The Epistle of PAUL the Apostle to the ROMANS.

A. D. 60.

God our Father, and

the Lord Jesus Christ. 1 PAUI., a servant a Ac. 22. 21.

8 First, I thank of Jesus Christ, a call. 1 Ti. I. 11. ed to be an apostle,

b Ac. 9. 15. my God through Je

sus Christ for you separated b unto the Ac. 26. 6. all, that p your faith gospel of God,

d Ga. 3. 8. is spoken of througbo Which he had e Ma. 1.6.16. out the whole world. promised afore d by Lu. 1. 32

9 For 9 God is my

Ac. 2. 30. his prophets in the

2 Ti, 2.8. witness,

r whom 1 holy scriptures,) fJdo. 1. 14. serve o with my spi.

3 C cerving his Ga. 4. 4. in the gospel of Son Jesus Christ our + Gr deter- his Son, that with. Lord, which was mined.

out ceasing I make mader of the seed of Ac. 13. 33. mention of you alDavid according to the flesh;

i 1 Co. 15.10. ways in my prayers; Ga. 1.15.

10 Making request, 4 And ' +6 declared : Or, to the if by any means now to be the Son of God obedience of at length 1 might with power, accord faith.

have prosperous ing lito the spirit of k Ac. 6.7:

journey by the will holiness, by the re-m 1 Co: 1.2. of God to come unto surrection from the

n 1 Co. 1. 3. you. dead :

lo 1 Th. 1.2. 11 For I long to 5 By whom i

we p 1 Th. 1. 8. see you, that » I may have received graceq 2 Co. 1. 23. impart unto you some and apostleship, I for Ph. 1.8.

spiritual gift, to the obedience k to "ther Ac. 27. 23. end ye may be estafaith among all naO, in my blisied; tions, ' for his name:


12 That is, that I

Jno. 4 23 6 Among whom are Ph.3.3 may

be comforted ve also the called of s i Th.3. 10. together with you Jesus Christ :

tch. 15. 23. by y the mutual faith 7 To all that be in u Ja. 4. 15. both of you and me. Rome, beloved

13 Now I would God, 'm called to be within you not bave you ignosaints : o Grace to you and fitace from

2 ch. 15. 23. rant, bretliren, that

often times 2


of ch. 15. 29.

I pur

therto,) that I might b Ph. 4. 17. visible things of him

Awful state

ROMANS I. of the Gentiles. posed to come unto A. D. 60. hath sbewed it upto you, (but a was let hi

them. a Ac. 16. 7.

20 For m the inhave some b fruit ta. mong you also, even + Or, in you. from the creation of as among other Gen- c 1 Co. 9. 16. the world are clearly tiles.

d Ps. 40. 9. seen, being under14 I

am debtor Mar. 8. 38. stood by the things both to the Greeks, el Co. 1.18. that are made, even and to the Barba

& 15. 2.

his eternal power and rians; both

to the Lu. 24.47. godhead; so that wise, and to the un

Ac. 3. 26. they are without exwise.

gch. 3. 21.

cuse : 15 So, as much as b Ga. 3. 11.

21 Because that, in me is, I am ready

He. 10.38. when they knew God, to preach the gospel i Ac. 17. 30. they glorified him not to you that are at

Col. 3. 6.

as God, neither were Rome also.

k Ac. 14. 17. thankful; but n be16 For d I am not 10r,to them. came vain in their ashamed of the gospel

imaginations, and

I Jno. 1.9. of Christ : fore it is

their foolish heart the power of God unto m Ps. 19. 1;

Ac. 14. 17.

was darkened. salvation to every one

22 •Professing them

4 Or, that that believeth; the Jew first, and also they may be. selves to be wise,

they became fools,

n2 Ki. 17.15, to the Greek,

Je. 2. 5.

23 And changed 17 Forg therein is Ep. 4. 17. the glory of the unthe righteousness of . Je. 10. 14. corruptible p God into of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is

p De. 4. 16. an image made like

Ps.106.20. to corruptible man, written, h The just Is. 40. 18. and to birds, and fourshall live by faith.

