Christ's testimony LUKE VII.

of John. yon, Among those A. D. 31. drinking; and ye say, that are born of wo

Behold a gluttonous

m Ma. 3.5, men there is not a ch. 3. 12. man, and a winebibgreater prophet than

a friend of pub


+ Or, frusJohn the Baptist: but trated licans and sinners! he that is least in the

35 . But wisdom is

a Ac. 20. 27. kingdom of God is

Ep. 1. 11. justified of all her greater than he,

1 Or,within children. 29 And all the peo-themselves.

36 rAnd one of the ple that heard him,l. La. 2. 13. Pharisees desired him and the publicans, Ma. 11. 16. that he would eat justified God, m' being

Mar. 4.30. with him. And he baptized with the bap-p ch. 1. 15. went into the Pharitism of John.

Ma. 3. 4. see's house, and sat 30 But the Phari.

Mar. 1.6. down to meat. sees and lawyers + re- 9 No. 14. 9. 37 And, behold, a

Ma. 11. 19. jected othe counsel of

woman in city, God I against them- Ma: 26.6; which was a sinner,

Mar. . selves, being not bap- Jno. 11. 2

when she knew that tized of him.

Jesus sat at meat in

s ch. 15. 2. the Pharisee's house, 31 And the Lord said, Whereunto ver. 28

brought an alabaster then shall I liken the i.e. In the box of ointment, men of this genera- Gospel dis- 38 And stood at his tion ? and to what are pensation,

feet behind him weepthey like?

greater ho-
nour and

ing, and began to 32 They are

wash his feet with unto children sitting would be tears, and did wipe in the marketplace, conferred on them with the hairs and calling ove to

Christ's mi- of her head, and kissanother, and saying, people ;

nisters and

ed his feet, and anWe bave piped unto superior gifts ointed them with the you, and ye have not of the Spirit ointment. danced we have bestowed, 39 Now when the mourned to you, and X. Pharisee which had

rather, The ye have not wept. least par

bidden him saw it, 33 For p John the taker of spi- he spake within him. Baptist came neither ritual bless self, saying, . This eating

bread nor ings is more man, if he were a drinking wine; and highly fa

voured, than

prophet, would have ye say, He hatha if he were

known who and what devil.

the greatest manner of woman this 34 The Son of man of prophets. is that toucheth him: is come eating and = = for she is a sinner.

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like blessings


Christ's feet LUKE VIII.

anointed. 40 And Jesus an- A. D. 31. 46 My head with swering said unto

thuri didst not

+ Ma. 18. 28. him, Simon, I have

anoint: but this wosomewhat to say unto

# Ps. 23. 5.

man hath anointed thee. And he saith, u 1 Ti.1. 14. my feet with ointMaster, say on.

I Ma. 9. 2. ment.* 41 There was a cer.

Mar. 2.5.

47 u Wherefore I tain creditor which y Ma. 9. 3. say unto thee, Her had two debtors: the Mar. 2.7. sins, which are many one owed five hun

z ch. 8. 48.

are forgiven; for she dred t pence, and the

& 18. 42.

loved much : but to other fifty.

Ma. 9. 22. whom little is for42 And when they Mar. 5. 34. given. the same loveth had nothing to pay,

& 10. 52. little.* he frankly forgave a Ma.27.55, 18 And he said unthem both. Tell me 56. to her, » Thy sins therefore, which of

are forgiven, them will love him ver. 46- 49 And they that most?

*It was the sat at meat with him 43 Simon answered custom of

began to say within and said, I suppose welcome

the Jews to

themselves, y Who is that he, to whom he their guests this that forgiveth forgave most. And by saluting sins also ? he said unto him, them with a 50 And he said to Thou

kiss, washing


woman, z Thy judged.

and anoint- faith hath saved thee; 44 And he turned

go in peace. to the woman, and head with said unto Simon, oil, or fine

CHAP. VIII. Seest thou this wo


1 AND it came to manI entered into ver. 47

pass afterward, that thine house, thou * i... Her he went throughout gavest me ng water heard satis every city and vil for my feet: but she fy thee, that lage, preaching and hath washed my feet she is a par- shewing the glad with tears, and wiped doned sin- tidings of the kings them with the hairs of wer; while dom of God; and

thy own her head.

the twelve were with

scanty re45 Thou gavest me gard should him, no kiss : but this lead theo to 2 And a certain wo. woman since the suspect, that men, which had been time I came in hath thou art as

healed of evil spirits

yet udfornot ceased to kiss


and infirmities, Mary

called Magdalene,

hast rightly heir feet,

ing their

my feet.

Parable of

the sower out b of whom went A. D. 31. ples asked him, say. seven devils,

ing, What might this 3 And Joanna theb Mar. 16.9. parable be? wife of Chuza Heo M#. 13. 2. 10 And

he said, rod's steward, and Mar. 4. 1. Unto you it is given Susanna, and many a Ho. 6. 3.

to know the * mysothers, which minis- Ma.13. 10. teries of the kingdom tered unto him of 18. 36. of God: but to others their substance. & 15. 15. in parables ; e that 4 cAnd when much

Mar. 4. 10. seeing they might not

Jno.15. 15. people were gathered

see, and hearing they together, and were e De. 29. 1. might not

undercome to him out of Is. 6. 9. stand.

& 29. 14, every city, he spake

11 fNow the para.

