Ps. 22. 14. also

33 But when they : Ps22. 16. came to Jesus


burial. broken, and that they/ A. D. 33. and Pilato gave him might be taken away.

leave. He came there32 Then came the • 1 Jno. 5, 6. fore, and took the soldiers, and braket Ex. 12. 46. body of Jesus. the legs of the first,

Nu. 9. 12. 39 And there came and of the other which

k Nicodemus,

& 34. 20. was crucified with

& 35. 10.

which at the first hin.

by Ze. 12. 10. night, and brought a came to Jesus, and Re. 1. 7. mixture of myrrh and saw that he was dead b Ma. 27.57. aloes, about an hunalready, they brake Mar.15.42. dred pound weight. not his legs :

Lu. 23.50.

40 Then took they 34 But one of the i ch. 9. 22. the body of Jesus, soldiers with a spear

& 12. 42.

and I wound it in line pierced his side, and k ch, 3.1, 2. en clothes with the forthwith

& 7. 50.
e came
& 19. 30.

spices, as the manner thereout blood and

of the Jews is to bury.

1 ch. 20. 5. water.

41 Now in the place

Ac. 5. 6. 35 And he that saw

where he was cruci. it bare record, and

m Ps. 22. 15.
Is. 53. 9.

fied there was a garhis record is true : Ma. 12.40. den ; and in the garand he knoweth that Ac. 13. 29. den a new sepulchre, he saith true, that ye 1 Co. 15.4. wherein was

never Co. 2. 12. might believe.

man yet laid. 36 For these things " ver. 31. 42 m There laid they were done, fthat the a Ma. 28. 1. Jesus therefore a be

Mar. 16.1. scripture should be

Lv. 24. I,

cause of the Jews' fulfilled, A bone of

preparation day; for him shall not be

Ver. 36

the sepulchre was broken.*

The bones nigh at hand. 37 And again ano- of the pas

CHAP. XX. ther scripture saith, chal lamb They & shall look on were not to

1 The a first day of

be broken. him whom they

the week cometh Ma

ver. 37 pierced.*

What the

ry Magdalene earay, 38 h And after this Romans did when it was yet dark, Joseph of Arima- at the insti- unto the sepulchre, thæa, being a disciple gation of the and seeth the stone of Jesus, but secretly Jews, is fitly taken away from the for i fear of the Jews, to the Jews

sepulchre. besought Pilate that themselves.

2 Then she runhe might take away - Whitby. neth, and cometh to the body of Jesus :

Simon Peter, and to

she wept,


He appeareth to JOHN XX. Mary, and others. the b other disciple, A. D. 33. rise again from the whom Jesus loved

dead. and saith unto them, b ch. 13. 23. 10 Then the disThey have taken a- & 19. 26. ciples went away away the Lord out of

& 21. 7.

gain unto their own

20. 24. the sepulchre, and

home. we know not where o Lu. 24. 12.

118 But Mary stood they have laid him. d ch. 19. 40. without at the sepul

3 © Peter therefore e eh. 11. 44. chre weeping: and went forth, and that f Ps. 16. 10. as

she other disciple, and Ac. 2. 25. stooped down, and came to the sepul

31. looked into the sepul.

& 13. 34, chre.


chre, 4 So they ran both

& Mar. 16.5.

12 And seeth two together; and the o- i Ma. 28. 9.

angels in white sitther disciple did out- Mar. 16.9: țing, the one at the run Peter, and came ich. 8. 59.

head, and the other first to the sepul- & 21.4.

at the feet, where the

Mar.16.12. body of Jesus had 5 And he stooping Lu, 4.30. lain. down, and looking in,

& 24. 16.

13 And they say

31. saw dthe linen clothes

unto her, Woman, lying; yet went he ver. 4– why weepest thou? not in.

