i the

Promise of the

JOHN XVI. Holy Ghost. you asketh me, Whi- A. D. 33. he speak : and he ther goest thou?

will shew you things 6 But because I h ver. 22.

to come, have said these things

ch, 14.1.

14 He shall glorify unto you,

ich. 7, 39.

me: for he shall re

& 14. 16. hath filled your heart.


ceive of mine, and 7 Nevertheless 1 & 15. 26. shall shew it unto tell you the truth ; It

you. is expedient for you

k Ac. 2. 33.

15 t All things that that I go away : for

Ep. 4.8.

the Father hath are

+ Or, conif I go not away, Comforter will not 1 Ac. 2. 22.

mine: therefore said vince.

I, that he shall take come unto you; but 37. of mine, and shew it if k I depart, I will send him unto you.

m Ac. 2. 32. unto you.

16 u A little while, 8 And when he is

nch: 3, 14. and ye shall not see

& 5. come, he will treprove the world of

o Ac. 26. 18. me: and again, a

little while, and ye sin, and of righteous

peh. 12. 3).

Lu. 10.18. shall see me, w beness, and of judg. Ep. 2. 2. cause I go to the ment:

Col, 2, 15. Father. 9 1 Of sin, because

He. 2. 14. 17 Then said some they believe not on 9 Mar. 4. 33. of his disciples ame;

1 Co. 3. 2.

mong themselves, 10 m Of righteous.

He. 5. 12. What is this that he ness, n because I go

1 ch. 14. 17. saith unto us, A litto my Father, and ye

& 15. 26.

tle while, and ye see me no more ;

s ch. 14. 26. shall not see me: and 11 . Of judgment,

1 Jno.2.20.

27. again, a little while, because P the prince tch. 3. 35. and ye shall see me: of this world is judg. & 13. 3. and, Because I go to ed.

& 17. 10. the Father? 12 I have yet many

Ma. 11. 27.

18 They said there.

& 28. 18. things to say unto

Lu. 10. 22.

fore, What is this you, 9 but ye cannot Co. 1. 19. that he saith, A little bear them now. & 2. 3. 9. while ? we cannot tell 13 Howbeit hen u ver. 10.

what he saith. he, rthe Spirit of ch. 7. 33. 19 Now Jesus knew truth, is come, she

& 13. 13. that they were desir. will guide you into w ver. 28. ous to ask him, and all truth: for he shall ch. 13. 3. said unto them, Do

& 17.5.13. pot speak of himself;

Mar. 16.19.

ye enquire among but whatsoever he

He. 12. 2. yourselves of that I shall hear, that shall

said, A little while,


Christ encourageth JOHN XVI. his disciples. and ye shall not see A. D. 33. you in + proverbs : me: and again, a lit

but the time cometh,

x Is. 26. 17. tle while, and ye Je. 30. 6.

when I shall no more shall see me?

Ho. 13. 13. speak unto you in 20 Verily, verily, I Mi. 4. 10. proverbs, I but I shall say unto you, That

Re. 12. 2. shew you plainly of ye shall weep and y ver. 6. the Father. lament, but the world z ch. 14. 1. 26 < At that day shall rejoice: and ye

ye shall ask in my shall be sorrowful, La. 24.41. name: and I say not but your sorrow shali

52, be turned into joy.

Ac. 2. 46.* unto you, that I will

1 Pe. 1. 8. pray the Father for 21 * A woman when

a ch. 14. 13. you: she is in travail hath

& 15. 16. 27 d For the Father sorrow, because her

Ma. 7. 7. himself loveth you, hour is come: but as b ch. 15. 11. because ye have lovsoon as she is de- + Or, para- ed me, and have livered of the child, bles. believed that I came she remembereth no tor, para- out from God. more the anguish, forbles.

28 f I came forth joy that a man is c ver. 23. from the Father, and born into the world. d ch, 14. 21. am come into the 22 y And ye now

23. world : again, I leave therefore have sor- e ver. 30.

the world, and go to row: but I will see ch. 3. 13. the Father. you again, and a your

& 17. 8.

