Re. 7.17. whence

& 22. 1, 2. thou

Christ and the JOHN IV. woman of Samaria, the Pharisees had, A. D. 30. man of Samaria? for heard that Jesus

the c Jews have no made and a baptized 4 ch. 3. 22. dealings with the Sa

26. more disciples than

maritans. John,

b Ge. 33. 19.

10 Jesus answered

& 48. 22. 2 (Though Jesus

and said unto her, If

Jo. 24. 32. himself baptized not,

thou knewest the gift but his disciples,)

c2 Ki. 17.24. of God, and who it 3 He left Judæa,

Ez. 4.

is that saith to thee,

Ne. 4.1, 2. and departed again Lu. 9. 52,

Give me to drink; into Galilee.

53. thou wouldest have 4 And he must Ac. 10. 28. asked of him, and he needs go

through a Ps. 36.8,9. would have given Samaria.

& 46. 4. thee a living water. 5 Then cometh he

Is. 12. 3.

11 The woman

& 44. 3. to a city of Samaria,

Je. 2. 13.

saith unto him, Sir, which is called Sy- Ze. 13. 1. thou hast nothing to char, near to the par- & 14.8. draw with, and the cel of ground b that 1 Co. 10.4. well is deep: from Jacob gave to his son

then hast

& 21.6. Joseph.

that living 6 Now Jacob's well

17. water? was there. Jesus le cb. 6.35.

12 Art thou greater therefore, being wea- 58. than our father Jaried with his jour-teh. 7. 38. cob, which gave us ney, sat thus on the

the well, and drank well : and it

was ver. 10

thereof himself, and about

the sixth This gift his children, and his hour.

of God is cattle ? 7 There cometh a Christ, the

13 Jesus answered woman of Samaria to sinners.

Saviour of

and said unto her, draw water : Jesus Living wa

Whosoever drinketh saith unto her, Give ter describes of this water shall me to drink.

the influen- thirst again : 8 (For his disciples ces of the 14 But e whosoever

; were gone away un- which, Howdrinketh of the water to the city to buy ing purely that I shall give him meat.)

from the shall never thirst 9 Then saith the “ Fountain

but the water that woman of Samaria of life," pro-shall give him I shall unto him, How is it sustain spi

be in him a well that thou, being a ritual life in of water springing Jew, askest drink of the soul. up into everlasting me, which am a wo


Christ and the JOHN IV. woman of Samaria.

15 6 The woman A. D.30. ship : for salvation saith unto him, Sir,

is of the Jews.

gch. 6.34 give me this water,

& 17. 2. 3.

23 But the hour that I thirst not, nei- Ro. 6. 23. cometh, and now is, ther come hither to 1Jno.5.20. when the true wordraw,

h ch. 6.14. shippers shall worship 16 Jesus saith unto & 7.40. the Father in spirit

Lu. 7. 16. her, Go, call thy hus

andp in truth : for the

& 24. 19. band, and come hi

Father seeketh such ther.

i Ju. 9. 7.

to worship him. 17 The woman an.

k De. 12. 5.

24 9 God is a Spirit:

11. swered and said, I

1 Ki. 9. 3.

and they that worship have no husband.

2 Ch.7.12. him

must worship Jesus said unto her, i Mal. 1. 11. him in spirit and in Thou has well said, I Ti. 2.8. truth. I have no husband :

m 2 Ki. 17.

25 The woman saith 18 For thou hast

29. unto him, I know bad five husbands; n Is. 2. 3.

that Messias cometh, and he whom thou Lu. 24. 47. which is called now hast is not thy Ro. 9.4,5. Christ: when he is husband :

in that o Ps. 51. 6. come, the will tell us saidst thou truly.

Pb. 3. 3. all things. 19 The woman p ch. 1. 17.

