Sickness and death JOHN XI.

of Lazarus. John at first bap. A. D. 33. abode two days still tized; and there he

in the same place abode.

p ch. 3. 30. where he was. 41 And many re- q ch. 8, 30. 7 Then after that sorted unto him, and

& 11. 45.

saith he to his discisaid, John did no a Lu. 10.38, ples, Let us go into

all miracle : p but


Judæa again. things that John b ch. 12. 3.

8 His disciples say

Ma. 28. 7. spake of this man

him, Master,


Mar. 14. 3. were true.

the e Jews of late 42 . And many be- o ver. 40.

ch. 9.3.24. sought to stone thee; lieved on him there. & 12. 28." and goest thou thither

& 13. 31. CHAP. XI.

again ? Ph.1.1

9 Jesus answered, 1 Now a certain

1Pe. 4. 11. Are there not twelve

14. man was sick, named

hours in the day? fif Lazarus, of Bethany,

ở ch. 10. 40.

Is. 30. 18. any man walk in the the town of a Mary & 55. 8.

day, he stumbleth and her sister Martha. Ma.15. 22. not, because he seeth 2 (b It was that

the light of this

o cb. 10. 31. Mary which anointed


world. the Lord with oint. Ps. 11. 1. 10 But & if a man ment, and wiped his 3. walk in the night, he feet with her hair,

Ma, 16.21. stumbleth,

because whose brother Laza

23. Ac. 21. 12.

there is no light in rus was sick.)

him. 3 Therefore his sis-f ch. 9. 4. 11 These things ters sent unto him, Lo.13. 31. said he : and after saying, Lord, behold,


that he saith unto he whom thou lovest & ch.12.35. them, Our friend Lais sick.

Pr. 3. 23.

zarus h sleepeth ; but 4 When Jesus heard

& 4. 18.

Je, 13. 16.

go, that I may that, he said, This

& 20. 11.

awake him out of sickness is not unto & 31. 9. sleep. death, e but for the 1Jpo.2.10. 1. Then said his glory of God, that h De.31. 16. disciples, Lord, if he the Son of God might

Da, 12. 2. sleep, he shall do be glorified thereby. Ma. 9. 24. well.

5 Now Jesus loved Mar. 5. 39. 13 Howbeit Jesus Martha, and her sis- Ac. 7. 60. spake of his death : ter, and Lazarus.

18,5i. but they thought that 6 When he had 1 Th. 4. 14. he had spoken of heard therefore that & 5. 10. taking of rest in sleep. he was sick, a hel

14 Then said Jesus That is,

Ma. 16.16. this?

p ver, 19.

Sickness and death JOHN XI.

of Lazarus. unto them, plainly, A. D. 33.

23 Jesus saith unto Lazarus is dead.

her, Thy brother shall 15 And I am glad about two

rise again. for your sakes that I miles. 04 Martha saith unwas not there, to the i ch. 9. 31. to him, k I know that intent ye may be- k ch. 5. 29. he shall rise again in lieve ;

nevertheless Lu. 14.14. the resurrection at let us go unto him.

I ch. 5. 21. the last day. 16 Then said Tho.

& 6. 39,

25 Jesus said unto mas, which is called

40. 44. her, I am the resurDidymus, unto his mch. 1.4. rection, and

the & 6. 35. fellow-disciples, Let

& 14. 6.

life m: n he that beus also go, that we Col. 3. 4. lieveth in me, though may die with him. 1Jno. 1. 1, he were dead, yet

17 Then when Je- 2. & 5.11. shall he live : sus came, he found a ch. 3. 36. 26 And whosoever that he had lain in

1Jno. 5.10. liveth and believeth the grave four days o ch. 4. 42. in me shall

never already.

& 6. 14.69. die.

