spring in

The Pharisees JOHN IX. question the miracle. pretation, Sent.)* He A.D. 32. ceived his sight. He went his way there.

said unto them, He

82 Ki. 5.14. fore, and washed, and

put clay upon mine came seeing.

h ver. 6, 7.

eyes, and I washed, 8 The neighbours i ver. 33.

and do see.

ch. 3. 2. therefore, and they

16 Therefore said which before had

k ch. 7. 12. some of the Phari

43 seen him that he was

& 10. 19.

sees, This man is not blind, said, Is not I ch. 4. 19. of God, because he this he that sat and & 6. 14. keepeth not the sabbegged?

Lu. A. 19. bath day.* Others 9 Some said, This

Ac. 2, 22. said, iHow can

& 10. 38. is he: others said,

man that is a sinner He is like him: but ver, 7- do such miracles? he said, I am he.

* These And k there was a di10 Therefore said waters came vision among them. they unto him, How

17 They say unto were thine eyes open the rocks of the blind man again, ed?

Mount Zion, What sayest thou of 1. He answered and and formed him, that he hath said, I A man that is

two basins:

opened thine eyes?

the lower called Jesus made

was called

He said, 'He is a clay, and anointed the Pool prophet. mine eyes, and said of Fleeces- 18 But the Jews unto me, Go to the the upper,


did not believe conpool of Siloam, and wash :

cerning him, that he and I went water were

springs of

had been blind, and and washed, and I esteemed received his sight, received sight. the peculiar until they called the

12 Then said they blessings of parents of him that unto him, Where is

had received his he? He said, I know ver. 16

* Dr. Lightnot.

foot has

19 And they asked 13 They brought to shewn, that them, saying, Is this the Pharisees him to anoint the your son, who ye say that aforetime was eyes with was born blind ? how blind.

any kind of

then doth niedicine on


Dow 14 And it was the the sabbath- see? sabbath day when day, was for

20 His parents anJesus made the clay, bidden to swered them and and opened his eyes. the Jews by said, We know that

15 Then again the the tradition this is our son, and Pharisees also asked ders.

that he

was born him how he had re

blind :


The blind man JOHN IX. excommunicated.

21 Bnt by what A.D. 32. again? will ye also means he now seeth,

be his disciples ? we know not; or who m ch. 7. 13. 28 Then they rehath opened his eyes,

& 12. 42.

viled him, and said,

& 19. 38. we know not: he is

Ac. 5. 13. Thou art his dis of age; ask him : he

ciple;. but we are

n ver. 34
shali speak for him- ch. 16. 2. Moses' disciples.

Lu. 6. 22. 29 We know that
These words Ac. 4. 18. God spake unto Mo-

& 4. 40. spake his parents, be

ses: as for this fellow, cause m they feared • Jo. 7. 19. we know not from the Jews: for the

1 Sa. 6. 5. whence he is. Jews had agreed al- p ver. 16.

30 The man an

Mar. 15.28. ready, that if any

Ro. 8. 3.

swered and said unto man did confess that

2 C0.5.21. them, Why herein he was Christ, he

q ch. 8. 14. is a marvellous thing, should n be put out of

that ye know not from

rch. 3. 10. the synagogue.

whence he is, and yet 23 Therefore said s Job 27. 9.

he hath opened mine

& 35. 13. his parents, He is of

Ps. 18. 41.

eyes. age; ask him.

& 34 15.

31 Now we know 24 Then again call & 66. 18. that s God heareth not ed they the man that Pr. 1. 28. sinners : but if any was blind, and said

& 15. 29. man be a worshipper

& 28. 9. unto him, Give God

Is. 1. 15.

of God, and doeth his the praise :P we know Je. 11. 11. will, him he heareth. that this man is a & 14. 12 32 Since the world sinner.

