bed ;

He casteth out LUKE XI.

a dumb devil. I cannot rise A. D. 33. when the devil was and give thee.

beh. 18. 1,

gone out, the dumb 8 I say unto you, &c. spake: and the people Though b he will not Ge. 32. 26. wondered. rise and give him, be- Ma. 15. 22. 15 But some of cause he is his friend,

22. them said, f He cast

Ro. 15. 30. yet because of his

2 Co. 12.8.

eth out devils through importunity he will Col. 2. 1. Beelzebub f the chief rise and give him as & 4. 12. of the devils. many as he needeth. l. Ps. 91. 15. 16 And others, 9. And I say unto & 118. 5.

tempting him,ssought you, Ask, and it shall Je. 33. 3.

of him a sign from

Ma. 7.7. be given you ; seek,

& 21. 22.

heaven. and ye shall find :


17 h But i he, know. knock, and it shali Jno. 15. 7. ing their thoughts, be opened unto yon.

2 Co. 12.8. said unto them, Every 10 For every one

He. 4. 16.
Ja 1. 6.

kingdom divided that asketh receiveth;

1 Jpo.3.22. against itself is and he that seeketh

desolad Is. 49. 15. brought to findeth; and to him

Ma. 7. 9.

tion; and a house dithat knocketh it shall + Gr. gire.

vided against a house be opened.

e Ma. 9. 32.

falleth. 11 If a son shall

& 12. 22.

18 If Satan also be ask bread of any of Mar. 7.32. divided against himyon that is a father, Ma. 9. 34. self, how shall his will he give him a & 12. 24. kingdom stand ? bestone ? or if he ask a Mar. 3. 22. cause ye say that I fish, will he for a fish

30. Jno. 7. 20.

cast out devils give him a serpent ?

& 8. 49,

through Beelzebub. 19 Or if he shalllG. Beel

19 And if I by Beelask an egg, will hezebul, and zebub cast ont devils, offert him a scorpion so ver.18,19. by whom do your

13 If ye then, being g Ma. 12. 38. sons cast them ont? evil, know how to & 16.1. therefore shall they give good gifts unto

Mar.8. 11. be your judges.

how your children :

Jno. 6. 30.
1 Co. 1.22.

20 But if I k with much more shall your

the finger of God cast heavenly Father give

h Ma. 12. 25. the Holy Spirit to i Jno. 2. 25.

Mar. 3. 21. ont devils, no doubt

the kingdom of God them that ask him? 11e And he was

is come upon yoni. k Fx. 8. 19. Ma. 12.28.

211 When a strong casting out a devil,

1 Ma. 12 29. man armed keepeth and it was dumb. Mar. 3. 27. his palace, his goods And it came to pass,

are in peace :

He sheweth

LUKE XI. who are blessed, 22 But when a A. D, 33. 28 But he said, Yea stronger than he shall

rather,r blessed are come upon him and m Is. 53. 12. they that hear the

him, overcome


Col. 2. 15. word of God, aod taketh from him all th: 9., 50 keep it.

Ma. . his armour wherein

Re. 3. 15.

29 s And when the he trusted, and di.

o Ma. 12. 43.

people were gathered videth his spoils.

thick together, he be23n He that is not p 100.5.11. gan to say, This is an with me is against & 10. 26. evil generation : they me : and he that ga- 2 Pe.2 20. seek a sign; and there thered not with me 9 ch. 1. 28. shall no sign be given

48. scattereth.

it, but the sign of Jo24 o When the un-rch. 8. 21.

nas the prophet.

Ma. 7. 21. clean spirit is gone

30 For as t Jonas

Ja. 1. 25. out of a man, he

was a sign unto the walketh through dry

s Ma. 12. 38, Nipevites, so shall

39. places, seeking rest;

also the Son of man

t Jo. 1. 17. and finding none, he

& 2. 10.

be to this generation. saith, I will return

31 u The queen of

n 2 Cb.9. 1. unto my

house iki. 0. 1. the south* shall rise whence I came out.