29 His disciples heart shall rejoice, f ch.8. 14. said unto him, Lo, and your joy no man

& 13. 3.

now speakest thou taketh from you. 5,0r, para- plainly, and speakest 23 And in that day

no y proverb. ye shall ask me po-8 ch. 21. 17.

30 Now are we sure thing.* a Verily, ve-h ver. 27. that 8 thou knowest rily, I say unto you,

ch. 17.8.

all things, and peedWhatsoever ye shall i Ma. 26. 31. est not that any man ask the Father in my


should ask thee: by dame, ne will give it

this h we believe that you.

ver. 23

thou camest forth 94 Hitherto have

* Or, as Dr.

from God. ye asked pothing in renders it, 31 Jesus answered my pame: ask, and Eus exeow- them, Do ye now beye shall receive, bthat TYO6T8 nev, lieve? your joy may be full. you will put

32 i Behold, the 25 These things to me.

no questions

hour cometh, yea, is have I spoken unto

now come, that ye


Christ prayeth JOHN XVII. for his disciples, shall be

scattered, A. D. 33. 5 And now, O Faevery k man to this

k ch. 20.10. ther, glorify thou me own, and shall leave

with thine own self me alone : and 'yet + Or, kis

with the glory

own home. I am not alone, be

which k I had with

I ch. 8. 29. cause the Father is

thee before the world

& 14. 10. with me.


mcb. 14. 27. 33 These things I

Is. 9. 6.

6 1 I have manifesthave spoken unto Ro. 5. 1. ed thy name

unto you, that min me ye Ep. 2. 14. the


m which might have peace.

Col. 1. 20. thou gavest me out In n the world ye ch. 15. 19. of the world : thine shall have tribula. 2Ti. 3. 12. they were, and thou tion : but be of good o ch. 14. 1. gavest them me ; and cheer; pl have over-p Ro. 8. 37. they have kept thy come the world.

1 Jno. 4. 4. word.

a cb. 12. 23. CHAP. XVII.

7 Now they have

b Da. 7. 11. known that all things 1 THESE words Ma. 11.27. whatsoever thou hast spake Jesus, and lift

1 Co. 15.

given me are of

25. 27. ed up his eyes to

Ph. 2. 10.

thee. heaven, and said, Fa

He. 2. 8. 8 For I have given ther, a the hour is ver. 6.9. unto them the words come; glorify thy a Is. 53. 11. which a which thou Son, that thy Son Je. 9. 24.

gavest me; and they may glorify e I Co. 8. 4. have received them, thee:

i Th. 1. 9. and o have known ? bAs thou hast feh. 3. 34. surely that I came given him

power gch. 13. 31. out from thee, and over all flesh, that he à ch. 4. 34. they have believed should give eternal

ich. 14. 31. that thou didst send life to as many cas


k ch. 1.1, 2. ilou Last given him.

Ph. 2. 6.

9 I pray for them: 3 And d this is life He.1.3.10. IP pray not for the eternal, that they I ver. 26.

world, but for them mighı know thee e the Ps. 22. 22. which thou hast only true God, ard a ver. 2.9. given me; for they Jesus Christ, whom ch. 6. 37.

are thine. thou hast sent.

nch. 8. 29.

10 And all mine 4 &I have glorified o ver. 25. are thine, and a thine thee on the earth : p1Jno.5.19. are mine ; and I am I have finished the q ch. 16. 15. glorified in them. work which Thou

rch. !3. 1.

11 rAnd now I am Yavest me to do.

Ino more in the world,


those t ver. 21.

And for all

JOHN XVII. his followers. but these are in the A. D. 33. through thy truth: world, and I come

thy b word is truth. to theé. Holy Father, s 1 Pe. 1.5.

18 i As thou hast

Jude 1. keeps through thine

sent me into the own name

world, even so have whom thou hast given a ch, 10. 30. I also sent them into me, that they may x ch. 6. 39. the world. be one, u as we are.

