Mar. 5.30. When

city, *

Bloody issue LUKE VIII.

healed. from them; for they| A. D. 31. having an issue of were taken with great

blood twelve years, fear : and he went up q Ps. 27. 4. which had spent ali into the ship, and re

& 32. 7. her living upon phy: turned back again.

Mar. 5. 18.
Ph. 1. 23.

sicians, neither could 38 Now I the man

be healed of any, out of whom the de. Ma. 9. 18. 44 Came behind vils were

departed Mar.5.22. him, and touched the besought him that he s Le. 15. 25, border of his

garmight be with him : &c. medt: and immedibut Jesus sent him Ma. 9. 20. ately her issue of away, saying,

22. blood stanched.

Mar. 5. 25. 39 Return to thine

45 And Jesus said, own house, and shew tch. 6. 19. Who touched

me how great things God

all denied, hath done unto thee. u Ma. 9. 23. Peter and they that

26. And he went his

Mar.5, 35.

were with him said, way, and published *

Master, the multitude throughout the wbole

throng thee and press how great Ver. 39–

thee, and sayest thou, things Jesus had done Knorrow, Who touched me? unto him.

preaching, or pr claim

46 And Jesus said, 40 And it came to ing as a

Somebody hath pass, that, when Je- herald. touched me: for I sus was returned, the

perceive that t virtue

+ i.e. Gadapeople gladly received

is gone out of me.

ra ; it was him: for they were one of the

47 And when the all waiting for him. ten cities woman saw that she

41 · And, behold, named De- was not hid, she there came

came trembling, and named Jairus, and he which were falling down before was a ruler of the on both sides him. she declared unsynagogue : and he of the sea of to him before all the fell down at Jesus' Tiberias. people for what cause feet, and besought This city

she had touched him, him that he would

suffered great and how she

was come into his house : during ihe

healed immediately. 42 For he had one reign of 48 And he said unonly daughter, about Vespasian, to her, Daughter, he

from the twelve years of age,

of good comfort: thy

Romans. and she lay a dying.

faith hath made thee

See notes on But as he went the Ma. 8. 28.

whole; go in peace. people thronged him. Mar. 5. 20. 49 u While he yet 43 And a woman

spake, there cometh


man capolis,

The twelve

sent forth. one from the ruler/ A. D. 31. CHAP. IX. of the synagogue's

1 Then ahe called

x Mar.5.39. house, saying to him,

Jno. 11. 4.

his twelve disciples Thy daughter is 11.13. together, and gave dead;

trouble Dot y ch. 7. 14. them power and authe Master.

Jno. 5. 21. thority over all devils, 50 But when Jesus 28, 29. and to cure diseases. heard it, he answered

R 11. 43.

2 And b he sent

Ac. 9. 40. him, saying, Fear

Ro. 4, 17.

them to preach the not believe only, z Ma. 8.4. kingdom of God, and and she shall be made

& 9. 30.

to heal the sick. whole.

Mar. 5. 43. 3 cAnd he said un51 And when he

a Ma. 10. 1. to them, Take nothing came into the house, Mar. 3.13. for your journey, neihe suffered no man

& 6. 7. ther staves, nor scrip, to go in, save Peter, b ch. 10. 1.9. neither bread, neither and James, and John Ma. 10.7. money; neither have and the father and

Mar. 6. 12. two coats apiece. the mother of the c ch. 10.4. 4 d And whatsoever

& 22. 35. maiden.

house ye enter into,

Ma. 10. 9. 52 And all wept, Mar. 6. 8.


and and bewailed

her :
d Ma. 10.11.

thence depart. but he said. Weep Mar. 6. 10.

5 e And whosoever not; she is not dead,

e Ma. 10.14. will not receive you, but sleepeth.

