Duties toward ROMANS XIII. magistrates. of low estate. I Be A. D. 60. and they that resist not wise in your own

shall receive to them. conceits.

1 ch. 11. 25. selves damnation. 17 m Recompense Pr. 3. 7. 3 For rulers are to no man evil for

& 26. 12.

not a terror to good evil. n Provide things

Is. 5. 21.

works, but to the honest in the sight of Pr. 20.22. evil. Wilt thou then all men.

i Th. 5.15. not be afraid of the 18 If it be possible, I Pe. 3. 9. power ? d do that as much as lieth in n ch. 14. 16. which is good, and you, live peaceably 2 Co. 8.21. thou shalt have praise with all men.

och, 14. 19.

of the same: 19 Dearly beloved, Mar. 9. 50. 4 For he is the mic avenge p not your- He. 12. 14. nister of God to thee selves, but Tatherp ver. 17. for good. But if thou give place unto

Le. 19. 18. do that which is evil, wrath : for it is writ

Pr. 24.29. be afraid ; for he ten, 9 Vengeance is

Ec. 28. 1. beareth not the sword mine; I will repay,

9 Do.32. 35. in vain: for he is the

Ps. 94. 1. saith the Lord.

minister of God, a

3. 20 r Therefore if Nab. 1.2, revenger to execute thine enemy bunger,

3. wrath upon him that feed him; if he thirst, He. 10.30. doeth evil. give him drink : for r Ex.23.4,5. 5 Wherefore in so doing thou shalt Pr. 25. 21, must needs be subheap coals of fire on

Ma. 5. 44:|ject,, not only for his head.

wrath, fbut also for 21 Be not overcome

a Ti. 3. 1.
I Pe. 2.13.

conscience sake. of evil, but overcome

6 For for this cause evil with good,

b Pr. 8. 16. pay ye tribute also :

Da. 2. 2i. for they are God's CHAP. XIII. & 4. 32. ministers, attending

Jno. 19.11. continually upon this 1 LET every soult Or, order- very thing. be a subject unto the ed.

76 Render therehigher powers.

For o Tit. 3. 1. fore to all their dues : there b is no power a I Pe. 2. 14. tribute to whom tri. but of God : the & 3. 13. bute is due ; custom powers that be are . Ec. 8. 2. to whom custom ; ordained t of God. fi Po. 2. 19. fear to whom fear; 2 Whosoever there

Ma. 22. 21.

honour to whom hofore resisteth c the

Mar.12.17. nour. power, resisteth the

Lu. 20. 25. 8 Owe no man any ordinance of God :

but to love

e ye



Love fulfilleth

the lat. one another: for h he A. D. 60. in strife and envythat loveth another


b ver. 10. hath fulfilled the

Ga. 5. 14.

14 But tput ye on law.

1 Ti. 1.5. the

Lord Jesus 9 For this, i Thon Ja. 2. 8. Christ, and u make shalt not commit a- i Ex. 20. 13. not provision for the dultery, Thon shalt

Ma. 19. 18. flesh, to fulfil the not kill, Thou shalt der 18. lusts thereof. not steal, Thou shalt

Mar.12.31. not hear false wit

Ja. 2 .8. CHAP. XIV. ness, Thou shalt not 1 Ma. 22. 40. covet; and if there be m 1Co.15. 34.


that a is any other command- 1 Th. 6.5. weak in the faith rement, it is briefly " Ep. 5; 1!. ceive ye, but I not to comprehended

Col. 3. 8. doubtful in

disputao Ep. 6. 13, this saying, namely, 1 Th. 5. 8.

tions. Thou k shalt love p Ph. 4. 8. 2 For one believeth thy neighbour as thy

1 Th. 4.12. that he b may eat all self.

1 Pe.2.12. things : another, who 10 Love worketh + Or, de

is weak, eateth herbs. po ill to his neigh-cently, 3 Let not him that

Pr. 33. 20. bonr: therefore I love Lu. 21. 34.

eateth despise him is the fulfilling of the 1 Pe. 4. 3. that eateth not; and law.

Ir i Co. 6. 9. leto not him which 11 And that, know

Ep. 5. 6. eateth not judge him ing the time, that

s Ja. 3. 14. that eateth: for God now it is high time Ga. 3. 27. hath received him.

