sermon. you p by miracles and A.D. 33. joy with thy counwonders and signs,

tenance. which God did by p ch. 10. 38. 29 Men and brehim in the midst of

Jno. 3. 2.

thren, + let me freely

& 14. 10. you, as ye yourselves

He. 2. 4. speak unto you of also know: 23 Him, a being de- 9 ch. 3. 18. the patriarch David,

that he is both dead livered by the de- La. 22.22. and buried, and his terminate counsel r ch.5. 30. sepulchre is with us and foreknowledge of

s ver. 32.

unto this day. God, r ye have taken, cb. 3. 15. 30 Therefore being and by wicked hands Ro. 4. 24. Ia prophet, sand have crucified and 1 C0.6.14. k powing that God slain :

2C0.4.14. had sworn with an

Ga. 1.1. 24 Whom God

Ep. 1. 20. oath to him, that of hath raised up, hav- Col. 2. 12. the fruit of his loins, ing loosed the pains He. 13.20. according

to the of death: because it

1 Pe. 1.21. flesh, he would raise was not possible that: Ps. 16. 8. up Christ to sit on he should be holden + Or, I may his throne; of it.

u ch. 13. 36. 31 He seeing this 25 For David speak- 1 Ki. 2. 10. before spake of the reeth concerning him, 2 Sa. 7.12, surrection of Christ, It foresaw the Lord

13. that y his soul was always before my

Ps. 132.11. not left in hell, nei

Lu. 1. 32. face, for he is on my Ro. 1.3.

ther his flesh did see right hand, that I 2 Ti. 2. 8. corruption. should not be moved:

y ch. 13. 35.

32 - This Jesus hath 26 Therefore did

Ps. 16. 10. God

raised up, my heart rejoice, and

z ver. 24.

whereofa we all are my tongue was glad; a ch. 1. 8. witnesses. moreover

33 Therefore b be

b ch 5. 31. flesh shall rest in

Ph. 2. 9. ing by the right hand hope :

He. 10.12. of God exalted, and 27 Because thou cch. 1. 4.

having received of wilt no leave my

no.14.26. the Father the prosoul in hell, neither a ch. 10. 45. mise of the Holy wilt thou suffer thine Ep. 4.8. Ghost, he d hath shed Holy One to see cor-lo Ps. 110. 1. forth this, which ye ruption.

Ma.22. 44. now see and hear. 28 Thou hast made 1 Co. 15. 34 For David is not known to

25. me the

into the ascended

Ep. 1. 20. ways of life; thon

He. 1. 13.

heavens: but he saith shalt make me full of

himself, The LORD

also my

On the day


of Pentecost. said unto my Lord, A. D. 33. gladly received his Sit thou on my right

word were baptized : hand,

fch. 5. 31. and the same day 35 Until I make

Ro. 4.9.

there were added inthyfoes

2 Co. 5.10. thy foot

2 Th. 1.7. to them about three stool.

10. thousand souls. 36 Therefore let all

42 ! And they conch. 9. 6.

5 the house of Israel

& 16. 30.

tinued stedfastly in know assuredly, that Ze. 12. 10. the apostles' doctrine God f hath made that Lu. 3. 10. and fellowship, and same Jesus, whom ye h ch. 3. 19. in breaking of bread, have crucified, both

Lo. 24. 47. and in prayers. Lord and Christ. i ch. 3. 25.

43 And fear came 37 Now when they

Is. 59. 19. heard this, & they

Joel 2. 28. upon every soul: and

many m wonders and were pricked in their k ch, 10:45. signs were done by heart, and said unto


the apoetles. Peter and to the rest & 14. 27. 44 And all that be of the apostles, Men & 15.3. 8. lieved were together, and brethren, what

14. and n had all things shall we do?

Ep. 2. 13.


