The gift of

ACTS XIX. the Holy Ghost. of the Lord; and A. D. 60. ceived the

Holy being z fervent in the

Ghost since ye bespirit, he spake and 2 Ro. 12. 11. lieved ?

And they

said unto him, c We taught diligently the a ch. 19. 3. things of the Lord, b 1 Co. 3. 6. have not so much as knowing a only the c ver. 5. heard whether there baptism of John.

ch. 9. 22. be any Holy Ghost.

& 17. 3. 26 And he began to

3 And he said unto

& 26. 22, speak boldly in the 23. them, Unto what then synagogue: whom La. 24, 27. were ye baptized ? when Aquila and

44. And they said, a Unto Priscilla had heard

1 Co. 15.3, John's baptism.

4. they took him unto + Or, is the

4 Then said Paol, them, and expounded Christ,

John e verily baptized anto him the way of a I Co.l.

with the baptism of God more perfectly.

& 3.5, 6. repentance, saying 27 And when he b 1 Mac. 3. unto the people, that was disposed to pass

37. they should believe into Achaia, the

& 6. 1. on him which should brethren wrote, ex-c ch. 8. 16. come after him, that horting the disciples

1 Sa. 3. 7. is, on Christ Jesus.

Jno. 7. 39 to receive him : who,

5 When they heard

1 Co. 6.19. when he was come, & 12. 1,&c. this, they were baphelped b them much Ga. 3.5. tized in the name of which had believed d ch. 18. 25. the Lord Jesus. through grace :

ech. 1.5.

6 And when Paul 28 For he mightily & 11. 16.

had & laid his hands convinced the Jews,

& 13. 24,

upon them, the Holy and that publickly,

25. Ghost came on them;

Ma. 3. 11. and h they spake with shewing by the

Jno. 1. 15. scriptures that Jesus 27.30. tongues, and prophe

fch. 8. 16. was + Christ.

g ch. 6.6. 7 And all the men CHAP. XIX. & S. 17. were about twelve. 1 AND it came to b ch. 2. 4. 8 i And he went pass, that, while

& 10. 46. into the synagogue, Apollos a was at Co

1 Co. 12.8. and spake boldly for rinth, Paul having i ch. 17. 2.

& 18. 4.

the space of three passed through b the

months, disputing

k ch. i. 3. upper coasts came to

and persuading the

& 28. 23. Ephesus: and finding

things concerning certain disciples,

1 2 Ti. 1. 15.

the kingdom of God.

2 Pe. 2. 2. 2 He said unto

Jude 10.

9 But I when divers them, Have yere

prere hardened, and


& 5.5.11. and

The Jewish

ACTS XIX. erorcists rebuked. believed not, but A. D. 60. 15 And the evil spake evil m of that

spirit answered and way before the mul- m ver. 23.

said, Jesus I know,

ch. 9. 2. titude, he departed

& 22. 4.


Paul I know; from them, and se.

& 24. 14.

but who are ye? parated the disciples, n ch. 20. 31.

16 And the man in disputing daily in theo ch. 4.3. whom the evil spirit school of one Tyran- Mar. 16.20. was leaped on them,

Ro. 15. 18. and overcame them, nus.

10 And n this con- p ch. 5. 15. and prevailed against tinued by the space

2 Ki.4.29. them, so that they of two years ; so that 9 Ma. 12.27. fled out of that house all they which dwelt r Mar. 9.38. naked and wounded. in Asia heard the

Lu. 9.49
17 And

this was word of the Lord • ch. 2. 43. known to all the Jews Jesus, both Jews and

Lu. 1. 65.

also Greeks.

& 7. 16.

dwelling at Ephesus; 11 And o God

and fear fell on them

t Ma. 3. 6. wrought special mi.

all, and the name of racles by the hands

uch. 6. 7.

the Lord Jesus was

& 12. 24. of Paul:

magnified. 12 P So that from * Ro. 15. 25.

Ga. 2, 1.

