the tares,

said, containing

Parable of

MATT. XIII. in thy field? from A. D. 31. ble spake he unto whence then hath it

them; The kingdom

tch. 3. 12. tares?

of heaven is like un

u Is. 2. 2, 3. 28 He said unto

to leaven, which a

Mi. 4.1. them, Αη

eremy Mar. 4, 30. woman took, and hid hath done this. The La, 13. 18, in three measures of servants said unto

19. meal, till the whole him, Wilt thou then La. 13.20. was leavened. that we go and gather. The word

34 yAllthese things them up?

is a measure spake Jesus unto the 29 But he

multitude in paraNay; lest while ye about a peck bles; and without a gather up the tares, and a half, parable spake he not ye root up also the wanting a

unto them:

little more wheat with them.

than a pint.

35 That it might 30 let both grow

be fulfilled which was

y Mar. 4. 33 together until the *34. spoken by the proharvest: and in the z Ps. 78. 2. phet, saying, 2I will time of harvest I will . Ro. 16. 25, open my mouth in say to the reapers,

26. parables; al will utter Gather ye together

1 Co. 2. 7. things which have first the tares, and

Eph. 3. 9.
Col. 1. 26.

been kept secret from bind them in bundles

the foundation of the

b ch. 24. 14. to burn them: but

& 28, 29.

world. gathert the wheat in

Mar. 16,15.

36 Then Jesus sent to my barn.


the multitude away, 31 Another parable Lu. 24. 47. and went into the put he forth


Ro. 10. 18. house : and his disci

Col. 1. 6. them, saying, The

ples came unto him,

o Ge. 3. 13. kingdom of heaven is

Jno. 8. 44.

saying, Declare unto like to a grain of

Ac. 13. 1. us the parable of the mustard seed, which

ver. 19. tares of the field. a man took, and sow.

1 Jno. 3. 8,

37 He

answered ed in his field :

and said unto them, 32 Which indeed is ver. 32– He that soweth the the least of all seeds : * It is sap-good seed is the Son but when it is grown,

38 b The field is the among herbs, and be the largest world; the good seed cometh a tree, so that plant from are the children of the birds of the air the smallest the kingdom; but the come and lodge in has yet been tares are the chil. the branches thereof. noticed.


dren of the wicked 33 - Another para


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posed to be, of man;

it is the greatest in Eastern

m one

ver. 50.

Parable of the MATT. XIII.

hidden treasure, 39 The enemy that A. D. 31. man, seeking goodly sowed them is the de

d Jo. 3. 13.

pearls : vil; d the harvest is

Re. 14. 15.

46 Who, when he the end of the world ; le ch. 19. 7.

had found and the reapers are Ro. 16. 17. pearl of great price, the angels.

2 Pe.2.1,2. went and sold all 40 As therefore the + Or, scan- that he had, and tares are gathered dals.

bought it. and burned in the f ch.3. 12. 47 Again, the kingfire ; so shall it be in Re. 19. 20. dom of heaven is like the end of this world.

& 20. 10.

unto a net, that was

sch, 8. 12. 41 The Son of man

cast into the sea, and shall send forth his h ch. 25. 34. gathered of every angels, and they 46. kind : shall gather out of

Da. 12 3. 48 Which, when it his kingdom + all I Co. 15.

was full, they drew

42, 43. 58. things that offend,

Re.21. 3.5. to shore, and sat and them which do 22, 23. down, and gathered iniquity

i ver. 9. the good into vessels, 42 fAnd shall cast t Phi.3, 7,8. but cast the bad a. them into a furnace 1 Is. 65, I. way. of fire: sthere shall be Re. 3. 18. 49 So shall it be at wailing and gnashing m Pr. 2.4. the end of the world : of teeth.

& 3. 14, 15. the angels shall come 43 Then shall the

& 8. 10. 19. forth, and sever the righteous shine forth n ch.22. 10. wicked from among as the

sun in theo ch. 25. 32. the just, kingdom of their Fa- 2 Th. 1. 7. 50 PAnd shall cast ther. i Who hath p ver. 42. them into the furnace ears to hear, let him ver. 44– of fire : there shall be hear.

