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The intercession ROMANS VIII. of the Spirit

14 For u as many A. D. 60. 21 Because the crea as are led by the

ture itself also shall Spirit of God, they Ga. 5. 18. be delivered from the are the sons of God. u 1 Co. 2. 12. bondage

15 For ye have y 2 Ti. 1. 7. tion into the glorious not received the spirit 1 J10.4.18. liberty of the children of bondage again y to 2 Is. 56. 5. of God. fear; but ye have re- a Mar. 14.36. 22 For we know ceived the z Spirit of b 2 Co.1.22. that the whole creaadoption, whereby & 5. 5. tion i groaneth and we cry, a Abba, Fa- Ep. 1. 13. travaileth in pain ther.

& 4. 30. together until now. 16 b The Spirit it- Ga. 4.7. 23 And not only self beareth witness & Ac. 14. 22. they, but ourselves with our spirit, that 2 Ti. 2 11. also, which have k the we are the children e 2 Co. 4. 17. first-fruits of the Spiof God:

1 Pe. 4. 13.

rit, leven we our17 And if children, 12 Pe. 3. 13. selves groan within then heirs ; cheirs of g 1 Jno. 3.2. ourselves, m waiting God, and 'joint heirs B ver. 22. for the adoption, to with Christ; d if so be Ge. 3. 19. wit, the redemption that we suffer with + Or, every of our body. him, that we may be creature, 24 For we are saved also glorified to

Mar. 16.15. by hope : but hope gether.

is not 18 For I reckon i Je, 12. 11. hope: for what a man that the sufferings k 2 Co, 5. 5. seeth, why doth he of this present time

Ep. 1. 14.

yet hope for? are not worthy to be 12 Co. 5. 2.

25 But if we hope compared with the m Lu. 20. 36. for that we see not, glory which shall be a Lu. 21. 28. then do we with parevealed in us.

Ep. 4. 30. tience wait for it. 19 For the earnest o 2 Co.5.7. 26 Likewise the expectation of the

He. 11. 1. Spirit also helpeth creature waiteth for p Ma. 20. 22. our infirmities : for the manifestation of q Ze. 12. 10. wep know not what the sons of God. Ep. 6. 18. we should pray for

20 Forb the crea- r 1 Ch. 28. 9. as we ought: but ture was made sub- Ps. 7. 9. the Spirit itself makject to vanity, not

Pr. 17.3. eth intercession for us

Je. 11. 20. willingly, but by rea

& 17. 10. with groanings which son of him who hath

Ac. 1. 24. cannot be uttered. subjected the same in Re. 2. 23.

27 And

rhe that hope,

searcheth the hearts

Col. 1. 23. that is seen

Security of ROMANS VIII. the believer. knoweth what is the A. D. 60. lis God that justifimind of the Spirit,

eth. because the maketh + Or, that. 34 h Who is he that intercession for the s 1 Jno. 5. 14. condemneth? It is saints s according to t 2 Ti. 1. 9. Christ that died, yea the will of God. a Ex. 33. 17. rather, that is risen

28 And we know Ps. 1. 6. again, i who is even that all things work 2 Ti. 2. 19. at the right hand of together for good to 1 Ep. 1.5.11. God,k who also makthem that love God,

eth intercession for to them twho are thé y Juo. 17. 22.


I Juo. 3.2. called according to

35 Who shall sehis purpose.

z Col. 1. 15. parate us from the 29 For whom u he 18. love of Christ? shall did foreknow, he Ep. 4.4. tribulation,

or dis1 Pe. 2.9. also did predestinate

tress, or persecution, to y be conformed to b1 Co.6. 11. or famine, or naked the image of his Son, Jno. 17. 22. ness, or peril, or thatz he might be a Na. 14. 9. sword? the first-born among

Ps. 113. 6. 36 As it is written, many brethren. e ch.5.6.10. Forl thy sake we are

30 Moreover whom fch. 4. 25. killed all the day he did predestinate, 8 Is. 60.8, 9. long; we


acthem he also a called : Re. 12. 10. counted as sheep for and whom he called, h Job 34. 29. the slaughter. them he also b justi- i Mar. 16.19.

