Parable of

the talents. man went into a farl A. D. 33. 19 And he said likecountry to receive

wise to him, Be thou for himself a king- Mina, here also over five cities.

translated, a dom, and to return.*

20 And pound, is

another 13' And he called twelve o2s. came,, saying, Lord, his ten servants, and & an half, behold, here is thy delivered them ten which ac- pound, which I have pounds, † and said cording to

kept laid up in a

58. the oz. is unto them, Occupy 31. 2s.6d.

napkin: till I come.

21 1 For I feared 14 iBut his citizens

i Jno. 1. 11. thee, because thou hated him, and sent & so ver.29. art an austere man: a message after him, k ch. 16.10.

thou takest up that saying, We will not

thou layedst Ma. 25.21.

not have this man to reign Re. 2. 26. down, and

reapest over us.

1 Ex. 20. 19. that thou didst not 15 And it came to Ma. 25. 24. SOW. pass, that when he m 2 Sa. 1. 16.

22 And he saith

Jib 15, 6. was returned, having

unto him, m Out of received the king

Ma. 12.37. thine own mouth will dom, then he com

n Ma, 25. 26.

I judge thee, thou manded these ser

wicked servant, vants to be called ver. 12–

Thou n knewest that

* In the unto him, to whom time of our

I was an austere man, he had given the mo- Lord, many taking ap that I laid ney, I that he might of the kings not down, and reapknow how much every of the East ing that I did not man had gained by vassals to the

Sow: trading.

Romans; 80

23 Wherefore then 16 Then came the thatthe next gavest not thou my first, saying, Lord, heir was money into the bank, thy pound hath gain- sometimes that at my coming I

necessitated ed ten pounds.

might have requir17 And he said unto Rome, to ob-ed mine own with him, Well, thou good tain permis- usury? servant: because thou sion to as- 24 And he said unto hast been k faithful cend the

them that stood by, in a very little, have the circum-Ipound, and give it to

throne ; Take from him the thou authority over stances, ten cities,


him that hath ten 18 And the second of this para- pounds. came, saying, Lord, ble would be

25 (And they said

readily anthy pound hath gain- derstood.

unto him, Lord, he ed five pounds.

hath ten pouuds.)

Christ rides

LUKE XIX. into Jerusalem. 26 For I say unto A. D. 33. as he had said unto you, That unto every

them. one which hath shail o ch. 8. 18. 33 And as they were be given; and from

Ma. 13.12.
& 25. 29.

loosing the colt, the him that hath not,

Mar. 4. 25. owners thereof said even that he hath

Jno. 15.1. unto them, Why loose shall be taken away 3. ye the colt? from him.*

pch. 9. 51. 34 And they said, 27 But those mine & 18. 31. The Lord hath need enemies, which would

Ps. 40. 6.

of him. not that I should


35 And they reign over them, bring hither, and slay

brought him to Je9 Ma, 21.1.

Mar. 11. 1, sus: r and they cast them before me.

&c. their garments upon 28 And when he Jno.12. 12. the colt, and they set had thns spoken, v be 16. Jesus thereon. went before, ascend-r 2Ki. 9. 13. 36 And as they ing up to Jerusalem.

Ma, 21. 7. 29 G And it came

went, they spread Mar. 11.7.

Jno. 12.14. their clothes in the to pass, when he was Ga. 4. 15. way. come nigh to Beth

s Mu. 21. 8. 37 And when he phage and Bethany,

t ch. 13, 35. was come nigh, even at the mount called

Ps. 72. 17. now at the descent the mount of Olives,

19. of the mount of 0. he sent two of his & 118. 22. lives, the whole muldisciples,

26. titude of the disciples 30 Saying, Go ye

Ze. 9. 9.
Ma. 21.

9. began to rejoice and into the village over Mar. 11.9. praise God with a against you; in the ch. 2. 10. loud voice for all the which at your enter

14. mighty works that ing ye shall find a Ep. 2, 14. they had seen ; colt tied, whereon yet


38 Saying, Blessed never man sat : loose

Col. 1. 20. be the King that com. him, and bring him

1 Ti.1. 17. eth in the name of hither.

Re.5.9.14. the Lord : . peace in 31 And if any man

heaven, and glory in ask you, Why do ye ver. 26–

the highest. loose him? thus shall * The oppor- 39 And some of ye say unto him, Be- tunities and the Pharisees from cause the Lord hath advantages

which he

among the multitude Deed of him. 32 And they that be taken

enjoys shall said unto him, Mag

ter, rebuke thy diswere sent went their from him. ciples. way, and found even

40 And he answer

the y Jno. 11.35.


Christ weeps

LUKE XX. over Jerusalem. ed and said unto A. D. 33. of prayer : but fye them, I tell you that,

have made it a den

x Ha 2. 11. if these should hold

of thieves. their peace;

47 And he taught stones would imme

z ch. 21. 20: daily in the temple. diately cry out. Jer. 6.3.6. But sthe Chief Priests

41 And when he a Iki.9.7,8. and the Scribes and was come near, he

Mi. 3. 12. the chief of the peobeheld the city, and b cha 21.6;. ple sought to destroy wepty over it,

Mar. 13.2. 42 Saying, If thou cch. 1. 68.

48 And could not hadst known, even

58. find what they might thou, at least in this Da. 9. 24. do: for all the people thy day, the things a Ma. 21.12.

were t very attentive which belong unto thy

Mar. 11.11. to hear him. peace! but now they


CHAP. XX. are lid from thine Jno. 2. 14.

e Is. 56. 7. 1 AND a it came to eyes.

