Jews not better ROMANS III. than Gentiles.

3 For what if b some A. D. 60. Gentiles, that they did not believe

are all under sin ; shall c their unbelief boh. 10. 16. 10 As it is written, make the faith of

He. 4. 2.

There m is none rightGod without effect? c ch. 9. 6.

& U. 29.

eous, no, not one: 4 d God forbid :

Nu. 23. 19.

11 There is none yea, let God

2 Ti. 2. 13. that

understandeth, true, but fevery man a a Job 40. 8. there is none that liar; as it is written, Jno. 3. 33. seeketh after God. That & thou mightest

f Ps. 62. 9.

12 They

are all be justified in thy

& 16.11. gone out of the way, sayings, and might

8 Ps. 51. 4. they are together be est overcome when

come unprofitable ; thou art judged. hch. 6. 19. there is none that 5 But if our un

Ga. 3. 15. doeth good, no, not righteousness

i Ge. 18. 25. com

one, mend the righteous.

Job 8, 3.
& 34. 17.

13 n Their throat is ness of God, what

an open sepulchre ; shall we say? 'Is God k ch. 5. 20. with their tongues unrighteous who tak

& 6.1.15.

they have used deeth vengeance ? (h1 + Gr. charg- ceit; the poison of speak as a man) ed.

asps is under their 6 God forbid : for then i how shall God

& 2. 1.

14 p Whose mouth judge the world?

1 ver. 23
Ga. 3. 22.

is full of cursing and 7 For if the truth

bitterness : of God hath more m Ps. 14. 1,

15 . Their feet are abounded through

2, 3. swift to shed blood :

& 53. 1. my lie unto his

16 Destruction and why yet am I also n Ps. 5. 9.

Je. 5. 16.

misery are in their judged as a sinner?

ways: 8 And not rather,

o Ps. 140. 3.

17 And the way of (as we be slanderous- p Ps. 10. 7. peace have they not ly reported, and as a Pr. 1. 16.

known: some affirm that we

Is. 59. 7,8.

18 r There is no fear say,) k Let us do evil, Ps. 36, J. of God before their that good may come

s Jno. 10. 34. whose damnation is

eyes. & 15. 25.

19 Now we know just.

that what things so9 What then ? are

tch 1. 20,

ever s the law saith,

& 2. 1. we better than they?

Job 5. 16.

it saith to them who No, in no wise : for Ps. 107.42. are under the law : we have before + prov. Ez.16.63. that

t every

mouth ed both Jews and

may be stopped,

ch. 1. 28. lips :


Justification not ROMANS IV.

by the lan, and u all the world A. D. 60. righteousness : that may become + guilty

he might be just, and

u ver. 23. before God.

the justifier of him the deeds of the law ment of God. 20. Thereforeby to the judge which believeth in

. there shall no flesh

x Ac. 13. 39.

27 m Where is boastbe justified in his Ga. 2. 15. ing then? It is exsight : for y by the Tit. 3. 5. cluded. By what law? law is the knowledge ych. 7. 7. of works? Nay: but of sin.

12 Ac. 15. 11. by the law of faith. 21 But now z the Ph. 3.9. 28 Therefore we righteousness of God Ho. 11.4. conclude that a man without the law is a Jno. 5. 46. is justified by faith manifested, a being bl Pe. 1. 10. without the deeds of witnessed by the law c ch. 4.

the law and b the prophets;

throughout. 29 Is he the God of 22 Even the righ- a Ga. 3. 28. the Jews only! is he teousness of God Col. 3. 11. not also of the Genwhich is c by faith of e Ga. 3. 22. tiles ? Yes, of the Jesus Christ unto all f Ep. 2. 8.

Gentiles also : and upon all them Tit. 3.5. 30 Seeing it is one that believe : for & Ep. 1.7.

