ascension. shewed them his A. D. 33.

47 And that repenhands and his feet.

tance and a remission 41 And while they Ge. 45.26. of sins should be yet believed not k for 1 Jno. 21. 5. preached in his name joy, and wondered, m Ac. 10.41. among r all nations, he said unto them, n ch. 9. 22. beginning at Jerusa. Havel ye here any

& 18. 31. lem. meat ?

Ma. 16.21.

48 And 42 And they gave & 17. 22.


ye & 20. 19.

witnesses of these him a piece of a broil

Mar. 8. 31. things. ed fish, and of an Ac. 16. 14.

49 And, behold, I honey comb.

send the promise of 43 m And he took it,

Ip Ps. 22.

Is. 50, 6, my Father upon you: and did eat before & 53.2,&c. but tarry ye in the them.

Ac. 17. 3, city of Jerusalem, 44 And he said q Va. 9. 24. uniil ye be endued unto them, n These Ac. 13. 38. with power from on are the words which

46. 1 Jno.2.12.

high. I spake unto you,

50 And he led them while I was yet with Ge. 12. 3; outu as far as to Beth

Ps. 22. 27 you, that all things Is. 49.6.

any, and he lifted up must be fulfilled, Je. 31. 34. his hands, and blesswhich were written Ho. 2. 23. ed them. in the law of Moses, s Jao. 15. 27. 51 x And it came and in the Prophets,

Ac. 1.8.22. to

pass, while he and in the Psalms, t Is. 44. 3. blessed them, he was concerning me.

Jno. 14.16. parted



26. 45 Then o opened

and carried up into

Ac. 1. 4. he their understand

heaven. ing, that they might

a Ac. 1. 12.

52 y And they worunderstand the scrip- 2Ki.2: 11. shipped him, and retures,

Jno. 20. 17. turned to Jerusalem 46 And said unto

Ac. 1.9.

with great joy: them, p Thus it is

Ep. 4. 8.

53 And were conwritten, and thus it y Ma. 28.9. tinually z in the tem. behoved Christ to suf. 17. ple, praising

and fer, and to rise from z Ac. 2. 46. blessing God. Amen. the dead the third & 5. 42. day :

St. Lute is said to have been a native of Antioch in Syria, but it is uncertain whether he was a Gentile or a Jew by birth. The period of his conversion to Christianity is unknown. It is generally allowed that he was a physician by profession. From his own history, the Acts of the Apostles, we learn that he was the companion and fellow-labourer of St. Paul. During his travels with that Apostle, from Greece through Macedonia and Asia to Jerusalem, he collected many particulars of his evangelical history ; it was after he had returned to Greece, that he finished and published his Gospel, with the book of Acts.

Some have supposed him to be the same whom St. Paul mentions in Col. iv, 14, avd calls Luke the beloved physician ; but this is doubt. fal. Dr. Lardner thinks he is the Lucius mentioned in Rom. xvi. 21, (and if so, related to Si. Paul,) and the Lacios of Cyrene ; seo Acts xiii. 1. The exact circumstances of his death are uncertain ; but it is believed that he died in peace about the 80th or 84th year of his age, Some writers have intimated that he died as a martyr.

" St. Luke is supposed to have been a man of learning, previously to kis being endued with spiritual gifts. His style is more pare and classical than that of the other evangelists ; though not free from the Hebrew or Syriac idiom, which some make an objection to his being a Gentile convert : yet it only proves, that he had studied the Septuagint, and was conversant with Hellenists. The simplicity of the manner, however, in which he sets before the mind, as in a picture, the wonderful events which he records, and the talent which he manifests of fixing the attention and exciting the affections of his readers, by the most artless narrative, are so exquisite, that many have thought him, as a writer, capable of standing the competition with the most celebrated historians of Greece itself.” See Scott.

This Gospel furnishes many discourses, parables, and miracles, which had been omitted by the preceding evangelists; while many recorded by them are not noticed.


The GOSPEL according to ST. JOHN.


A. D. 26. every man that com

eth into the world. 1 In the beginning

a Pr. 8. 22.
Col. 1. 17.

10 He was in the was a the Word, and 1 Jno. 1.1. world, and mthe world the Word was b with Pr. 8.30. was made by him, God, cand the Word Jno. 1.2 and the world knew was God.

c Ph. 2. 6.

him not. 2 d The same was

d Ge. l. 1.

11 n He came unto in the beginning with

his own, and his own God.

e Col. 1. 16.

received him not. 3 e All things were

f 1 Jno.5.11.

12 But as many as made by him; and 8 ch. 8. 12. received him, to them without him was not b ch.3. 19. gave he + power to any thing made that i ver. 33. become the sons of was made.

Ma. 3. 1. God, even to them 4 Ip him was life; k Ac. 19, 4. that believe on his and & the life was the 1 ver. 4. name: light of men. in He. 1. 2. 13 p Which

were 5 And b the light shineth in darkness;

L1. 19.14. born, not of blood,

Ac. 3. 26. nor of the will or the and the darkness com- o Is. 56 5. flesh, nor of the will prehended it not. Ro. 8. 15. of man, but of God.