Believest thou 18 Now

Bethany was nigh unto Jeru

27 She saith unto salem, + about fifteen ver. 18– him, Yea, Lord : 1

# " The furlongs off :*

believe that thou art 19 And

of mentions the

the Christ, the Son the Jews came to vicinity of of God, which should Martha and Mary, to Bethany to come into the world. comfort them con- Jerusalem,

28 And when she cerning their brother. and speaks had so said, she went 20 Then Martha, as pany of

her way, and called soun

as she heard friends that Mary her sister sethat Jesus was com- were with cretly, saying, The ing, went and met the two sis- Master is come, and him: but Mary sat that by the

ters, to show calleth for thee. still in the house.

direction of

29 As soon as she 21 Then said Mar- Providence heard that, she arose tha unto Jesus, Lord, this great quickly, and came if thou hadst been miracle had

unto him. here, my brother had many wit

pesses, some

30 Now Jesus was not died.

of whom not yet come into the 22 But I know, that were persons town, but was in that even now, i whatso- of note, and place where Martha

inhabitants ever thou wilt ask of

of Jerusa

met him. God, God will give it lem."

31 p The Jews then

which were with her


upon it.

Lazarus raised JOHN XI. from the dead. in the house, and A. D. 33. cave, and a stone lay comforted her, when they saw Mary, that q ver. 21.37.

39 Jesus said, Take she rose up hastilyt Gr. ho ye away the stone. and went out, follow- troubled Martha, the sister of ed her, saying, She himself. him that was dead, goeth unto the graver la. 19. 41. saith unto him, Lord, to weep there.

sch. 9. 6.

by this time he stink 32 Then when Mary Ps. 78. 19, eth: for he hath been was come where Je

20. dead four days. sus was, and saw Ma. 27. 40. 40 Jesus saith unto him, she fell down at


her, Said I not unto his feet, saying unto


La. 23. 36. thee, that, if thou him, 9 Lord, if thou

39. wouldest

believe, hadst been here,

thou shouldest see my brother had not

t ver.4. 23. the glory of God!*

ch. 9, 3.

& 12. 41. 41 Then they took 33 When Jesus Ps. 63. 2. away the stone from therefore saw her & 90. 16.

the place where the weeping, and

Ro. 6. 4. the

dead was laid, Apd

2 Co.3. 18. Jews also weeping

Jesus lifted up his which came with her, u ver. 31. eyes, and said, Fahe groaned in the ch. 12. 29, ther, I thank thee spirit, and + was trou.


that thou hast heard bled,

x ch. 20. 7. me. 34 And said, Where

42 And I knew that have ye laid him?ver. 40- thou hearest me alThey said unto him,

Jesas apLord, come and see. pears to have ways: but u because repeated to

which 35 Jesus wept. Martha, stand by I said it, 36 Then said the what he had that they may beJews, Behold how said at the

lieve that thou hast he loved him!

beginning 37 And some

to his disci- sent me. of

ples.-Com- 43 And when he them said, Could not pare ver. 4. thus had spoken, he this man, o which with 23. The cried with

a loud opened the eyes of

glory of God” was to

voice, Lazarus, come the blind, have caus

be displayed,

forth. ed that even this man in a miracle, 44 And he that was should not have died? which would dead came forth,

38 Jesus therefore evince the bound hand and foot again groaning in

er of his be

with grave-clothes : himself cometh to loved Son.

and his face was the grave. It was a

bound about with a

of the people

Divine pow

The prophecy

of Caiaphas. napkin. Jesus saith A.D. 33. sied that Jesus should unto them, Loose

die for that nation ; him, and let him go. y ch. 2. 23. 52 And d pot for 45 Then many of

& 10. 42. that nation only, e but the Jews which came

& 12. 11.

that also he should

18. to Mary, yand had

gather together in seen the things which z Ps. 2. 2. one the children of Jesus did, believed

Ma. 26. 3. God that were scat

Mar. 14. 1. tered abroad. on him.

Lu. 22. 2. 46 But some of

53 Then from that them went their ways

a ch. 12. 19. day forth they took to the Pharisees, and

Ac, 4. 16.

counsel together for told them what things b ch. 18. 14. to put him to death. Jesus had done.

