The blind and

dumb healed.. 15 But when Jesus A. D.31. dumb both spake and knew it, mhe with

saw drew himself from

mch. 10. 23.

23 And all the peothence: n and great . ch. 19: 2. ple were amazed, and multitudes followed

o ch. 9. 30. said, Is not this the him, and he healed

son of David ? them all;

p Isa. 42. 1.

24 But when the 16 And ocharged 9 h, 3. 17. Pharisees heard it, them that they should rch. 9. 32.

they said, This fel not make him known: Mar. 3. 11. low doth not cast out

17 That it might be Lu. 11. 14. devils, but by +Beelfulfilled which was

sch. 9. 34. zebub the prince of

Mar. 3.22 spoken by Esaias the

the devils.

Lu. 11. 15. prophet, saying, + Gr. Beel

25 And

t Jesus 18 p Behold my zebul. and

knew their thoughts, servant, whom I have so ver. 27. and said unto them, chosen ; my beloved, t ch. 9. 4. Every kingdom divi 9 in nom my soul is

Jno. 2. 25. ded against itself is well pleased : I will

Re. 2. 23.

brought to desolaput my spirit upon

u Da. 2. 44. tion; and every city

& 7. 14. him, and he shall

Lu. 1. 33. or house divided ashew judgment to the & 11. 20. gainst itself shall not Gentiles.

& 17.20,21. stand: 19 Hle shall not, Is. 49. 24. 26 And if Satan strive, nor cry; nei- Lu. 11. 21, cast out Satan, he is ther shall any man

22, 23. divided against himhear his voice in the

self; how shall then

ver. 20 streets.

* Where

his kingdom stand ? 20 A * bruised reed there is true 27 And if I by shall he not break, grace in the Beelzebub cast out and smoking flax Leart, howe devils, by whom do shall he not quench, ever weak, your children cast till he send forth judg

Christ will
not destroy,

them out? therefore ment unto victory.* but cherish they shall be your 21 And in

his it. judges. name shall the Gen- ver. 20

28 But if I cast out tiles trust.

• The com- devils by the Spirit 92 Then was plete triumph of God, then the brought unto him

of the Gospel kingdom of God is one possessed with a

come unto you.

# In Christ devil, blind,

as manifest-

29 * Or else how dumb: and he healed in the can one enter into a

him, insomuch Gospel, &c. strong man's house, the blind and

land spoil his goods, 28

ver. 21

29. the

Sin against

MATT. XII. the Holy Ghost. except be first bind

A. D. 31. of the good treasure the strong man? and

of the heart bringeth

y Mar. 3. 28. then he will spoil

forth good things : his house.

La. 12. 10. and an evil man out 30 He that is not

Heb. 6. 4. of the evil treasure

& 10.26.29 with me is against

1 Jno.5.16.

bringeth forth evil me; and he that ga


2 Ac. 7. 51. thereth not with me

36 But I say unto

a ch. 11, 19. scattereth abroad.

& 13. 55.

you, That every idle 31 Wherefore I say Jno. 7. 12. word that men shall unto you, yAll man

52. speak, they shall give ner of sin and * blas-b1 Tim.1.13. account thereof in the phemy shall be for-c ch. 7. 17. day of judgment. given unto men : zbut

Lu. 6. 43,

37 For by thy the blasphemyagainst a cb. 3.7.

44. words thou shalt be the Holy Ghost shall & 23. 33. justified, and by thy not be forgiven unto e La. 6.45. words thou shalt be men,

fch. 16. 1. condemned. 32 And whosoever Mar. 8.11. 38 fThen certain speaketh a a word a.

Lu. 11.16. of the Scribes and of gainst the Son of

Pharisees an

Jno. 2. 18. swered, saying, Masmap, bit shall be for. given him: but whoso- & Isa. 57. 3. ter, we would see a ever speaketh against ch. 16.4. sign * from thee. the Holy Ghost, it

Mar. 8. 38. 39 But he answered shall not be forgiven h Job. 1. 17.