26. footed beasts, and 18 i For the wrath Je. 2. 11. creeping things. of God is revealed q Ps. 81. 12. 24 4 Wherefore God from heaven against

Ac, 7. 42.

also gave them up to all ungodliness and

Ep. 4. 18.

2Th.2.11. uncleanness through uprighteousness of

the lusts of their own

r1 Co. 6. 18. men, who hold the

i Th. 4.4. hearts, 'to dishonour truth in uprighteous

s Le. 18. 22. their own bodies s beness :

tween themselves : 19 Because

11 Th. 1. 9.
k that
1 Jno.5.20.

25 Who changed which may be known

the truth of God

u Is. 44. 20. of God is manifest

Je. 10.14. Jintou a lie, and worin i them; for God

shipped and served in c Ho. 7. 3.

The Gentiles ROMANS II. are inexcusable. the creature + more A. D. 60. inventors of evil than the Creator, who

things, disobedient is blessed for ever. + Or, rather. to parents, Amen.

Le. 18. 22. 31 Without under26 For this cause Ep. 5. 12. standing,


Jude 10. God gave them up

breakers, without unto * vile affections: y Wis. 14.

natural affection, im

22, 23. for even their women

placable, unmerci. did change the na- 1 Or, to ac- ful: tural use into that knowledge.

32 Who a knowing which is against na- 90ra mind the judgment of God,

void of judgture :


that they which com27 And likewise

mit such things bare also the men, leaving tt Or, unso

z Ep. 5. 4.

worthy of death, not the natural use of the


only do the same, woman, burned in

but I have pleasure their lust one toward a cb. 2. 2.

in them

that do another; men with

bch. 6. 21.

them.* men working that 110r,consent

with them. which is unseemly,

CHAP. II. and receiving


Ps. 50. 18. themselves that re

art a inexcusable, O compence of

man, whosoever thou error which

was b 2 Sa. 12. 5. art that judgest : b for meet.

Ma. 7.1, 2. wherein thou judgest 28 y And even as

Jno. 8. 9.

another, thou con

ch. 9. 23. they did not like I to

demnest thyself ; for

Ep. 1. 7. retain God in their & 2.4.7.

thou that judgest doknowledge, God gave

est the same things. them over to a re- ver. 32- 2 But we are sure probate mind, to do * Profane

that the judgment of those things a which writers also

God is according to

add their are not convenient;


truth against them 29 Being filled with that the hea

which commit such all unrighteousness, then law- things. fornication, wicked givers sanc- 3 And thinkest thou

tioned these this, 0 covetousness, ness,

that maliciousness; full

public insti- judgest thein 'which of envy, murder, de- tutions of re- do such things, and bate, deceit, maligni- ligion, by doest the same, that ty; whisperers,

their avowed thou shalt escape the 30 Backbiters, hat- doctrine, & judgment of God?" ers of God, despite- by their own


4 Or despisest thou ful, proud, boasters,

the e riches of his

their a ch. 1. 20.


The testimony ROMANS II. of conscience. goodness and a for- | A. D. 60. bearance and long-ach. 3. 25.

12 For as many as

have sinned without suffering; fnot know

law shall also perish ing that the goodness

e Ex. 34. 6. without law : and as of God leadeth thee fls. 30. 18. many as have sinned

2 Pe. 3.9. to repentance?

in the law shall be 5 But after thy hard- 8 Ja. 5. 3.

judged by the law; Dess and impenitenth Ma. 16.27. 13 (For n not the heart s treasurest up

1 Co. 3.8. hearers of the law are unto thyself wrath

Re. 20.12. just before God, but against the day of

i 2 Th. 1. 8.

the doers of the law wrath and revelation

shall be justified. of the righteous judg- + Gr.Greek. Gentiles, which have

k 1 Pe. 4. 17.

