1 Ki.17,18. swine.


ver. 28

He stillech

the tempest. insomuch that

the A. D. 31.

them an herd of many ship was covered with

swine feeding.

Ps. 65, 7. the waves : but he

& 89.9.

31 So the devils was asleep.

& 107. 29. besought him, say. 95 And his disciples t Mar, 5.1. ing, if thou cast us came to him, and Lu. 8. 26. out, suffer us to go awoke him, saying,

De. 5. 25.

away into the herd of Lord, save us :

Lu. 5. 8. perish.

32 And he said unto

Ac. 16. 39. 26 And he saith a ch. 4. 13. them, Go. And when unto them, Why are b Mar. 2. 3. they were come out, ye fearful, o ye of Lu. 5. Is. they went into the little faith? Thens he .ch. 8. 10. herd of swine: and, arose, and rebuked

behold, * the whole the winds and the

herd of swine ran

* St. Mark sea ; and there was and St. Luke violently down a & great calm.

report this steep place into the 27 But the men circumstance sea, and perished in marvelled,

to have saying,

the waters. What manner of man the country

occurred in

33 And they that is this, that even the of the

kept them ficd, and winds and the sea Gadarenes; went their ways into obey him!

Gadara and the city, and told 28 tAnd when he Gergesa were

every thing,and what was come to

was befallen to the other side into the

ver. 29

possessed of the decountry of the Ger- The Jew. vils. gesenes,* there met ish sepul- 34 And, behold, the him two possessed chres were whole city came out with devils, coming generally to meet Jesus; and out of the tombs, where men

when they saw him, exceeding fierce, so might find

they u besought him that no man might shelter. that he would depart pass by that way.

ver. 32

out of their coasts. 24 And, behold, * A clear CHAP. IX. they cried out, say.

evidence 1 AND he entered ing. What have we

that demons into a ship, and passed

did really to do with thee, Jesus, possess men,

over, a and came into thou Son of God and that his own city. art thou come hither these were 2 b And, behold, to torment us before not mere they brought to him the time?

diseases, as

a man sick of the

some vainly 30 And there was assert.

palsy, lying on a bed: a good way off from

and o Jesus seeing

towns near

the each other.

Palsied man

healed. their faith said unto A. D. 31.


me. And he the sick of the palsy ;

d Ps. 139. 2.


and followed Son, be of good cheer;

ch. 12. 25

him. thy sins be forgiven Mar.12.15.

10 FAnd it came to thee.

Lu. 5. 22. pass, as

Jesus sat 3 And, behold, cer- & 6. 8.

at meat in the bouse, tain of the Scribes

& 9. 47.
& 11. 17.

behold, many Pub. said within them.

Mar. 2. 14.

licans and sinners selses, This man blas- Lu. 5. 27. came and sat down phemeth.

f Mar. 2. 15. with him and bis 4 And Jesus dknow

La. 5. 29. disciples. ing, their thoughts 6 ch. 11. 19.

11 And when the

Lu. 5. 30. said, Wherefore think

& 15. 2

Pharisees saw it, they ye evil

in your h Gal. 2. 15. said unto his disci. hearts?

i Hos. 6.6. ples, Why eateth your 5 For whether is Mi. 6. 6, 7, Master with &* Pubeasier, to say, Thy ch. 12. 7, licans and hsinners? sins be forgiven thee; k 1 ti. 1. 15.

12 But when Jesus or to say, Arise, and 1 Mar. 2. 18. heard that, he said walk?

Lu. 5. 33. unto them, They that 6.But that ye may

& 18. 12.

be whole need not a know that the Son - Jno. 3. 29. physician, but they of man hath power

that are sick. on earth to forgive Christ first

ver. 6

13 But go ye and sins, (then saith he forgave his

learn what that meanto the sick of the sins, and as eth, i lwill have merpalsy,) Arise, take a proof that

cy, and not sacrifice: up thy bed, and gority to do so, call the righteous,

he had autho- for I am not come to unto thine house.

