He goeth


to Cornelius. them in, and lodged A. D. 41. ask therefore for what them. And on the

intent ye have sent morrow Peter went o ver. 45. for me? away with

ch. 11. 12. them,

30 And Cornelius and certain brethren p ch. 14. 14, said, Four days ago from Joppa accom.

15. Re. 19. 10.

I was fasting until panied him.

& 22. 9.

this hour; and at the 24 And the morrow

q ch. 11. 3. ninth hour I prayed after they entered in- & 22, 21, in my house, and, to Cæsarea. And 22. behold, saman stood Cornelius waited for Jno. 4. 9. before me tin bright them, and had called

& 18.28. clothing,

Ga. 2. 12, together his kinsmen


31 And said, Corand near friends.

r ch.15.8, 9.

nelius, u thy prayer is 25 And as Peter Is. 65.5.

heard, and thine was coming in, Cor- Lu. 18.11. alms are had in renelius met him, and Ep. 3. 6. membrance in the fell down at his feet, s ch. 1. 10.

sight of God. and worshipped him.

32 Send therefore 26 But Peter took Ma, 28:3; to Joppa, and call him

Mar. 16.5. hither Simon, whose up, saying, Lu. 24.4. Stand p up; I myself

surname is Peter; he also am a man.

over. 4. is lodged in the house 27 And as he talk

Is. 38.5.

of one Simon a tan

Da. 9. 23. ed with him, he went & 10. 12.

ner by the sea side : in, and found many

Lu. 1. 13. who, when he comthat were come to

eth, shall speak unto

* Le, 2.2.9. gether.

& 5.12.

thee. 28 And he said un- Ph.4.18.

33 Immediately to them, Ye know He. 6. 10. therefore I sent to how that it is an Re.5.8. thee; and thou hast unlawful thing for a

& 8.3, 4. well done that thou man that is a Jew to , De. 10. 17. art come. Now therekeep company, or

& 16. 19. fore are we all here come unto one of an

2 Ch.19.7.

present before God,

Job 34. 19. other nation ; but

Ps.82.1,2. to hear all things that God hath shewed Ma.22.16. are commanded thee me that I should not Lu.20.21. of God. call any man com

Ro. 2. 11,

34 Then Peter open

Ga. 2. 6. mon or unclean.

ed his mouth, and

Ep. 6. 9. 29 Therefore came

said, y Of a truth I I unto you without Ja. 2.4.9. perceive that God is gainsaying, as soon i Pe. 1. 17. no respecter of peras I was sent for: I

Col. 3. 25.



e began • Lu. 4. 14.

Peter preacheth ECTS X.

to Cornelins. 35 But z in every A. D. 41. of God, even to us, nation he that feareth

who did eat and

z ch. 15.9. him, and worketh Ro. 2. 13. drink with him after righteousness, is ac. & 3. 22.

he rose from cepted with him. 1Co.12,13 dead.

36 The word which Ga, 3. 28 42 And he comGod sent unto the

Ep. 3. 6. manded us to preach children of Israel,

a Is.57, 19. unto the people, and preaching peace by Col. 1. 20. to testify'm that it is Jesus Christ : (b he is

he which was ordain

b Ma. 28. 18. Lord of all :)

Ro. 10, 12.

ed of God to be the 37 That word, I 1Co.15.27. Judge of quick and say, ye know, which Ep. 1. 20. dead. was published

I Pe. 3.22. 43 . To him give throughout all Ju

Re. 17. 14. all the prophets witdæa, and

ness, that through his from Galilee, after a Lu. 4. 18. name P whosoever

He, 1.9. the baptism which

believeth in him John preached ;

e Jno. 3. 2. shall receive remis38 How d God an-f ch. 2. 32. sion of sins. ointed Jesus of Na-8 ch. 5. 30. 44 While Peter yet zareth with the Holy b ch. 2. 24. spake these words, Ghost and with pow. 1 Jno. 14.17. the 4 Holy Ghost fell er: who went about k Lu. 24. 30. on all them which doing good, and heal- Juo, 21.13. heard the word. ing all that were op- 1 ch. 1. 8.