14 For when the ment of God;

6 b Who will render! 1 Pe. 1.7. not the law, do by to every man accord 1 Gr. Greek. nature the

things ing to his deeds : mAc. 10. 34. contained in the law, 7 To them who by Col. 3. 25. these, having not the

1 Pe.1.17. patient continuance

law, are a law unto in well doing seek Ma. 7. 21. themselves : for glory and honour 1 Jno. 3.7.

15 Which shew the and immortality, e

work of the law writ

Or, the ternal life :


ten in their hearts, 8 But unto them witnessing

their conscience also that are contentious, with them. bearing witness, and and i do not obey the tt Or, be- their thoughts t the truth, but obey un-tween them- mean while accusing righteousness, indig- selves.

or else excusing one nation and wrath, o Jno. 12. 48. another;)

1 Co. 4.5. 9 Tribulation and

16 . In the day anguish, upon every pJno: 5. 22. when God shall judge soul of man that do

2 Ti. 4. !. the secrets of men

I Pe. 4. 5. eth evil, of the Jew

by P Jesus Christ 9 ac9

1 Ti. J.11. first, k and also of

cording to my gos

r Jno. 8. 33. the + Gentile ;


2 Co. 11. 10 1 But glory, ho.


17 Behold, thou nour, and peace, to Mi. 3. 11. art called a Jew, and every man that work. t Is. 45. 25. restests in the 'law, eth good, to the Jew

u De. 4.8.

and t makest thy boast first, and also to the

of God,

11 Or, triest Gentile ; 1

the things

18 And

u knowest 11 For

'm there is thnt differ. This will, and I apno respect of persons Ph. 1. 10. provest the things with God.

that are more excel


Circumcision ROMANS III. not available. lent, being instructed A. D. 60. (thy circumcision is out of the law;

made uncircumci19 And y art con- y Ma. 15. 14. sion. fident that thou thy.

& 23, 16.

26 Therefore fif the

19. 24. self art a guide of Jno. 9. 34. uncircumcision keep the blind, a light of 40, 41. the righteousness of them which are in

the law, shall not his

z ch. 6. 17. darkness,

2 Ti. 1. 13. uncircumcision be 20 An instructor of

& 3. 5. counted for circumthe foolish, a teacher

babes, z which

a Ps. 50. 16.
Ma. 23. 3.

27 And shall not onhast the form of

circumcision which knowledge and of b Mal. 3. 8. is by nature, if it the truth in the law.

c ver. 17.

fulfil the law, & judge 21 a Thou therefore

thee, who by the let. which teachest ano.

d 2 Sa. 12.


ter and circumcision ther, teachest thou

Is. 52. 5.

dos transgress the not thyself? thou that Eze.36.20. law ? preachest


23. 28 For h he is not should not steal, dost e Ga. 5. 3. a Jew, which is one thou steal ?

neither f Ac. 10. 34,

outwardly; 22 Thou that sayest 35. is that circumcision, man should not

which is outward in commit adultery,

& Ma. 12.41,

42! the flesh: dost thou commit

h ch. 9. 6. 7.

29 But he is a Jew, adultery ? thou that

Ma. 3. 9.
which i is one

inabhorrest idols, b dost Jno. 8. 39. wardly; and k cirthou commit sacri. Ga. 6. 15. cumcision is that of lege?

Re. 2. 9.

the heart, 'in the spi23 Thou that emak-li 1 Pe. 3. 4. rit, and not in the est thy boast of the

letter; mwhose praise law, through break Col. 2. u.

Pb. 3. 3.

is not of men, but of ing the law disho

God. nourest thou God? I ch. 7. 6. 24 For the name

2 Co. 3. 6. CHAP. III. of God is blasphemed m1 Co. 4. 5. 1 What advantage among the Gentiles 2 Co. 10. then hath the Jew? through you, as it is

18. or what profit is there

1 Tb. 2. 4. written.d

of circumcision? 25 e For circumci- a ch. 2. 18. 2 Much every way: sion verily profiteth,

& 9. 4.

chiefly, because that if thou keep the law :

De. 4.7, 8.

unto a them were but if thou

Ps. 147. 19, be a

20: committed the orabieaker of the law,

cles of God.


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