Christ forewarns LUKE XXII.

Peter. also a strife among A, D.33. desired to have you, them, which of them

that he may d sift you should be accounted

r Ma. 20 25.

Mar.10.42. as wheat: the greatest.

s Ma. 20. 26.
32 But I

have 05 r And he said

Ro. 12. 2. prayed for thee, that unto them, The kings 1 Pe. 5. 3. thy faith fail not: of the Gentiles exer- ch.9.43.

and f when thou art cise lordship over

1 ch. 12. 37. converted, strengthen them, and they that " Ma. 20 S. thy brethren. exercise authority s Ma. 20.28.

33 And he said upupon them are called Jno. 13.13, to him, Lord, I am benefactors.

14. ready to go with thee, 26 - But ye shall not

Pb. 2.7. both into prison, and be so: t but he that is y He. 4. 15. to death. greatest among you, z ch. 12. 32. 34 & And he said, 1 let him be as the

Ma. 24.47. tell thee, Peter, the younger; and he that

2 Ti.2. 12. cock shall not crow is chie as that

Ja. %. 5. this day, before that doth serve.

Re. 21. 14. thou shalt thrice de. 27 u For whether is a ch. 14. 16. ny that thou knowest greater, he that sit

Ma. S. u. me. teth at meat, or he

Re. 19. 9.

35 h And he said that serveth is not b Ps.49. 14. unto them, When I that sitteth at

Ma, 19. 28.
sent you

without 1 Co. 6.2. meat ? but I am

Re. 3. 21. purse, and scrip, and among you as he that

shoes, lacked ye any serveth.

c 1 Pe. 5. 8.

thing? And they said, 28 Ye

d Amos 9.9.

Nothing. which have conti

e Jno. 17. 9,

11, 15. nued with me in y my

36 Then said he

unto them, But now, temptations.

f Ps.51.13.

he that hath a purse,

Ma. 18. 3. 29 And ? I appoint Mar.14.72. let him take it, and unto you a kingdom, Jno.21.15, likewise his scrip: as my Father hath ap. 16, 17, and he that hath no pointed unto me;

Ac. 3. 19. sword, let him sell 30 That a ye may & Ma. 26. 34. his garment, and buy eat and drink at my

Mar. 14.30.


Jno. 13.38. table in my kingdom,

37 For I say unto and b sit on thrones h ch.9.3.

& 10. 4.

you, that this that is judging the twelve

Ma. 10.9.

written must yet be tribes of Israel.

i Is. 53. 12. accomplished in me, 31 And the Lord Mar.15.28. And i he was reckonsaid, Simon, Simon, 2 Co.5.21. ed among the transbehold e Satan hath

gressors : for the


The agony.

Judas. things concerning me A. D. 33. them sleeping for sorhave an end.

row, 38 And they said,

k Ma. 26. 36.

46 Aud said unto Lord, behold, here

Jno. 18.1. them, Why sleep ye? are two swords. And ich. 21.37. rise and pray, lest he said unto them, It

ye enter into tempta

m ver. 46 is enough.

Ma. 6. 13. tion. 39 k And he came & 26, 41. 47 And while he out, and I went, as he

Mar.14.38. yet spake, s behold a was wont, to the n Ma. 26. 39. multitude, and he mount of Olives; and

Mar.14.35. that was called Judas, his disciples also fol- + Gr.villing one of the twelve, lowed him.

to remove. went before them, 40 m And when he Jno. 5. 30. and drew near unto was at the place, he

& 6. 38.

Jesus to kiss him. said unto them, Pray p Ma 4.11. 48 But Jesns said that ye enter not into a Jn0.12.27. unto him, Judas, betemptation.

He. 5. 7. trayest thou the Son 41 n And he was

I ver. 40.

of man with a kiss! withdrawn from them Ma. 26. 47.

49 When they

Mar. 14.43. about a stone's cast,

which Jno. 1S. 3.

were about and kneeled down, t Ma, 26.51. him saw what would and prayed,

Mar.14.47. follow, they said unto 42 Saying, Father,

Jno.18.10. him, Lord. shall we if thou be + willing, u Ma 26.55. smite with the sword?