* The Jew- She saith unto them, 6 Then cometh Si-ish sepul- Because they have mon Peter following chres were taken away my Lord, him, and went into caves hewn

and I know not where the sepulchre, and and the dead they have laid him. seeth the

linen were placed 14 h And when she clothes lie,

in niches had thus said, she 7 And e the napkin, cut into the turned herself back, that was about his caves : but

and saw Jesus stand head, not lying with this being a ing, and i knew not the linen clothes, but new one, the that it was Jesus. wrapped together in niches, pos- 15 Jesus saith unto a place by itself. sibly, were

her, Woman, why 8 Then went in also not yet cut;

weepest thou? whom that other disciple, they laid Je- seekest thou? She, which came first to sus on the

supposing him to be the sepalchre, and he floor, in the the gardener, saith saw, and believed.


unto him, Sir, if thou 9 For as yet they See Mack have borne him knew not the fscrip- night. hence, tell me where ture, that he must

thou hast laid him,


of Thomas. and I will take him. A. D. 33. ciples glad, when away.

they saw the Lord.

k Ps. 22. 22. 16 Jesus saith unto

Ma. 28. 10.

2i Then said Jesus her, Mary. She turn- Ro. 8, 29. to them again, Peace ed herself, and saith He. 2. 11. be unto you: 9 as my unto him, Rabboni; 1 ch.16. 28. Father hath sent me, which is to say, Mas

Ep. 1. 20. even so send I you.

& 4. 8. 10. ter.

22 And when he

1 Pe. 1. 3. 17 Jesus saith unto

had said this, he her, Touch me not;

m Ep. 1. 17. breathed on them, and

He. 8. 10. for I am not yet as

saith unto them, Re. cended to my Fa

a Ma. 23. 10.
Lu. 24. 10.

ceive ye the Holy ther : but go to k my

Ghost : brethren, and say un.

o Mar.16.14.

23 r Whose soever

Lu. 24. 36. to them, I ascend 1 Co. 15.5. sins ye remit, they unto my Father, and

remitted unto

p ch. 16. 22. are your Father; and to a ch. 17. 18. them; and whose somy m God, and your Is. 61. 1." ever sins ye retain, God.

Ma. 28. 18, they are retained. 18 n Mary Magda

Mar.16.15. 24 But Thomas, one lene came and told

Lu. 24. 49. of the twelve, call

Ac. 1. 8. the disciples that she

He. 3. 1.

ed Didymus, was not had seen the Lord, 2 Ti, 2. 2. with them when Jeand that he had , Ma. 10. 19. sus came. spoken these things & 18. 18. 25 The other disunto her.

Ac. 2. 38. ciples therefore said 19 . Then the same

& 10. 43.

unto him, We have

& 13. 38. day at evening, be

seen the Lord. But ing the first day of s ch. 11. 16. he said unto them, the week, when the ver. 23- Except I shall see in doors were shut * They were his hands the print of where the disciples endued with the nails, and put my were assembled for Spirit, that finger into the print fear of the Jews, they might of the nails, and came Jesus and infallibly de-thrust my hard into stood in the midst, clare his his side, I will not saith unto

truth; and


determine them, Peace be unto what was

26 And after eight you.

binding on

days again his dis20 And when he the consci- ciples were within, had so said, he shew- ence, and and Thomas with ed unto them his what out... them : then came Jehands and his side. Mat. 16. 19. sus, the doors being Then p were the dis

shut, and stood in the


Christ appeareth JOHN XXI. to his disciples. midst, and


A. D. 33. this wise shewed he Peace be unto you.

himself. 27 Then saith he tolt Ps. 78. 38. 2 There were toThomas, Reach hi- & 103. 13, gether Simon Peter, ther thy finger, and 14. and Thomas called

Ro. 5. 20. behold my hands;

I Ti.1. 14.

Didymus, and a Na. and treach hither thy 16. thanael of Cana in hand, and thrust it 1 Jno. 1. 1. Galilee, and b the into my side: and be

u 2 Co. 5. 7.

sons of Zebedee, and pot faithless, but be

i Pe. 1, 8. two other of his dislieving

He. 11. 1. ciples. 28 And Thomas 27. 39. 3 Simon Peter saith answered and said a ch. 21. 25. unto them, I go a unto him, My Lord Lu. 1. 3, fishing. They say unand my God.