7 And he arose, and healed him. butk sinners to re departed to his house. ver. 9– pentance.

8 But when the * The office 14 Then came to multitudes saw it, where the him the disciples of they marvelled, and toll or eus

John, saying, Why glorified God, which come was do we and the Phari

. had given such power

sees fast oft, but thy unto men.

ver, 11-

disciples fast not?
9 • And as Jesus tai-gather-

15 And Jesus said passed forth from ers: sinners, un to them, Can m the thence, he sawaman, either bea- children of the bridenamed Matthew, sit thens, or chamber mourp, as ting at the * receipt persons of

long as the brideof custom: and he character.

groom is with them? saith unto him, Fol

but the days will 19




Issue of blood MATT. IX.

healed. come, when the bride- A. D. 31. within herself, If I groom shall be taken from them, and then

| 1 Ac. 13, 2,3. may but touch his & 14, 23.

garment, I shall be shall they fast.

I Co. 1. 6. whole. 16 No man putteth t0r, raw,or,

22 But Jesas turned a piece of + new cloth unwrought him about, and when unto an old garment, cloth. he saw her, he said. for that which is put • Mar. 5:22. Daughter, be of good in to fill it up taketh

La. 8. 41: comfort; '9 thy faith

Mar, 5. 25. from the garment,

Lu. 8. 43. hath

made and the rent is made Lu. 7.50. whole. And the woworse.

& S. 48.

man was made whole

& 17. 19. 17 Neither do men

from that hour.

& 18. 42. put new wine intor Mar. 5. 39.

23 And when Jeold* bottles : else the Lu. 3. 51. sus came into the rubottles break, and the s2 Ch.35.25. ler's house, and saw wine runneth out,

t Acts 20. 10. thes minstrels and and the bottles perish,

* Or, this

the people making a but they put new

fame. noise, wine into new bottles,

uch. 15. 22.
24 He said

unto and both

& 20.30,31. are pre- Mar. 10.47,

them, Give place : served.*

49. for the maid is not 18. While he spake Lu. 15.38. dead, but sleepeth. these things unto

And they laughed them, behold, there ver. 17- him to scorn.

Their bot. came a certain ruler,

25 But when the and worshipped him, made of goat people were put forth, saying, My daughter skins, and he went in, and took is even now dead: but such are still her by the hand, and come and lay thy used in the the maid arose. hand upon her, and


26 And I the famo she shall live.

hereof went abroad

. In the 19 And Jesus arose, three preced- into all that land. and followed him,ing verses,

27 And when Jesus and so did his disci-Christ gives departed thence, two ples.

us an excel- blind men followed 20 And, behold, a lent ruleo, him, crying, and say

dealing with woman, which was


u Thou Son of diseased with an Christians, David, have mercy issue of blood twelve not to put on us. years, carne behind upon them

28 And when he him, and touched the more than

they are able was come into the hem of his garment:

to bear. house, the blind men 21 For she said

i came to him : and

ver. 17


Blind and

dumb healed. Jesus saith unto them,

A. D. 31. and every disease Believe ye that I am

I ch. 8. 4.

among the people. able to do this? They & 12. 16.

36 d But when he said unto him, Yea, & 17. 9.

saw the multitudes, Lord.

Lu. 5. 14. he *was moved with 29 Then touched heMar. 7.36. compassion on them, their eyes, saying, Lu. 11. 14. because they + faint According to your a ch. 12. 24. ed, and were scattered faith be it unto you.

Mar 3. 22. abroad, eas sheep 30 And their eyes

Lu. 11. 15. having no shepherd.

b Mar, 6. 6. were opened; and Je

37 Then saith he

La. 13. 22. sus straitly charged ch.4. 23. unto his f disciples, them, saying, * See à Mar. 6.34. The* harvest truly is that no man know it. It Or, were plenteous, but the la

31 y But they, when tired and bourers are few; they were departed, lay down.

38 Pray ye there

e Nu. 27 17.
his 1 Ki.22 17.

fore the Lord of the fame in all that Ezk. 34. 5. (harvest, that he will country,

Ze. 10. 2. send forth *labourers 32 zAs they went

f Lu. 10. 2. into his harvest.

