up for

thee :

Against úorldly LUKE XII.

carefulness. room where to bestow A, D. 33. storehouse nor barn ; my fruits ?

Eo. 11.9.

and 4 God feedeth 18 And he said,

Is. 5. 11.

them: how much This will I do: I will

& 22. 13. more are ye better pull down my barns, iCo.15.32. than the fowls ? and build greater ;

Ph.3. 19.

25 And which of you and there will I be

I Ti. 5. 6.

with taking thought

2 Ti. 3. 4. stow all my fruits

Ja. 5. 5.

can add to his stature and my goods.

1 Pe. 4.3. one cubit? 19 And I will say Re. 18. 7. 26 If ye then be pot to my soul, Soul, + Or, do they able to do that thing thou hast much goods require thy which is least, why laid

soul. many

take ye thought for years ; take thine m Job 20.22. the rest?

& 27.8. ease, eat, drink, and

Ps. 52.7.

27 Consider the libe merry

Ja. 4. 14. lies how they grow : 20 But God said n Ps. 39. 6. they toil not, they unto him, Thort fool, Je. 17. 11. spin not; and yet I this pight +mthy soul o ver. 33. say unto you, that shall be required of

Ma. 6. 20. Solomon in all his n then whose

iTi. 6. 18, glory was not arrayed

19. shall those things be,

Ja. 2.5.

like one of these. which thou hast pro

28 If then God so

p Ma. 6. 25. vided ? 1 Co. 7.32. clothe the

grass, 21 So is he that Ph. 4. 6. which is to day in layeth up treasure for He. 13. 5. the field, and to morhimself, • and is not a Job 38. 41. row is cast into the rich toward God.

how much 22 And he said unto 1 Or,live not more will he clothe his disciples, There in careful

you, ye of little fore I say unto you, suspence.

faith? Take p no thought for r Ma. 6. 33.

29 And seek not ye your life, what ye

Ro. 8. 31. what ye shall eat, or shall eat ; neither for 1 Ti. 4.8. what ye shall drink, the body, what ye He. 13.5. neither + be

ye ot shall put on.

doubtful mind. 23 The life is more ver. 29

30 For all these than meat, and the

Μη μετεωριζεσθε,

things do the nations body is more than Be not as the of the world seek af. raiment.

clouds, or ter: and your Father 24 Consider the ra- meteors, knoweth that ye hare vens: for they nei- tossed about need of these tbipgs. ther sow nor reap;


31 But rather seek which neither have

ye the kingdom of 178

Ps. 147.9. oven ;

To watch for

LUKE XII. the Lord's coming. God; and all these A. D. 33. come in the second things shall be added

watch, or come in the unto you.

& Ma. 11. 25, (third watch, and find 32 Fear not, little 26. them so, blessed are flock; for s it is your

Ep. 1.5.9. those servants.
Father's good plea-

Ph. 2. 13.
2Tb. 1.11.

39 a And this know, sure to give you the

t Ma. 19.21.

that if the goodman kingdom.

Ac. 2. 45. of the

house had 33 ! Sell

that ye & 4. 34. known what hour the have, and give alms;

2 Co. 8. 2. thief would come, he provide yourselves v ch. 16. 9. would have watched, bags which wax not

Ma. 6. 20. and not have suffered old, a treasure in the

1 Ti. 6. 19. his house to be broken heavens that faileth 1K1,18.46. through.

Is. 5. 27. not, where no thief

& 11. 5.

40 b Be ye therefore approacheth, neither Ep. 6. 14. ready also: for the moth corrupteth. 1 Pe. 1.13.Son of man cometh

34 For where your y Ma. 25. 1, at an hour when ye treasure is, there will &c. think not. your heart be also.

Ph. 2. 15. 41 Then Peter said 35 » Let your loins z Ma. 24. 46. unto him, Lord,

Ph. 1, 21. be girded about, and

speakest thou this pa

23. your y lights burning;

