him :

He is sent

to Casarea. have killed

A. D. 60. they accused him, I and now are


brought him forth ready, looking for a p ch.21, 33. into their council:

& 24. 7. promise from thee.

29 Whom

I per42 So the chief cap- 9 ch. 22. 30. ceived to be accused tain then let the reb. 18.15. ofr questions of their

& 25. 19. young man depart,

law, s but to have and charged him, See s ch. 26. 31. nothing laid to his thou tell no man that t ver. 20. charge worthy of thon hast shewed u ch. 24. 8. death or of bonds. these things to me.

& 25. 6.

30 And I when it 93 And he called * cb, 21. 39. was told me how that unto hım two cen

the Jews laid wait tarions, saying, Make er: 30

for the man, I sent ready two hundred is a good spe- straightway to thee, soldiers to go to Cæ- cimen of the and u gave commandsarea, and horsemen Roman me- ment to his accusers threescore and ten,

thod of wri- also to say before thee and spearmen

two it is a model what they had against hundred, at the third of brevity,

him. Farewell. hour of the night; simplicity,

31 Then the sol24 And provide and perspi- diers, as it was comthem beasts, that they


manded them, took

Scott. may set Paul on, and

Paul, and brought bring him safe unto. Not the

ver. 31

him by night to ADFelix the governor.

same night tipatris. 25 And he wrote a they set out;

32 On the morrow letter after this man- for Antipa- they left the horsener: 26 Claudius Lysias miles north- and returned to the

bout 38 of our men to go with him, unto the most excel- west of Jeru- castle : lent governor Felix salem. He- 33 Who, when they sendeth greeting.

rod the Great came to Cæsarea, and 7 P This man was and gave'it delivered the epistle taken of the Jews, this name, in to the governor, preand should have been honour of his sented Paul also bekilled of them : then father Anti- fore bim. came I with an army,

pater. Ca

34 And when the and rescued him, near 70 miles governor had read the having understood from Jerusa-lletter, he asked of that he was a Romap. lem, abort 30 what province he

28 9 And when i from Antipa- was. And when he would have known Benson's Co. understood that he the cause wherefore

was of x Cilicia;

sarea was

Paul bronight ACTS XXIV. before Felir.

35 y I will hear, A. D. 60. Jews throughout the thee, said he, when

world, and a ringthine accusers are y cb. 24. 1. leader of the sect of

10. also come. And he

the Nazarenes:

& 25. 16. commanded him to

6 Who also hath

z Ma, 27. 27. be kept in z Herod's

a ch. 21. 27. the temple :

gone about to profane judgment hall.

whom b ch. 23. 2.

we took, and would CHAP. XXIV. 30. 35.

& 25. 2.

havee judged accord1 AND after a five

ing to our law. days b Ananias the ch. 6. 13.

& 16. 20.

7 f But the chief High Priest descend

& 17.6. captain Lysias came ed with the elders, & 21. 28. upon us, and with and with a certain Lu. 23. 2. great violence took orator named Tertul. 1 Pe. 2. 12.

him away out of our

15. lus, who informed


dcb. 21. 28. the governor against

8 Commanding Paul.

e Jno. 18. 31. bis accusers to come 2 And when he was fch. 21. 33. unto thee : by exacalled forth, Tertul.

mining of whom thy

3 ch. 23. 30. lus began to accnse

self mayest take him, saying, Seeing | Pelix made knowlege of all these that by thee we enjoy


things, whereof we

over Judea, great quietness, and

A. D. 63.

accuse him. that very worthy

9 And the Jews deeds are done unto ver. 6- also assented, saying this nation by thy

* Tertullus that these things were providence, 3 We accept it al- tions this, as

10 Then Paul, after ways, and in all pla- press fact he that the governor had ces, most noble Felix, had to charge beckoned unto him to with all thankfulness upon him, as speak, answered, For

4 Notwithstanding, be knew that asmuch as I know that I be pot further allowed the

that thou hast been of tedious unto thee, I Jews a power many years a judge pray thee that thou of executing, unto + this nation, I wouldest hear us of even without do the more cheer. thy clemency a few forms of law, fully answer for my. words.

who should self: 5. For we have be found in 11 Because that found this

such an act thou mayest underpestilent fellow, and of profana- stand, that there are

tion. See
of sedi.

yet but twelve days tion among all the

since I went up to

artfully men. so.




He answers

ACTS XXIV. for himself. Jerusalem b for to

A. D. 60.

fied in the temple, worship.

neither with multi12 i And they nei

h ver. 17.
ch. 21. 26. tude, nor

with tuther found me in lich. 25. 8.

mult. the temple disputing k ch.9.2. 19 : Who ought to with any man, nei. Aun. 8. 14. have been here before ther raising up the 2 Ti. 1. 3. thee, and object, if people, neither in the m ch. 26. 22. they had ought asynagogues, nor in & 28. 23.

gainst me. the city :

nch. 23. 6.

20 Or else let these

& 26. 6, 7. 13 Neither can they

& 28. 20.

same here say, if they prove the things. Da. 12. 2. have found any evil whereof they


Jno. 5. 28. doing in me, while accuse me.

p ch. 23. 1. I stood before the 14 But this I con

9 ch. 11. 29. council, fess into thee, that & 20. 16.

21 Except it be for after k the way which Ro. 15. 25. this one voice, that I they call heresy, so

2 Co. S. 4.
Ga. 2. 10.

cried standing among worship I the God

rch. 21. 26. them, Touching the of my fathers, believ. & 26. 21. resurrection of the ing all things which s ch. 23. 30. dead l am called in are written in m the

& 25. 16.

question by you this law and in the pro

tch. 23. 6.
& 28. 20.

day. phets :

u ver. 7.

