He is brought

ACTS XXVI. before Agrippa. sus, which was dead,, A. D. 62. have dealt with me, whom Paul affirmed

both at Jerusalem, to be alive.

+ Or, I was and also here, crying 20 And because + 1 doubtful

that he ought rpot to doubteu of such man- quire hereos. live any longer. ner of questions, I

10r, judg

25 But when I found asked him whether he

that he had commitwould go to Jerusa- p ch. 9. 15. ted nothing worthy of lem, and there be Ma. 10. 18. death, tand that he judged of these mat- Lu. 21. 12. himself hath appealed ters.

q ver. 2, 3.7.10 Augustus, I have 21 But wheu Paul rch. 22. 22. determined to send had appealed to be s ch. 23. 9. him. reserved


29. 26 Of whom I have hearing I of Augus- & 26. 31. no certain thing to tus,* I *commanded t ver. 11, 12. write unto my lord. him to be kept till I

Wherefore I ha might send him to ver. 21

brought him forth

**A freeman Cæsar.

of Rome, who

before you, and spe22 Then p Agrippa had been tri- cially before thee, o said unto Festus, led for a king Agrippa, that, would also hear the crime, and after examination man myself. To mor- the sentence had, I might have row, said he, thou passed on

him, had a

somewhat to write. shalt hear him. right to ap

27 for it seemeth 23 And on the mor- peal to the to me unreasonable row, when Agrippa emperor, if to send a prisoner, was' come, and Ber- he conceived and not withal to sig nice,with great pomp, to be unjust; nify the crimes laid and was entered into but, even be against him. the place of hearing, fore the senwith the chief cap. tence was

CHAP. XXVI. tains, and principal pronounced,

1 THEN Agrippa men of the city, at privilege of said unto Paul, Thou Festus' command an appeal art permitted to speak ment Paul was in criminal

for thyself. Then brought forth.

Paul stretched forth 24 And Festus said, that the


the hand, and anKivg Agrippa, and judge was

swered for himself : all men which are doing any

QI think myself here present with us, thing con- happy, king Agrippa, ye see this man, about trary to the because I shall an whom 9 all the mul-Clarke. swer for myself this citude of the Jews

day before thee touch

cases, if he

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His account ACTS XXVI.

of himself. ing all the things A. D. 62. with myself, that I whereof I am accused

ought to do many

a ch. 22. 3. of the Jews :

& 23. 6.

things contrary to the 3 Especially because & 24. 15. name of Jesus of I know thee to be ex

22. Nazareth. pert in all customs

Ph. 3. 5. 10 h Which thing I and questions which bch. 23. 6. also did in Jerusaare among the Jews : ch. 13. 32. lem : and many of wherefore I beseech

Ge. 3. 15. the saints did I shut thee to hear me 'pa

& 22. 18.

up in prison, having

& 26. 4. tiently.

& 49. 10.

received authority 4 My manner of

De. 18. 15. from i the Chief life from my youth, 2 Sa. 7.12. Priests; and when which was at the first

Ps.132.11. they were

put to Is. 4.2. among mine own na

death, I gave & 7. 14.

my tion at Jerusalem, & 9.6.

voice against them. know all the Jews; & 40. 10. 11 k And I punish5 Which knew me Je. 23. 5.

ed them oft in every from the beginning,

& 33, 14,

synagogue, and com

15, 16. if they would testify,

pelled them to blas

that after the most & 37. 24. pheme; and

being straitest sect of our Da. 9. 24. exceedingly mad a. religion I lived

Mi. 7. 20. gainst them, I per

a Pharisee.