45 And they of pressed of the devil; Ma. 28. 19. the

circumcision for God was withich. 17. 31. which believed were him.

Jno. 6.22. astonished, as many 39 Add fwe are o Ro. 14.9. as came with Peter, witnesses of all 2 C0.5. 10. because that on the things which he did

2 Ti. 4. 1. Gentiles also was both in the land of

I Pe. 4. 5. poured out the gift of

o Is. 53. 11. the Jews, and in Je- Je. 31. 34. the Holy Ghost. rusalem: 8 whom Da. 9. 24. 46 For they heard they slew and hanged

Mi. 7. 18. them speak on a tree :

Ze. 13. 1. tongues, and magnify

Mal. 4.2. 40 Him God rais

God. Then answered

p Ro. 10.11. ed up the third day,

Ga. 3. 22. Peter, and shewed him

q ch. 4. 31. 47 Can any man openly :

forbid water, that

r ver. 23. 41 iNot to all the

these should not be people, but unto wit

sch. 11. 19.

Ga. 3. 14. baptized, which have Desses chosen before

received the Holy

with the

the air.

He defendeth ACIS XI.

kis conduct. Ghost * as well as A. D. 41. when I had fastened we?

mine eyes,

I con48 u And he com- tcb. 11. 17. sidered,

and saw manded them to be & 15. 8, 9. fourfooted beasts of baptized x in

Ro. 10. 12. the earth, and wild name of the Lord." In: 4:2; beasts, and creeping Then prayed they

1 Co.1. 17. things, and fowls of

Ga. 3. 27. him to tarry certain

x ch. 2. 38. days.

& 8. 16.

7 And I heard a CHAP. XI.

voice saying unto a ch, 10. 45. & 15. 1. 5. me,

Arise, Peter; 1 AND the apostles

& 21. 20.

slay and eat. and brethren that

23. 8 But I said, Not were in Judæa heard

Ga. 2. 12. so, Lord: for nothing that the Gentiles had b ch. 10. 28. common or unclean also received the

1 C0.5.11. hath at any time ene

2 Jpo, 10. word of God.

tered into my mouth. 2 And when Peter

c Lu. 15. 2.

9 But the voice an

Ga. 2. 12. was come up to Je

d Jos. 22. 31.

swered me again from rusalem, a they that

Lu, 1. 3.

heaven, What God Were of the circum

. ch. 10. 9.

hath cleansed, that cision * contended 20. 12. i. call not thou comwith him,

fch. 10, 19. mon, 3 Saying, b Thou & 15. 7.

10 And this was wentest in to meu Jno.16.13. done three times : and uncircumcised, and

2 Th.2, 2. all were drawn up didst eat with them.

Re, 22. 17.

again into heaven. 4 But Peter re- gcb. 10. 23.

11 And, behold, hearsed the matter h eh. 10.3.6.


immediately there from the beginning,

22. 30.32. were three men aland expounded itd by & 12. 11. ready come unto the order unto them, say.

He. 1. 14. house where I was, ing,

sent from Cæsarea "S'. I was in the Scott ob

ver. 2

unto me. city of Joppa pray. serves

12 And the spirit ing: and in a trance . This fact is bade me go with I saw a vision, A an upan- them, nothing doubtcertain vessel

ing. Moreover & these scend, as it had been the primitive six brethren accom a great sheet, let church had panied me, and we down from heaven no idea of entered

into the by four corners; and

Peter's 90

man's house : it came even to me:

premacy and

13 h And he shew

infallibility 6 Upon the which

ed us how he had



defence. seen an angel in his A. D. 42. secution that arose house, which stood

about Stephen tra

ich. 2. 4. and said unto him,

velled as far as Phe

k ch. 1, 5. Send men to Joppa,

& 19. 4.

nice, and Cyprus, and call for Simon, Ma. 3. 11. and Antioch, preachwhose surname is Pe. Jno. 1. 26. ing the word to none ter;

33. but unto the Jews 14 Who shall tell 1 ls. 44. 3. only. thee words, where- Joel 2. 29. 20 And some of by thou and all

& 3. 18.

them were men of

mcb. 16. 8. thy house shall be

Cyprus and Cyrene,

noh. 10. 47. saved.

which, when

they 15 And as I began

0 Ro. 10. 12. were come to An

& 15.9. 16. to speak, the Holy

tioch, spake unto Ghost fell on them, p ch. 8. 1.

the 4 Grecians, as i on us at the be-19 ch. 6. 1.

preaching the Lord

& 9. 29. ginning.

