tion ;

We may not ROMANS VI.

live in sin. 17 For if + by one A. D. 60. continue in sin, that man's offence death

grace may abound? reigned by one; much for, by one 2 God forbid. How more they which re- offence.

shall we, that are ceive abundance of to, by one dead b to sin, live any grace and of the gift offence!

longer therein ? of righteousness shall Or, by one 3 Know

ye not, reign in life by one, ness.


that c so many of us Jesus Christ.) 18 Therefore as I by He. 2. 9.

a Jno. 12. 32. as tt were baptized

into Jesus Christ the offence of one bch. 3. 20. wered baptized into judgment caine upon & 4. !5.

his death? all men to condemna- & 7. 8. 4 Therefore we are

Jno. 15.22.
80 by

buried e with him by

Ga. 3. 19. the righteousness of 23. baptism into death": one the free gift came . Lu. 7. 47. that flike as Christ upon a all men unto 1 Ti. 1.14. was raised up from justification of life.

a ver. 15.

the dead by & the gio19 For as by one ch. 3. 8. ry of the Father, man's disobedience b ver. N.

even h so

we also many were made ch. 7. 4. should walk in new. sinners, so by the Ga. 2. 19. ness of life. obedience of

one c Col. 3. 3. 5 i For if we have shall many be made 1 Pe. 2. 24. been planted together righteous.

tt Or, are, in the likeness of his 20 Moreover b the al Co.15.29. death, we shall be law entered, that the le Col. 2. 12. also in the likeness of offence might

a fcb. 8. 11. his resurrection : bound. But where 1 Co. 6.14. 6 Kpowing sin abounded, grace

2 Co. 13.4. that k our old man is did much more a-18 Jno. 2. 11. crucified with

him, bound:

h Ga. 6. 15. that the body of sin 21 That as sin hath Ep. 4. 22. might be destroyed, reigned unto death, Col 3. 10. that henceforth we even so might grace i Ph, 3. 10. should not serve sin. reign through righte k Ga. 2. 20. 7 Form he that is ousness unto eternal Col.3.5.9. dead is fi freed from life by Jesus Christ 1 Col. 2. 11. sin. our Lord.

ml Pe. 4. 1. 8 Now n if we be

11 Gr. justi- dead with Christ, we CHAP. VI.


believe that we shall

n 2 Ti. 2. 11. also live with him : | WHAT shall we o Re. 1. 18.

9 Knowing that say then ? a Shall we

Christo being raised 378


Shame and death ROMANS VI. the fruit of sin, from the dead dieth A. D. 60. vants to obey, his no more; death hath

servants ye are to no

moré dominion p He. 9. 28. whom ye obey; wheover him.

9 Lu. 20. 38 ther of sin unto death, 10 For in that her ver. 2. or of obedience unto died, p he died unto s Ga. 2. 19. righteousness? sin once : but in that t Ps, 19. 13.

17 But God be he liveth, 4 he liveth & 119. 133. thanked, that ye were anto God.

uch. 7.5.

the servants of sin, 11 Likewise reckon Col. 3.6. but ye have obeyed ye also yourselves to Ja. 4. 1. from the heart b that berdead indeed unto 1 Gr. arms, form of doctrine sin, but s alive unto or, weapons. which I was delivered God through Jesus ch. 12. 1. you. Christ our Lord.

1 Pe. 2. 24. 18 Being then cmade 12 t Let not

& 4.2. sin

free from sin, ye betherefore reign in y ch.7.4.6. came the servants of

& 8. 2. your mortal body,

Ga. 5. 18.

righteousness. that ye should obey

z 1 Co. 9. 21.

19 I speak after the it in the lasts thereof.

manner of men be

a Ma. 6. 24, 13 Neither yield ye

Jno. 8. 34.

cause of the iufirmity your u members as 2 Pe. 2.

19. of your flesh: for as instruments + of un

ye have yielded your righteousness unto

b2 Ti. 1. 13. members servants to sin : but yield your-Gr.where- uncleanness and to selves unto God, as

to ye were delivered.

iniquity unto iniquithose that are alive

ty ;, even SO now

cJno. 8. 32. from the dead, and

1 Co. 7. 22.

yield your members your members as in

Ga. 5. I. servants to righteous. struments of righte- 1 Pe. 2. 16. Dess unto holiness. ousness unto God.

d Jno. S. 34.

