The Pharisees MATT. XV.

reproved. tradition of the el- A. D. 32. 10 kAnd he called ders? for they wash & Es. 20. 12. said unto them, Hear,

the multitude, and not their hands when

Le. 19. 3. they eat bread.

De. 5. 16. and understand: 3 But he answered Pr. 23. 22. 11 'Not that which and said unto them,

Eph. 6. 2. goeth into the mouth Why do ye also trans

e Er. 21. 17. defileth a man; but gress the command- De. 27. 16. that which cometh ment of God by your Pr. 20, 20. out of the mouth, this tradition ?

& 30, 17, defileth a man. 4 For God com

f Mar. 7. 11. 12 Then came his manded, d

8 Mar. 7. 6. disciples, and

said Honour' thy father b Is. 29. 13. unto him, Knowest and mother : • and, li Is. 29. 13.

Eze, 33.31. thou that the PhariHe that curseth father

Col. 2. 18. sees were offended, or mother, let him die Tit. 1. 14. after they heard this the death.

Mar. 7. 14. saying ? 5 But ye say, Who- 1 Ac. 10. 15. 13 But he answered

Ro. 14. 14. soever shall say to his

and said, 17. 20.

m Every father or his f mother, I ti. 4.4. plant, which my heaIt is a gift,* by what- Tit. 1. 15. venly Father hath not soever thou mightest m Jno. 15. 2. planted, shall be rootbe profited by me;

n Is. 9. 16. 6 And honour pot

Mal. 2. 8.

14 Let them alone : his father or his mo

ch. 23. 16. they be blind lead: ther, he shall be free. Lu. 6. 39. ers of the blind. And Thus have ye made. Mar. 2. 17. if the blind lead the the commandment of ther. 6.9. blind, both shall fall God of none effect

q1 Co. 6.13.

into the ditch, by your tradition.

15 Then answered 76 Ye hypocrites, ver. 6

Peter and said unto *

him, Declare unto us phesy of you, saying: corban, an

this parable. 8h This people offering. As

16 And Jesus said, draweth nigh unto me much as to Are Pye

also yet with their mouth, and say, I have without understand. honoureth me with given, or in ing? their lips; but their to the treasu

17 Do not ye yet heart is far from me. Try of the tem. understand, 9 that

9 But in vain they ple, what whatsoever entereth do worship me, iteach you other.. in at the mouth going for doctrines the wise might eth into the belly, and

have commandments

is cast out into the nen.


1 Co. 3.12. ed up.

of from me.

The woman

of Canaan, 18 Bet I those| A. D 32. and worshipped him, things which proceed out of the mouth come

- ch. 12. 34. saying, Lord, help

Ps. 36. 3. me. forth from the heart

Ja. 3. 6.

26 But he answerand they defile the

s Ge. 6. 5. ed and said, It is not man.

& 8. 21. meet to take the chil19 For out of the Pr. 6.14. dren's bread, and to heart proceed evil

Je. 17. 9.

cast it to x dogs.* thoughts, murders,

Mar. 7. 21.
Ro, 3, 13.

27 And she said, adulteries, fornica Ga: 6. 19. Truth, Lord : yet the tions, thefts, false- 1 Mar. 7. 24. dogs eatof the crumbs witness, blasphemies: ach. 10.5,6. which fall from their 20 These are


Is. 53. 6. master's table. things which defile a Lu. 15.4.6. 28 1 hen Jesus an. man : but to eat with Ac.3.25.26. swered and said unto unwashen hands de.

& 13. 46.

her, I woman, great fileth pot a man.

Ro. 15. 8.

is thy faith : be it un21 Then

Ich. 7. 6.
Ph. 3. 2.

to thee even as thou went thence, and de

wilt. And her daughparted into the coasts

y Mar. 7. 81.

ter was made whole of Tyre and Sidon.

2 ch. 4. 18.

from that very hour. 22 And, behold, a Is. 35.5, 6.