God, which shall thered there is no Col. 1. 14. justify the circumcidifference:

He. 9. 12. sion by faith, and un23 For e all have

1 Pe. 1.18. circumcision through binned, and come 1 Or, fore- faith.

ordained. short of the glory of

SI Do we then God;

h Le. 16. 15. make void the law

1 Jno. 2.2. 24 'Being justified

through faith! God freelyf by his grace

i Col. 1. 20. forbid : yea, we estathrough 8 the re-k Ac. 13. 38. blish the law. demption that is in 50r, passing Christ Jesus:

CHAP. IV. 25 Whom God hath 1 He. 9. 16. 1 WHAT shall we set I forth h to be a m1 Co. 1. 29. then say that a Abrapropitiation through Ep. 2. 9.

ham, our father as faith i in his blood, to Ga. 2. 16. pertaining to the declare his righteous- o Ga. 3. 8. flesh, hath found? ness k for the remis- Is. 51. 2.

2 for if Abraham sion of I sins that are Ma 3.9. were b justified by past, through the for- Jno. 8. 33. works, he bath where bearance of God;

2 Co. 11.

of to glory; but not 26 To declare, I b cb. 3. 20.

before God. say, at this time his

3 For what saith


Abraham justified ROMANS IV.

by faith. the Scripture? «Abra-| A. D. 60. Not in circumcision, ham believed God,

but in uncircumciand it was counted Ge. 15. 6. sion.

Ga, 3. 6. unto him for righte

Ja. 2. 23.
11 And

she reousness.

ceived the sign of 4 Now d to him

d ch. 11. 6.

circumcision,* a seal that worketh is the e Jo. 24. 2.

of the righteousness reward not reckoned f Ps. 32. 1, 2. of the faith which he of grace, but of debt. : Ge. 17. 10. had yet being uncir

5 But to him that b ver. 12.16. cumcised: that h he worketh pot, but be- La. 19. 9. might be the father

Ga. 3. 7. lieveth on him that

of all them that bejustifieth e the

i Ge.. 17. 4.

ungodly, his faith is k Ga. 3. 18. not circumcised ; that

Ga: 3. 29: lieve, though they be counted for righte- Ich. 3. 20.

righteousness might Ousness.

& 5.13.20. be imputed unto them 6 Even as David & 7. 8. 10, also : also describeth the

u. 12 And the father of blessedness of the

1 Co, 15.

circumcision to them

56. man, unto whom

2 Co. 3. 7.

who are not of the God' imputeth right

9. circumcision

only, eousness without Ga. 3. 10. but who also walk in works,

19. the steps of that faith 7 Saying, f Blessed 1 Juo. 3. 4.

of our father Abraare they whose ini- ver. Il- ham, which he had quities are forgiven, * Circumci- being yet uncircumand whose sins are sion was a cised. covered.

tuken of A- 13 For the promise, 8 Blessed is the ing 10 cove

braham's be

that he should be the man to whom the nant with heiri of the world, Lord will not impute God. It was was not to Abraham, sin.

also a pledge or to his seed, through 9 Cometh this bless of the pro

the law, but through edness then upon the ing his spi- the righteousness of circumcision only, or ritual seed of faith. upon the uncircum-true believ- 14 For kif

they cision also ? for we

It is

which are of the law say, that faith was in allusion to be heirs, faith is made reckoned to Abraham the costom of void, and the profor righteousness. affixing seals mise made of none 10 How was it then to written

effect : reckoned? when he covenants, to

15 Because was in circumcision, binding.

render them

law worketh wrath : or in uncircumcision?

for where no law is,


I the

The advantages ROMANS V.

and estent there is no transgres

A. D. 60. Jof God through unsion.

belief; but was 16 Therefore it is mch. 3 24. strong in faith, giv. of faith, that it might n Ga. 3. 22. ing glory to God; bem by grace ; nto o ch.9. 8. 21 And being fully the end the promise Is. 51. 2.

persuaded that, what might be sure to all p Ge. 17. 5. he had promised, u be the seed; not to that i Or, like was able also to peronly which is of the unto him. form. law, but to that also q ch. 8. 11. 22 And therefore it which is of the faith Ep. 2. 1.5. was imputed to him of Abraham; o who rch. 9. 26. for righteousness. is the father of us

1 Co. 1.28 23 Now it was all,

1 Pe. 2. 10.

not written for his 17 (As it is writs Ge. 15.5. sake alone, that it ten, pl have made thee a father of many