26 Jesus saith unto saith unto him, Sir, q 2 Co. 3.17. her, 1 that speak Il perceive that thou i 'Ti. 1. 17. unto thee am he. art a prophet. r ver. 29. 39. 27 And upon this 20 Our fathers wor-sch. 9. 37. came


disciples, shipped in

i this Ma. 26. 63, and marvelled that mountain*; and ye

64. he talked with the

Mar.14.61 that in k Jerusa


woman: yet no man lem is the place

said, What seekest

t ver. 25. where men ought to

thou? or, why talkest worship.

thou with her?

ver. 20 21 Jesus saith into * On this 28 The woman then her, Woman, believe mount, call-left her waterpot, and me, the hour cometh, ed Gerizim, went her way into the when 1 ye

city, and saith to the neither in this moun- mission of

by the per:

men, tain, nor yet at Jeru- Alexander 29 Come, see а salem, worship the the Great, man, which told me Father.

built a tem- all things that ever I 22 Ye worship mye ple. See

did : is not this the

Jos. Antiq. know not what: we 13. 9.

Christ? know what we wor!

30 Then they went


shali Sanballat,

The woman

of Samaria. out of the city, and A. D. 30. Jother men laboured came unto him,

and ye are entered 31 In the mean

u ver. 32

into their labours.

ch. 6. 38. while his disciples & 17. 4.

39 And many of the prayed him, saying, & 19. 30.

Samaritans of that Master, eat.

Job 23. 12. city believed on him 32 But he said unto Ps. 40. 8. for 2 the saying of the

Is. 61. 1.3. them, I have meat to

Lu. 4. 4.

woman, which testieat that ye know not & 19. 10. fied, He told me all of.

Ac. 20. 35. that ever I did. 33 Therefore said Ma. 9. 37.

40 So when the Sa. the disciples one to

Lu. 10.2. maritans were come another, Hath any y Da. 12. 3. unto him, they beman brought

him Pr. 11, 30. sought him that he ought to eat? Ro. 1. 13. would tarry

with 34 Jesus saith unto

1 Co.9. 19. them: and he abode them, u My meat is to 1 Th.2.19, there two days. do the will of him

20. 41 And many more that sent me, and to

1 Ti. 4. 16. believed because of finish his work.

2T1.4.7,8. his own word;

Ja. 5. 19. 35 Say not ye, There

42 And said unto

z ver. 29. are yet four months,

the woman, Now we and then cometh har a ch. 17. 8: believe, not because vest? behold, I say & 52. 10, of thy saying : for unto you, Lift up Lu. 2. 10, we a have heard him your eyes, and look 11,32. ourselves, and know on the fields; * for

Ac. 4. 12. that this is indeed the they are white al

Ro. 10... Christ, the Saviour of

13. ready to harvest. *

2 Co. 5. 19.

the world. 36 y And he that I Jno.4.14. 43 Now after two reapeth receiveth wa b Ma. 13.57. days he departed ges, and gathereth Mar, 6.4. thence, and went into fruit unto life eter

La. 4. 24. Galilee. nal: that both he that c ch. 2. 23. 44 For b Jesus him. Boweth and he that

& 3. 2.

self testified, that a reapeth may rejoice ver. 35

prophet hath no hotogether.

.i.e. A spi

nour in his Own 37 And herein is ritual har- country. that saying true, One vest-of men 45 Then when he soweth, and another hastening was come into Ga

across the reapeth.

fields to bear

lilee, the Galilæans 38 I sent you to and receive

received him, chav. reap that whereon ye his Gospel. ing seen all the things bestowed no labour :

that he did at Jeru

Christ healeth


the ruler's son. salem at the feast : A. D. 30. amend.

And they ford they also went

said unto him, Yes. unto the feast. a De. 16. 16. terday at the seventh 16 So Jesus came

Ln. 2. 42 hour the fever left

44. again into Cana of

& 9. 53.

him. Galilee, e where he made the water wine.