The nature wailing and gnashing 44 Again, the king of the king of teeth. doni of heaven is like ven," as it is

51 Jesus saith unto unto treasure hid in set up in the them, Have ye una field ; * the which world, and in derstood all these when a man hath the heart,

things? Theysay unfound, he hideth, shewn; in

having been

to him, Yea, Lord. and for joy thereof this parable

52 Then said he goeth and k selleth its blessings unto them, Therefore all that he hath, and and its privi- every scribe which is buyeth 1 that field. leges, and the instructed unto the

45 Again, the king way to obtain kingdom of heaven is dom of heaven is like lustrated.

like unto a man that unto merchant




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Christ despised.

MATT. XIV. John beheaded. which bringeth forth A. D. 32. Herod* the tetrarch* out of his treasure

heard of the fame of things new and old.

roh. 2. 23.


Mar. 6. 1. 53 And it came to

2 And said unto

Lu. 4. 16. pass, that when Jesus 23. his servants, This is had finished these parls Is. 49. 7.

John the Baptist; he rables, he departed Mar. 6. 3. is risen from the dead; thence.

Lu, 3. 23, and therefore mighty 54 ? And when he Jno. 6. 42. works + do shew forth was come into

his t ch. 12. 46. themselves in him. country, be u Mar. 15.40. 3 b For Herod had taught them in their ch. 11. 6. laid hold on John, synagogue, insomuch

Mar. 6.3,4, and bound him, and that they were as-y La. 4. 24. put him in prison for tonished, and said,

Joo, 4. 44. Herodias' sake, bis Whence hath


z Mar. 6,5,6. brother Philip's wife. man this wisdom, and a Mar. 6. 14.

4 For John said un

Lu. 9. 7. these mighty works?

to him, cIt is not law. 55 s is not this the

+ Or, are ful for thee to have

torought by her. carpenter's son ? is not him. his mother called b Mar. 6. 17.

5 And when he Mary and this bre- Lu.3.19,20. would have put him thren, James, and . Le. 18. 16. to death, he feared the Joses, and Simon, & 20. 21, multitude, d because and Judas?

8 ch. 21. 26. they counted him as 56 And his sisters, Lu, 20. 6. a prophet. are they not all with Gr, in the

6 But when Herod's us? Whence

birthday was kept, hath this man all these

the daughter of Hethings?

rodias danced I before

* This was 5 And they were Herod Anti

and pleased offended in him. But pas, the son

Herod. Jesus said unto them, of Herod the 7 Whereupon he A: prophet is not Great. promised with an without honour, save rer. 1- oath to give her whatin his own country, tetrarch sige

• The word soever she would ask. and in his own house. nifies a per- before instructed of

8 And she, being 58 And he did not son who

mother, said, many mighty works rules over the her there because of their fourth part Give me here John unbelief.

of a country: Baptist's head in a

sometimes a charger, CHAP. XIV. governor, or

9 And the king was

a king I AT that a time

sorry :


then midst.

ver. 1


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Christ feedeth

MATT. XIV. five thousand. for the oath's sake, A. D. 32. and buy themselves and them which sat

victuals. with him at meat, he e ch. 10. 23. 16 But Jesus said commanded it to be

& 12, 15, unto them, They need given her.

Mar. 6. 32. not depart; give ye

Lu, 9, 10. 10 And he sent, and Jno. 6. 1, 2,

them to eat. beheaded John in the

17 And they say

fch. 9. 36. prison.

unto him, We have

& 15. 32. 11 And his head

Mar, 6. 34.

here but five loaves, was brought in & 8.1, 2. and two fishes. charger, and given to & 9. 22. 18 He said, Bring the damsel: and she Lu. 7. 13. them hither to me.

& 19. 41. brought it to her mo

Jno. 11.33.