Eze. 8. 18. began was it not 25 He answered and

Mi. 3, 4. heard that any man

Ze, 7. 13 said, Whether he be

opened the eyes of a sinner or no, I know t ver. 16. one that was born not one thing 1

ch. 3. 2.

blind. know, that, whereas

Ac. 5. 38.


tIf this man I was blind, now I u ver. 2. were not of God, he see.

ch. 8. 41. could do nothing. 26 Then said they

Job 14.4.

34 They answered

& 15. 14. to him again, What 16. and said unto him, did he to thee? how Ps. 51. 5. Thou u wast altogeopened he thine eyes? Ga. 2. 15. ther born in sins, and 27 He answered Ep. 2. 3.

dost thou teach us? them, I have told you + Or, excom- and they cast him already, and ye did municated


him. not hear: wherefore

35 Jesus heard that

ver. 22. would ye hear it

they had cast him 249



Christ is the

JOHN X. good Shepherd. out; and when he had

A.D. 32. eth up

some other found him, he said

way, the same is a unto him, Dost thou ch. 10. 36. thief and a robber.* believe on x the Son

Ma. 14.33.

2 But he that enter

& 16. 16. of God?

Mar. 1. 1. eth in by the door is 36 He answered 1Jn0.5.13. the shepherd of the and said, who is he, y ch. 4. 26. sheep. Lord, that I might z ch. 3. 17.

3 To him the porter believe on him? & 5. 22. openeth ;

and the 37 And Jesus said 27. Sheep hear his voice : unto him, Thou hast

& 12. 47. and he calleth both seen him, and

2 Th.2.11.

own sheep, by name, ity is he that talketh a Ma. 13.13. and leadeth them out.

Ro. 6.1. with thee.

He. 10. 19.
4 And

when he 38 And he said, 22. putteth forth his own Lord, I believe. And b Ro. 2. 19. sheep, he goeth behe worshipped him.

o cb. 15. 22. fore them, and the 39 And Jesus said, 24. sheep follow

him : For judgment I am

a ch. 14. 6.

for they know his come into this world,

Ep. 2. 18. voice. that a they which see

5 And a stranger not might see ; and ver. 1

will they not follow, that they which see * It is sup- but will flee from might be made blind. posed that

him: for they know 40 And some of the when he'de- not the voice of stranPharisees which were livered this gers. with him heard these parable, was 6 This parable words, band said un

in the outer

spake Jesus unto to him, Are we blind court of the


them; but they unalso ?

where the

derstood not what 41 Jesus said unto sheep were things they were them, cIf ye were kept in folds which he spake unto blind, ye should have to be sold for


them. no sin : but now ye His illustra- 7 Then said Jesus say, We see; there- tions were unto them again, Vefore your sin remain- often drawn rily, verily, I

say eth.

from natural

unto you, I am the

objects, in

door of the sheep.
the view of
his auditors,

8 All that ever 1 VERILY, verily, though not came before me are I say unto you, He always des- thieves and robbers : that entereth not by

cribed by
the sacred

but the sheep did not the door into the


hear them. sheepfold, but climb.

9. I am the door : Divers opinions JOHN X. concerning him. by me if any man A.D. 32. bring, and they shall enter in, he shall be

hear my voice; hand saved, and shall go

b Is. 40. 11. there shall be one in and out, and find

Ez. 34. 12. fold, and one shep

23. pasture.

& 37. 24.

herd. 10 The thief cometh He. 13. 20. 17 Therefore doth not, but for to steal, 1 Pe. 2.25. my Father love me, and to kill, and to

& 5. 4.

because i I lay down destroy :1 am come . Ze. 11. 16, my life, that I might that they might have

17. take it again. life, and that they a Ps. 1. 6.

18 No man taketh might have it more Re. 2. 2. 9. it from me, but I lay abundantly.

13. 19. it down of myself. I 11 b I am the good

& 3. 1.8. have power to lay it

15. shepherd : the good

2 Ti. 2. 19.

down, and I k have shepherd giveth his

power to take it life for the sheep. • Ma. 11.27. again. This com12 But he that is rch. 15. 13.

mandment have I an hireling, and not

received of my Fathe shepherd, whose & 1s. 56. 8.

ther. own the sheep are b Eze. 37.22.