2 Ti. 4. 7.

rable unto us, or even 36 And ye your

I Pe. 5. 1. to all ? selves like unto men

42 And the Lord that wait for their 2 Pe. 3.14. said, . Who then is

Re. 14. 13. lord, when he will

that faithful and wise return from the wed a Ma. 24:43. steward, whom his

1 Th. 5. 2. ding ; that when he

2Pe. 3. 10.

lord shall make ruler cometh and knocketh, Re. 3. 3. over his houshold, to they may open anto & 16. 15. give them their porhim immediately. b ch. 21. 34. tion of meat in due 37 Blessed


36. season ! those servants, whom

Ma. 24.44. 43 Blessed is that

& 25. 13. the lord when he

servant, whom his

Mar. 13.33 cometh shall find

1 Th. 5. 6.

lord when he cometh watching : verily 1 2 Pe.3. 12. shall find so doing. say unto you, that he Ma 24. 45. 44 d Of a truth I say shall gird himself, & 25. 21. unto

you, that he and make them to 1 Co. 4. 2. will make him ruler sit down to meat, and a Ma. 24. 47. over all that he hath. will come forth and e Ma. 24.48. 45 e But and if that berve them.

2 Pe. 2. 3. servant say in his 38 Ani if he shall

heart, My lord delay

To expect

Du. 25.2. division :

16. three.


persecutiote. eth his coming; and A. D. 33. am I Istraitened till shall begin to beat

it be accomplished ! the menservants and + Or,cut him 51 k Suppose ye that maidens, and to eat off, I am come to give and drink, and to be Ma 24.51. peace on earth? I tell drunken ;

f Nu. 15. 30. you, Nay; Ibut rather 46 The lord of that

Jno. 9. 41. servant will come in

& 15. 22.

52 m For from hence. a day when he look- Ac. 17. 30. forth there shall be eth not for him, and Ja. 4. 17. five in one house diat an hour when he g Le. 5. 17. vided, three against is not aware, and will Ro. 2, 12 two, and two against cut + him in sunder,

1 Ti. 1. 13. and will appoint him

53 The father shall

b ver. 51. his portion with the

be divided against

Is. 11. 4. unbelievers.

Joel 2. 30. the son, and the son 47 And f that ser- Mal. 3. 2. against the father ; vant, which knew his i Ma. 20. 22. the mother against lord's will, and pre

Mar.10.38. the daughter, and the pared not himself, 10r, pained. daughter against the neither did according £ ver. 49. mother; the mother to his will, shall be Ma. 10.34. in law against her beaten with

many 1 Mic. 7. 6. daughter in law, and stripes.

Jno. 7. 43. the daughter in law 48 & But he that & 9. 16. against her mother in

& 10. 19. knew not, and did

law. commit things wor- m Ma 10.35. 54 And he said also thy of stripes, shall - Ma. 16, 2. to the people, n When be beaten with few

ye see a cloud rise stripes. For unto ver. 49

out of the west, whomsoever much is * "Not that straightway ye say, given, of him shall this is the There cometh a show. be much required :

tendency of

er; and so it is. and to whom men which is most


55 And when ye have committed pure, peace see the south wind mucb, of him they ble, and lov- blow, ye say, There will ask the more.

ing: but it

will be heat, and it 49 h I am come to would be the cometh to pass. send fire on the earth; opposition 56 Ye hypocrites, and what will I, if it raised a- ye can discern the he already kindled ?* gainst it, by face of the sky and 50 But i I have a

the pride of the earth; but how

and lusts of baptism to be bap


is it that ye do not tized with ; and how

discern this time!

the fig tree.

# i.e. If you

Parable of

LUKE XIII. 57 Yea, and why A. D. 33. fupon whom the tower even of yourselves

of Siloam fell, and

o Pr. 25. 8. judge ye not what is Ma. 5. 25. slew them, think ye right?

p Ps. 32. 6. that they were I sin58 . When thou go- Is. 55. 6. ners above all men est with thine adver- + Mar. 12.42. that dwelt in Jerusasary to the magis- tor,debtors. lem ? trate, P as thou art in

ch. 11. 4.