Ro. 15. 8. secuted them even

Tit. 2. 13. 6 And now I stand

unto strange cities.

d Ja. l. 1. and am judged for

191Whereupon as I the hope of c the pro- + Gr. night went to Damascus mise made of God and day. with authority and unto our fathers :

e Lu. 2. 37. commission from the 7 Unto which pro- | Ti. 5.5. Chief Priests, mise

twelve 1 Th.3. 10. 13 At midday, O tribes, instantly serv. f Ph. 3. 11. king, I saw in the ing God + e day and

way a light from night, Thope to come. Ino: 16. 2. heaven, above the For which hope's

i Ti. 1. 13. brightness of the sun, sake, king Agrippa, h eh. 8. 3. shining round about I am accused of the Ga. 1. 13. me and them which Jews.

ich. 9. 14. journeyed with me. 8 Why should it be


14 And when we thonght a thing in- & 22. 5. were all fallen to the credible with you, k ch. 22. 19. earth, I heard a voice that God should raise I ch.9. 3. speaking unto me, the dead ?

& 22. 6.

and saying in the He. 9&I verily thought

brew tongue, Saul,

d our


Paul's commission ACTS XXVI. to the Gentiles. Saul, why persecut-| A. D. 62. cus, and at Jerusalem, est thou me? 11 is

and throughout all

mch. 22. 15. hard for thee to kick

the coasts of Judæa, against the pricks.

n eh. 22. 21. and then to the Gen15 And I said, who o Is. 35. 5.

tiles, that they should

& 42. 7, art thou, Lord ? And Lu. 1. 79. repent and

turn to he said, I am Jesus Jno. 8. 12. God, and do nworks whom thou persecut- 2 Co. 4. 4. meet for repentance.

Ep. 1. 18.

21 For these causes 16 But rise, and

1 Th. 5. 5.

the x Jews'caught me stand upon thy feet: p 2C0.6. 14. in the temple, and for I have appeared

Ep. 4. 18.

went about to kill

& 5. 8. unto thee for this

Col. 1. 13. me. purpose, m to make

1 Pe. 2. 9.

22 Haring therethee a minister and 25. fore obtained help of a witness both of q La. 1 77. God, I continue onto these things which r Ep. 1. 11. this ay, witnessing thou hast seen, and

Col. 1. 12. both to small and of those things in the s eh. 20.32. great, saying none which I will appear t ch. 9. 20. other things than anto thee; 22. 29. those y which

the & 11. 26. 17 Delivering thee

prophets and z Moses

& 13. & 14. from the people, and & 16. & 17.

did say should come: from the Gentiles, & 18. & 19. 23 a That Christ unto n whom pow 1 & 20. & 21. should suffer, and sead thee,

u Ma. 3. 8. that b he should be 18 . To open their ch. 21.30, the first that should qyes, and p to turn 31. rise from the dead, clum from darknessy cl.. 24. 14. and c should shew co light, and from the

& 28. 23 power of Satan unto

light unto the people, La 4.2. and to the Gentiles.

24. God, 9 that they may Ro. 3. 2.

24 And as he thus reoeive forgiveness z Jno. 5. 46. spake for himself, of sins, and rinherit

Festus said with a

a Lu, 24. 26. ance among them

voice, Paul, which are ssanctified b 1 Co.15.20. thou d art beside thy. by faith that is in Col. 1. 18. self; much learning.

Re. 1. 5. me.

doth make thee mad. 19 Whereupon, O'o Lu. 2. 32. 25 But he said, I king Agrippa, I was a 2 Ki.9. 11.'am not mad, most not disobedient unto Jno. 10.20. noble Festus ;

but the heavenly vision :

& 2.13, 14. speak forth the words 20 But tshewed first

& 4. 10.

of truth and soberanto them of Damag


46. loud

Declaration of ACTS XXVII. Paul's innocency.

26 For the king A. D. 62. been set at liberty, knoweth of these

ifs he had not ap

el Co. 4.8. things, before whom

& 7. 7.

pealed unto Cæsar.* also I speak freely : 2 Co, 11.1 for I am persuaded fch. 23. 9.