6 i There was a man + Or, the 14 . And the Word sent from God, whose right, or, wasr made flesh, name was John. privilege. and dwelt among us,

7 k The same came p Ja. 1. 13. (and t we beheld his for a witness, to bear! Pe. 1.23. glory, the glory as of witness of the Light,jq Ma. 1. 16. the only begotten of that all men through

La. 1. 31. the Father,) u full of him might believe.

r Ro. 1. 3.

grace and truth. 8 He was not thats He. 2. 14 15 w John bare witLight, but was sent t Ma. 17. 2. ness of him,and cried, to bear witness of Col. I. 19. saying, This was he that Light.

w ch, 5. 33. of whom I spake, lle g! That was the true Light, which lighteth

sch. 3. 31. that cometh after me

is preferred before

The testimony

of John. me: y for he was be- A. D. 30. way of the Lord, as fore me.

said !

the prophet 16 And of his z ful- y ch. s. 58.

Esaias. ness have all we re

z cb. 3. 34.

24 And they which ceived, and grace for

Ep. 1.6,7,


were sent were of the grace.

Col. 1 19. Pharisees. 17 For the law a Ex. 20.1. 25 And they asked was given by Moses, b Ro. 3. 24. him, and said unto but bgrace and ctruth ech s. 32. him, Why baptizest came by Jesus Christ.

d ch. 6. 46. thou then, if thou be 18 d No man hath Ex. 33. 20. not that Christ, nor seen God at any time; Ma. 11. 27. Elias, neither that the e oply begottene ver. 14. prophet? Son, which is in the ch.3.16.18 26 John answered bosom of the Father, 1 Jno. 4.9. them, saying,

ml he hath declared him fch. 5. 33. baptize with water :

19 And this is fthe 8 ch. 3. 28. but n there standeth record of John, when Lu. 3. 15. one among you, whom the Jews sent Priests

Ac. 13. 25. ye know not; and Levites from Je-b Mal. 4. 5.

27 He it is, who rusalem to ask him,

Ma. 17.10. coming after me is Who art thou?

i De. 18. 15. preferred before me,


whose shoe's latchet fessed, and denied

phet. not; but confessed, 1 kch, 3. 28

unloose. am not the Christ.

Ma. 3. 3.

28 These things were 21 And they asked us. 40. 3.

done pin Bethabara him, What then? Art m Ma, 3. 11. beyond Jordan, where thou h Elias? And he

John was baptizing.

n Mal. 3. 1. saith, I am not. Art

29 The next day thou 'i that prophet ? • ver. 15.30. John


Jesus And he answered, p ch. 10. 40. coming unto

him, No.

Ju. 7. 24.

and saith, Behold 29 Then said they 9 ver. 3€, the Lamb of God,

Ex. 12. 3. unto him, Who art

which taketh away

Is. 53. 7. thou? that we may

Ac. 8. 32. the 'sin of the world. give an answer to I Pe. 1. 19. 30 s This is he of them that sent us.fr Is. 53. 11. whom I said, After What sayest thou of 1 Co.15. 3. me cometh a man thyself?

Ga. 1. 4.

which is preferred 23 * He said, I am

He. 1. 3.

before me: for he was the voice of one cry

t Orbear

before me. ing in the wilderness,

31 And I knew him

s ver. 15. 27. Make straight the

not: but that he

20 And & he con: + Or, a pro- I am not worthy to upon him.

John's testimony JOHN 1.

of Christ, should be made mani- A.D 30. terpreted,

Master,) fest to Israel, t there

where tdwellest thou? fore am I come bap-t Mal. 3. 1. 39 He saith unto tizing with water. Ma. 3. 6. them, Come and see. 32 u And John bare

Lal: They came and saw record, saying, I saw

76, 77. & 3. 3, 4.

where he dwelt, and the Spirit descending

abode with him that from heaven like a uch. 5,32. day: for it was I about dove, and it abode

Ma. 3. 16.
Mar. 1.10.

the tenth hour.
La. 3. 22.

40 One of the two 33 And I knew him

which heard John not:*but he that sent

» Ma. 3. 11.

Ac. 1. 5. speak, and followed me to baptize with

& 2, 4.

him, was z Andrew, water, the same said & 10. 44. Simon Peter's bro unto me, Upon whom & 19. 6. ther. thou shalt see the

41 He first findeth

y ver. 29. Spirit descending,

his own brother Si. and remaining on Or,abidest mon, and saith unto him, x the same is t That was him, We have found he which baptizeth two hours the Messias, which with the Holy Ghost, before night. is, being interpreted,

34 And I saw, and z Ma. 4. 18. the Christ. bare record that this Or, the 42 And he brought is the Son of God. anointed. him to Jesus. And

35 Again the next a Ma. 16. 18. when Jesus beheld day after John stood, and two of his dis

him, he said, Thou tt Or, Peter.

art Simon the son of ciples;

b ch. 12. 21. Jona: a thou shalt be 36 And

looking a ch, 21. 2. called Cephas, which upon Jesus as he

is by interpretation, walked, he

ver. 33

A stone. It
Behold y the Lamb

* Jesus had

43 The day followof God!

lived at Na-ing Jesus would go 37 And the two dis- zareth, while forth into Galilee, and ciples heard him Jobn lived

findeth Philip, and speak, and they fol. in the de

serts of Ju

saith unto bim, Fol. lowed Jesus.

daa, ninety low me. 38 Then Jesus turn-miles from 14 Now

b Philip ed, and saw them Nazareth :

was of Bethsaida, following, and saith so that

John's testi

the city of Andrew unto them, What seek ye? They said unto not be sus

mony could and Peter.

45 Philip findeth him, Rabbi, (which pected. Nathanael, and saith is to say, being in

unto him, We have

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