29 And Jesus de. woman of . Canaan

Lu. 7. 22. parted from thence, came out of the same

and came nigh z unto coasts, and cried un ver. 22- the sea of Galilee ; to him, saying, Have Meckled and went up into a mercy on me, O Lord. Mark 7. 24.1

mountain, and sat thou Son of David ; an, probably down there. my daughter is griev- descended 30 a Apd great mulously vexed with a from the titudes came unto devil.

ancient Ca-
Daanites, a

him, having with 23 Bnt he answer. remnant of them those that were ed her not a word. whom had lame, blind, dumb, And his disciples taken shelter maimed, and many came and besought in Tyre, and others, and cast them him, saying, Send to adjacent down at Jesus' feet ; her away; for she

and he healed them : crieth after us.

ver. 26

31 Insomuch that 24 But he answered little dogs; the multitude wonand said, "I am not the Gentiles dered, when they saw sent but unto the lost were called the dumb to speak, sheep, of the house of jach by the the maimed to be Israel.

whole, the lame to 25 Then came she

walk, and the blind



Four thou.. id MATT. XVI.

are fed. το see: and they! A. D. 32. was left seven basglorified the God of

kets full. Israel.

bch. 9. 36. 38 And they that

Jesus 32 b Then

Mar. 8. 1. did

eat were four

& 9. 22. called his disciples La. 7. 13. thousand men, beside unto him, and said, I

c2 Ki. 4.43.

women and children. have compassion on Mar, 6. 37.

39 f And he sent the multitude, be- Jno. 6.5.7. away the multitude, cause they continue a ch. 14. 19. and took ship, and with me now three . 1 Sa. 9. 13. came into the coasts days, and have now Lu. 22. 19. of Magdala. thing to eat : and I ch. 14. 22. will not send them Mar. 8. 10.

CHAP. XVI. away fasting, lest a ch. 12. 38. 1 The a Pharisees they faint in the Mar. 8. 11. also with the Saddu

Lu. 11. 16. way.

& 12. 54.

ceescame, and tempt. 33 cAnd his disci. 56. ing desired him that ples say unto him, 1 Co. 1. 22. he would shew them Whence should web ch. 12. 39. a sign from heaven. have so much bread Mar. 8. 12. 2 He answered and in the wilderness, as 39. said unto them, When to fill so great a malAc. 2. 40. it is evening,

ye titude ?

ver. 39

say, It will be fair 34 And Jesus saith In Mark 8. weather: for the sky unto them, How ma- 10. this place is red. ny loaves have ye? is called 'Dal- 3 And in the mornAnd they said, Seven, Whitby says, weather to day : for

ing, It will be foul and a few little fishes. "Magdala 35 And he com was a city

the sky is red and manded the multi- and territory lowring. O ye hypotude to sit down on beyond Jor crites, ye can discern the ground,

dan, on the the face of the sky ; 36 And d he took Gadara. It but can ye not disthe seven loaves and reached to cern the signs of the the fishes, and gave the bridge times ? thanks,

and brake above Jordan, 4 b A wicked and them, and gave to his which joined adulterous generation disciples, and the dis-Jother side of seeketh after a sign; ciples to the multi-Galilee, and and there shall no tude.

contained sign be given unto it, 37 And they did all within its

but the sign of the eat, and were filled : I precincts


prophet Jonas. And and they took up of tha." he left them, and dethe broken meat that!


Elias ;

People's opinion MATT. XVI.

of Christ. 5 And cwhen his A. D. 32. they how that he bade disciples were come

them not beware of to the other side, they . Mar. 3. 14. the leaven of bread, had forgotten to take a Lu. 12. 1. but of the doctrine of bread.

och. 14. 17. the Pharisees and of 6 Then Jesus said Jno. 6. 9.

the Sadducees. unto them, d Take [ ch. 15. 34.

13 When Jesus heed and beware of

came into the coasts

g Mar. 8. 27. the leaved * of the

Lo. 9. 18. of Cæsarea Philippi, Pharisees and of the

b ch. 14. 2.

he asked his disciSadducees.

Lu.9.7,8, ples, saying, & Whom 7 And they reason

9. do men say that I the ed among themselves, i ch. 14. 33. Son of man am ? saying, It is because Mar. 8 29. 14 And they said, we have taken no

Lu. 9. 20. h Some say that thou bread.