Ep. 4. 24. to no awake out of

4 d Who art thou sleep: for now is our

u 1 Pe.2. 11. that judgest another salvation Dearer than a 1 Co. 8. 9. man's servant ? to his when we believed. 1 Or, not to own master he stand

1. The night is far judge his eth or falleth. Yea, spent, the day is at thoughts.

he shall be holden hand: o let us there- b 1 Ti. 4. 4.

up: for God is able fore cast off the works Tit. 1. 15. to make him stand. of darkness, and let c Col. 2. 16.

5 e One man us put on the armour a Ja.

teemeth one day a

12. of light.

bove another: ano. 13 p Let us walk

. Col. 2. 16. ther esteemeth every honestly, as in the Or, fully day alike. Let every day; 4 not in rioting Ga. 4. !o. snaded in his own

man be fully perand

drunkenness, it Or, obnot in chambering serveth.

mind. and wantongess,'pot!

6 He that it re



Of judging. ROMANS XIV. Of meals. gardeth the day, re. A. D. 60. every tongue shall gardeth it unto the

confess to God. Lord ; and he that $ 1C0.10.31. 19 So then nevery regardeth

1 Ti. 4. 3. the

one of us shall give day, to the Lord he h 1 Co.6.19, account of himself to doth not regard it.

20. God. He that eateth, eat

Ga 2. 20

13 Let us not there.

1 Th. 5.10. eth to the Lord, for

1 Pe. 4.2.

fore judge one anohes giveth God

ther any more: but thanks, and he that i 2 Co.5. 15. judge this rather, eateth not, to the

that ono man put a

k Ao. 10. 36. Lord he eateth not,

stumblingblock or an and giveth God 1 Ma. 25. 31, occasion to fall in his thanks.

32. brother's way.

Ac. 10.42. 7 For h none of us

& 17. 31.

14 I know, and am liveth to himself, and 2 Co.5. 10. persoaded by the no man dieth to him. Jude 14,15. Lord Jesus, P that self.

m Is. 45. 23.

there is nothing ton8 For whether we Ph. 2. 10. clean of itself: but live, we live unto

to q him that esteemthe Lord; and whe

Ma. 12. 36,
Ga. 6. 5.

eth any thing to be ther we die, we die I Pe. 4. 5. unclean, to him it is unto the Lord : whe

o 1 Co. 8. 9,

unclean. ther we live there

13. 15 But if thy brofore, or die, we are & 10. 32. ther be grieved with the Lord's.

p ver. 2. 20. thy meat, now walk9 For i to this end Ac. 10. 15. est thou not s chariChrist both died, and 1C0.10.25. tably. r Destroy not rose, and revived, 1 Ti. 4. 4. him with thy meat, that he might be

Tit. 1, 15. for whom Christ died. Lord k both of the 1 Gr. com- 16 - Let not then dead and living.


your good be evil 10 But why dost q 1 Co. 8. 7. spoken of: thon judge thy bro


17 + For the kingther? or why dost

1 Gr. con

dom of God is not

mon. thou set at nought

meat and drink; but thy brother? for 1 we

Gr. accord

righteousness, and shall all stand before 'rity.

ing to cha

peace, and joy in the the judgment seat of

r1 Co. 8.11. Holy Ghost. Christ.

18 For he that in

. ch. 12. 17. 11 For it is written,

these things serveth Asm I live, saith the't i Co. 8. 8. Christ u is acceptable Lord, every

knee's 2 Co.8.21. to God, and approved shall bow to me, and

of men.

stum meats.

The intent of ROMANS XV. the scriptures.

19 » Let us there. A. D. 60. 3 For even Christ fore follow after the

pleased not himself;

Ps. 34. 14. things which make

but, as it is written, for peace, and things

y 1Co.14.12.
1 Th.5.11.

Thef reproaches of wherewith yone may z ver. 15.

them that reproached edify another,

thee fell on me. 20 z For meat de

a Ma. 15.11.