43 For the days f Je. 7. 11. pass, that on one of shall come upon thee, & Mar.11.18 those days,

as he

. that thine enemies

taught the people in

& 8. 37. shall z cast a trench

the + Or, hang

temple, and about thee, and com- ed on him, preached the Gospel, pass thee round, and Ac. 16, 14. the Chief Priests and keep thee in on every a Ma. 21. 23. the Scribes came upside,

Mar.11 27. on him with the el

Jno. 18.20. 44 And a shall lay b Ma. 21. 23.

ders, thee even with the Mar. 11.28.

2 Ảnd spake unto ground, and thy chil- Jno. 2. 18. him, saying, Tell us, dren within thee; and

Ac. 4. 7. by b' what authority

& 7. 27. they b shall not leave

doest thou

these in thee one

things? or who is he

* This pro- that gave thee this upon another ; e because thou knewest more re

phecy is the not the time of thy markable, as

3 And he answered visitation.*

the Romans and said unto them, 45 d And he went were not

I will also ask you

accustomed into the temple, and

one thing ; and an.

to destroy began to cast out them either the swer nie : that sold therein, and cities, or the 4 The baptism of them that bought ;

temples of

John, was it from 46 Saying unto

the countries

heaven, or of men ?

wbich they them, . It is written,

5 And they reason

conquered. My house is the house.

ed with themselves,

stone ver. 44


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Parable of

LUKE XX. the husbandmen. saying, if we shall, A. D. 33. sent a third : and they say, From heaven;

wounded him also, he will say, Why then c ch. 1.


and cast him out.

& 7. 29. believed ye him not?

13 Then said the

Ma. 14. 5. 6 But and if we say, & 21. 26. lord of the vineyard, Of men; all the peo- Jno. 10.41. What shall I do? I ple will stone us:

d Ma. 21. 33.

will send my beloved fore they be persuad-Mar. 12. 1: son: it may be they ed that John was a

will reverence him prophet,

e Ps. 118.22. when they see him.

Is. 29. 16. 7. And they an

14 Bnt when the

Ze. 3. 9. swered, that they Ma. 21. 42. husbandmen

saw could not tell whence Mar, 12.10. him, they reasoned it was.*

Ac. 4. 11. among themselves, 8 And Jesus said

1 Pe.2.7,8. saying, This is the unto them, Neither i Da: 2.34; heir : come, let us tell I you


18.8.14,15. kill him, that the inauthority I do these 1 Th. 2 16. heritance

may be things,

our's. 9 Then began he to ver. 7- 15 So they cast him speak to the people

out of the vineyard, this parable ; d A cer- being over


and killed him. What taip man planted a coue with

therefore shall the vineyard, and let it the truth of lord of the vineyard forth to husbandmen, Christ's doc- do unto them? and went into a far trine, move

16 He shall come country for a long about his

a question

and destroy these time.

outward call- husbandmen, and 10 And at the sea- ing; and are shall give the vineson he sent a servant overcome by yard to others. And to the husbandmen, the witness when they heard it, that they should give conscience." they said, God forbid, him of the fruit of Beza. 17 And he beheld the vineyard :

but ver. 18

them, and said, What the husbandmen beat * The cala- is this then that is him, and sent him mities of the written, . The stone away empty.

Jews, the

which the builders

fall of the 11 And again he

Roman em

rejected, the same is sent another servant: pire, and

become the head of and they beat him the punish- the corner ? also, and entreated ment of all 18 Whosoever shall him shamefully, and persecutorse fall upon that stone sent him away empty. predicted.

shall be broken ; but 22 And again he

on f whomsoever it


Jesus confutes

LUKE XX, the Sadducees. shall fall, it will A. D. 33. 25 And he said grind him to powder. *

unto them, Render 19 And the Chief g Ps. 37. 32. therefore unto Cæsar Priests and the & 39. 12. the things which be Scribes the same hour

Is. 29. 20. Cæsar's, and unto

Je. 11. 19 sought to lay hands

God the things which

Ma. 22. 15. on him; and they

be God's.

h Ps. 12. 2. feared the people & 55. 21.

26 And they could for they perceived Je. 42. 20. not take hold of his that he had spoken Ma. 22. 16. words before the peothis parable against

Mar.12.14. ple: and they marthem.

Jno. 3. 2. velled at his answer, 20 g And they watch-, or, of a and held their peace. ed him, and sent forth truth.

27 i Then came to spies, which should + See Ma. 18. him certain of the feign themselves just

Sadducees, k which men, that they might

i Ma, 16.1.6. deny that there is any take hold of Mar.12.18. resurrection ;

and words, that so they Ac. 4.1. they asked him, might deliver him & 5. 17. 28 Saying, Master, unto the power and

& 23. 6.

Moses' wrote unto us,

1Co 15.12. authority of the go- 2 Ti. 2. 17.

If any man's brother vernor. 21 And they asked

k Ac. 23.6.8. and he die without

die, having a wife, him, saying,'h Mas- i Ge. 38. children, that his broter, we know that

De 25. 6. ther should take his thou sayest and

wife, and raise up teachest rightly, nei.

seed unto his brother. ther acceptest thou ver. 18

29 There were there. the person of any, but * Some have fore seven brethren : teachest the way of thought this and the first took a God + truly :

the mode of wife, and died with 29 Is it lawful for punishment out children. us to give tribute among the 30 And the second unto Cæsar, or no?

Jews, viz. of took her to wife, and 23 But he perceiv- throwing a

he died childless. ed their craftiness, the criminal;

31 And the third and said unto them, or, letting, took her; and in like Why tempt ye me? the stone fall manner


seven 24 Shew me a I pen- on him, so as also: and they left ny. Whose image and to death. It no children, and died. superscription hath

may refer to 32 Last of all the it? They answered Da. 2. 34. woman died also. and said, Cæsar's.

33 Therefore in the 202

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