Jno. 4. 48. and said unto them, him, neither in this

an evil and s adulter

i Lu. 11. 32. world, neither in the

ous generation seeks world to come.

eth after a sign; and 33 Either make the * Injurious there shall no sign be tree good, and e his or improns given to it, but the fruit good ; or else speaking, it sign of the prophet make the tree corrupt, plies inten

Jonas. and his fruit corrupt :tional, male

40 h For as Jonas for the tree is known volent abuse. was three days and by his fruit.

ver. 38- three nights in the 34 Od generation. A miracle whale's * belly : so of vipers, how can ye. in proof of

shall the Son of man being evil,speak good thy mission. be three days and things ? for out of ver 40

three nights in the the abundance of the fish, perhaps beart of the earth. heart the mouth one of the

41 i The men of speaкeth.

shark species Nineveh shall rise 35 A good man out!

lin judgment with this

ver. 31

he yet

Who are

MATT. XIII. Christ's brethren, generation,

k and
A. D.31.

this wicked generashall condemn it 1:


k Jer. 3. 11. because they repent- Eze.16.51,

46 While ed at the preaching of 52. talked to the people, Jopas; and, behold, Ro. 2. 27. behold, a his mother a greater than Jonas 1 Jon. 3. 5.

and rhis brethren is here.

m 1 Ki. 10.1. stood without, desir

2 Chr. 9.1. 42 m The queen of La. 11. 31. ing to speak with the south shall rise Lu. 11. 24. him. up in the judgment Job 1.7. 47 Then one said

I Pe. 5. 8. with this generation,

unto him, Behold,

p He. 6. 4. and shall condemn it:

& 10. 26.

thy mother and thy for she came from 2 Pe. 2. 20, brethren stand withthe uttermost parts of 21,22 out, desiring to speak the earth to hear the q Mar. 3. 31. with thee. wisdom of Solomon;

Lu, 8. 19,

48 But he answer

20, 21. and, behold, a great-roh. 13. 55. ed and said unto him er than Solomon is Mar. 6. 3. that told him, Who is here.

Jno. 2. 12. my mother? and

& 7. 3. 5. who 43 n When the un

Ac. 1. 14, thren ?

are my breclean spirit is gone 1 Co. 9. 5. out of a man, he

Ga. 1. 19.

49 And he stretchwalketh through dry • Ino. 15. 14. ed forth his hand to

Ga. 5. 6. ward his disciples, places, seeking rest, & 6. 15. and said, Behold my and findeth none. Col. 3. 11. 44 Then he saith, I

He: 2. 11, mother * 'and my brewill return into my

b Lu. 8. 4.

50 For s whosoever house from whence I

e Lu. 5. 3. shall do the will of came out ; and when

my Father which is he is come, he findeth ver. 45

* This points in heaven, the same it empty, swept, and out the awful is my brother, and garnished.

consequences sister, and mother. 45 Then goeth he, of trilling

CHAP. XIII. and taketh with him with Christ

and his Gosself seven other spi- pel.

1 The same day rits more wicked

went Jesus out of the than himself, and all the real

house,a and sat by the they enter in and disciples of sea side. dwell there : pand Christ 2 b And great multhe last state of that stand in the titudes were gathered man is worse than most endear-together unto him, so the first.*

ing relation

that c he went into a shall it be also unto

ship, and sat; and

a Mar. 4.1. thren!

ver 49

Even soto him.


Parable of

the sower the whole multitude, A. D. 31. 11 He answered stood on the shore.

and said uuto them,

Lu. 8. 5. 3 And he spake

Because & it is given

e Ge, 26. 12. many things unto

unto you to know the them in * parables, ch. 11. 15. mysteries of the kingsaying, d Bebold, a Mar. 4.9. dom of heaven, but sower went forth to 8 ch. 11. 25. to them it is not

& 16. 17.