1 Ge. 17. 17. was imputed to him; He. 11. 11,

24 But for us also, natior before him

12. to whom it shall be whom he believed,

. Ps. 115. 3. imputed, if we beeven God, 4 who La. 1. 37. lieve y on him that quickeneth the dead, 45. raised up Jesus our and calleth

those He. 11. 19. Lord from the dead; things r which be

1 ch. 15. 4. 25 z Who was denot as though they 1 Co. 10. 6. livered for our of were.


a was 18 Who against 9 Ac. 2. 24. raised again for our hope believed in

& 13. 30. justification. nope, that he might z Is. 53.5, 6. become the father


2 Co.5. 21. of many nations, ac. Ga. 1. 4. 1 THEREFORe a becording to that which 1 Pe.2.24. ing justified by faith,

He. 9, 28. was spoken, . So shall

we have b peace with thy seed be.

* 1 Co.15. 17. God

through our

1 Pe. 1. 21. 19 And being not

Lord Jesus Christ : weak in faith, he a ls. 32. 17.

Jno. 16. 33.

2 c By whom also considered not his

we have access by

b Ep. 2. 14. own body now dead,

faith into this grace

Col. 1. 20. when he was about

wherein d we stand,

cJno. 10. 9. an hundred years

and e rejoice in hope old, neither yet the

d 1 Co. 15.1.

of the glory of God. deadness of Sarah's e He. 3. 6. 3 And not only so, womb :

f Ma. 5. 11. but iwe glory in 20 He

staggered 8 Ja. I. 3. tribulations also : not at the promise

knowing & that tri

11. fences,

Of justification ROMANS V.

by faitha bulation worketh pa-| A.D. 60. Lord Jesus Christ, tience ;

by whom we have 4 b And patience, h Ja. 1. 12. now received the faexperience ; and ex-li Ph. 1. 20. tonement. perience, hope: k 2 Co. 1. 22. 12 Wherefore,

as 5 i And hope maketh Ga. 4. 6. by t one man sin ennot ashamed; k be. Ep. 1. 13. tered into the world, cause

the love of Or, accord- and u death by sin; God is shed abroad ing to the and so death passed in our hearts by the time.

Ga. 4 4.

upon all men, for Holy Ghost which is

that all have signed:

Ich. 4. 25. given unto us.

13 (For until the 6 For when we were mJno. 15.13. law sin was in the yet without strength, i Ino.4.9. world : but sin is ivt due time Christ

nEp. 2. 13.

not imputed when died for the upgodly.

He. 9. 14. there is no law. 7 For scarcely for 1 Jno. 1.7. 14 Nevertheless a righteous man will o 1 Th. 1. 10. death reigned from one die: yet perad

Adam to Moses, even

poh. 8. 32. venture for a good

over them that had man some would even

q 2 Co. 5. 18.

not sipped after the dare to die.

Ep. 2. 16.

Col. 1. 20. similitude of Adam's 8 But m God com- Jno. 5. 26. transgression, who mendeth his love to. & 14. 19. is the figure of him ward us, in that, 2 Co.4.10. that was to come. while we were yet s Ga. 4. 9.

15 Bnt not as the sinners, Christ died

Or, recon

offence, 80 also is for us.

ciliation, the free gift. For if 9 Much more then,

through the offence being now justified

2 Co.5. 18. of one many be dead, by n his blood, we Ge. 3. 6. much more the grace shall be saved o from 100.15.21. of God, and the gift wrath through him. 1 ch. 6. 23. by grace, which is

10 For p if, when Ge. 2. 17. by one man, Jesus we were enemies, 1C0.15.21. Christ, hath aboundwey were reconciled Or, in

ed z unto many. to God by the death whom.

16 And not as it of his Son, much ch 4. 15.

1 Jno. 3. 4.

was by one that sinmore, being recon.

ned, so is the gift : ciled, we shall be y1 Co.15.21, for the judgment was

22. 45. saved by his life.

by one to condemna

z Is. 53. 11. 11 And not only

Ma. 20. 29. tion, but the free gift $0, but we also joy

& 26. 28. is of many offences in God through ourl

unto justification.

Ver. 10.

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