speaketh in 8 Mi. 7.6.

The Apostles MATT. X. are comforted. for it shall be given A. D. 31. shall they call them you in that same hour

of his houshold?

e Ex. 4. 12. what ye shall speak.

Je. 1.7.

26 Fear them not 20 For it is not ye 12 Sa. 23. 2. therefore : for there that speak, but the Ac. 4. 8. is nothing covered, Spirit of your Father

2 Tj. 4. 17. that shall not be rewhich

Lu. 21.16. vealed; and hid, that you.

h Lu. 21. 17. shall not be known. 21 8 And the bro- i Da. 12. 12. 27 What I tell you ther shall deliver up ch. 24. 13. in


that the brother to death,

Mar. 13.13. speak ye in light:

k ch.2, 13. and the father the

and what ye hear in

& 4. 12. child : and the chil

Ac. 8. 1.

the ear, that preach dren shall rise up + Or, end, ye upon the house. against their parents, or, finish. tops. and cause them to be I ch. 16. 28. 28 P And fear not put to death.

m Lu. 6. 40. them which kill the 22 And hye shall & 15. 20. body, but are not able be hated of all men n cb. 12. 24. to kill the soul : but for my name's sake: Mar. 3. 22. rather fear him which but i he that endureth Lu. 11. 15. is able to destroy both to the end shall be

Jno. 8. 48. soul and body in hell.

1 Or, Beelsaved.


29 Are not two 23 But k when they 0 Mar. 4. 22. sparrows sold for 5 a persecute you in this Lu. 8. 17. farthing? and one of city, flee ye into ano

& 12. 2, 3. them shall not fall on ther: for verily I say

p Is. 8.12,13. the ground without

Lu. 12. 4. unto you, Ye shall not

1 Pe. 3. 14. your Father. havet gone over the 6 It is in 30 9 But the very cities of Israel, 'till value half hairs of your head are the Son of man be penny far. all numbered.

thing in the come. 24 m The disciple is being the

31 Fear ye not thereoriginal, as

fore, ye are of more not above his master, tenth part of value than many sparnor the servant above the Roman rows. his lord.

penny; 32r Whosoever there25 It is enough for

ch. 18. 28. fore shall confess ine

q1 Sa.14.45. the disciple that he 2 Sa. 14.11. before men,shim will be as his master, and Lu. 21. 18. I confess also before the servant as his Lu. 12. 8. my Father which is

Ro.10.9, 10. in heaven: lord. If n they have

s Re. 3. 5. called the master of Mar. 8. 38.

33 But whosoever the house I Beelze- 2 Ti. 2. 12. shall deny me before bub, how much more

men, him will I also

Christ's charge MATT. XI. to his disciples. deny before my Fa. A. D. 31. name of a prophet ther which is in hea

shall receive a pro

t Lu. 12. 49. ven.

phet's reward ; and

51, 52, 53. 34 u Think*not that Mic. 7.6. be that receiveth a I am come to send y Ps. 41.9. righteous man in the peace on earth :

1 & 55. 13. name of a righteous same not to

Mic. 7. 6. send

man, shall receive a

Jno. 13. 18. peace, but a sword.

z Lu 14. 26. righteous man's re33 For I am come a ch. 16. 24.

ward. to set a man at vari- Mar. 8. 34. 42 e And whosoever ance x against


Lu. 9. 23. shall give to drink father, and the daugh

& 14. 27.
b ch. 16. 25.

unto one of these ter against her mo- Lu. 17. 33. little ones a cup of ther, and the daugh- Jno, 12. 25. cold water only in the ter in law against her c ch. 18. 5. name of a disciple, mother in law.

Lu. 9. 48. verily I say unto you,

& 10. 16. 36 And ya man's

he shall in no wise

Jno, 12. 44. foes shall be they of

& 13. 20.

lose his reward. his own houshold. Ga. 4. 14.

37 He that loveth a 1 Ki. 17.10. CHAP. XI. father or mother more

2 Ki. 4.8.

1 AND it came to than me is not wor

ech. 18.5,6.
& 25. 40.

pass, when Jesus had thy of me: and he Mar. 9. 41. made an end of comthat loveth son or He. 6. 10. manding his twelve daughter more than a Lu.7.18,19. disciples, he departed me is not worthy of b ch. 14.3.

thence to teach and

. Ge. 49. 10. me.

