of faith ROMANS X.

in Christ. 8 But what saith A. D. 60. without P a preacher? it? The word is

15 And how shall nigh thee, even in

g De. 30. 14.

they preach except thy mouth, and in 5 Ma. 10.32. they be sent as it is thy heart that is, Ac. 8. 37: written, 9 How beauthe word of faith, ich. 9. 33.

tiful are the feet of which we preach; Is. 28. 16. them that preach the

9 That if thou & 49. 23. gospel of peace, and shalt confess with Je. 17.7. bring glad tidings of thy mouth the Lord k ch. 3. 22. good things! Jesus, and shalt be- Ac. 15. 9. 16 But they have lieve in thine heart

Ga. 3. 28.

not all obeyed the that God hath raised

1 ch. 3. 29. him from the dead,

Ac. 10.36. gospel. For Esaias
I Ti. 2. 3. saith,

Lord, who thou shalt be saved.

hath' believed tour

m Ep. 1. 7. 10 For with the

& 2. 4.7. report ? I heart man believeth

n Joel 2. 32.

17 So then faith unto righteousness; Ac. 2. 21. cometh by hearing, and with the mouth

0 Ac. 9. 14.

and hearing by the confession is made

word of God.

p Tit. 1. 3. unto salvation.

18 But I say, Have 9

Is. 52. 7. 11 For the Scrip

Na. 1. 15.

they not heard? Yes ture saith, i Whoso

rch, 3. 3.

verily, ttheir sound ever believeth on him

He. 4. 2.
went into all

the shall not be ashamed.

u and

their Is. 53. 1. 12 Fork there is no Jao. 12.38. words unto the ends difference

of the world. the Jew and

19 But I say, Did Greek : for the same us.

not Israel know ! Lord over all mis 10r, preach- First Moses saith, "I rich unto all that call ing?

will provoke you to upon him,

t Ps. 19. 4. jealousy by them that 13 n For whosoever

Ma. 24. 14.
& 28. 19.

are no people, and by shall call o upon the Mar.16.15. a y foolish nation I name of the Lord Col. 1. 6. will anger you. shall be saved.

23. 20 But Esaias is 14 How then shall u 1 Ki. 18.

ve bold, and saith,

10. they call on him in Ma. 4. 8.

J z was found of them whom they have not ch. 11. 11. that sought me not; believed ? and how De. 32. 21. I was made manifest shall they believe in y Tit. 3.3. unto them that asked him of whom they

z ch. 9. 30.

not after me.

Is. 65. 1. have not heard ? and

a Is. 65. 2.

21 But to Israel he how shall they hear

saith, *All day long

betweent Gr. the

the hearing of


his peo


All Israel

ROMANS XI, not cast of I have stretched forth A. D. 60. grace is no more my hands unto a dis

grace. But if it be of obedient and gain- a 1 Sa. 12.22. works, then is it no

Je. 31. 37. saying people,

more grace : other

b2 Co. 11.22. wise work is no more CHAP. XI. Ph. 3. 5.

work. 11 SAY then, aHath ch. 8. 29. 7 What then? b IsGod cast away his +Gr. in Eli- rael hath not obtained people? God forbid. as ? that which he seeketh For bI also am an a I Ki. 19. for; but the election Israelite, of the seed 10. 14. hath obtained it, and of Abraham, of the 1 Ki. 19.18. the rest were I blindtribe of Benjamin. fch. 9. 27. 2 God hath not

8 ch. 4. 4,5.

8 (According as it cast away

Ga. 5. 4. is written, i God hath ple which he fore. De. 9.4,5. given them the spirit knew. Wot ye noth ch, 9. 31. of slumber, k eyes what the scripture

& 10. 3. that they should not saith tof Elias ? how 1 Or, har

see, and


that he maketh interces- dened.


not sion to God against

2 Co. 3. 14. hear :) unto this day. Israel, saying,

i Is. 29. 10. 9 And David saith, 3 3 Lord, they have Or, Let! their table be killed thy prophets, remorse. made a snare, and a and digged

down . De. 29. 4. trap, and a stumthine altars; and I

Is, 6.9. blingblock, and a ream left alone, and

Je. 5. 21. they seek my life.

compence unto them: Eze. 12, 2. Ma. 13. 14.