17. 38 Then Peter said I ver. 46

45 And sold their onto them, h Repent, ch.1. 14. possessions and and be baptized every

Ro. 12.12. goods, and parted one of you in the

Ep. 6. 18. them to all men, as

Col. 4. 2. name of Jesus Christ

He. 10.25. every man had need. for the remission of

40 P And they, con

mch. 4. 33, sins, and ye shall re- & 5. 12.

tinuing daily with ceive the gift of the Mar. 16.17. one accord q in the Holy Ghost.

och. 4. 32. temple, and break39 For the promise 34. ing bread + from is unto you, and it . Is. 58. 7. house to house, did your children, and

eat their meat with

p ch. 1. 14. tok all that are afar

q ch. 5. 42. gladness and singleoff, even as many as

Lu. 24.53. ness of heart, the Lord our God

rch. 20. 7.

47 Praising God, shall call.

and shaving favour 40 And with many home.

+ Or, at

with all the people other words did he

And the Lord add.

sch. 4. 33. testify and exhort,

Lu 2. 52. ed to

the church saying, Save your- R». 14.18. daily such as should selves from this un-teh. 5. 14. be saved. toward generation. & 11. 24. CHAP. III. 41 Then they that!

1 Now Peter and

The lame

man healed. John went up to

A. D. 33. walking, and leaping, gether a into the tem

and praising God.

a ch. 2. 46. ple at the hour of

98 And all the peo

b Ps.55. 17. prayer, b being the ninth hour.

ple saw him walking

c ch, 14. 8. and praising God: 2 And ca certain a Jno. 9. 8.

10 And they knew man lame from his e ch. 4. 10. that it was he which mother's womb was f Is. 35. 6. sat b for alms at the carried, whom they g ch. 4. 16. Beautiful gate of the laid daily at the gate 1 Juo. 9. 8. temple: and they of the temple which ich. 5. 12.

were filled with wonis called Beautiful, Jno. 10.23. der and amazement to d ask alms of them kch. 6. 30.

at that which had that entered into the 1Jno. 7. 39. happened unto him. temple ;

& 12. 16.

11 And as the lame 3 Who seeing Peter & 17. 1. man which was heal. and John about to go m Ma. 27. 2. ed held Peter and into the temple ask- och. 13, 28. John, all the people ed an alms.

Ma. 27. 20. ran together up to 4 And Peter, fast

Mar.15.11. them in the porch ening his eyes upon

Lu. 23.18. that i is called Solo

Jno. 19. 15. him with John, said,

mon's, greatly wonLook on us.

ver. 24

dering. 5 And he gave heedl. Sapposed

12 And when Peter unto them, expecting same that is saw it, he answered to receive something called by Jo- unto the people, Ye of them.

sephus the men of Israel, why 6 Then Peter said, Corinthian marvel ye at this? or Silver and gold have gate: About why look ye so earI none; but such as before this, nestly, on us, I have give I thee: Corinth was though by our own In the name of Je- burnt by the power or holiness we sus Christ of Naza- Romans, and had made this man reth rise up and walk. gold, silver,

to walk? 7 And he took him and brass, 13 k The God of by the right hand, were melted Abraham, and of and lifted him up together, of, Isaac, and of Jacob,

which metal and immediately his

the God of our fa

(called Cofeet and ancle bonesrinthian thers, 'hath glorified Teceived strength.

brass, and

his Son Jesus; whom 8 And he f leaping valued above ye

m delivered up, up stood, and walk- gold and sil. and n denied him in ed, and entered with very this gate the presence of Pi

was made. them into the temple,

late, when he was



to repentance. determined to let him A. D. 33. send Jesus Christ, 80.

which before was 14 But ye denied o ch.2. 27. preached unto you: the Holy One Pand

& 4. 27.

21 z Whom the heathe Just, and desired

Ps. 16. 10.

Mar. 1.24. ven must receive ana murderer to be Lu. 1. 35. til the times of a regranted unto you; p ch. 7. 52. stitution of all things,

15 And killed the & 22. 14. which b God hath Prince +

life, + Or, Au-

spoken by the mouth whoin 4 God hath thor. of all bis holy proraised from the dead; He. 2. 10. phets since the world whereof r we are wit

& 5. 9.
1 Jno.5.11.

hegan. nesses.

22 For Moses truly 16 » And his name

q ch. 2. 24.

said unto the fathers, through faith in his r ch. 2. 32.