22 And when Felix 15 And have hopech. 27. 3. heard these things, toward God, which & 23. 16. having more perfect they themselves also

knowledge of that allow, o that there ver. 21

way, he

deferred shall be a resurrection begins with them, and said, When of the dead, both of flatteries,und Lysias u


chief the just and unjust. ends with

captain shall coine 16 And pherein do fulsehood;

down, I will know I exercise myself, to

but Paul, rehave always a con- Divine elo

lying on a

the uttermost of your

matter, science void of of- quence, hav- 23 And he comfence toward God, ing made a manded a centurion and toward men.

simple intro17 Now after many

duction, re

to keep Paul, and to pels, by a true

let him have liberty, years 91 came todenial, the

and that he should bring alms to my charge of se forbid none of his nation, and offerings. dition which acquaintance to mi. 18

brought a

pister or come unte certain Jews from gainst him. him. Asia found me puri

24 And after cer. 355

2 2 2


Whereupon had been


Paul accused ACTS XXV. before Festus. tain days, when Felix A. D. 62. him against Paul, came with his wife

and besought him, Drusilla, which was y Ex. 23. 8. 3 And desired faa Jewess, he sent for z ch. 12, 3. vour against him, Paul, and heard him & 25.9.14. that he would send

Ex. 23. 2. concerning the faith

for him to Jerusalem, in Christ.

a ver. 15.
ch. 24. ).

laying b wait in the 25 And as he rea

way to kill him. soned of righteous

b ch. 23. 12.

4 But Festus an. ness,

o ver. 18, temperance,

swered, that Paul and judgment

ch. 18. 14. should be kept at

to come, Felix trem

+ Or, as

Cæsarea, and that he bled, and answered, read, no more

some copies

himself would depart Go thy way for this than eight shortly thither. time ; when I have or ten days. 5 Let them therea convenient season,d ch. 24. fore, said he, which I will call for thee.*'


among you are able,

Mar. 15. 3. 26 He hoped also

Lu. 23. 2.

go down with me, that y money should

and accuse this man,

10. have been given him

ife there be any wick

ech. 6. 13. of Paul, that he

& 24. 12.

edness in him. might loose him: & 28. 17.

6 And when he had wherefore he sent for

tarried among them him the oftener, and ver. 25–

more than ten days, communed with him. The con

he went down unto 27 But after two duet of the Cæsarea; and the years Porcius Festus trembling

next day sitting on

jailor at Phicame into Felix'

the judgment seat

lippi and room : and Felix, thatof Felix, commanded Paul to willing a to shew the should be be brought. Jews a pleasure, left carefully and 7 And when he was Paul bound.


come, the Jews which compared ; for the con

came down from JeCHAP. XXV.

trast is in rusalem stood round

every parti- about, d and laid 1 Now when Fes- cular strik- mapy and grievous tus was come


complaints against the province, after

The power of

Paul, which they three days he as- Divine truth, could not prove. cended from Cæsarea can make a 8 While he anto Jerusalem. prince trem-swered for himself,

2 a 'l hen the High ble before his Neithere against the Priest and the chief prisover. –

law of the Jews, neiof the Jews informed

ther against the tem

into ing and in

He dindicates ACTS XXV.

his conduct ple, nor yet against | A. D. 62. had been there many

days, Festus declared fended any thing at ch. 24; 27: Paul's cause unto the all.

Ma. 15. 15. king, saying, « There 9 But Festus, fwill- & ver. 20.

is a certain man left ing to do the Jews a h ver. 25. in bonds by Felix: pleasure,

ch. 18. 14. answered

15 | About whom,

& 23. 29. Paul, and said, Wilt

& 26. 31.

when I was at Jeruthou go up to Jerusa- Job 31. 21. salem, the Chief lem, and there be 38, 40. Priests and the elders judged of these things i ch. 26. 32. of the Jews informed before me?

& 28. 19. me, desiring to have 10 Then said Paul, k ch 21 27 judgment * against I stand at Cæsar's i ver. 2, 3.

him. judgment seat, where

16 m To whom I an

m ver. 4, 5. I ought to be judged :

swered, It is not the to the Jews have in ver. 6.

manner of the Rodone no wrong, as

o ch. 18. 15. mans to deliver any

& 23. 29. thou very well know

man to die, before est.

that he which is ac

ver. 15 11 h For if I be an *"The judg-cused have the accuoffender, or have ment which sers face to face, and committed any thing they de

have licence to an

manded aworthy of death, I

gainst Paul,

swer for himself conrefuse not to die : but was not a cerning the crime laid if there be none of trial, but a against him. these things whereof sentence up- 17 Therefore, when these accuse me, no

on a previ

they were come hi

ous convicman may deliver me tion, which ther, n without any unto them. i I appeal they falsely delay on the morrow unto Cæsar.

and wicked-I sat on the judgment 12 Then Festus, y pretended; seat, and commanded when he had confera und proba- the man to be brought red with the council, the know

forth. answered, Hast thou ledge that 18 Against whom appealed unto Cæsar? Festus bad when the accusers unto Cæsar shalt thou of Paul's be- stood

up, they go.

citizen, that brought none accusa13 And after cer- engaged him tion of such things tain days king Agrip-to determine as I supposed : pa and Bernice came to try the 19. But had certain tunto Cæsarea to sa-cause him

self.' - Dod

questions against him lute Fes! 118.


of their own supersti 14 And when they

tion, and of one Je.

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