19 m There was a not, seeth the wolf

Ep. 2. 14. division therefore

1 Pe. 2.25. coming, and cleaveth


among the

i Is. 42. 1. the sheep, and fleeth:

Jews for these say

21. and the wolf catcheth them, and scattereth

12. 20 And many of the sheep.

He. 2. 9. them said, n He hath 13 The hireling flee- k ch. 2. 19. a devil, and is mad; eth, because he is an Ich. 6. 38. why hear ye him? hireling, and careth & 15. 10. 21 Others said, not for the sheep.

Ac. 2. 24. These

are not the

32, 14 I am the good

words of him that shepherd, and a know mch. 7: 43. hath a devil. • Can a

& 9. 16. my sheep, and am

devil p open the eyes known of mine.

nch. 7. 20. of the blind ?

& 8. 48. 52. 15 As the Father

22 And it was at knoweth me, even so

0 Ex. 4. 11. Jerusalem the 9 feast

Ps. 94. 9. know I the Father :

& 146. 8.

of the dedication, and f 1 lay down my

and it was winter.

p ch.9.6, 7. life for the sheep.

32, 33.

23 And Jesus walk16 And 8 other

q No. 7. 8.

ed in the temple rin sheep I have, which

i Ac. 3. u. Solomon's porch. are not of this fold :

& 5. 12.

24 Then came the them also I must

Jews round about

& 53. 7,8. ings.

me ?

d Is

Christ's sheep JOHN X.

never perish. him, and said unto A. D. 33. works do ye stone him, How long dost thou + make us

tolt Or, hold

33 The Jews andoubt ? If thou be us in sus

swered him, saying,

pense. the Christ, tell us

For a good work we plainly.

3 ver. 38.
ch. 3. 2.

stone thee not ; but 25 Jesus answered

& 5. 36.

for blasphemy; and them, I told you, and t ch. 8. 47. because

that thou, ye believed not : Sthe 1 Jno.4.6. being a man, emak works that I do in u ver. 4. 14. est thyself God. my Father's name,

34 Jesus answered

ich. 6. 37. they bear witness of & 17.11,12. them,

it Dot me

& 19. 9. written in your law, 26 But tye believe y ch. 14. 28. I said, Ye are gods? not, because ye are z ch. 17. 2.

35 If he called them not of my sheep, as 6, &c. gods, e unto whom I said unto you.

a ch. 17. 11. the word of God 27 u My sheep hear 22. came, and the scripmy voice, and I 1 Jno. 5.7. ture cannot be broknow them, and they b ch. 8. 59. ken; follow me:

c ch. 5. 18. 36 Say ye of him, 28 And I give unto a Ps. 82. c. whom f' the Father them eternal life ; le Ro. 13. 1. hath sanctified, and and they shall never

fch. 6. 27.

sents into the world, perish, neither shall

ch. 3. 17.

Thou blasphemesti any man pluck them

& 5. 36, 37. out of my hand.

& 8. 42.

am ithe Son of God? 29 y My Father,

hver. 30.

37 k If I do not which z

gave them ch. 5. 17, the works of my Fame, is greater than 18. ther, believe me not. all; and no man is i ch. 9. 35. 38 But if I do, able to pluck them 37. though ye believe not out of my Father's

I believe the hand.

k ch. 15. 24. works : that ye may 30 a I and my Fa- 1 ch. 5. 36. know, and believe, ther are one.

& 14. 10, that the Father is Then b the Jews


me, and I in him. took up stones again mch. 14. 10, 39 n Therefore they to stone him.

11. & 17. 21.

sought again to take 32 Jesus answered

him : but he escaped

Bch, 7. 30. them, Many good


out of their hand, works have I shewed

& 8. 59.

40 And went away you from my Father; l. ch. 1. 28. again beyond Jordan for which of those

linto the place where


Lu. 1. 35. me,

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