Ac prophet shall the name hath made this ch. 4. 10. Lord your God raise man strong, whom

Ma. 9. 22. up unto you of y ye see and know :

brethren, like ch. 13. 27,

unto yea, the faith which

Lu. 23. 34. me; him shall ye is by him hath given Jno. 16. 2. hear in all things him this perfect 1 Co. 2. S. whatsoever he shall soundness in the pre

1 Ti. 1. 13. say unto you. sence of you all. uch, 26. 22.

23 And it shall 17 And now, bre

La. 24.44.

come to pass, that thren, I wot' that » Ps. 22.

every soul, which throught ignorance

Is. 50. 6.

will not hear that

& 53.5, &c. ye did it, as did also

Da. 9. 26. prophet, shall be deyour rulers.

1 Pe. 1.10. stroyed from among 18 But u those

y ch. 2. 38. the people, things, which God

z ch. 1. 11.

24 Yea, and all the before had shewed a Ma.17. 11. prophets from

Saby » the mouth of all

muel and those that his prophets, that

b Lu. 1. 70. follow after, as many Christ should suffer, och. 7. 37. as have spoken, have

De. 18, 15. he hath so fulfilled. 18, 19. likewise foretold of 19 y Repent ye a ch. 2. 39.

these days. therefore, and be con

Ro. 9, 4.8.

25 d We are the verted, that your sins & 15. 8.

children of the promay be blotted out, Ga. 3. 26. phets, and of the cowhen the times of re-e Ge. 12. 3. venant which God freshing shall come & 18. 18. made with our fafrom the presence of

& 26. 4,

thers, saying unto

& 28. 14. the Lord;

Ga. 3. 8.

Abraham, e And in 20 And he shall

thy seed shall all the lem.

Peter and

ACTS IV. John imprisoned. kindreds of the earth A. D. 33. kindred of the High be blessed.

Priest, were gathered 26 f Unto you first feb. 13. 32,

33. 46.

together at JerusaGod, having raised

Ma. 10.5 up his Son Jesus,

& 15. 24. 7. And when they sents him to bless Lu. 24. 47. had set them in the you, b in turning a- g ver 22. midst, they asked, way every one of you h Ma 1.21. By c what power, or from his iniquities. + Or, ruler. by what name, have CHAP. IV.

ch. 5. 24. ye done this?

Lu 22 4. 8 d Then Peter, fil1 AND as they sa Ma. 22. 23. led with the Holy spake unto the people,

Ac. 23. 8. Ghost,

said unto the Priests, and the b Lu. 3. 2.

them, Ye rulers of captaint of the tem- Jno.11:49. the people, and elders

& 18. 13. ple, and the Saddu.

of Israel, cees,

c ch.1. 27. came upon

Ex. 2, 14.

9 If we this day be them,

Ma. 21. 23. examined of the good 2 a Being grieved Jno. 2. 18. deed done to the imthat they taught the a Ma. 10. 20. potent man, by what people, and preached Lu. 12. 11, means he is made through Jesus the re

12 whole;

& 21. 15. surrection from the

10 Be it known unto dead.

e ch.3.6.16. you all, and to all the

& 5. 31. 3 And they laid

people of Israel, e that hands on them, and

fch. 2. 24.

by the name of Jesus

Ro, T. 4. put them in hold unto

Christ of Nazareth,

g Ps. 118. 22. the next day: for it

1s. 28. 16: whom ye crucified. was now eventide. Ma. 21. 42. whom God raised 4 Howbeit many of

45. from the dead, even them which heard the Lu. 20. 17. by him doth this man word believed ; and

I Pe. 2. 7.

stand here before you the number of the 5 ch. 10.43. whole.

Ma. 1. 21. men was about five

& 16. 16.

11 This is the thousand.

Jno. 3. 36. stone which was set 5 And it came to & 14. 6. at nought of you spass on the morrow,

1 Co.3.11. builders, which is beithat their rulers, and

1 Ti. 2.5,

come the head of the

6. elders, and scribes, He. 2. 3. corner.

6 And b Annas the & 12. 25. 12 h Neither is there High Priest, and Cai. 1 Jno.5.11, salvation in any other: apbas, and John, and

12. for there is none other

Re. 7, 9, Alexander, and as

Dame under heaven Inany as were of the


given among men,

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