Mar. 6. 11. when ye go out of 53 And they laugh- c Ac. 13.51. that city, fshake off ed him to scorn, know

Mar. 6. 12. the very dust from ing that she was dead.

h Ma. 14. 1.

your feet for a testi54 And he put them

Mar. C. 14. mony against them. all out, and took her

6 % And they de. by the hand, and ver. 54- parted, and went called, saying, Maid, *1.6. The through the towns, arise.

, and those as

preaching the gospel, 55 And her spirit sembled to


healing every came again, and she perform the where. arose straightway : funeral cere- 7 h Now Ilerod the and he commanded monies of

tetrarch heard of all

lamentation, to give her meat.

But &c.

that was done by him: 56 And her parents the disci- and he was perplexed, were astonished: but ples, with because that it was he z charged them the parents, said of some, that that they should tell were allowed John was risen from 1:0) man


was the miracle. the dead ; tie.

8 And of some, that

Christ feedeth

five thousand. Elias had appeared A. D. 32. aud two fiehes; exand of others, that one

cept we should go of the old prophets i ch. 13. 31, and buy meat for all was risen again.

32 this people. 9 And Herod said, & 23. 8.

14 For they were John have I behead k ch. 10. 17. about five thousand ed: but who is this,

Ze, 1. 10,


men. And he said to of whom I hear such

Mar. 6. 30. his disciples, Make things? i And he de

He. 13. 17. them sit down by fifsired to see him. 1 Ma. 14. 13. ties in a company.

10 k And the apos- Mar. 3. 7. 15 And they did so, ties, when they were m Ma. 14. 15. and made them all returned, told him all Mar. 6.35. sit down, that they had done. Jno. 6.1.5. 16 Then he took the And he took them, Ma. 16. 13. five loaves and the and went aside pri- Mar. 8. 27. two fishes, and lookvately into a desert o ver. 7, 8. ing up to heaven, he place belonging to the

Ma. 14.2. blessed them, and

Jno. 1. 21. city called Bethsaida.

brake, and gave to i1 And the people, P Ma. 16. 16. the disciples to set

69 when they knew it,

before the multitude. followed him: and he ver. 18— 17 And they did eat, received them, and * The word, and were all filled : spake unto them of καταμονας, and there was taken the kingdom of God, hert transand healed them that lated alone, up of fragments that

remained to them had need of healing. parated from twelve baskets.

12 m And when the the multi- 18 n And it came to day began to wear tude, and

pass, as he was * alone away, then came the does not ex

praying, his disciples twelve, and said un- ciples.-- See were with him : and to him, Send the Mar. 4. 10. he asked them, saymultitude away, that • Our Lord ing, Whom say the they may go into the asked this people that I am ?* towns and country question, not 19 They answering round about,

said, John the Baplodge, and get victu- was ignorant tist; but some say, als : for we are here people

Elias; and others say, in a desert place. thought, but that one of the old

13 But he said unto to obtain an prophets is risen athem, Give ye them express de


claration of to eat.

20 He said unto said, We have no faith. them, But whom say more but five loaves.

ye that I am? PPeter

and because

And they his disciples'

Transfiguration LUKE IX.

of Christ. answering said, The A. D. 32. of death, till they see Christ of God.

the kingdom of God. 21 9 And he straitly q Ma. 16. 20. 28 yAnd it came to charged them, and commanded them to

r Ma. 16. 21. pass about an eight & 17. 22.

days after these + saytell no man that thing;

ings, he took Peter 22 Saying, 'The Son Sch. 14. 27; and John and James,

Ma. . of man must suffer

& 16. 24.

aud went up into a many things, and be Mar. 8. 34. mountain to pray. rejected of the elders

29 And as he prayand Chief Priests and

* Ma. 16. 26. ed, the fashion of his

Mar. 8. 36. Scribes, and be slain,

countenance was aland be raised the u Ma. 10. 33. tered, and his raithird day,

Mar. S. 38. ment was white and

2 Ti. 2. 12. 23 And he said to

glistering. them all, If any man * Ma. 16. 28. 30 And, behold, will come after me,

Mar. 9. 1. there talked with him let him deny himself, y Ma. 17. 1. two men, which were and take up his cross Mar. 9. 2.

