Paul's address ACTS XX.

to the elders. next day we came to A. D. 60. ward our Lord Jesus Miletus.

Christ. 16 For Paul had P ch. 18. 21.

22 And now, bedetermined to sail by & 21.4.12. hold, 21 go bound in Ephesus, because he q ch. 24. 17. the spirit unto Jeruwould not spend the rch. 2. 1. salem, not knowing time in Asia : for phe Ex. 34. 22. the things that shall hasted, if it were

1 Co. 16. 8. befall me there : possible for him, 9 to Sch. 18. 19. 23 Save that a the be at Jerusalem rthe

& 19. 1.10. Holy Ghost witnessday of Pentecost.

t ver. 3.

eth in every city, 17 And from Mile. u ver. 27. saying that bonds lus he sent to Ephe- 2 ch. 18. 5. and afflictions + abide sus, and called the y ch. 2. 38. me. elders of the church. Mar. 1. 15. 24 But b none of 18 And when they

Lu. 24. 47. these things move

Jno. 3. 15. were come to him, Ro. 3. 22: me, neither count i he said unto them,

& 10. 9. my life

dear unto Ye know, from the Ga. 2. 16. myself, c so that I first day that I came

1 Jno. 5. 1. might



13. into Asia, after what

course with joy, d and manner I have been 2 ch. 19. 21. the ministry, which with you at all sea- a ch. 21. 4. I have received of sons,

11. the Lord Jesus, to 19 Serving the Lord

1 Th. 3.3. testify the gospel of with all humility of Or, wait mind, and with many b ch. 21. 13. hold, I know that

for me.

the grace of God.

25 And now, betears, and temptations, which befell 2 Co. 4. 16. ye all, among whom me by the lying in

c 2 Ti. 4. 7.

I have gone preachwait of the Jews:

d ch.1, lĩ.

ing the kingdom of 20 And how

2 Co. 4. 1.

God, shall see my kept back nothing

. Ga. 1. 1.

face no more. that was profitable Ti. 1 3.

26 Wherefore I take unto you, but have f ver. 38. you

to record this shewed you,

and Ro. 15. 23. day, that I am & pure have taught you g ch. 18. 6. from the blood of all publickly, and from 2 Co. 7. 2. men. house to house, b ver. 20. 27 For h I have no. 21 *Testifying both i Ln. 7; 30; shunned to declare

. 15. . to the Jews, and also

you all the to the Greeks, y rely Iti. 4. 16. counsel of God.

toward pentance

1 Pe. 5. 2.

28 * Take heed God, and faith to

therefore unto your

Ep. 1. 11. unto

They weep at ACTS XXI. his departure. selves, and to all the A. D. 60. that were with me. flock, over the which

35 I have shewed the Holy Ghost 'hath 1 1 Co.12.28. you all things, y how made you overseers, m Ep. 1. 7. that so labouring ye to feed the church of 14.

ought to support the

Col. 1. 14. God,m which he hath He: 9. 12. weak, and to remem. purchased - with his 1 Pe. 1. 19. ber the words of the own blood.

Re. 5. 9. Lord Jesus, how he 29 For I know this, n He. 9. 14. said, It is

more that after my depart

blessed to gire than

o Ma. 7. 15. ing shall grievous 2 Pe. 2. 1. to receive. wolves enter in

36 And when he

p 1 Ti. 1. 20. among you, not iJno. 2.19. had thus spoken, he sparing the flock. q ch, 19. 10. kneeled z down, 'and

30 Also p of your r He. 13. 9. prayed with them all. own selves shall men

37 And they all

sch. 9. 31. arise, speaking per

t Ep. 1. 18.

wept sore, and a fell verse things, to draw

Col. 1. 12.

on Paul's' neck, and away disciples after

He. 9 15.

kissed him, them.