20 For when ye 14 For sin shall Gr.to righ- were d the servants

o. not have dominion*

sin, ye


frec over you: for ye are . ch. 7.5. from righteousness. not under the law, If ch. 1. 32.

21 . What fruit had but under grace. 15 What then?'shall & Jno. 8. 32. ye then in those things

whereof ye are now we sin, z because we

ashamed ? for f the are not under the vor. 14- end of those things law, but under grace?

κυριευσει denotes tbe

is death. God forbid.

22 But now & being

government 16 know ye not, of a master made free from sin, that a to whom ye over his slave and become servants yield yourselves ser

I to God, ye have your

IVe are dead ROMANS VII. to the law. fruit unto holiness, A. D. 60. should be married to and the end everlast

another, even to him ing life.

bch. 5. 12. who is raised from 23 For b the wages*

Ge. 2. 17.

the dead, that we of sin is death ; but

Ja. 1. 15.

should d bring forth the i gift of God is

i ch. 2. 7.

fruit unto God. eternal life through

& 5.17.21. I Pe. 1. 4.

5 For when we Jesus Christ our

a 1 Co. 7. 39.

were in the flesh, the Lord.

motions + of sins,

b Ma. 5. 32. CHAP. VII.

which were by the och. 8, 2.

law, e did work in our

Ga. 2. 19. 1 KNOW ye not, & 5. 19.

members f to bring brethren, (for I speak Ep. 2. 15. forth fruit unto death. to them that know the Col. 2. 14. 6 But now we are law.) how that the a Ga. 5. 22. delivered from the law hath dominion + Gr. pas

law, I that being dead over a man as long sions." wherein we were as he liveth?

held ; that we should 2 For a the woman

ech. 6. 13.

serve sin newness of which hath an hus

fch. 6. 21.

Ga. 5. 19. spirit, and not in the band is bound by the Ja. 1. 15. oldness of the letter. law to her husband so : Or, being

7 What shall

we long as he liveth ; dead to that, say then? Is the but if the husband be ver. 4. law sin! God forbid, dead, she is loosed

ch. 6. 2,
Nay, h1 had

not from the law of her 8 ch. 2. 29. known sin, but by the husband.

2 Co. 3. 6. law : for 1 had not 3 So then bif, while h ch. 3. 20. known lust, except her husband liveth, Or, concu- the law had said, she be married to an- piscence. Thou i shalt not coother man, she shall i ch. 13. 9. vet. be called an adul- Ex, 20. 17.

8 But k sin, taking

De. 5. 21. tress : but if her hus

occasion by the com

Ac. 20. 33. band be dead, she is

mandment, wrought free from that law;

k ch.4. 15.

in me all manner of

& 5. 20. 80 that she is no

concupiscence. For adult ress, though she

1 1 Co.15. 56.

without the law sin be married to another

was dead. map.

9 For I was alive 4 Wherefore, my wages, sig. without the law once: brethren, ye also are nities the but when the combecome e dead to the food and pay mandment came, sin law by the body of diers.

και οψωνια,

given to sol

revived, and I died. Christ;


10 And the com

vor. 23



Spirituality ROMANS VII. of the law. maudment, a which, A. D. 60. my flesh,) dwelleth was ordained to life,

no good thing : for I found to be unto m Le. 18. 5. to

will is present death.

Eze. 20.11. with me; but how to 11 For sin, taking 2 C0.3.7. perform that which occasion by the com

n Ps. 19. 8.

is good I find not. mandment, deceived

& 119. 38.

19 for the good me, and by it slew 137. that I would I do me.

I Ti. 1. 8. not:

but the evil 19 Wherefore n the olKi, 21. 20. which I would not, law is holy, and the 25. that I do.