Nu. 24. 17.

to preach in their 38 a And he that

Da. 9. 24. cities. taketh not his cross, Jno. 6. 14.

2 a Now when John and followeth after

had heard bin the prime, is not worthy of ver. 34

son the works of

* It is not me.

Christ, he sent two of 39 bHe that findeth ebesecuence his disciples, his life shall lose it : of the com

3 And said unto and he that loseth his ing of Christ, hiin, Art thou che life for my sake shall nor of his

that should come, or find it.

Gospel, to

do we look for ano40 cHe that receiv- sertions ;

breed dis

ther? eth you receiveth me, but they 4 Jesus answered and he that receiveth arise from and said unto them, me receiveth him the perver- go and shew John that sent me.

sity of men, again those things 41 dHe that receiv- the Gospel which ye do hear and eth a prophet in the

see :

Christ's testimony MATT. XI. concerning John.

5 d The blind re- A. D. 31. risen a greater than ceive their sight, and

John the Baptist :

d Is. 29. 18. the lame walk, theo & 35.4,5,6. notwithstanding he lepers are cleansed, & 42.7. that is least in the and the deaf hear, Jno. 2. 23. kingdom of heaven is the dead are raised & 3. 2.

& 5. 36.

greater than he. up, and the poor

& 10.25.38.

12 1 And from the have the gospel

& 14. 11.

days of John the preached to them.

e Ps. 22. 26.

Baptist until now 6 And blessed is he,

Is. 61. 1.

the kingdom of heawhosoever shall not Lu. 4. 18. ven't suffereth viobe f offended in me. Ja. 2. 5. lence, and the violent 75 And as they f Is. 8. 14, 15. take it by force.

ch. 13. 57. departed, Jesus began

13 m For all the

& 24. 10. to say unto the mul

& 26. 31.

prophets and the titudes concerning Ro.9.32,33. law prophesied until John, What went ye 1 Cor. 1.23. John. out into the wilder

& 2. 14.

14 And if ye will ness to see? bA reed

Gal. 5. 11. receive it, this is shaken



$ Lu. 7. 24. Elias, which was for wind?

h Eph.4. 14. to come. 8 But what went ye ich. 14. 5. 15 o He that hath out for to see ? A

& 21. 26.

ears to hear, let him man clothed in soft

Lu. 1. 76. & 7. 26.

hear. raiment? behold,they

16 pBut whereunto

k Mal. 3. 1. that wear soft cloth

Mar. 1. 2.

shall I liken this geing are in kings' Lu. 1. 76. neration? It is like houses.

& 7, 27, unto children sitting 9 But what went ! Lu. 16. 16. in the markets, and ye out for to see ? At Or, is got- calling unto their prophet? yea, I say ten by force, fellows, unto you, i and more that thrust

17 And saying, We than a prophet.

have piped unto you, 10 For this is he, of m Mal. 4. 6. and ye have not whom it is written, . Mal. 4. 5.

danced ;

have Behold, I send my ch. 17. 12. mourned unto you, messenger before thy Lu. 1. 17. and ye have not laface, which shall pre-o ch. 13. 9. mented.

Lu, 8. 8. pare thy way before

18 For John came thee.

Re. 2. 7.11. neither eating por 11 Verily I say & 3. 6. 13. drinking, and they unto you, Among 22. say, He hath a de them that are born of p La. 7. 31. vil. women there hath not

19 The son of map 25

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Christ upbraideth MATT. XII.

Chorazin, &c. came

eating and A. D. 31. more tolerable for the drinking, and they

land of Sodom in the

9 ch. 9. say, Behold a man lu. 7. 35. day of judgment than gluttonous, and a Lu. 10. 13. for thee. winebibber,' a friend t Jo. 3.7, 8. 25 z At that time of Publicans and sin- u ch. 10. 15 Jesus answered and pers. But wisdom

1 Is. 14. 13. said, I thank thee, o is justified of her

La. 2. 1.

Father, Lord of hea. children.

y ch. 10. 15. ven and earth, be20 s Then began he z Lu. 10. 21. cause a thou hast hid to upbraid the cities a Ps. 8.2.

these things from the wherein most of his

1 Co. 1. 19.

wise and 9 prudent,

27. & 2.8. mighty works were

hast revealed done, because they bch. 16. 17. them unto babes. repented not:

och, 28. 18. 26 Even so, Father: 21 Woe upto thee,

Lu. 10. 22. for so it seemed good

Jno. 3. 35. Chorazin! woe unto

in thy sight.

