is to be.

by bis blood, married careth for the 7 Art thou bound a price of things that are of the unio a wife? seek not lue. world, how he may to be loosed. Artl

please his wife. 412

not ;

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