18 And many that his body were brought

believed came, and

ch. 20. 22. unto the sick hand

confessed, tand shew. kerchiefs or aprons, ver. 13

ed their deeds. and the diseases de- * "'BopRe- 19 Many of them parted from them, orns, an ex- also which used cuand the evil spirits orcist, is one

who impels

rious arts brought went out of them.

another, as

their books together, 13 . Then certain in the name and burned them be. of the vagabond Jews, of God, to fore all men :

and exorcists*, took upon the confes- they counted the price them to call over them truth, or to

of them, and found it which had evil spirits any action. fifty thousand pieces the name of the Lord Opritw, I of silver. Jesus, saying, We adjure, is 20 u So mightily adjure you by Jesus used for com- grew the word of whom Paul preach- thing, inter? God and prevailed. eth.

Posing the 21 x After these 14 And there were authority of things were ended, seven sons of God.

Paul y purposed in Sceva, a Jew, and

Mar. 5. 7.
1 Th. 5. 27."

the spirit, when he chief of the Priests, -See Scott. bad passed through which did so.

Macedonia and Ac



Demetrius excitech ACTS XIX

the people. haia, to go to Jeru- A. D.59 nought: but also that salem, saying, after

the temple of the

z oh. 18. 21. I have been there, z I

& 23. 11.

great goddess Diana must also see Rome. Ro. 15. 24. should be despised, 22 So he sent into

28. and her magnificence Macedonia two of a ch. 13. 5. should be destroyed, them a that minister- b Ro. 16. 23. whom all Asia and ed unto him, Timo- 2 Ti. 4. 20. the world worshiptheus and b Erastus o 2 Co. 1.8. peth. but he himself stayed a ch. 9. 2.

28 And when they in Asia for a season.

heard these sayings,

. ch. 16. 16. 23 And othe same

19. they were

of time there arose nolf Ps. 115. 4. wrath, and cried out, small stir about d that Is. 44. 10. saying, Great is Di. way.

20. ana of the Ephesians. 21 For a certain

Je. 10. 3.

29 And the whole

Hos. 8. 6. man named Deme

I Co. 8.4.

city was filled with trius, a silversmith, Ga. 4.8." confusion : and havwhich made silver

& Ro. 16.23. ing, caught & Gains shrines * for Diana,

1 Co.1.14. and

h Aristarchus, brought eno small h ch. 20.4. men

of Macedonia, gain unto the crafts- & 27. 2.

Paul's companions in men;

Col. 4. 10. travel, they rushed 25 Whom he called Ph. 24. with one accord into together with

the ver. 24–

the theatre. workmen of like oc- * Naus, tem- 30 And when Paul cupation, and said, ples; i.e. would have entered Sirs, ye know that by Models, or

in unto the people, this craft we have our tions in mi


the disciples suffered wealth.

niature of the him not. 26 Moreover ye see inage and 31 And certain of and hear, that not teinple of the chief of Asia,

Diana. The alone at Ephesus, but


which were his almost throughout all of Moloch,


sent unto Asia, this Paul hath Acts 7. 43, him, desiring him persuaded and turned which the that he would not away much people, Israelites adventure himself insaying that I they in the wil- to the theatre. be no gods, which derness, 32 Some therefore are made with seem to have cried one thing, and bands :

been of the

some another : for the 27 So that not only same kind as

assembly was

conthis our craft is in shrines.

fused; and the more danger to be set at

part knew not where

The town clerk ACTS XX. appeaseth them, fore they were come

A. D. 59. metrius,

and tho together.

craftsmen which are 33 And they drew i Ti: 1: 20. with him, have a

2 . . Alexander out of the

matter against any multitude, the Jews k ch. 12. 17. man, I the law is putting him forward. + Gr. the open, and there are And i Alexander temple-keep-deputies : let them beckoned k with the er.

implead one another. hand, and would have 1 Or, the 39 But if ye enmade his defence un- court days 'quire any thing conto the people.

are kept.

cerning other mat. 34 But when they

Or, orknew that he was a

ters, it shall be deterdinary. a 1 Co. 16.5.

mined in a g lawful Jew, all with


iTi. 1.3. assembly. voice about the space

b ch.9. 23.