Jno. 4. 35. out, behold


g 2 TL. 3. 1.
brought to
him a & Mar. 3. 13.

CHAP. X. dumb man possessed Lu. 6. 13. 1 AND a when he with a devil.

& 9. ). had called unto him 33 And when the Or, over.

his twelve disciples,

bino. 1. 42. devil was cast out,

he gave them power the dumb spake: and ver. 36– against I unclean spithe multitudes mar- + He was rits, to cast them out, velled, saying, It was moved with

and to heal all manDever so seen in Is- pity from

the very in

ner of sickness and all rael.

most bowels. manner of disease. 34 But the Phari

2 Now the names

ver. 37 sees said,a He casteth • The souls of the twelve apostles out devils through who are are these ; The first, the prince of the de- ready to re- Simon, bwho is called

ceive the vils,

Peter, and Andrew

truth, are 35 And Jesus went

his brother; James the about all the cities ver. 38

son of Zebedee, and and villages, e teach-OWS John his brother; ing in their syna- ExBalln 3 Philip, and Bargogues, and preach-pratas, that tholomew; Thomas,

and Matthew the ing the gospel of the he would

thrust forth kingdom, and heal- labourers. Publican; James the ing every sickness

son of Alphæus, and


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Apostles sent forth.


Their instruction. Lebbæus whose sur.

A. D. 31. come into an house, name was Thaddæus;

salute it.

.Lu. 6. 15. 4 c Simon the Ca.

13 4 And if the

Ac. 1. 13. naanite, and Judas a Ino: 13. 26. house be worthy, let Iscariot, d who also e ch. 4. 15. your peace come upon betrayed him. 1 2 Ki.17.24. it: rbut if it be not 5 These twelve Je

Juo. 4. 9. worthy, let your peace sus sent forth, and

g ch. 15. 24. return to you. commanded them, Ac. 13.46.

14 8 And whososaying, e Go not into b Is. 53. 6. ever shall not receive the way of the Gen- Jo. 50. 6. you, nor hear your tiles, and into any ci.

17. words, when ye de

Ezk. 34.5, ty of fthe Samaritans 6.16. part out of that house enter ye not:

1 Pe. 2.25. or city, shake off 6 But go rather to i Lu. 9. 2. the dust of your feet. the b lost sheep of the k ch. 3.2. 15 Verily I

say house of Israel.

& 4. 17.

unto you, u It shall

Lu. 10. 9. 7 i And as ye go, 1 Ac. 8.18.20: be more tolerable for preach, saying, k The m 1 Sa. 9. 7. the land of Sodom kingdom of heaven is

Mar. 6. 8. and Gomorrha in the at hand.

Lu. 9. 3.

day of judgment, than

& 10. 4. 8 Heal the sick,

for that city.

& 22. 35. cleanse the lepers, + Or, Get.

16 * Behold, I send raise the dead, cast n Mar. 6. 8. you forth as sheep in out devils : 1 freely 1 Gr. a staf. the midst of wolves : ye have received, La 10.7; bey ye therefore wise

Co. 9. . freely give.

1 Ti. 5. 18.

serpents, 2 and 9 m +Provide neither p Lu. 10. 8. harmless g as doves. gold, nor silver, nora La 10.5; 17 But beware of brass in your pur- Ps. 35. 13. men : for a they will

s Mar. 6. 11. deliver you up to the ses.

10 Nor scrip for & 10.10,11. councils, and b they your journey, neither Ne. 6. 13." will scourge you in two coats, neither

Ac. 13. 51. their synagogues ; shoes, nor yet Istaves:

& 18. 6. 18 And ye shall for o the workman is

uch. 11. 22.

be brought before

* Lu. 10. 3. worthy of his meat.

y Ro. 16. 19. governors and kings 11 pAnd into what-2 1Co. 14.20. for my sake, for a tessoever city or town Or, simple timony against them yeshall enter, enquire a ch. 24. 9 and the Gentiles, who in it is worthy;

b Ao. 5. 40.

19 d But when they and there abide till ye a Mar. 13.li, deliver you up, take go thence. La, 12. u. no thought how

or 12 And when yel

what ye shall speak :


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