37 m Nay, in all fied : and whom he Col. 3. 1. these things we are justified, them he also

He. 1. 3. more than conquerors

& 8. I, glorified.c

through him

that & 12. 1. 31 What shall we then say

38 For I am

perthings ? d If God be

& 9. 24. suaded, that neither for us, who can be 1 Jno. 2. 1. death, nor life, nor against us?

1 Ps. 44. 22. angels, nor princi32 . He that spared 1 Co.15.30. palities, nor powers, not his own Son, but

2 Co. 4.11. nor things present, delivered f him up for m 1 Co.15.57. nor things to come, us all, how shall he 2 Co. 2. 14. 39 Nor height, por

1Jno. 4.4. not with him also

Re. 12. ii: depth, nor any other freely give

128 all things?

n Ep. 1. 21. creature, shall be able 33 Who sall lay any

Col. 1. 16. to separate us from & 2. 15.

the love of God, which thing to the charge 1 Pe. 3. 22. is in Christ Jesus our of God's elect! & It!


to these k He. 7. 25.

i Pe. 3. 22. loved us.

Paul's sorrow ROMANS IX. for the Jews.

A. D. 60. In Isaac shall thy CHAP. IX.

seed be called.

2 Co.11.31. 1 I 2 SAY the truth b ch. 10. 1.

Ga. 1. 20.

8 That is, They

which are the chilin Christ, I lie not,

dren of the flesh,

Ex. 32. 32, my conscience also

Or, sepas


are not the bearing me witness rated. children of God: but in the Holy Ghost,

d De. 7. 6.

the children of the 2 b That I have

e Ex. 4. 22. promise are counted great heaviness and

De. 14. 1. for the seed. continual sorrow in

f1 Sa. 4. 21.

9 For this is the my heart.

1 Ki.8.11. word of promise, At 3 For I could wish Ps. 63. 2. this time will I come, that myself were tac-Ac. 3. 25. and Sarah shall have cursed from Christ He. 9. 8, 9. a Son. for my brethren, my t Or, testa- 10 And not only kinsmen according to ments. this; but when u Reto the flesh:

h Ps. 147. 19. becca also had con4 a Who are Israel-i Ho. 9. 1, ceived by one, even ites; to whom per- 1 Ac. 13. 32. by our father Isaac; taineth the adoption,

Ep. 2. 12. 11 (For the children and f the glory, and I de. 10, 15. being not yet born, the covenants, and m La. 3. 23. neither having, done theh giving of the law, and i the service

n Jno. 1. 1. any good or evil, that Ho, 1. .


purpose of God of God, and k the pro-lo Na. 23. 19. according to election mises ; 5 i Whose are the p Jno. 8. 39. might stand, not of

works, but of him fathers, and m of 9 Ga. 4. 23. that calleth ;) whom as concerning Ge. 21. 12.

12 It was said unto the flesh Christ came,

He. 11. 18.

her, y The elder shall who is over all,

Ga. 4. 28.

serve the younger. God blessed for ever. Ge. 18. 10. 13 As it is written, Amen.

u Ge. 25. 21. Jacob z have I loved, 6 Not as though x ch. 8. 28. but Esau have I hatthe word of God hath , Go. 25. 23. ed. taken none effect.


14 What shall we For p they are not all Israel, which are of tt0r, lesser. say, then? Is there Israel :

z Do. 21. 16. God? God forbid.

unrighteousness with 7 4 Neither, be a De. 32. 4.

15 For he saith to

2 Ch.19.7. cause they are the

Job 8. 3.

Moses, b I will have seed of Abraham, are b Ez. 33. 19. mercy on whom ! they all children: but,

will have mercy, and 385


The call of ROMANS IX. the Gentiles. I will have compas: A, D, 60. willing to shew his sion on whom I will

wrath, and to make have compassion.

c Ga.3.8. 22. his power known, en: 16 So then it is not a Ex. 9. 16. dured with much of him that willeth, e 2 Ch. 20.6. luog-suffering i the nor of him that run

Job 9. 12. vessels of wrath fitneth, but of God that sleweth mercy.