Mar. 14.48. remove this cup from

50 And

of me : nevertheless

them smote the sernot my will, but rer. 51

vant of the High thine, be done.

pose these

Priest, and cut off 43 And there ap- words were his right ear. peared pan angel un- addressed to 51 And Jesus anto him from heaven, the disci

swered and said, Suf

ples, others, strengthening him.

to the sol

fer ye thus far.* And 41 4 And being in diers : but

he touched his ear, an agony he prayed they may and healed him. more earnestly: and mean, " Let 59 u Then Jesus his sweat was as it me go to were great drops of the wounded said unto

the Chief

man, and do Priests, and captains blood falling down to one more act of the temple, and the ground.

of mercy." the elders, which 45 And when he This idea

were come to him, rose up from prayer,

displays the

Be ye come out, as and was come to his of our Lord. against a thief, with disciples, he found

swords and staves 1


• Some sup


Peter denieth LUKE XXII.

Christ, 53 When 1

was A. D. 33. what thon sayest. daily with you in the

And immediately, temple, ye stretched Job 20.5

while he yet spake, forth no hands against

Jno.12.27. the cock crew.

& 14 30. me: but this is

& 16. 20.

61 And the Lord your hour, and the Ac. 26. 18. turned, and looked power of darkness.* Ep. 6. 12. upon Peter. d And 54 , Then took they

Col. 1 13. Peter


Re. 12, 9. him, and led him,

the word of the Lord,

12. and brought him into

how he had said unto the High Priest's

y Ma.26.57.

him, e Before house. 7 And Peter z Ma. 26.58. cock crow, thou shalt followed afar off. Jno. 18. 15. deny me thrice. 55 a And when they a Ma. 26.69.

62 And Peter went had kindled a fire in Mar. 14.66.out, and wept bitthe midst of the hall, Jno.18.17. terly. and were set down b Ma. 26.71.

63 f And the men together, Peter sat Mar.14.69. that held

Jesus down among them. Jno. 18. 25. mocked him, and

56 But a certain c Ma. 26.73. smote him. maid beheld him as


64 And when they he sat by the fire, Jno. 18.26. had blindfolded him, and earnestly looked a Ma. 26,75. they struck him on upon him, and said, Mar.14.72. the face, and asked This man was also . Ma. 26.34. him, saying, Prophewith him.

75. sy, who is it that 57 And he denied

Jno. 13.38. smote thee? him, saying, Woman,

f Ma. 26. 67,

65 And many other I know him not.

69. Mar. 14.65.

things blasphemous58 b And after a Ino.18. 22. ly spake they against little while another


g Ma. 27. 1. saw him, and said, Mar. 15.1.

66 & And as soon Thou art also of them. b Ps. 2 1.3. as it was day, the And Peter said, Man, Ac. 4.26. elders of the people I am not.

& 22. 5. and the Chief Priests 59 c And about the i Ma. 11.3.5. and the Scribes came space of one hour af & 26.63., together, and led him ter another confident

Mar.14.61. into their council, ly affirmed, saying, Of a truth this fellow

67 i Art thou the

ver also was with him : The time Christ ? tell us. And for he is a Galilæan. when Satan he said unto them, If

60 And Peter said, bas power I tell yon, ye will Man, I know not

not believe :

Jno. 10. 24. saying,

I am.

Christ accused LUKE XXIII. before Pilate. 68 And if I also A. D. 33.

find no fault in this ask you, ye will not

man. answer me, nor let k Ps. 110. 1.

5 And they were

Da. 7. 13, me go.


the more fierce, say. 69 k Hereafter shall

Ma. 22.44. ing, He stirreth up the Son of man sit on & 26.64. the people, teaching the right hand of the Mar. 14.62. throughout all Jewry, power of God.