19 And he com. ther.

35. manded the multitude 12 And his disci

8 Mar, 6, 35, to sit down on the ples came, and took Lu. 9. 12. grass, and took the up the body, and Jno, 6, 5, five loaves, and the buried it, and went h ch. 15. 36. two fishes, and lookand told Jesus.

& 26. 26, ing up to heaven, hhe 13. When

Jesus 1 Sa. 9.13. blessed, and brake, heard of it, he de. Mar. 8. 6. and gave the loaves

& 14. 22, parted thence by ship

to his disciples, and

Lu. 22. 19. into a desert place & 24. 30. the disciples to the apart : and when the

Jno. 6. 1. multitude. people had heard

20 And they did all thereof, they followed Ac. 27. 35. eat, and were filled : him on foot out of

Ro. 14. 6. and they took up, of

1 Co.10.16. the cities.

31. the fragments that 14 And Jesus went & 11. 24. remained twelve bas. forth, and saw

Col. 3. 17. kets full. great multitude, and

1 Ti. 4. 5.

21 And they that was

f moved with i ch. 6. 6. had eaten were about compassion toward & 26. 36. five thousand men, them, and he healed Mar. 6.46. beside women and their sick.

Lu. 6. 12.
Ac. 6. 4.

15 & And when it

22 And straightway was evening, his dis- ver. 21– Jesus constrained his ciples came to him, * This mira- disciples to get into saying, This is a de-cle is record a ship, and to go sert place, and the ed by all the before him unto the time is now past;


other side, while he send the multitude material va sent the multitudes away, that they may riation. away. go into the villages,

23 i And when he



Peter walketh MATT. XV. on the water. had sent the multi-| A. D. 32. fcried, saying, Lord, tudes away, he went!

k JDO. 6. 16.

save me. up into a mountain

31 And immedi

11 Sa. 28. apart to pray : kand 12. i4. ately Jesus stretched when the evening was Job 4. 14." forth his hand, and come, he was there 16. caught him, and said alone.

& 9, 8, unto him, ó thou of 24 But the ship was

Da. 10. 6. little faith, wherefore now in the midst of Mar, 6. 48. didst thou'doubt? the sea, tossed with

50. 32 And when they waves : for the wind Lu. 1. 11, were come into the was contrary.

12. ship, the wind ceased. 25 And

& 24.5.
in the
Jno. 6, 19,

33 Then they that fourth watch * of the

Ac. 12. 15. were in the ship came night Jesus went unto Re. 1. 17. and worshipped him, them, walking on the & 10. 2. 5. saying, Of a m truth sea.

8. thou art the Son of 26 And when the + Or, strong. God. disciples saw him m Ps. 2. 7. 34 And when they walking on the sea,

Mar. 1. 1. were gone over, they

ch. 16. 16. they were troubled,

& 26. 63.

came into the land of saying, It is a spirit & 27.43.54. Gennesaret. and they cried out for Lu, 4. 41, 35 And when the fear.

& 8. 29.

men of that place had 27 But straightway Sne: 1:49. knowledge of him, Jesus spake unto

& 9.35.38. they sent out into them, saying, Be of & 11. 27. all that country round good cheer; it is I; Ac. 8. 37. about, and brought be not afraid.

Ro. 1.4. unto him all that 28 And Peter an- o Mar. 6.53. were diseased; swered bim and said, och. 9. 20. 36 And besought Lord, if it be thou,

Mar. 3. 10. him that they might bid me come unto

Ac. 19. 19. only, touch the hem thee on the water.

a Mar. 7. 1. of his garment: and 29 And he said, 6 Mar: 1.5. aso many as touched Come, And when Peter was come down

c Ga. 1. 14. were made perfectly Col. 2. 8.

whole. out of the ship, he 20. 23.

CHAP. XV. walked on the water,

1 Pe. 1. 18. 1 THEN a came to to go to Jesus.

ver. 25 Jesus Scribes and 30 But when he saw Between Pharisees, which were the wind + boisterous, three and six of Jerusalem, saying, he was afraid

2 b Why do thy dibeginning to sink, he

ciples transgress the

; and ing.

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