He. 2. 13. 19 And k for their 19 While I was 3 ch. 18. 9. sakes I sanctify mywith them in the

1 Jno.2.19. self, that they also world, * I kept them z ch. 6. 70. might be + sanctified in thy name: those a Ps. 109. 8. through the truth. that thou gavest me

Ac. 1. 20,

20 Neither pray I I have kept, and b ver. 8. for these alone, but noney of them is c ch. 15. 18. for them also which lost, z but the son of

1 Jno.3.13. shall believe on me perdition ; a that the d ver, 16. through their word ; scripture might be ch. 8. 23. 21 1 That they all fulfilled.

e Ma. 6. 13. may be one; as 13 And now come

Ga. 1. 4. thou, m Father, art in

2 Th. 3. 3. I to thee; and these

me, and I in thee, things I speak in the f ver. 14.

that they also may world, that they 8 ch. 15. 3. be one in us: that might have my joy

Ac. 15. 9. the world may befulfilled in

Ep. 5. 26.
1 Pe. 1.22.

lieve that thou hast selves.

sent me.

h ch. 8, 40. 14 I have given

2 Sa. 7. 28.

22 And the glory them thy word; cand

Ps. 119.

which thou gavest the world hath hated 142. 151. me I have given them, because they ich. 20, 21. them;

n that they are not of the world, k 1 Co. 1. 2. may be one, even as evend as I am not of 1 Th. 4.7. We are one: the world.

He. 10.10. 23 I in them, and 15 I pray not that Or, truly thou in me, that thou shouldest take sanctifed. they may be made them out of the ver. 11. 22. perfect in one; and world, but e that thou

ch. 10. 16. that the world may shouldest keep them Ga. 3. 28. know that thou hast from the evil.

mch. 10.39. sent me, and hast 16 They are not ch. 14:20: loved them, as thou of the world, even as 1 Jno. 1.3. hast love me. I am not of the o Col. 3. 14.

24 p Father, I will world.

p ch. 12.26. that they also, whom 17 : Sanctify them

thou hast given me

rch. 15. 21. torches

Jesus betrayed JOHN XVIII.

by Judas. be with me where I A. D. 33. Priests and Phariam; that they may

sees, cometh thither

q ver. 5. behold my glory,

with lanterns and which thou hast given

and & 16. 3.

Weame : 9 for thou lov.

pons. edst me before the sch. 7. 29.

4 Jesus therefore, foundation of the & 10. 15. knowing all things world.

t ver. 8.
that should

come 25 O righteous Fa- ch. 16. 27. upon him, went forth, ther, the world hath u ver. 6.

and said unto them, not known thee: but

ch. 15. 15. Whom seek ye? Is have known thee, ch. 15. 9. 5 They answered and t these have a Ma. 26.36. him, Jesus of Naknown that thou hast Mar.14.32. zareth. Jesus saith

Lu. 22.39. sent me.

unto them, I b 2 Sa.15.23.

am 26 u And I have

he. And Judas also,

c La. 21. 37. which betrayed him, declared unto them

& 22. 39. thy name, and will d Ma. 26. 47. stood with them. declare it: that the Mar.14.43. 6 As soon then as he lovex wherewith thou

Lu. 22. 47. had said unto them,

Ac. 1. 16. I am he, they went hast loved me may be in them, and I in • ch. 17. 12. backward, and fell to them.

f Ma. 26. 51. the ground.

Mar. 14.47. 7 Then asked be

Lu. 22. 49. them again, whom CHAP. XVIII.

ver. 1

seek ye? And they 1 When Jesus had * This brook said, Jesus of Naza. spoken these words, ran through reth. he a went forth with dy valley (as

8 Jesus answered, his disciples over b the the name sig

I have told you that brook Cedron,*where nities) be- I am he: if therefore was a garden, into tween the

ye seek me, let these the which he entered, salem, and

city of Jero

go their way: and his disciples. the mount

9 That the saying 2 And Judas also, of Olives. might be fulfilled, which betrayed him, Over this which he spake, Of knew the place : c for brook Da- them which thou Jesus ofttimes resort- of Christ)

vid (a type gavest me have 1 lost ed thither with his passed with none. disciples.

10 Then

Simon 3 d Judas then, weeping, in Peter having a sword having received

his flight drew it, and smote band of men and offi- Absalom.

from his son the High Priest's ser: cers from the Chief

vant, and cut off his

his people,


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