40 For we are in of two hours cried

& 23. 12.

danger to be called out, Great is * Diana

& 25. 3. in question for this of the Ephesians. Je. 5. 26. day's uproar, there

35 And when the Ezr. 8. 31. being no cause wheretownclerk had

2 Co. 11. ap


by we may give an peased the people, he

account of this consaid, Ye men of Ephe- ver. 34- course. sus, what man is

* The tem

41 And when he

plo erected there that knoweth

to this god

had thus spoken, he not how that the city dess, was

dismissed the assem. of the Ephesians is raised at the bly. at worshipper of the expence of

CHAP. XX. great goddess Diana, all Asia; it and of the

was 230 years

1 AND after the which fell down from being beau- uproar was ceased, Jupiter?

tified by 127 Paul called unto him 36 Seeing then that columns,

the disciples, and emthese things cannot erected by so braced them, and de be spoken against, ye It was twice parted for to go into ought to be quiet, and barnt down, Macedonia, to do nothing rashly. and also de- 2 And when he had

37 For ye have molished by gone over those parts, brought hither these though there and had given them men, which are nei- are remains much exhortation, he ther robbers of of it to this came into Greece, churches, nor

yet day, it being 3 And there abode blasphemers of your orded as three months. And goddess.

when b the Jews laid 38 Wherefore if De.


wait for him as he

image building,

to return through Ma.. ch. 19. 29. and as Paul was long

Paul raiseth ACTS XX. Eutychus to life. was about to sail into A. D. 60. len into a deep sleep: Syria, he purposed

& 27. 2.

preaching, he sunk cedonia.

Col. 4. 10. down with sleep, and 4 And there accom- d ch. 19. 29. fell down from the panied him into Asia

e ch. 16. 1. third loft, and was Sopater of Berea; and

taken up dead. of the Thessalonians,

fEp. 6. 21.
Col. 4. 7.

10 And Paul went Aristarchus c and Se- 2 Ti. 4. 12. down, and n fell on cundus ; and a Gaius Tit. 3. 12. him, and embracing of Derbe, and Ti-ig ch. 21. 29. him said, • Trouble motheus; and of A.2 Ti. 4. 20. not yourselves ; for sia, fTychicus and b Ex. 12. 14, his life is in him. Trophimus .

15. 11 When he there5 These going be

& 23. 15.

fore was ich. 16. 8.

come up fore tarried for us at

2 Co.2, 12. again, and had brok Troas.

2 Ti. 4. 13. en bread, and eaten, 6 And we sailed 11 Co. 16.2. and talked a long away from Philippi Re. 1. 10, while, even till break after b the days of 1 ch. 2. 42. of day, so he deunleavened bread, 46. parted. and came unto them

1 Co.10.16.

12 And they brought to i Troas in five

& 11. 20. mch. 1. 13.

the young man alive, days ; where we

and were not a little

nl Ki.17.21. abode seren days.

2 K.4. 34.

comforted. 7 And upon the . Ma. 9. 24. 13 And we went befirst day of the week,

fore to ship, and when the disciples ve!: ?-

#i... To ce

sailed unto Assos, came together

to lebrate the

there intending to break bread *, Paul eucharist, or take in Paul : for so preached unto them, the Lord's had he appointed, ready to depart on Sapper. The minding himself to the morrow; and con- Christians

go afoot. tinued his speech un- administered 14 And when he til midnight.

the eucharist met with us at Assos, 8 And there were every Lord's we took him in, and many lights m in the day, that be

came to Mitylene. upper chamber,where in the most

15 And we sailed they were gathered appropriato : thence, and came the together.

it appears to next day over against 9 And there sat in be mentioned Chios; and the next a window a certain here as the

end of their

day we arrived at Sayoung man


mos, and tarried at Eutychus, being fal

'Trogyllium; and the

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