Moses and Elias: daily,* and follow me. # Or, things.

31 Who appeared 24 For whosoever z Da. 8. 18.

in glory, and spake will save his life shall

& 10. 9. of his decease which lose it: but whoso

he should accomplish ever will lose his life ver. 23- at Jerusalem. for my sake, the same

32 But Peter and

day sucshall save it.

they that were with 25 For what is a would one

ceeds day, so him were heavy with man advantaged, it cross follow sleep: and when they he gain the whole another."- were awake, they saw

Beza. world, and lose him

his glory, and the two self,* or be cast away?

men that stood with 26 u For whosoever. See Mat. him. shall be ashamed of 16. 26. TV 33 And it came to me and of my words, yuxvv avroy, pass, as they departed of him shall the Son his own soul. from him, Peter said of man be ashamed,

unto Jesus, Master, it when he shall come the glory is good for us to be in his own glory,* and of Christ, as here: and let us make in his Father's, and Mediator; three tabernacles; one of the holy angels.

being dis

for thee, and one for 27 x But I tell you from the


Moses, and one for of a truth, there be glory of the Elias: not knowing some standing here, Father. what he said. which shall not tastel

34 While he thus

"For as

ver, 25

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Christ healeth

the lunatick. spake, there came a A. D. 32. swering said, O faithcloud, and oversha

less and perverse gedowed them; and they a ch.3. 22. neration, how long feared as they entered

Ma. 3. 17. sball I be with you, into the cloud.

Jno. 3. 16. and suffer you ? Bring 35 And there came

35, 36. 2 Pe.1. 17.

thy son hither. a voice out of the

42 And as he was

b De. 18.18. cloud, saying, a This

Is.55.3, 4. yet a coming, the deis my beloved Son : Jno. 5. 22. vil threw him down, hear b him.

24. and tare him. And 36 And when the Ac. 3. 22. Jesus rebuked

the He. 2. 3. voice was past, Jesus

& 3. 7. 15.

unclean spirit, and was found alone. And & 5. 9.

healed the child, and they kept it close, & 12. 25. delivered him again and told no man in c Ec. 3. 7. to his father. those days any of Ma. 17. 9. 43 And they were those things which

Mar. 9. 9, all amazed at the they had seen.


power of God. 37 And it came to a Ma. 17. 14. But while they won

Mar. 9. 14. pass, that on the next

dered every one at all

17. day, when they were

things which Jesus

e ch. I. 66. come down from the

& 2. 19.51.

did, he said unto his bill, much people met

1s.32.9,10. disciples, him,

Ma, 17.22. 44 e Let these say38 And, behold, a Jno. 16. 4. ings sink down into man of the company

TTH, 3. 3,


your ears : for the Son cried out, saying, He. 2. 1.

of man shall be deMaster, beseech & 12. 2. 5. livered into the hands thee, look upon my fch. 2. 50.

of men. son for he is mine & 19. 34. 45 1 But they underonly child.

Ma. 16. 22. stood not this saying, 39 And, lo, a spirit

Mar. 8, 16. and it was hid from

32, 33. taketh him, and he

them, that they per

& 9. 32 suddenly crieth out; & 10. 32.

ceived it not : and and it teareth him Jno. 12.16. they feared to ask him that he foameth a

34 of that saying.

& 14.5. gain, and bruising

46 8 Then there arose

& 16. 17. him hardly departeth 200 3.14. a reasoning among from him.

them, which of

& Ma. 18. 1. 40 And I besought Mar. 9. 34 them should be greatthy disciples to cast Ro. 12. 3. est. him out; and they

10. 47 And Jesus, percould not.

Ga. 6. 26. ceiving the thought of 41 And Jesus an

their heart, took a

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