Jesus. 16 Then

rch, 2. 47. remem

21 And rthe hand bered I the word of

Lu. 1. 66. of the Lord was with the Lord, how that

s ch. 9. 35. them: and a great he said, 'k John in-tch. 9. 27. number believed, deed baptized with a ch. 13.43. and turned unto the water ; but lye shall

& 14. 22. Lord, be baptized with the 3 ch. 6. 5. 22 Then tidings of Holy Ghost.

y ver, 21.

these things came 17 m Forasmuch

ch. 5. 14. unto the ears of the then as God gave

church which was in

ver. 20them the like gift as * This is the Jerusalem: and they he did unto us, who first account sent forth t Barnabelieved on the Lord given of the bas, that he should Jesus Christ ; n what gospel being go as far as Anwas I, that I could preached to


the idolawithstand God?

trous Gen

23 Who, when he 18 When they heard tiles. As the came, and had seen these things, they Greeks were the grace of God, held their peace, and the most ce- was glad, and "exglorified God, say; the Gentile

ho them 11, that ing, • Then hath God nations near with purpose of heart also to the Gentiles Judea, the they would cleave granted repentance Jews called unto the Lord. unto life.

all the Gen

24 For he was a 19 p Now they

tiles by this

good man, and » full which were scattered Doddridge of the Holy Ghost abroad upon the per

and of faith : y and

15. had

Peter is

imprisoned. much people was A. D. 44. added unto the Lord.


z ch. 9. 30. 25 Then departed

1 Now about that Barnabas to z Tarsus, + Or, in the time Herod the king

church for to seek Saul :

stretched I forth his

a ch. 2. 17. 26 And when he

& 13. 1.

hands to vex certain had found him, he & 15. 32.

of the church. brought him unto & 21. 9. 2 And he killed Antioch. And it

1 Co.12.29. James a the brother came to pass, that a

Ep. 4. 11. of John

with the whole year they as- b ch. 21. 10. sword. sembled themselves c Ro. 15. 26. 3 And because he with the church,

1 Co. 16.1. saw it pleased the

2 Co. 9. 1. and taught much

Jews, he proceeded people. And the dis- a ch. 12. 25. further to take Peter ciples were called i Or, began. also. (Then

were Christians

first a Ma. 4. 21. the b days of unleaAntioch.

& 20. 23. vened bread.) 27 And in these b Ex. 12. 14,

4 And when he days came a prophets

& 23. 15.

apprehended from Jerusalem unto 100.5.7. him, he put him in Antioch.

o Jno. 21.18. prison, and delivered 28 And there stood

him to four quater

9 Or, instant up one of them nam, and earnest pions of soldiers to ed

b Agabus, and prayer was keep him ; intending signified by the spi- made. after Easter to bring rit that there should

2 Co.l. 11. him

forth to the be great dearth*

Ep. 6. 18.
1 Th. 5.17.

people. throughout all the

5 Peter therefore world: which came

d ch. 5. 19.
Ps. 34. 7.

was kept in prison : to pass in the days of Is. 37. 36. butý prayer was made Claudius Cæsar. Da. 6. 22. without ceasing of the

29 Then the dis. He. 1. 14. church into God for ciples, every man ac- ver. 29

him. cording to his ability, * This is 6 And when Herod determined to send mentioned would have brought reliefe unto the bre by Josephus, him forth, the same

who says, it thren which dwelt in

night Peter was sleep

was “a very Judæa :

great famine, ing between two sol. 30 d Which also in which diers, bound with two they did, and sent it many died chains: and the keepto the elders by the for want of

ers before the door

food.”hands of Barnabas

Ant. 20.2. kept the prison. aud Saul.

7 And, behold, a the

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