10 m Let their eyes 4 But what saith

Jno. 12.40.

be darkened, that the apswer of God Ac. 28. 26, they may, not see, unto him? I have

27. and bow down their reserved to myself 1 Ps. 69. 22. back alway. seven thousand men, m Ps. 69. 23. 11 I say then, Have who have not bowed

they stumbled that the knee to the image

nch. 10. 19.
Ac. 13. 46. they

should fall ? of Baal.

& 18. 6.

God forbid : but ra5 € Even so then at

& 22, 18. ther n through their this present time also 21. fall salvation is come there is a remnant

& 29. 24.

unto the Gentiles, for according to the elec

to provoke them to tion of grace.


To jealousy.. 6 And if by grace, a holy emu

12 Now if the fall then is it no more lation. of them be the riches of works : otherwise

of the world, and the

ver. 11

or, loss.

The effects ROMANS XI. of unbelief. diminishing tof them, A. D. 60. 19 Thou wilt say the riches of the Gen

then, The branches tiles; how much more + Or, decay, were broken off, that their fulness

I might be graffed 13 For I speak to o ch. 15. 16.


Ac. 9. 15. you Gentiles, inas

20 Well; because of

& 13. 2. much as I am the & 22. 21. unbelief they were apostle of the Gen- Ga. I, 16. broken off, and thou tiles, I magnify mine

& 2. 2. 7, standest hy faith. office :

8, 9. Beu not high-minded,

Ep. 3. 8. 14 If by any means

but « fear:

iTi. 2. 7. 1 may provoke to 2 Ti.l. 11.

21 For if God sparemulation them which

p 1 Co.7. 16.

ed not the natural are my flesh, and & 9. 22. branches, take heed might p save some of i Ti. 4.16. lest he also spare not them.

Ja. 5. 20. thee. 15 For if the cast-Le. 23. 10. 22 Behold therefore ing away of them be

Nu. 15. 19, the goodness and se

19,20,21. the reconciling of the

verity of God: on world, what shall the rje. 11. 16. them which fell, sereceiving of them be, Ac. 2. 39, verity *; but toward but lite from the

Ep. 2. 12. thee, goodness, y if

13. dead?

thou continue in his 16 For if the first-them.'

Or, for

goodness : otherwise fruit be holy, the t 1 Co.10.12.

thou z also shalt be lump is also holy :

cut off.

uch. 12. 16. and if the root be

23 And they also, holy, so

* Pr. 28. 14. ifa they abide not in are the

Is. 66. 2. branches.

be unbelief, shall

Ph. 2. 12. 17 And if some

y I Co. 15. 2.

graffed in: for God of the branches be

He. 3. 6.

is able to graff them broken off, and thou, 14. in again. being a wild olive z Jno. 15.2. 24 For if thou wert tree, wert graffed in a 2 Co. 3. 16. cut out of the olive among t them, and

tree which is wild by with them partakest ver. 22– nature, and wert of the root and fatness

* The word, graffed contrary of the olive tree; rendered se

nature into a good 18 ! Boast not a verity, signi- olive tree : how much gainst the branches. fios cutting more shall these, But if thon boast, off; the effect which be the natural thou bearest not the being put for branches, be graffed

severity, the root, but the root cause.

into their own olive thee.





God's judgments ROMANS XII. are in searchable.

25 For I would not, A. D. 60. they also may obtain brethren, that

ye should be ignorant of

b ch. 12. 16.


32 For k God hath this mystery, lest ye

o 2 Co. 3. 14.

concluded It them all shonld be ó 'wise in † Or, hard- in unbelief, that he

ness. your own conceits ;

might have mercy that c + blindness in a La, 21. 24.

Re. 7.9. part is happened to

upon all.

33 0 the depth of Israel, d until the ful.

e Is. 59. 20.

Ps. 14.7: the riches both of the ness of the Gentiles be come in.

fls. 27. 9.

wisdom and know

Je. 31. 31. ledge of God! Thow 26 And so all Is

He. 9. 10. unsearchable are his rael shall be saved : & 10. 16. judgments, and m his it is

written, & De. 7. 8. ways There e shall


tinding come & 9. 5. out of Sion the Deli & 10. 15.