given. 4 And when he Mar. 4. 11. 12 h For whosoever sowed, some

seeds I Co. 2. 10. hath, to him shall be fell by the way side,

1 Ino.2.27. given, and he shall and the fowls came b ch. 25. 29. have

more abunand devoured them

Mar. 4. 25. dance : but whoso

Lu. 8. 18. up:

ever hath not, from

& 19. 26. 5 Some fell upon i Is. 6. 9.

him shall be taken Stony* places, where Eze. 12. 2. away even

that he they had not much Mar. 4. 12. hath. earth : and forthwith Lu. 8. 10. 13 Therefore speak they sprung up, be

Jno. 12.40. I to them in parables : cause they had no

Ac, 29. 26, because they seeing deepness of earth:

Ro. 11. 8. see not; and hearing 6 And when the

2 Co.3. 14,

they hear not, neither sua

was up, they 15. do they understand. were scorched ; and k He. 5. 11.

14 And in them is because they had no

fulfilled the propheroot, they withered

cy of Esaias, which away.

*Ilapaßodaus saith, i By hearing 7 And

some fell from ye shall bear, and among thorns; and fapaßallw, shall not understand; the thorns sprang up, place things

to cast, or

and seeing ye shall and choked them :

one against see, and shall not per8 But other fell in- another, and ceive : to good ground, and so compare 15 For this people's brought forth fruit, them.

heart is waxed gross, some

• an hundred? Teaching by and their ears®k are fold, some sixtyfold,

parables was an ancient

dull of hearing, and some thirtyfold. custom their eyes they have

gr Who hath ears among the closed; lest at any to hear, let him hear. Jews, and

time they should see 10 And the disci- othereastern with their eyes, and ples came, and said

hear with their ears, unto him, Why

* Or, rocky

and should underspeakest thou unto places.


with their them in parables ?

heart, and should be

ver. 3

ver. 5


Parable of

the sower. converted,

and I

A. D. 31. by and by a he is ofshould heal them.


I ch. 16. 17. 16 But I blessed are

Lu. 10. 23,

99 He also that reyour eyes, for they 24. ceived seed among see : and your ears,

Jno. 20.29. the thorns is he that for they hear.

m He. 11.13. heareth the word ; 17 For verily I say

1 Pe. 1.10, and the care of this

11. unto you, m That

world, and the demany prophets and Mar. 4. 14. ceitfulness of riches,

8. righteous men have

choke the word, and desired to see those

o ch. 4. 23. he becometh unfruitthings which ye see, p Is. 58. 2. ful. and have

Eze. 33.31, not seen

23 But he that re

32. them; and to hear Jno. 5. 35. ceived seed into the those things which yeq ch. 11. 6. good ground is he hear, and have not

2 Ti. I. 15. that heareth heard them.

r ch. 19. 23. word,

and under18 nHear ye there- Mar. 10.23. standeth it; which fore the parable of the

Lu. 18. 24. also beareth fruit, and sower.

2 Ti. 4. 10. bringeth forth, some 19 When any one

Je. 4. 3.

ap hundredfold, some heareth the word of

sixty, some thirty. the kingdom, * and ver. 19– 24 Another parable understandeth it not, *Or, attend- put he forth unto then cometh the eth not to it. them, saying, The wicked

one, and ver. 25— kingdom of heaven catcheth away that

is likened unto a man

bastard which was sown in wheat, “ A

which sowed good his heart. This is he kind of plant seed in his field : which received seed very well 25 But while men by the way side. known in Pa- slept, his enemy came 20 But he that re

lestine; the and sowed * tares aceived the seed into was not un-mong the wheat and stopy places, the like wheat, went his way. same is he that hear- und the plant 26 But when the eth the word, and from it had blade was sprung up:

the same anon p with joy re

and brought forth

greenness ceiveth it;

and stalk as fruit, then appeared 21 Yet hath he not wheat, but the tares also. root in himself, but it brought 27 So the servants dureth for a while: for forth no fruit, of the housholder when tribulation or not good

or certainly

came and said unto nersecution ariseth fruit."

him, Sir, didst not ause of the word,

thou sow good seed 32

και Ζιζανια,

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