& 44. 18. by a parable :

Je. 5. 21.

ble is this : The seed 5 A sower went out Ma. 13. 14. is the word of God. to sow his seed : and

17. 19 Those by the as he sowed, some

Mar. 4. 12. way side

are they

Jno. 12. 40. fell by the way side;

that hear ; then com

Ac. 28, 26, and it was trodden


eth the devil, and down, and the fowls Ro. 11. 7. taketh away the word of the air devoured 10. out of their hearts,

f Is 8. 20.

lest they should be 6 And

sonne felll' Ma, 13. i8. lieve and be saved. upon a rock; and as

Mar. 4. 14. 13 They on the soon as it was sprung

1 Co. 3. 6, rock are they, which, up, it withered away,

7. 9. 12. when they hear, re

Ja. 1. 21. because it lacked

1 Pe.1. 23.

ceive the word with moisture.

25. joy; and these have 7 And some fell

no root, which for a among thorns; and ver. 10- while believe, and in the thorns sprang up

time of temptation with it, and choked of salvation

or scheme

fall away it.

shortly to

14 And that which 8 And other fell be made fell among thorns are on good ground, and known, with they, which, when sprang up, and bare the prophe- they have heard,

go fruit an hundredfold, to the future forth, and are choked And when he had state of the with cares and riches said these things, he Christian and pleasures of this cried, He that hath church, life, and bring no ears to hear, let him spoken of in fruit to perfection.. hear.

the following

15 But that on the 9 d And his disci.

good ground are they,


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• The way

Christ rebuketh LUKE VIII.

the wind. which in an honest A. D. 31. them, My mother and good heart, hav.

and my brethren are ing heard the word, Sch. 11. 33. these which hear the keep it, and bring Ma. 5. 15. word of God, and do forth fruit with pati

Mar. 4.21. it.

Ac. 26. 18. ence.

92 I Now it came to

Ph. 2. 15. 16 No man, when Re. 1. 20. pass on a certain day, he hath lighted a can- & 2. 1. that he went into a dle, covereth it with & Jl.4. ship with his discia vessel, or patteth it h ch. 12. 2. ples : and he said ununder a bed ; but Ma. 10.26. to them, Let us go setteth it on a can- 1 Co. 4. 5. over unto the other dlestick, that they i ch. 19. 26.

side of the lake. which enter in may Ma. 13.12. And they launched see the light.

& 25. 29. forth. 17 h For nothing is

Mar. 4.25. 23 But as they secret, that shall not

Jno. 15, 2. sailed he fell asleep : be made manifest;

+ Or, think- and there came down neither any thing hid,eth that he a storm of wind on that shali not be hath. the lake; and they known


were filled with water, abroad.

k Ma. 12. 46. and were in jeopardy.

Mar. 3.31. 18 Take heed there

24 And they came fore how ye hear : 1 Ma. 8. 28. to him, and awoke for i whosoever hath, Mar. 4. 35. him, saying, Master, to him shall be given; Jno. 6.1. master, we perish, and whosoever hath

Then he arose, and not, from him shall n Ma. 8. 28. rebuked the wind and be taken even that

the raging of the wawhich he t seemeth

ter: and they ceased, to have.*

and there was a calm.

ver. 18 19 k Then came to * i.e." He

25 And he said unhim his mother and who hath to them, Where is his brethren, and not faith your faith! And they could not come at and grace, being afraid wonder

shall at last him for the press. be deprived

ed, saying one to ano20 And it was told of all his ther, What manner him by certain which other at- of man is this! for said, 'I hy mother and tainments he commandeth even thy brethren stand and advan

the winds and water, without, desiring to which he and they obey him. see thee.

trusted and

26 m And they ar21 And he answer- gloried.” rived at the country ed and said unto

of the


He casteth

out devils. which is over against A. D. 31 them to go out into Galilee.

the deep.* 27 And when he

n Ma. 25.41.

32 And there was went forth to land, Re. 9. 2. there an herd of many there met him out of & 19. 20.

swine feeding on the certain the city a

& 20. 2, 3.

mountain : and they

14, 15. man, which had de

besought him that he vils long time, and o Ma. 8. 84. would suffer them to ware no clothes, nei- p De. 5. 25. enter into them. And ther abode in any 1 Sa. 6. 20. he suffered them,

the house, but in

2 Sa. 6. S,

33 Then went the

9. tombs.

1 Ki. 17,

devils out of the man, 28 When he saw


and entered into the Jesus, he cried out, Job 21.14, swine and the herd and fell down before

15. ran violently down a him, and with a loud

Mar. 5. 17.

Ac. 16.39. steep place into the voice said, What have


were I to do with thee, ver. 31–

choked. Jesus, thou Son of * The deep, 34 When they that God most high? I be- in English, fed them saw what seech thee, torment invariably was done, they fled, me not.

sea, and of- and went and told ir 29 (For he had com-ten occurs in in the city and in the manded the unclean scripture; see country. spirit to come out of ch. 5. 4. 35 Then they went the man. For often- where the

out to see what was times it had caught B2305, is so

done ; and came to him: and he was kept rendered : Jesus, and found the bound with chains but the word man, out of whom and in fetters; and usvooos, here the devils were dehe brake the bands, used, eviand was driven dently refers parted, sitting at the

feet of Jesus, clothed, the devil into the wil where wick-and in his right mind: derness.)

ed spirits are and they were afraid. 30 And Jesus asked punished; 36 They also which him, saying, What is see Re. 20:3. saw it told them by thy name? And he translated,

what means he that said, Legion : be- the bottom- was possessed of the cause

many devils less pit. It devils was healed. were entered into properly de

37 oll:en the whole him.

notes a place multitude of the coun31 And they be- it cannot be try of the Gadarenes sought him that he fathomed. round about p bewould not command

sought him to depart

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