1 Jo. 3. 5.

up in the judgment 25 And when he

with the men of this

y ch. 8. 6. cometh, he findeth it Ma. 5. 15. generation, and conswept and garnished. Mar. 4.21. demn them : for she 26 Then goeth he,

came from the utmost and taketh to

him ver. 31- parts of the earth to seven other spirits

• The queen hear the wisdom of

of Sheba more wicked than


Solomon ; and, bebimself; and they en part of Ara- hold, a greater than ter in, and dwell bia called Solomon is here. there : and p the last Sabæawhich 32 The men of Ni. state of that man is bordered up neve shall rise up in worse than the first.

Sea, and

the judgment with 27 And it came to which an

this generation, and pass, as he spake these swers exact- shall condemn it : for things, a certain wo to Arabia theyx repented at the

Felix. It man of the company Lies at a great and, behold, a greater

preaching of Jonas; lifted up her voice, distance to and said unto him, the south of than Jonas is here. Blesseda is the womb Judæa. See 33 y No man, when that bare thee, and the ki, 10. ; he hath lighted a can

and 12. paps which thou hast 42.

dle, putteth it in a sucked.

secret place, neither

The Pharisees LUKE XI.

reproied. under a + bushel, but A. D. 33. 40 Ye fools, did not on a candlestick, that

he that made that they which come in + See Ma.5. which is without make may see the light.

15. that which is within 34 The light of the z Ps. 119.18. also? body is the eye: there- Ma. 6. 22. 41 d But rather give fore when thine eye

Mar. 8. 18. alms of such things

Ac. 26. 18. is single, thy whole

Ep. 1. 18. as ye have ; and, bebody also is full of

t Gr. a can

hold, all things are light*; but when thine ale by its

clean unto you. eye is evil, thy body bright shin. 49 e But woe unto also is full of dark. ing. you, Pharisees! for ye Des.

a Ma. 15. 2. tithe mint and rue 35 Take heed there. Mar. 7. 3. and all manner

of fore that the light

Jno. 3. 25. herbs, and pass over which is in thee be 5 Ma. 23.25. judgment and the love not darkness.

Ga. 1.14. of God: these ought

2 Ti. 3.5. 36 If thy whole bo

ye to have done, and dy therefore be full of

o Joo. 12. 6.
Ac. 5. 3.

not to leave the other light, having no part

Tit. 1. 15. undone. dark, the whole shall Ja. 4.8.

43 Woe unto you, be full of light, as a ch. 12. 33. Pharisees! for ye love when tthe bright shin- Is. 58. 7. the uppermost seats ing of a candle doth

Da. 4. 27. in the synagogues, give thee light. Or, as you and greetings in the 37 And as be spake, are able.

markets, a certain Pharisee bee Ma. 23. 23. 44 8 Woe unto you, sought him to diner Ma, 23. 6. Scribes and Phariwith him: and he Mar.12.38, sees, hypocrites! h for went in, and sat down


ye are as graves which to meat.

g Ma. 23. 27. appear not, and the 38 Anda when the b Ac. 23. 3. men that walk over Pharisee saw it, he

Ps. 5. 9. them are not aware of marvelled that he had i Is. 10. 1. them.

Ma. 23. 4. not first washed be.

45 Then answered fore dinner.

one of the Lawyers,

ver. 3439 6 And the Lord *If your on- and said unto him, said unto him, Now ly aim be to Master, thus saying do ye Pharisees make please God, thou reproachest us clean the outside of your soul also. the cup and the plat- will be full

46 And he said, Woe ter; but c your inward holiness, and unto you also, ye part is full of raven- happiness. Lawyers! i for ye lade ing and wickedness.

with burdens


Christ preacheth LUKE XI). to his disciples, grievous to be borne, A. D. 33. and them that were and ye yourselves

entering in ye thin

k Ma, 23. 29. touch not the burdens

dered. with one of your fin-1 Ma. 23. 34. 53 And as he said gers.

m Ge. 4. 8. these things unto 47 kWoe unto you! n 2Ch.24.20, them, the Scribes and for ye build the sepul- 21. the Pharisees began chres of the prophets, o Ma. 23.13. to urge him veheaud your fathers kill

mently, and to proed them.

Or, forbad

voke him to speak 48 Truly ye bear p Mar. 12.13. of many things : witness that ye allow a Ma. 16. 6. 54 Laying wait for the deeds of your fa.

