Peter's denial JOHN XVIII.

of Christ. right ear. The ser

A, D. 33. kept the door, and vant's name was

brought in Peter. Malchus.

g Ma. 20. 22.

17 Then saith the 11 Then said Jesus

& 26. 39. damsel that kept the

42. unto Peter, Put up 1 Ma. 26.57. not thou also one of

door unto Peter, Art thy sword' into sheath : & the cup

i La. 3. 2.

this man's disciples? which

my Father 1 And An- He saith, I am not. hath given me, shall Christ

18 And the serI not drink it? bound unto vants and

officers 19 Then the band Caiaphas stood there, who had and the captain and the High made a fire of coals ; officers of the Jews

Priest, for it was cold : and

ver. 24. took Jesus, and bound

they warmed them

k ch, 11. 50. selves : him,*

and Peter 13 And hled him 1 Ma. 26.58. stood with them, and

Mar 14.54. warmed himself. away to iApnas first;

Lu. 22. 54. for he was father in

19 The High Priest

m Ma. 26.69 law to Caiaphas,

then asked Jesus of

Mar, 14.66. which was the High Lu. 22.54.

his disciples, and of Priest that

his doctrine. same nch, 7. 14. year.


20 Jesus answered 14 k Now Caiaphas

& 8. 2. him, n I spake openly was he, which gave

Ma. 26.55. to the world; I ever

Lu, 4.15 counsel' to the Jews,

taught in the synathat it was expedient • Je. 20; 2: gogue, and in the

. 2 that one man should

temple, whither the

t Or, with die for the people.

Jews always resort ; 15 1 And Simon

and in secret have I Peter followed Jesus, ver. 12– said nothing. and so did another * During the

21 Why askest thou disciple: that disci- passover, it me? ask them which ple was known unto ary for the

was custom- heard me, what I the High Priest, and Roman pre-have said unto them: went in with Jesus sident to behold, they know into the palace of the send, a band what I said. High Priest.

22 And when he 16 m But Peter stood guard to the

had thus spoken, one at the door without, temple; the of the officers which Then went out that captain of stood by struck Jeother disciple, which which is here snst with the palm

of his hand, saying,

Χιλιαρχος.High Priest, and Whitby.

Answerest thou the

High Priest so? spake unto her that

T 273

a rod.

men, for a

was known unto the called

Christ arraigned JOHN XVIII. before Pilate.

23 Jesus answered A. D. 33. 30 They answered him, If i have spoken

and said unto him, If evil, bear witness of p Ma. 26.57. he were not a malethe evil: but if well, q Me. 26.69. factor, we would not why smitest thou me?

71. have delivered him

Mar.14.68. 94 P Now Annas


up unto thee. had sent him bound

Lu. 22, 58.

31 Then said Pilate unto Caiaphas the

1 ch. 13. 38. unto them, Take ye High Priest.

Ma. 26.34. him, and judge him 25 And Simon Pe. 74, 75. according to your ter stood and warm

Mar.14.30. law. The Jews there. ed himself. 4 They

68. 72. fore said unto him,

Lu. 22. 34. said therefore unto

60. 62.

It is not lawful for him, Art not thou

s Ma. 27. 2.

us to put any man to also one of his disci. Mar. 15. i. death : ples? He denied it, Lu. 23. 1, 32 u That the say. and said, I am not.

Ac. 3. 13. ing of Jesus might be 26 Ope of the ser-1. Or, Pi. fulfilled, which he vants of the High late's house, spake, signifying Priest, being his kins

Ma. 27 27. what death he should man whose ear Peter t Ac. 10. 28. die. cut off, saith, Did not

& 11. 3. 33 - Then Pilate enI see thee in the gar- ch. 12:32, tered into the judge den with him ?

33. ment hall again, and

Ma. 20.19 27 Peter then de

& 26. 2.

called Jesus, and said nied again: and rim- Lu. 24.7, unto him, Art thou mediately the cock

8. the King of the crew.