4 For 6 whatsoever

Ac. 10. 15. stroy not the work Tit. 1. 15: things were written of God. a All things b 1 Co. 3. 9, aforetime were writindeed are

pure ;

10,11,12. ten for our learning, but b it is evil for . 1 Co.8.13. that we through pa. that man who eateth

tience and comfort of

a 1 Jno.3.21. with offence.

the scriptures might

+ Or, dis21 It is good nei

cerneth and

have hope. ther to eat cflesh, nor putteth a

5 h Now the God to drink wine, nor difference of patience and conany thing whereby between

solation grant you to thy brother

be likeminded one bleth, or is offended, Tit. 1. 15. toward another facor is made weak. a Ga. 6. 1. cording to

Christ 29 Hast thou faith? b ch. 14. 1. Jesus : have it to thyself c 1 Co. 9. 19.

6 That ye may before God. d Happy & 10. 24. with i one mind and is he that condemneth

Ph. 2. 4,5. one mouth glorify not himself in that a ch. 14. 19. God, even the Father thing which he al

e Ma. 26. 39.

of our Lord Jesus loweth.

Jno. 6. 38. Christ. 23 And he

7 Wherefore doubteth + is damned

8 1 Co. 9. 9. ceive ye one another, if he eat, because he 2 Ti, 3. 16. asl Christ also

reeateth not of faith: 61Co. 1.10. ceived us to the glory for whatsoever is

Ph. 3. 16. of God. not of faith is sin,

1 Or, after

8 Now I say that CHAP. XV.

ihe example Jesus m Christ was a of

minister of the cir1 We a then that i Ac. 4. 24. cumcision for the bear the b infirmities 1 ch. 5. 2. are strong. ought to k ch.14.1.3. truth of God, o to

confirm the promises of the weak, and not

made unto the fa

m Ma. 15. 24. to please ourselves.

Jno. 1. 11.thers : 2 • Let every one Ac. 3. 25. 9 And o that the of us please his a 2 Co.1. 20. Gentiles might gloneighbour for his

for rify God

o Jno. 10.16. good d to edification.

mercy; as it is writ

that f Ps. 69. 9.

k re

Gentiles accepted, ROMANS XV. with the Jews. ten, p For this cause A. D. 60. 16 That y I should I will confess to thee

be the minister of

P P. 18. 49. among the Gentiles,

Jesus Christ to the and sing unto thy . De. 32, 43. Gentiles, ministering name,

Ps. 117. 1. the gospel of God, 10 And again he - that the + 2 offering saith, q Rejoice, ye Gentiles, with

& 22. 16. up of the Gentiles bis

1 ch. 12. 12. might be acceptable, people.

& 14. 17. being sanctified by li And again, u 2 Pe.1.12. the Holy Ghost. Praise r the Lord, ali 1 Jno. 2.21.

17 I have therefore ye Gentiles; and laud w 1 Co. 8. 1. whereof I may glory him, all ye people. 7. 10. through Jesus Christ 12 And again, E- 3 ch. 1. 5.

in a

those things saias saith, There Ga. 1. 15. which pertain to God. shall be a root of Ep. 3.7,8. 18 For I will not Jesse, and he that y ch. 11., 13. dare to speak of any shall rise to reign

Ga. 2. 7.9.

of those 1 Ti. 2. 7.

things over the Gentiles; in

2 Ti.1.11, which b Christ hath him shall the Gen- Ph. 2. 17. not wrought by me, tiles trust.

+ Or, sacri- to c make the Gen13 Now the God of ficing. tiles obedient, by hope fill you with all z Is. 66. 20. word and deed, joy t and peace in Pb. 2. 17. 19 a Through mighty believing, that ye a He. 5. 1. signs and wonders*, may abound in hope, b Ac. 21.19. by the power of the through the power of Ga. 2. 8. Spirit of God; so the Holy Ghost. och. 1. 5. that from Jerusalem,

14 And ul myself & 16. 26. and round about unto also am persuaded 1 Ac. 19. 11. Illyricum, 1 have of you, my brethren, 2 Co.12.12. fully preached

the that ye also are full e 2 Co.10.13. gospel of Christ. of goodness, w filled 15, 16.

f Is. 52. 15.

20 Yea, so have I with all knowledge,

strived to preach the able also to admonish ver. 19 gospel, pot where one another.

Christ was named, 15 Nevertheless, powers, or leste I should build brethren, I have writ- works being upon another man's ten the more boldly expressive of foundation : unto you in some the Divine 21 But as it is sort, as putting you power exert- written, f To whom

ed in the in mind, because of


he was not spoken the grace

that is
of them.

of, they shall see : given to me of God,

land they that have

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