Jno. 6. 69. art John the Baptist :

& 11. 27. 8 Which when Jesus

Ac. 8, 37.

and perceived, he said un

& 9. 20. others, Jeremias, or to them, o ye of lit- 1 Jno.4.15. one of the prophets. tle faith, why reason

& 5. 5. 15 He saith unto ye among yourselves,

He. 1. 2.5. them, But whom say because ye have k Ep. 2. 8.

ye that I am ? brought no bread? 11 Co. 2. 10. 16 And Simon Peter 9 Do ye not yet

Ga. 1. 16. answered and i said, understand, neither m Jno. 1. 42. Thou art the Christ, remember the five - Ep. 2. 20. the Son of the living loaves of the five Re. 21, 14. God. thousand, and how Job 38. 17. 17 And Jesus an

Ps. 9. 13 many baskets ye took

swered and said unto

& 107. 18. him, Blessed art thou, 10 Neither the se

Is. 38. 10. Simon Bar-jona : for ven loaves of the four P sh. 18. 18; flesh and blood hath

Jno. . thousand, and how

pot revealed it unto many baskets ye took ver. 6- thee, but 'my Father

• Their by- which is in heaven, 11 How is it that pocrisy and 18 And I say also ye do not understand corrupt doc- unto thee, That mthou that I spake

it not to gantly called art Peter, and, upon you concerning bread, leaven; for it this rock 'I will build that ye should beware opreads in my church, and the of the leaven of the the soul, or in gates of hell shall not Pharisees and of the the church, prevail against it. Sadducees?

does in meal.

19 PAnd I will give 14 Then understood

unto thee the keys of


of his death.

Jesus speaketh

MATT. XVII. the kingdom of hea- A. D. 32. This cross, and follow ven: and whatsoever

thou shalt bind on

q ch. 17.9.
Mar. 8. 30.

25 For whosoever earth shall be bound La. 9. 21. will save his life shall in heaven: and what-r ch. 20. 17. lose it: and whoso. soever thou shalt loose Mar. 8. 31. ever will lose his life on earth shall be loos

& 9. 31,

for my sake shall find ed in heaven.

& 10. 33


Lu. 9. 22. 20 ? Then charged & 19, 31.

26 For what is a he his disciples that & 24. 6,7. man profited, if he they should tell no + Gr. Pity shall gain the whole man that he was Je- thyself. world, and lose his sus the Christ. 21 From that time

8 2 Sa. 19. 22. own sonl? or y what

shall a man give in forth began Jesus r to

tRo, 8. 7. shew unto his disci

1 ch. 10. 38. exchange for his soul! Mar. 8. 34.

27 For the Son of ples, how that he La. 9. 23. man shall come in must go unto Jerusa- & 14, 27. the glory of his Fa. lem, and suffer many

Ac. 14. 22. ther awith his angels things of the elders

1 Th. 3, 3.

and b then he shall and Chief Priests and

2 Ti, 3. 12.

every man Scribes, and be killed, - Lu. 17. 33. and be raised again Jno. 12. 25. according to


works. the third day.

y Ps 19, 7, 8,

28 Verily I say unto 22 Then Peter took z ch. 26. 64.

Mar. 8. 38. you, . There be some him, and began to La. 9. 26. standing here, which rebuke him, saying, a Da. 7. 10. shall not taste of + Be it far from thee, Zo. 14.5. death, till they see Lord : this shall not ch. 25. 31. the Son of man com. be unto thee.

Ju. 14. ing in his kingdom. 23 But he turned, b Job 34. 11. and said unto Peter,

Ps. 62. 12. CHAP, XVII.
Get thee behind me,

Pr. 24, 12.
Je, 17, 10.

1 AND after six Satan: t thou art an & 32. 19, days Jesus taketh Peoffence unto me : for Ro, 2. 6. ter, James, and John thou savourest not the 1 Co. 3. 8. his brother and bringthings that be of God,

2 Co. 5. 10. eth them up into an but those that be of Re. 2. 23. high mountain apart, men.

& 22. 12.

2 And was trans24 Then said Jesus Mar. 9. 1. figured before them: unto his disciples, if Lu. 9. 27. and his face did shine any man will come a Mar. 9. 2. as the sun, and his after me, let him deny Lu. 9. 28. raiment was white as himself, and take up

the light.

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