& 13. 3. thee, Bethsaida! for 1 Co.15.27.

27 All things are if the mighty works, a Jno. 1. 18. delivered unto me of which were done in

& 6. 46. my father : and no you had been done in

& 10. 15.

man knoweth

- Jno. 13. 15. Tyre and Sidon, they

Ph. 2. 5.

Son, but the Father ; would have repented 1 Pe. 2.21. neither d knoweth any long ago tin sack- 1 Ino. 2. 6. man the Father, save cloth and ashes.

f Ze. 9. 9. the Son, and he to 22 But I say unto

Ph. 2. 7,8. g Je. 6. 16.

whomsoever the Son you, u it shall be more | 1 ino. 5.3. will reveal him. tolerable

for Tyre a De. 23. 25. 48 Come unto me, and Sidon at the day Mar, 2. 23. all ye that labour and of judgment, than for

Lu. 6. 1.

are heavy laden, and you.

ver. 234 I will give you rest. 23 And thou, Ca- A meta- 29 * Take my yoke pernaum, * which art phor expres- upon you, e and learn exalted

of me; for I am meek ven, shalt he brought enjoyment of and I lowly in heart : down to hell: for if privileges. and 8 ye shall find rest the mighty works, ver. 29- unto your souls. which have been done

Submit to

30 h For my yoke is in thee, had been my doctrine

and precepts

easy," and my burden done in Sodom, it

is light. would have remained ver. 30until this day.

* Pleasant,


AT that time a Je24 But I say into ble.

or, profita

Sus went on the sabyou, y, That it shall be

bath day through the 26


Christ reproveth MATI. XII. the Pharisees. corn; and his disci-| A. 1.31. have condemned the ples were an hungred,

bi Sa. 21.6.

guiltless. and began to pluck

8 For the Son of the ears of corn, and CEx. 25. 30.

Le. 24. 5. man is Lord even of to eat.

d Ex. 29. 32,

the sabbath day. 2 But when



9 h And when he Pharisees saw it, they Le. 8. 31. was departed thence, said unto him, Be- & 24. 9. he went into their hold, tby disciples do e Na. 28. 9.

synagogue :

Jno, 7. 22. that which is not law

f2 Ch. 6.18.

10 And, behold, ful to do upon the sab

Mal. 3.1. there

was a man bath day.

Ho. 6.6. which had his hand 3 But he said unto Mi, 6.6, 7, withered. And they them, Have ye not

ch.9. 13.

asked him, saying,

h Mar 3. 1. read bwhat David

LU. 6.6

Is i it lawful to heal did, when he was an i Lu. 13. 14. on the sabbath days? hungred, and they & 14. 3. that they might acthat were with him; Jno. 9. 16. cuse him. 4 How he entered

k Ex.23.4,5.

11 And he said un

De. 22. 4. into the house of

Ich, 27. 1.

to them, What man God, and did ceat Mar. 3. 6. shall there be among the shew-bread, * Lu. 6. 11. you, that shall have which was not law- Jno. 5. 18. one sheep, and k if it ful for him to eat,

& 10.39.

fall into a pit on the

& 11.53. neither for

them which were with him,

Or, took

sabbath day, will he counsel.

not lay hold on it, butd only for the

and lift it out? Priests?

12 How much then 5 Or have ye not * Tous aptors is a man better than read in the elaw, as #potectws a sheep? Wherefore how that on the sab- Heb. On it is lawful to do well bath days the Priests

on the sabbath days. in the temple * pro

13 Then saith he fane the sabbath, and

chem panim,
bread of the

to the man, Stretch are blameless!

faces, or pre

forth thine hand. 6 But I say unto sence, be- And he stretched it you, That in this cause it was forth; and it was place is fone greater set continue restored whole, like iban the temple.

ally before
the face of

as the other.
7 But if ye had Jehovah.

14 Then the Phaknown what this

risees went out and

ver. 5meaneth, b) will have * Slaying the heldt a council a. mercy, and not sacri- sacrifices, &c. gainst him, how they fice, ye would not

might destroy him.

Ver. 1

-le פנים

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