Da: 4.35. ted to destruction : tOr,answer

23 And that he 17 For • the Scrip-est again, or, might make known ture saith unto Pha disputest the riches of his raoh, a Even for this with God is glory on the vessels same purpose have I

Job 33. 13. of mercy, which he raised thee up, that i fls. 29. 16. had m afore prepared

& 45. 9. might shew my power & 64. 8.

unto glory, in thee, and that my g Pr. 16. 4. 94 Even us. whom name might be de- Je. 18. 6. he hath called, not clared throughout all I 2 Ti. 2. 20. of the Jews only, but the earth.

il Th. 5. 9. also of the Gentiles : 18 Therefore hath

Or, made

25 As he saith also he mercy on whom


in Osee, I will call he will have mercy, k I Pe. 2.8.


my people, and whom he will he Jude 4.

which were not my hardeneth.*

Ich, 2. 4.

people; and her be19 Thou wilt say

Ep. 1. 7.

loved, which was not then unto me, Why Col. 1. 27. beloved. doth he yet find fault? wcb. 8 28, 26 P And it shall For e who hath re- 29, 30, come to pass, that in sisted his will ? ch. 3. 29. the place where it was 20 Nay but,

oo Ho. 2. 23. said unto them, Ye man, who art thou

I Pe. 2, 10. that + repliest against

p Ho. 1. 10. are not my people ;

there shall they be God? f Shall the

q Is. 10. 22.

called the children of thing formed say to

rch. 11. 5.

the living God. hirn that formed it, or, the ac- 27 Esaias also cri. Why hast thou made count.

eth concerning Israel, me thus?

1s. 28. 22. Though 9 the number 21 Hath not the

of the children of Is.

ver. 18— potter 6 power over te. Suffers rael be as the sand of the clay, of the same to be hard the sea, ra remnant lump to make hope oned, in con- shall be saved : Vessel unto honour, sequence of 28 For he will finish and another unto dis their conti

the work, and cut it

nuance in honour?


short in righteous29 What if God,

ness : • because

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Rejecting of ROMANS X.

the Jeros, sbort work will the A. D. 60. heart's desire and Lord make upon the

t ls. 1. 9.

prayer to God for isearth.

La, 3. 22
rael is,


they 29 And as Esaias

u Is. 13. 19. might be saved. said before, Except Je. 60. 40. 2 For 1 bear them the Lord of Sabaoth* *ch. 4. 11. record a that they had left us a seed,

& 10. 20.

have a zeal of God, we u had


lý ch. 1. 17. as

but not according to Sodoma, and been

z ch. 10.2.
& 11.7.

knowledge. made like unto Go- a Ga. 5. 4. 3 For they being morrha.

b Lu. 2. 34. ignorant of God's 30 What shall we 1 Co. 1.23. righteousness, and say then? » That the c Ps. 118.22. going about to estaGentiles, which fol- Is. 8. 14. blish their own cright

& 28. 16. lowed not after right

Ma. 21.42.

eousness, have not eousness, have attain- 1 Pe. 2. 8. submitted themselves ed to righteousness, dcb. 10. 11. unto the righteouseven y the righteous- + Or, con- ness of God. Dess which is

of founded. 4 Ford Christ is faith.

a ch.9. 31. the end of the law 31 But Israel, zwhich Av. 21. 20. for righteousness to followed after

the & 22. 3.

Ga. 1.14. law of righteousness,

every one that be.


& 4. 17. hath a not attained to b ch. 1. 17. 5 For Moses dethe law of righteous- & 9. 30. scribeth the righteness.

c Ph. 3. 9. ousness which is of 32 Wherefore? Be

a Ma. 5. 17, the law, . That the cause they sought it

Gu. 3. 24. man which doeth not by faith, but as

e Le. 18. 5. those things shall it were by the works

Ne. 9. 29. live by them. of the law. For b they Eze. 20.11. 6 But the rightestumbled at


13. 21. Ga, 3. 12.

ousness which is of stumbling-stone;

faith speaketh on this 33 As it is written, f De. 30. 12. wise, fSay not in Behold, Ilay

in ver. 29

thine heart, Who shall a stumbling. The word ascend into heaven? stone and rock

of Sabaoth, in (that is, to bring offence : and a who- Mebemosie Christ down from soever believeth on and some above :) him shall not be t a times is ap- 7 Or, Who shall deshamed.

plied to the scend into the deep ?

heavenly bo- (that is, to bring up CHAP. X. dies, and to

Christ again from the

angels. 1 BRETHREN, my



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