Mar. 8.15. him, and p seeking to thers : for they indeed b Ma. 16.12. catch something out killed them, and ye

I Co. 5. 7. of his mouth, that build their sepulchres. c ch. 6. 17. they might accuse 49 Therefore also Ma. 10.26. him.

Mar. 4. 22. said the wisdom of

Ro. 2. 16. CHAP. XII. God, I will send 1 Co. 4. 5. them prophets and 2 Co. 5.10.

1 In a the mean apostles, and some of Re. 20. 12 time, when there were them they shall slay

gathered together an and persecute : ver. 52- innumerable multi

50 That the blood * The Seribes tude of people, insoof all the prophets, guished by

were distin- much that they trode which was shed from the symboli- one upon another, he the foundation of the cal figure of began to say unto his world, may be re- a key; their disciples first of all, quired of this genera- office being Beware bye of the tion; 51'm From the blood the Scrip

leaven of the Phariand explain

sees, which is hypoof Abel unto n the tures. But crisy. blood of Zacharias, our Lord 2. For there is nowhich perished

be here rebakes thing covered, that

them, between the altar and

cause they

shall not be revealed; the temple : verily I had by their neither hid, that shall say unto you, It shall wrong inter- not be known. be required of this pretation of 3 Therefore what

Scripture, generation,

filled the

soever ye have spo. 52 Woe unto yon, people with ken in darkness shall Lawyers! for ye have prejudice

be heard in the light taken away the key against the and that which ye of knowledge:*ye en


have spoken in the not in yourselves,

ear in closets shall

to open



To avoid

hypocrisy. be proclaimed upon

A. D. 33. him that blasphemthe housetops.

eth against the Holy 4 d And I say unto a Je. 1.8. Ghost it shall not be

Is. 51. 7,8. you my friends, Be

12, 13.

forgiven. not afraid of them Ma. 10. 28.

11 b And when they that kill the body,

bring you unto the and after that have e Ino. 15.14, synagogues, and unto no more that they can Ja. 2. 23. magistrates, and pow. do.

take ye no 5 But I will fore. It See Ma. 10 thought how or what

29. warn you whom ye

thing ye shall answer, shall fear : Fear him, fi Sa. 2. 30. or what ye shall say ! which after he hath Ps. 119.46. 12 For the Holy killed hath power to

Ma. 10.32, Ghost shall teach you

33. cast into hell; yea,

Mar. 8. 39. in the

same hour I say unto you, Fear 2 11.2. 12. what ye ought to say.

1 Jno.2.23. 13 And one of the 6 Are pot five spar- g ch. 23. 34. company said unto rows sold for


Ma. 12.31, him, Master, speak farthings, t and not 32. to my brother, that one of them is for- Mar. 3. 28. he divide the inheri

1 Ti. 1. 13. gotten before God ?

He. 6. 4.8.

tance with me. 7 But even the very & 10. 26.

14 And he said un. hairs of your head are 31. to him, i Man, who all numbered. Fear

1Jno.5.16. made me a judge or not therefore : ye are h ch. 21. 14. a divider over you? of more valne than

Ma. 10. 19. 15 And he said unto many sparrows.

Mar.13.11. them, k Take heed, 8 Also I say unto

Ac. 4.5.7. and beware of covet

& 6. 9. 15. you, Whosoever shall

ousness: for a man's confess before i Ex. 2: 14: life consisteth not in men, him shall the

Jno. 6. 15. the abundance of the

& 8. 11. Son of man also con- & 18. 36.

things which he posfess before the angels

sesseth. of God:

k Mar. 7. 22.

16 And he spake a

1 Co. 5. 10. 9 But he that deni,

& 6. 10.

parable unto them, elh me before men Ep. 5. 3. saying, The ground shall be denied before Col. 3. 5. of a certain rich man the angels of God. 1 Ti. 6. 7, brought forth plenti

&c. 10 And gwhosoever

fully :

2 Ti. 3. 2. shall speak a word He. 13. 5.

17 And he thougbt against the Son of

2 Pe. 2. 3. within himself, say. man, it shall be for.

14. ing, What shall I do, given him : but unto

because I have no


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