31 . For who hath verer, and shall turn b Nu. 23. 19. known the mind of away

ungodliness i Ep. 2. 2. the Lord? or o who from Jacob:

Col, 3. 7.

hath been bis cond27 f for this is my 10r, obeyed. sellor ? covenant unto them, Or, obeyed. 35 Or p who hath when I shall takek Ga. 3. 22. first given to him, away their sins. 28 As concerning them all up pensed tt Or, shut and it shall be recom

unto him the Gospel, they are together.

again ? enemies for your Ps. 36. 6. 36 For 9 of him, sakes : but as touch

m Job 11. 7. and through him, ing the election, they

n Is. 40. 13. and to him, are all are & beloved for the fathers' sakes.

1 Co. 2. 16. things : r to fiwhom 29 For the gifts Job 36. 22. be glory for ever. A. and calling of God p Job 35. 7, men are h without repen-q! Co. 8.6

Col. 1. 16.

CHAP. XII. tance. 30 For as ye i in rl Ti. 1. 17.


Jude 25. times past have not

therefore, brethren,

Re. 1.6. believed f God, yet

by the mercies of

11 Gr. him. have now obtained

God, b that ye c premercy through their a 2 Co.10. 1: sent your bodies a a unbelief:

b 1 Pe. 2.5. living sacrifice, holy, 31 Even 80 have c 1 Co. 6. 20. acceptable unto God, these also now a He. 10. 20. which is your reasonnot believed. that'. I P. 1.14. able service. through vour mercy

2 And • be pot consay, briety


of gifts. formed to this world:! A. D. 60. horteth, on exhorta but be ye transform

tion: she that I gived by the renewing fEp. 1. 18.

eth, let him do it of your mind, that & ER: 5.10; with simplicity; the

Tb3. ye may & prove what

that ruleth, with diliis that good, and ac

b 1 Co. 3. 10.

gence; he that shewceptable, and perfect, i Pr. 25. 27. eth mercy, u with will of God.

Gr. to so- cheerfulness. 3 For I

9 X Let love be through b the grace k 1 Co. 12.9. without dissimulagiven unto me, to i 1 Co.12.12. tion, y Abhor that every man that is m 10.12.27. which is evil : cleave among you, i not to ni Pe. 4.10. to that which is good. think of himself more

10 - Be kindly af

o ver. 3. highly than he ought p 1 Co. 12. fectioned one to anoto think; but to think 10. thertt with brotherly soberly, + according 9 Ep. 4. 11. love; a in honour as God hath dealt ktor 1 Co. 14. 3. preferring one ano. every man the meas Ma. 6. 3.

ther; sure of faith.


11 Not slothfal in 4 For l as we have eth. business ; ferveut in many members in Or, liber spirit ; serving the one body, and all ally. Lord members have not

Co. 8. 2.


'b t Ac. 20. 28.

Rejoicing in the same office :

hope ; patient in 5 Som we,

u 2 Co. 9. 7. being

tribulation; d conti

1 Pe. 1. 22. many, are one body

nuing instant

in y Am. 5. 15. in Christ, and every Po. 7. 22. prayer i one members one of

tt Or, in the

13 • Distributing to another.

love of the the

necessity of 6 n Having then brethren. saints ; f given to gifts differing accor- . 1 Pe. 5. 6. hospitality. ding to the grace that b Lu. 10. 20. 14 & Bless them is given to us, whe-Lu. 21. 19. which persecute you: ther p prophecy, let a 4.. 13.16: bless, and curse not. us prophesy according Ol Pe. 4.9. 15h Rejoice with to the proportion of g Ma. 5.44. them that do rejoice,

i i Co. 12. and weep with them 7 Or ministry, let

il Pe. 3. 8. us wait on our minis

k Ps. 131. 1.

16 i Be of the same tering : or q he that

mind one toward teacheth, on teach

110r, be contented with

another, k Mind pot ing ;

things, but 8 Or he that ex

mean things high

condescend ti to men

faith ;

26. that weep.

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