4. Ro. 15. 4.

to him, We also go 29 Jesus saith unto

1 Co.10.11.

with thee. They went him, Thomas, be- 2 Pe. 3. 1, forth, and entered incause thou hast seen

to a ship immediateme, thou hast believ.

1 Jno. 1.3, ly; and that night

4. ed: u blessed are they

they caught nothing.

& 5. 13. that have not seen,

4 But when the and yet have believ? y Ps. 2. 7.

was now ed.

& 27. 54. come, Jesus stood on 30 * And many 0- Lu. 1. 4. the shore: but the ther signs truly did Ac. 8. 37. disciples e knew not Jesus in the presence

Ro. 1. 4. that it was Jesus. of his disciples, which z ch. 3.15.1. 5 Then d Jesus saith are not written in

& 5. 24.
Lu. 24. 47.

unto them, + Childthis book :

Ac. 3. 16. ren, have ye any 31 y But these are & 10. 43. meat? They answerwritten that ye might 2 Ti. 3. 15. ed him, No. believe that Jesus is

17. 6 And he said unto the Christ, the Son

1 Jno.5.10.

them, e Cast the net

1 Pe. 1. 9. of God; z and that

on the right side of believing ye might a ch. 1. 45.

the ship, and ye shall have life through his b Ma. 4. 21. find. They cast thereDame.

o ch. 20. 14. fore, and now they

a Le. 24.41. were not able to draw CHAP. XXI.

+ Or, Sirs. it for the multitude 1 AFTER these

e Lu. 5.4. 6, of fishes. things Jesus shewed

7. 7 Therefore fthat himself again to the ch. 13. 23. disciple whom Jesus disciples at the sea . loved saith unto Peof Tiberias; and on

ter, It is the Lord.

Ma.16.16 morning

Christ's command JOHN XXI.

to Peter Now when Simon A. D. 33. and giveth them, and Peter heard that it

fish likewise. was the Lord, he girt & Ac. 10.41. 14 This is now b the his fisher's coat unto h ch. 20.19. third time that Jesus him, (for he was nak

26. shewed himself to his

i ver. 19. ed,) and did cast


disciples, after that himself into the

Ps. 95. 7.

he was risen from the sea.

& 100. 3. dead. 8 And the other Ze. 13. 7. 15 So when they disciples came in a

Ma. 25. 32. had dined, Jesus saith little ship; (for they

La. 15. 3. to Simon Peter, Siwere not far from

7 mon, son of Jonas, land, but as it were Ac. 20 28. lovest thou me more two hundred cubits,) He. 13.20. than these? He saith dragging the net with

I Pe.2. 25. unto him, Yea, Lord;

& 5. 2. 4. fishes.

2 Pe. 1. 12.

thou knowest that 9 As soon then as 15. love thee.

He saith they were

come to k eb. 2. 24, unto him, Feed my land, they saw a fire

25. lambs. of coals there, and & 16. 30. 16 He saith to him fish laid thereon, and

& 18. 4. again the second time, bread.

Je. 17. 10. Simon, son of Jonas, 10 Jesus saith unto

Ac. 1. 24.
& 15. 8.

lovest thou me? He them, Bring of the Re. 2. 23. saith unto him, Yea, fish which ye have I ch. 13, 36. Lord ; thou knowest now caught.

Ac. 12. 3, that I love thee. i He 11 Simon Peter

4. saith unto him, Feed went up, and drew

my sheep. * the net to land full . The

word ver. 16

17 He saith unto of great fishes, an Books, in ver. him the third time, hundred and fifty and 15, and 17, Simon, son of Jonas, three: and for all means, to lovest thou me? Pethere were so many: But the word

give food;

ter was grieved beyet was not the net

cause he said unto broken.


in ver. 16, him the third time, 12 Jesus saith unto means, to do Lovest thou me? And them, & Come and all the office he said unto him, dine. And none of a shep

Lord, k thou knowest the disciples durst ask therefore to all things; thou know. him, Who art thou ? guide and est that I love thee. knowing that it was defend the Jesus saith unto him, 'the Lord.

sheep, as Feed my sheep. 13 Jesus then com-feed them.

well as to

18 'Verily, verily, I eth, and taketh bread, = say unto thee, When

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