CHAP. XXVII. that none of these


I AND when ait things

& 25. 25. are hidden from him ; for this

Lu. 23. 14. was determined that

i Pe. 4.14. we should sail into thing was not done 16. Italy, they delivered in a corner.

8 ch. 25. 11. Paul and certain 27 King Agrippa. a ch. 25. 12. other prisoners unto believest thou the

25. one named Julius, a prophets? 1 know bcb. 19.29. centurion of Augusthat thou believest.

& 20. 4.

tus' band. 28 Then Agrippa

Col. 4. 10.
Phim. 24.

2 And entering into said unto Paul, Al

a ship of Adramytmost thou persuadesi

och. 24. 23.
& 28. 16.

tium, we launched, me to be a Chris

meaning to sail by tian.*

ver. 28- the coasts of Asia ; 29 And Paul said. * In this one b Aristarchus, a I would to God. narrative,

Macedonian of Thes. that not only thou, instructivo

three very

salonica, being with but also all that hear examples

us. me this day, were are set be

3 And the next day both almost, and al- fore as : we touched at Sidon. together such as


Festus, alto- And Julius courte

gether a heaam, except

then; and

ously entreated Paul, bonds.

Paul, altoge- and gave him liberty 30 And when he thera Cbris. to go unto his friends had thus spoken, the tian; but A- to refresh himself. king rose up, and the grippa, halt.

4 And when we

ing between governor, and Ber- both. had launched from nice, and they that


we sailed

ver. 32 sat with them: • Learned under Cyprus, be

31 And when they men have cause the winds were were gone aside, they shewn, that contrary. talked between them no laws - 5 And when we selves, saying, "This Christians had sailed over the man doeth nothing had at this

sea of Cilicia and worthy of death or time been Pamphylia, we came of bonds.

enacted by to Myra, a city of 32 Then said A- the Roman


Lycia. grippa unto Festus, -Scott.

6 And there the This inan might have

centurion tound a

we was on the

and month,



Paul foretels

a storm. ship of AlexandriaA. D. 62. the more part advised sailing into Italy ;

to depart thence aland he put us there-tor, Candy. so, it by any means 1.

d The fast they might attain to 7 And when

Phenice, and there to had sailed

tenth day of
the seventh

winter; which is an many days,

haven of Crete, and scarce were


Le. 23. 27. lieth toward the south over against Cnidus,

29. west and north west. the wind pot suffer-|| Or, injury. 13 And when the ing us, we sailed un

Or, beat.

south wind blew softder + Crete, over a- ver. 8

supposing that gainst Salmone ; * This port they had obtained 8 And, hardly pass still retains their purpose, loosing

the same ing it, came unto a

thence, they sailed place which is called

close by Crete. The Fair Haveus ;* ver. 9- 14 But not long

# The fast nigh whereunto was here spoken

after there Varose the city of Lasea. of was the against it a tempes

9 Now when much day of atone-tuous wind, called time was spent, and ment, order. Euroclydon.

ed to be kept when sailing was now

15 And when the

on the 10th dangerous, d because day of the ship was caught, and the fast* was now al- 7th month, could not bear up into ready past, Paul ad called Tisri the wind, we let her monished them,

by the Jews, drive. 10 And said unto 25th of our

being the

16 And running them, Sirs, 1 perceive September.

under a certain isthat this voyage will ver. 14–

land which is called be with I hurt and * This ex- Clauda, we had much much damage, not pression work to come by the only of the lading and comes from

boat: ship, but also of our

17 Which when

κλυδων, αn lives.


they had taken up, 11 Nevertheless the storm, as the they used helps, uncenturion believed word signi-, dergirding the ship; the master and the fies. A kind and, fearing lest they owner of the ship, this which is should fall into the more than those called by

quicksands, strake things which were those who sail, and SO were spoken by Paul. now frequent driven. 12 And because the those seas, a

18 And we being haven was not com- See Benson. exceedingly tossed modious to winter in,

with a tempest, the

Eupos, and

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