1 Pe. 1. 4. 38 Sorrowing most 31 Therefore watch, a 1 Sa. 12.3. of all for the words and remember, that 1 Co. 9. 12. which b

he spake, by the space of 2 Co. 7. 2. that they should see three years I ceased x 1 Co.4.12. his face no more. not to warn every one

1 Th. 2. 9. And they accom

2 '1h. 3.8. night and day with

panied him unto the tears.

y Ro. 15. 1. ship.

I Co. 9.12. 32 And now, bre.

2 Co. 11.9. thren, I commend


Ep. 4. 29. you to God, and rto 1 Th. 4.11. 1 AND it came to the word of his grace, 2 Th. 3. 8. pass, that after we which is able to z ch. 7. 60. were gotten from build you up, and to a Ge. 45. 14. them, and

had give you an inherit-b ver. 25.

launched, we came ance among all them

with a straight course which are sanctified. rer. 1- unto Coos, and the

33 u I have coveted Famous day following unto no man's silver, or sus, a brass

for its Colos-
Rhodes,* and

from gold, or apparel. statue erect-thence unto Patara :

34 Yea, ye your- ed across the 2 And finding a selves know, that harbour ; ship sailing over unto these hands have miships in full

Phenjcia, we went pistered unto my ne- pass nader it. aboard, and set forth. cessities, and to them

3 Now when we

Paul's journey ACTS XXI.

to Jerusalem. had discovered Cy. A. D. 60. Jinto the house of prus, we left it on

Philip d the evangethe left hand, and

a ver. 12.

· ch. 20. 23. list, e which was one sailed into Syria, and

b ch. 20. 36.

of the seven ; and landed at Tyre :* for

abode with him. there the ship was to

cJno. 1. 11.

9 And the same man unlade her burden.

d Ep. 4.11.
2 Ti. 4. 5.

had four daughters, 4 And finding disciples, we

ech, 6. 5.

virgins, f which did tarried & 8. 26.

prophesy. there seven days:


10 And as we tarwho a said to Paul f ch. 2. 17. ried there many days, through the Spirit,

Joel 2. 28. there came down that he should not go gch. 11. 28. from Judæa a certain up to Jerusalem.

b ver. 33 prophet, named & A5 And when we cb. 20. 23. gabus. had accomplished ich. 20.24. 11 And when he those days, we de

was come

us, parted and went our ver. 3—

he took Paul's girdle, way; and they all

* An ancient and bound his own brought us on our ted city, si- hands and feet, and way, with wives and taated upon said, Thus saith the children, till we were the Mediter- Holy Ghost, h So out of the city: and ranean sea. shall the Jews at Jekneeled down

The history
of the Tyri-

rusalem bind the man on the shore, and ans is made that owneth this girprayed.

up of little

dle, and shall deliver 6 And when we but wars; him into the hands of had taken our leave the Cartha- the Gentiles. one of another, we prung from

12 And when we took ship ; and they the Tyrians, heard these things, returned • home and the Tyri- both we, and they of again.

ans from the that place, hesought 7 And when we had Sidonians

; him not to go up to

and Sidon finished our course from Cana

Jerusalem. from Tyre, we came an; so that 13 Then Paul an. to Ptolemais, and sa- his curse swered, i What mean luted the brethren, continually ye to weep and to and abode with them pursued

break mine heart for

them. See one day.

the prophe- I am ready not to be 8 And the next day cies, relative bound only, but also we that were of Paul's to them,

Gen. 10. 15. for the name of the

to die at Jerusalem company departed,

Isa. 23. and and came unto Cæsa

Psa. 87. 4.

Lord Jesus. rea: and we entered

14 And when he


Pau advised to ACTS XXI. purify himself. would not be per-, A. D. 60. thon teachest all the suaded, we ceased,

Jews which are saying, k The will of k Ge. 43. 14.

I Sa. 3. 18.

among the Gentiles the Lord be done.

2 Sa.15.25, to


Moses, 15 And after those

26. saying

that they days we took up our 2 Ki.19.19. ought not to circumcarriages, and went

Ma. 6. 10. cise their children, up to Jerusalem.

& 26. 42. Deither to walk after

La. 11. 2. 16 There went with

& 22. 42.

the customs. as also certain of the lich. 15. 4.