Ma. 27.11. Jews? 28 Then led they Mar. 15.2. 31 Jesus answered Jesus from Caiaphas

Lu. 23. 3. him, Sayest thou this

38. unto + the hall of

1 Ti. 6. 13.

thing of thyself, or judgment : and it was

did others tell it thee early ; t and they y 1 Ti, 6. 13.

of me? themselves went not z ch. 6. 15. 35 Pilate answered, into the judgment

& 8. 15.

Am I a Jew? Thine

Ps. 45. 7. hall, lest they should

Is. 9.6, 7.

own nation and the be defiled; but that Da. 2. 44. Chief Priests have dethey might eat the & 7. 14. livered thee unto me: Passover.

Ze 9. 9. what hast thou done? 29 Pilate then went

Lu. 12. 14.

36 y Jesus answer.

& 17. 20, out unto them, and

21. ed, z My kingdom is said, What accusa- Ro. 14.17. not of this world: if

ye against Col. 1. 13. my kingdom were of this man?

this world, then would 274

tion bring


He is

Scourged. my servants fight, A. D. 33. 2 And the soldiers that I should not be

platted a crown of delivered to the Jews: • ch. 8. 47. thorns, and put it on but now is my king

1Jno.3.19. his head, and they

& 4.6. dom not from hence. & 5. 20. put on him a purple

37 Pilate therefore i Pe. 1.22, robe, said unto him, Art

23. 3 And said, Hail, thou a king then? Je- b ch. 19.4.6. king of the Jews! sus answered, Thou

Ma. 27. 18, and they smote him

19. 24. sayest that I am


with their hands. king. To this end Lu. 23. 4. 4 Pilate therefore was I born, and for 1 Pe. 1.19. went forth again, and this cause came I in- & 2.22, 23. saith unto them, Beto the world, that I c Ma. 27. 15. hold, I bring 'him should bear witness

Mar. 15.6. forth to you, b that y

Lu. 23. 17. unto the truth. Every

may know that I findi one that a is of the

d Ma. 27. 16.

no fault in him.

26. truth heareth my

Mar. 15. 7.

5 Then came Jesus voice.

15. forth, wearing the 38 Pilate saith unto Ac. 3. 14. crown of thorns, and him, What is truth?. Lu. 23. 19. the purple robe. And And when he had

a Ma, 20. 19,

Pilate saith unto said this, he went out & 27, 26. them, Behold the again unto the Jews,

Mar.15.15. man and saith unto them,

Lu. 18.33.

6 . When the Chief I b find in him no b ver. 6. Priests therefore and fault at all.

ch. 18. 38. officers saw him, they

2 Co. 5. 21. 39 - But ye have a

He. 7. 26.

cried out, saying, custom, that I should 1 Pe. 1. 19. Crucify him, crucify release unto you one

& 2. 22. him. Pilate saith unat the Passover: will & 3. 18.

to them, Take ye him, ye therefore that I

i Jno. 3.5. and crucify him: for release unto you the < Ac. 3. 13. I find no fault in king of the Jews! d L. 24.16. him. 40 d Then cried they

De. 18. 20.

7 The Jews answerall again, saying, Not • ch.5. 18. ed him, a We have a this man, but Barab

& S, 58.

law, and by our law

& 10. 30. bas. e Now Barabbas 33. he ought to die, bewas a robber.

Ma. 26.64. cause he made him

& 27. 43. self the Son of God. CHAP. XIX. Mar.16.61,

8 When Pilate 1 THEN • Pilate

therefore heard that

& 15. 39. therefore took Jesus, Ro. 1 4. saying, he was the and scourged him.

more afraid;




33. away.

Christ delivered JOHN XIX. to be crucified. 9 And went again A. D 33. the sixth hour : and the judgment

he saith unto the

fls. 53. 7. hall, and saith unto Ma. 27.12. Jews, Behold your Jesus, Whence art

14. king! thou? f But Jesus

g ch, 7. 30. 15 But they cried gave him no answer. Lu. 22.53. out, Away with him,

10 Then saith Pi- h La. 23. 2. away with him, crulate unto him, Speak- i Ac. 17. 7. cify him. Pilaté saith est thou not unto me?

k Ma. 27. 62.

unto them, Shall I knowest thou not that

crucify your king? I have power to cru

I Ge. 49. 10.