2 Ki. 17.17. commandment holy,

20 Now if I do that and just, and good.

Gr. know. I would not, it is no

Ps. 1. 6. 13 Was then that

more I that do it, which is good made p Ga. 5. 17. but sin that dwelleth death noto me? God q Ge. 6.5.

in me. forbid. But sin, that & 8. 21. 21 l find then it might appear sin, Ps. 1. 2.

that, when I working death in me

s 2 Co. 4.16.

would do good, evil by that

which is Ep. 3. 16. is present with me. good ; that sin by the Col.3.9, 10. 29 For I r delight commandment might t Ga. 5. 17. in the law of God become exceeding

after the in ward

uch. 6. 13. sinful.


19. 14 For we know

23 But I see anothat the law is spi- dy of death.

Or, this bo-
ther law in

umy ritual: but I am car

members, warring nal, • gold under sin. - 1 Co. 15. against the law of

57. 15 For that which

my mind, and bringI do I allow not :

ing me into captivity for p what I would, xer. 24 to the law of sin that do I not; but pose that the which is in my memwhat I hate, that apostle al

bers. do I.

ludes to the 24 O wretched man 16 If then I do that custom of that I am! who shall which I would not, rants, who

certain ty

deliver me from Ithe I consent unto the bound a dead body of this death ?* law that it is good. body to a 25 I thank God

17 Now then it is living man, through Jesus Christ no more I that do it, and obliged

our Lord. So then but sin that dwelleth it about with with the mind I my. in me.

him.-Vir- self serve the law of 18 For I know that gil's Æneid. God; but with the in me (that is, in

flesh the law of sin.


hisk Ga. 6. 8.

Privileges of

ROMANS VIII. the believer. CHAP. VIII.

A. D. 60. carnal mind is en. a Ga. 5. 16.

mity against God: 1 THERE is there

for it is not subject

b Jno. 8. 36. fore now


Ga. 2. 19. 1o the law of God, demnation to them

neither m indeed can

e 1Co. 15.45. which are in Christ 2 Co. 3. 6.

be. Jesus, who a walk a ch. 7. 24.

8 So then they that pot after the flesh, e Ac. 13. 39. are in the flesh canbut after the Spirit.

He. 7. 18. pot please God. 2 For b the law of & 10. 1, 2. 9 But ye are not in the c Spirit of life in Ga. 3. 13. the flesh, but in the Christ Jesus hath 2 Co.5. 21. Spirit, if so be that made me free from + Or, by a

the n Spirit of God the d law of sin and sacrifice for dwell in you. Now death.


if any man have not 3 For e what the 5 ver. 1.

theo Spirit of Christ, law could not do, in

b Jno. 3. 6.

he is none of his.

1 Cor.2.14. that it was weak

10 And if Christ

i Ga. 5. 22. through the flesh,

be in you, the body God i sending

is dead because of own Son in the like- 1 Gr. the sin ; but the Spirit is ness of sinful flesh, minding of life because of righte

the flesh, and + for sin, con

ousness. demned sin in the Gr. the

11 But if the Spirit flesh :

minding of of p him that raised 4 That the righte- the Spirit. upJesus from the dead ousness of the law tt Gr. the dwell in you, 4 be might be fulfilled in minding of that raised np Christ us, & who walk not the flesh. from the dead shall after the flesh, but I Ja. 4. 4. also quicken your after the Spirit. m 1 Co. 2. 14. mortal bodies it by

5 For hthey that are n 1 Co. 3. 16. his Spirit that dwellafter the flesh do Jno. 3. 34. eth in you. mind the things of Ga. 4. 6. 12 T Therefore, the flesh; but they

Ph. 1. 19. brethren, we are debt

1 Pe. 1.11. that are after the

ors, not to the flesh, Spirit i the things of p Ac. 2. 24. to after the flesh. the Spirit.

91 Co. 6. 14. 13 For if ye live 6 For I to be car-110r, because after the flesh, ye nally minded is death; of his Spirit. shall die : but if ye but to be spiritually r ch 6.7. 14. through the Spirit do minded is life and Ga. 6. 8. mortify t the deeds peace.

of the body, ye shall 7 Because I the

t Col. 3. 5.


ver. 7.

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