53 So the father e ch.2.1, 11.

Jos. 19.28. knew that it was at And there was a cer

the same hour, in the tain

tnobleman,whose cor, cours which Jesus said unson was sick at Ca- ruler.

to him, Thy son pernaum.

liveth : and himself 47 When he heard f ch. 2. 18.


and his that Jesus was come

& 12. 37.
& 15. 24.

whole house. out of Judæa into Ga

& 20. 29. 54 This is again the lilee, he went unto No. 14. 11. second miracle that him, and besought Ma. 16. 1. Jesus did, when he him that he would

& 27. 42.
Ln. 10. 13.

was come out of Jucome down, and heal

& 16. 31. dæa into Galilee. his son: for he was

Ac. 2, 22. at the point of death. 1 Co. 1. 22.

CHAP. V. 48 Then said Jesus a ch. 2. 13. 1 AFTER a this there unto him, f Except ye Le. 23. 2. was a feast of the see signs and won

Do. 16. 1. Jews; and Jesus went ders, ye will not be- b No. 3. 1.

up to Jerusalem. lieve.

& 12. 39.

2 Now there is at 49 The nobleman

Jerusalem b by the saith unto him, Sir, + Or, gate. sheep * market a pool, come down ere my ti.e. The which is called in the child die.

house of Hebrew tongue Beth50 Jesus saith unto mercy. esda, I having five him, Go thy way ;

porches. thy son liveth. And ver. 2– 3 In these lay a the man believed the • Campbell great multitude of word that Jesus had renders & impotent folk, of spoken unto him, and in Apoßarurn blind, halt, withered, he went his way. 51 And as he was ing to one

gate ; allud waiting for the mov?

ing of the water. now going down, his of the gates 4 For an angel went servants met him, of Jerusalem down at a certain sea, and told him, saying, which was

son into the pool, *and Thy son liveth.

See Neh. 3. troubled the water: 52 Then enquired

32. whosoever then first he of them the hour & 12. 39. after the troubling of when he began to

the water stepped in


Ma. 12.45. that it

Christ at

Bethesda. was made whole of A. D. 31. (that which said unto whatsoever disease he

thee, Take c Ma. 9. 6.

up thy had.

Mar. 2.11.

bed, and walk? 5 And a certain man Lu. 5. 24.

13 And he that was was there, which had a ch. 9. 14. healed wist_not who an infirmity thirty e Ex. 20. 10. it was : for Jesus had and eight years.

Ne. 13.19. conveyed himself 6 When Jesus saw Je. 17. 21, away, ta multitude him lie, and knew &c. being in that place. that he had been now

Ma. 12. 2.

14 Afterward Jesus

Mar. 2. 24. a long time in that

& 3. 4.

findeth him in the case, he saith unto Lu. 6. 2. temple, and said unto unto him, Wilt thou & 13. 14. him, Behold, thou art be made whole? + Or, from made whole: f sin po

7 The impotent man the multi- more, lest a worse answered him, Sir, I lude that

thing come unto thee. have no man, when

15 The man departthe water is troubled, sh. 8. 11.

ed, and told the Jews to put me into the

was Jesus, pool: but while I am ch. 9. 4.

& 14. 10.

which had made him coming, another step-b ch. 7. 19.

whole. peth down before me.

16 And therefore 8 Jesus saith unto i ch. 10.30, did the Jews perse

33. him, • Rise, take up Ph. 2. 6.

cute Jesus,and sought thy bed, and walk.

to slay him, because 9 And immediately ver. 6- he had done these the man was made

things on the sabbath whole, and took up asked this

our Lord

day. his bed, and walked :


17 But Jesus anand d on the same that the de- swered them, s My day was the sabbath. claration of Father worketh hi10 The Jews there the man

therto, and I work. fore said unto him the miracle

might render

18 Therefore the that was cured, It is more con

Jews b sought the the sabbath day: eit spicuous ; more to kill him, is not lawful for thee and also to

because he not only to carry thy bed.

awaken the had broken the sab11 He answered the Jews, to bath, but said also them, He that made the evi- that God was

his me whole, the same dence he Father, i making said unto me, Take was about to himself equal with up thy bed, and walk. divine mis

God. 12 Then asked they sion.

19 Then answered him, What man is

Jesus and said unto

* It seems

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