& 16. 19.
Ac. 2. 34.

beginning from Ga70 Then said they


lilee to this place. all, Art thou then & 7.55, 56. 6 When Pilate the Son of God ? Ro. 8. 34. heard of Galilee, he And he said unto

Ep. 1. 20. asked whether the

22. them, ! Ye say that &.4. 8. 10.

man were a GaliCo. 3. 1.

læan, 71 m And they said, He. 1. 3. 7 And as soon as What need we any

& 8. 1.

he knew that he befurther witness ? for

& 12. 2.
1 Pe.3.22.

longed unto llerod's we ourselves have

jurisdiction, he sent

Re. 22. 1 heard of his own 1 Ma. 26. 64.

him to Herod, who mouth.

Mar.14.62: himself also was at

Jerusalem at CHAP. XXIII. m Ma.26. 65.

that Mar 14.63. time. 1 AND a the whole

a Ma. 27. 2,

8 And when Herod multitude of them Mar. 15.1. saw Jesus, he

was arose, and led him Jno.18. 28. exceeding glad : for unto Pilate.

b Ac. 17. 7. heb was desirous to 2 And they began . Ma. 17. 27. see him of a long to accuse him, say- & 22. 21. season, because i he ing, We found this Mar.12.17. had heard many fellow b perverting the a Jno.19. 12. things of him; and he nation, and e forbid

. Ma. 27.11.

hoped to have seen ding to give tribute

1 Ti.6. 13. some miracle done to Cæsar, saying e Ma. 27. 19. by him. that d he himself is Mar.15.14. 9 Then

he quesChrist a king.

Jno.18.38. tioned with him in 3 e And Pilate ask. & 19. 4.

many words; but he ed him, saying, Art

He. 7. 26.


nothou the King of the

thing, Jews? And he an

gch. 3, 1.

10 And the Chief swered him and said, h ch. 9. 9. Priests and Scribes Thou sayest it.

i Ma. 14. 1. stood and vehement4 T'hen said Pilate

Mar. 6. 14. ly accused him. to the Chief Priests k Is. 53. 3. 11 k And Herod and to the people, fil

with his men of war

1 Pe.2.22. answered


Baratbas is LUKE XXIII.

released. set him at nought, A. D. 33. jing, Away with this and mocked him, and

1 Ac. 4. 27

man, and release unto arrayed him in

us Barabbas :

m Ma.27. 23. gorgeous robe, * and

19 (Who for a cer

Mar.15.J4. sent him again to Jno.18.38. tain sedition made in Pilate.

& 19. 4. the city, and for mur12 And the same o ver. 1,2. der, was cast into day I Pilate and

over. 4.

prison.) Herod were made

20 Pilate therefore, friends together: for p Ma.27.26. willing to release

Jpo. 19. 1. before they were at

Jesus, spake again to enraity. between 9 Ma, 27.15. them. themselves.

Mar. 15.6. 21 But they cried,

Jno.18.39. 13 m And Pilate,

saying, Crucify him, when he had called - Ac. 3. 14. crucify him. together the Chief

22 And he said un

s Ma. 27.26. Priests and the rulers


them the third and the people, Jno.19.16. time, Why, what evil 14 Said unto them, + Or, as

hath he done? I Yen have brought sented,

have found no cause this man unto me, as Ex. 23. 2. of death in him: I one that perverteth

will therefore chasthe people; and, be ver. 11– tise him, and let him hold, o1, having ex

εσθητα amined him before

23 And they were

λαμπραν, you, have found no rendered, a

instant with loud fault in this man gorgeous voices, requiring that touching those things robe, is in

he might be cruciwhereof ye accuse veste alba, lof them and of the

the Vulgate, fied. Ånd the voices

a white gar-
15 No,
nor yet ment; and

Chief Priests preHerod : for I sent you by Erasmus vailed. to him; and, lo, no

and Beza,
24 And

> Pilate veste splenthing worthy of death dida, a

gave t sentence that is done unto him.*

shining gar

it should be as they 16 p I will there- ment. Such required. fore chastise him, robes were 25 And he released and release him.

worn in the unto them him that 17 9 (For of neces- sovereigns.

for sedition and mursity he must release

der was cast into one unto them at the ver. 15

prison, whom they feast.)

(r, hath

had desired; but be 18 And they cried him.

been done by delivered Jesus 10 out all at once, say

their will,

* The word go.

him :

East by

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