The Chief Priests ancify thee, and have m Ma. 27.26. swered, I We have no power to release thee? 11 Jesus answered,

Mar.15.15. king but Cæsar.
Lu. 23, 24,

16 m Then delivered Thoug couldest have n Ma. 27.31. he him therefore unno power at all a. 33. to them to be crucigainst me, except it Mar.15.21, fied. And they took were given thee from 22 Jesus, and led him above: therefore he

Lu. 23. 26. that delivered me un

17 n And he bearto thee hath the

o Nu. 15.36.

He: 13. 12. ing his cross went greater sin.

forth into a place 12 And from thence

p Ma. 27. 37.

Mar. 15.26. called the place of a forth Pilate sought to Lu. 23.38. skull, which is called release him: but the

in the Hebrew Gol. Jews cried out, say- ver. 13- gotha: ing, h If thou lét this * In Gr.

18 Where they cruman go, thou art not so Scarpe con cified him, and two Cæsar's friend :iwho-acconnt of a other with him, on soever maketh him- beautiful either side one, and self a king speaketh piece of Mo-Jesus in the midst. against Cæsar.

saic work,

19 P And Pilate

with which 13 When Pilate therefore heard that adorned.

the floor was wrote a title, and put

it on the cross. And saying, he brought Gabbatha, the writing was, JEJesus forth, and sat


1 down in the judg

RETH THE KING ment seat in a place raised up; it

gabah, high,

OF THE JEWS, that is called the is probable,

20 This title then Pavement,*but in the that the read many of the Hlebrew, Gabbatba. * judgment Jews: for the place 11 And it was the seat was

where Jesus was cru

elevated in reparation

cified was pigh to the assover, and about

city: and it was writ

גבה from

of the the court.

His death

on the cross. ten in Hebrew, and A. D. 33. therefore saw his moGreek, and Latin.

ther, and the dis21 Then said the 9 Ma. 27; 35. ciple standing, by, Chief Priests of the

whom he loved, he

Lu. 23. 34. Jews to Pilate, Write

saith unto his mother, not, The king of the

+ Or,

Woman, - behold thy Jews; but that he wrought.

son ! said, I am king of

r Ps. 22. 18.
Is. 10. 7.

27 Then saith he to the Jews.

Ac. 13.27. the disciple, Behold 22 Pilate answered, s Ma. 27.55. thy mother!

And What I have written Mar.15.40. from that hour that I have written. Lu. 23.49. disciple took her y un

23 9 Then the sol. 1 Or, Clopas. to his own home. diers, when they had

t Mar. 16. 9.

28 After this, Jesus crucified Jesus, took

Lu. 8. 2.

that all bis garments, and & 24. 18. things were now acmade four parts, touch. 13. 23. complished, that the every soldier a part; & 20. 2. scripture might be and also his coat: now & 21. 7. fulfilled, saith, 1 the coat was without 20. 24.

thirst. Seam, twoven from x ch. 2. 4. 29 Now there was the top thronghout. y ch. 1. 11. set a vessel full of 94 They said there

& 16 32.
vinegar: and

a they fore among



spunge with selves, Let us pot z Ps. 22. 15. vinegar, and put it rend it, but cast lots & 69. 21. upon hyssop, and put for it, whose it shall . Ma. 27.48. it to his mouth, be: that the scripture Mar. 15.36. 30 When Jesus might be fulfilled, Lu. 23.36. therefore had receivwhich saith, They ch. 17. 4. ed the vinegar, he parted my raiment

Is. 53.12. said, b It is finished:

Da. 9. 24. among them, and for


and he bowed his my vesture they did Ze. 13.1 head, and gave up cast lots. These things I Co. 5. 7, the ghost. therefore the soldiers

8. 31 The Jews there. did.

Col. 2. 14, fore, because it was 25 Now there stood

He. 10. 9, the preparation, a that by the cross of Jesus 10. the bodies should not his mother, and his & 12. 2. remain upon the cross mother's sister, Mary o ver. 42. on the sabbath day, the wife of f Cleo- Mar.15 42. (for that sabbath day phas, and Mary Mag- Ma. 27.62. was an high day,) bedalene.

d De. 21. 23. sought Pilate that 26 When Jesus

their legs might be

1Jno.3. 18, filled

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