22 What is it theredisciples of Cæsarea, Ro. 15. 7. fore ? the multitude and brought

with He. 13. i, must needs come tothem one Mnason of 2. gether: for they will

3 Jno. 7, Cyprus, an old dis

hear that thou art

8. ciple, with whom we

come. should lodge.

in ch. 15. 13.

23 Do therefore this

Ga. 1. 19. 17 1 And when we

& 2. 9.

that we say to thee: were come to Jeru

We have four men

a ch. 15. 4. salem, the brethren 12. which have a vow on received us gladly. Ro. 15. 18, them; 18 And the day fol.

19. 24 Them take, and lowing Paul went in

1 Co. 3.5. purify thyself with

9. with us unto m James; & 15. 10.


and be at and all the elders 2 Co. 6. 1. charges with them, were present.

Col. 1. 29. that they may q shave 19 And when he lo ch. 1. 17. their heads and all had saluted them,

& 20. 24.

may know that those hen declared parti-p ch. 15.1.5. things, whereof they cularly what things

24. were informed con

& 22. 3. God had wrought

Ro. 10, 2.

cerning thee, are noamong the Gentiles

Ga. 1. 14.

thing; but that thou by • his ministry,

q ch. 18. 18.

thyself also walkest 20 And when they No. 6. 2. orderly, and keepest heard it, they, glori

13. 19. the law. fied the Lord, and Judg.13. 5. 25 As touching the said unto him, Thou

& 16. 17. Gentiles which be

19. keest, brother, how

lieve, "we have writmany thousands of " ch. 15. 20. ten Jews there are which

and concluded 29.

that they observe no believe; and they are ver. 20- such thing, save only all P zealous of the * Rather, that they keep them

utplades, my-selves from things of 21 And they are in thousands.

riads, or ten

fered to idols, and formed of thee, that

from blood, and from

law :

Paul's life

in danger. strangled, and from A. D. 60. Paul, and drew him fornication.

out of the temple : 26 Then Paul took s ch. 24. 18. and forthwith the the men, and the next Nu. 6. 13. doors were shut. day purifying him. 20.

31 And as they self with them sen- u ch. 24. 15. went about to kill tered into the temple, s ch. 26. 21. him, tidings came untot signify the ac-y ch. 24. 5, to the chief captain complishment of the 6. of the band, that all days of purification,

& 26. 20, Jerusalem was in an until that an offering

21. 2 ch. 20. 4.

uproar. should be offered for

2 Ti.4.20.

32 b Who immedi. every one of them.

ately a ch. 26. 21.

took soldiers 27 And when the

boh. 23. 27.

and centurions, and seven days were al

& 24, 7.

ran down unto them: most ended, u the

and when they saw Jews which were of

over. 11.

ch. 20.23. the chief captain and Asia, when they saw

the soldiers, they left him in the temple,

beating of Paul.

ver. 28— stirred up all the • Foreigners

33 Then the chief people, and

* laid might wor- captain came near, hands on him,

ship in that and took him, and 28 Crying out, Men part called

commanded him to of Israel, help: This the Gen

the court of

be bound with two is the man, y that tiles,” but in chains; and demand. teacheth all men eve- the inner ed who he was, and ry where against court it was

what he had done. the people, and the The fol

not allowed.

34 And some cried law, and this place : lowing in.

one thing, some anoand further brought scription in ther, among the mulGreeks* also into the Greek and titude: and when he temple, and hath pol- Latin was could not know the luted this holy place, the pillars

certainty for the tu29 (For they had which sepa- mult, he commanded seen before with him rated the him to be carried inin the city ? Trophi- courts; viz. to the castle. mus an Ephesian, No foreign

35 And when he whom they supposed or must en

came upon the stairs, that Paul had brought Paul was so it was, that he was into the temple.) falsely accus-borne of the soldiers

30 And á all the ed of taking for the violence of city was moved, and Trophimus

into the inner

the people. the people ran toge

36 For the multither; and they took

tude of the people


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