Lu. 3. 2.

54 Jesus f therefore

Ac. 4. 6. 47 z Then gathered

walked no more the Chief Priests and c ch. 18. 14. openly among the the Pharisees a coun-a Is. 49. 6.



went cil, and said, a What 1 Jno. 2. 2. thence unto a country do we? for this man

near to the wilder

e ch. 10. 16. doeth many miracles.

Ep. 2, 14, ness, into a city call. 48 If we let him

15, 16, 17. ed & Ephraim, and thus alone, all men

fch. 4. 1. 3.

there continued with will believe on him :

& 7. 1.

his disciples. and the Romans shall

55 h And the Jews' come and take away

g 2 Ch. 13.

Passover was nigh at

19. both our place and

hand : and many went pation.

h cb. 2. 13. out of the country up 49 And one of them,

& 5. 1.

to Jerusalem before

& 6. 4. named b Caiaphas,

the Passover, to pubeing the High Priest i ch. 11. 8. rify themselves. that same year*, said

56 i Then sought, unto them, Ye know

they for Jesus, and nothing at all,

# " lo that

spake among them. 50 Nor consider

selves, as they stood that it is expedient which Christ in the temple, What for us, that one man was to suffer think ye, that he will should die for the for the sins

not come to the feast?

of the people, and that the

57 Now both the

world.... The whole nation perish high-priest- Chief Priests and the not.

hood still Pharisees had given 51 And this spake continued in a commandment, he not of himself: the line of

that, if any

man Aaron." but being High Priest


knew where he were, that year, he prophe

he should shew it,

Ver. 49

year, in

Mary anointeth JOHN XII.

Jesus' feet. that they might take A. D. 33. 7 Then said Jesus, him.

Let her alone: against CHAP. XII.

a ch. 11. 1; the day of my bury1 THEN Jesus six

b Mu. 26. 6. ing hath she kept this. Mar. 14. 3.

8 For e the poor aldays before the Pass

c ch. 01. 2. ways ye have with over came to Beth- Lu. 10.38. you; but me ye have any, a where Lazarus a ch. 13. 29. not always. was which had been

9 Much people of dead, whom he raised

e Ma. 26. 11.

Mar. 14, 7. the Jews therefore from the dead. f ch. 11. 43. knew that he was

9b There they made & Lu. 16. 31. there: and they came him a supper; and b ver. 18. not for Jesus' sake Martha served: but cb. 11. 45. only, but that they Lazarus was one of i Ma. 21. 8.

might see Lazarus

Mar. 11.8. thern that sat at the

Lu. 19.35: also, whom he had table with him.

k Ps. 118.25. raised from the dead. 3 Then took c Mary1 Ma. 21. 7.

10 & But the Chief a pound of ointment

Priests consulted that of spikenard, very ver. 2– they might put Lazacostly, and anointed * Some com- rus also to death; the feet of Jesus, and montators 11 h Because that wiped his feet with

have thought

by reason of bim

that this is her hair :

and the the same cir- many of the Jews house was filled with cumstance went away, and bethe odour of the oint- as noticed in lieved on Jesus. ment.

Ma. 26. 6. &

12 i On the next 4 Then saith one of Maror14.3; day much people that his disciples, Judas Lightfoot,

were come to the Iscariot, Simon's son, Whitby, and feast, when they which should betray Macknight heard that Jesus was him,

have stated
various ob-

coming to Jerusalem, 5 Why was not this jections to

13 Took branches ointment sold

for this opinion; of palm trees, and three hundred pence, the latter ob- went forth to meet and given to the serving, that him, and cried, k Ho.

our Lord was sanna: Blessed is the 6 This he said, not anointed, viz. King of Israel that that he cared for the in the houses cometh in the name poor; but because he of Simon the of the Lord. was a thief, and d had Pharisee, &

14 1 And

Jesus, Lazarus, and the bag, and bare

when he had found a

Simon the what was put there- leper. young ass, sat therein.

on; as it is written


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