5 I tell you, Nay:

Ma. 18 24. the way, give dili

but, except ye repent, gence that thou

a Is. 5. 2
Ma. 21. 19.

ye shall all likewise mayest be delivered

perish. from him ; lest hever, 59

6 He spake also this hale thee to the judge, remain ro- parable; a A certain and the jndge deli- gardless of man had a fig tree ver thee to the officer, God's pro- planted in his vineand the officer cast posals of yard ; and he came thee into prison.

mercy, and
thus conti-
and ght

hit there 59 I tell thee, thou nue to make on, and found none. shalt not • depart Him your

7 Then said he unto thence, till thou hast adversary, the dresser of his paid the very last pothing is to vineyard, be expected

Behold, mite.

from the tri

these three years I CHAP. XIII. bunal of His come seeking fruit on

justice bat a this fig tree, and find 1 THERE were pre- severe sen- none : cut it down; sent at that season tence, which why cumbereth it the some that told him of will end in

ground? the Galilæans, whose punishment. 8 And he answering blood Pilate had min. ver. 1- said unto him, Lord, gled with their sacri-. These Ga- let it alone this year fices. *

lilæans are

also, till I shall dig 2 And Jesus an- supposed to about it, and dung swering said

have been auto

concerned them, Suppose ye with Judas

9 And if it bear that these Galilæans Gaulonites, fruit, well: and if not, were sinners above who refused then after that thou all the Galilæans, be- to pay tri- shalt cut it down. cause they suffered bule to Cæ

sar, and to
10 And he

was such things?

submit to the teaching in one of the 3 I tell you, Nay: Roman au- synagogues on the but, except ye repent, thority. See sabbath. ye shall all likewise Ac. 5. 37. &


11 And, behold, Derish.

Ant. 18. 1.

there was a woman 4 Or those eighteen,

which had a spirit of 181

6. of

Parable of the LUKE XIII. mitstard seed. infirmity eighteen A. D. 33. sloosed from this bond years, and was bowed

on the sabbath day? together, and could bch. 4. 40.

17 And when he in no wise lift up

Ma. S. 15. had said these things,

Mar. 6.5. hersell.

& 8. 25.

all his adversaries 12 And when Jesus

& 16. 18. were ashamed: and saw her, he called her

Ac. 9. 17. all the people rejoiced to him, and said unto

C Ex. 20. 9. for all the glorious her, Woman, thou art & 23. 12. things that were done loosed from thine in- Le. 23. 3. by him. firmity,

Ez. 20.12. 18 & Then said he, 13 b And he laid his d ch. 6.7. Unto what is the hands on her : and & 14. 3. kingdom of God like! immediately she was

6. and whereunto shall made straight, and

Ma.12.10. 1 resemble it?

12. glorified God.

Mar. 3. 2.

19 It is like a grain 14 And the ruler of

mustard seed, the synagogue an- Jno. 9. 14. which a man took, swered with indigna

16. and cast into his gartion, because that Je-lech. 14. 5. den; and it grew, and sus had healed on the Jno.7. 21. waxed a great tree; sabbath day, and said

23. and the fowls of the unto the people, I ch. 3. S.

air lodged in the There c are six days & 16. 24.

branches of it. in which men ought & 19. 9. 20 And again he to work : in them Ac. 13. 26. said, Whereunto shall

Ro. 4. 12. therefore come and

liken the kingdom

16. be healed, and d not

of God? on the sabbath day. g ch. 17. 21. 21 It is like leaven,

15 The Lord then Ma. 13.31. which a woman took answered him, and Mar. 4. 30. and

hid in three said, Thou hypocrite,

+ See Ma. 13.

measures t of meal, dothe not each one of

till the whole was

33. you on the sabbath

leavened. loose his ox or his ass

hcl. 4. 43, 22 h And he went

44. from the stall, and

through the cities and lead him away to wa

Ma. 9. 35. villages,

teaching, tering?

Mar. 6.6. aud journeying to16 And ought not Ac. 10.39. ward Jerusalem. this woman, fbeing a i Ma. 7, 14. 23 Then said one daughter of Abra- & 19. 25. unto him, Lord, 'are ham, whom Satan & 20. 16.

there few that be sav hath bound, lo, these & 22. 14. ed? And he said unto eighteen years, be


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