He chooseth twelve LUKE VI.

apostles. ands of them he chose A. D.31. your's is the kingdom twelve, whom also he

of God.

8 Ma. 10.1. named apostles;

21 . Blessed are ye 14 Simon, (h whom Jno. 1, 42. that hunger now: for he also named Peter,)

i Judo 1.
ye shall

be filled. and Andrew his bro- k Ma. 4. 24. Blessed P are ye that ther, James and John,

Mar, 3. 7. weep now : fur ye Pbilip and Bartholo-1 Ma.14. 36. shall laugh.

mch. 8. 46. 22 9 Blessed are ye, 15 Matthew and

Mar. 5.30. when men shall hate l'homas, James the Ma. 5. 3. you, and when they

& 11. 5. son of Alphæus, and

shall r separate you

Ja. 2. 5. Simon called Zelotes,

from their company,

o Is. 55. I. 16 And Judas i thé

and shall reproach

& 65. 13. brother of James, and Ma. 5. 6. you, and cast out your Judas Iscariot, which

p Is. 61. 3.

name evil, for also was the traitor. Ma. 5. 4. the Son

man's 17 And he came


9 Ma. 5. 11. down with them, and 1 Pe. 2.19.

23 Rejoice ye in stood in the plain, & 3. 14. that day, and leap and the company of

& 4. 14. for joy: for, behold, his disciples, and a

Joo. 16. 2. your reward is great great multitude of s Ma. 5. 12. in heaven: fort in

Ac. 5. 41. people out of all Ju

Col. ). 24.

the like manner did dæa and Jerusalem, Ja. 1. 2.

their fathers unto the and from the sea coast t Ac. 7.51.

prophets. of Tyre and Sidon,

24 u But woe unto

u Amos 6. I. which came to hear Ja. 5. 1.

you x that are rich! him, and to be healed X ch. 12. 21. for y ye have received of their diseases ;

y ch. 16. 25. Your consolation, 18 And they that

25 z Woe nnto you

Ma.6.2.5. were vexed with un: z Is. 65. 13.

that are full! for ye clean spirits : and

shall hunger. a Woo

a Pr. 14. 13. they were healed.

unto you that laugh

b Jno. 15.19, 19 And the whole

now ! for ye shall

1 Jno 4.5. multitude 'sought to

mourn and weep.

over. 35, touch himn : for mthere

26 b Woe unto you,

Ex. 23. 4. went virtue out of Ps. 25. 2. when all men shali him, and healed them Ma. 5. 44. speak well of you! for all.

Ro. 12. 20. so did their fathers to 20 And he lifted up

the false prophets.

27 «But I say unto

μακάριοι, ples, and said, Bless- happy.

you which hear, Love edbe ye poor : for

your enemies, do

his eyes on his disci- ver. 20–

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How to love


our enemies. good to them which A. D. 31. good, and mlend, hophate you,

ing for nothing again;

deh. 23. 34.
28 Bless them that Ac. 7. 60: and your

reward shali curse you, and "pray

e Ma. 5. 39.
be great, and

nye for them which des.

shall be the children

fl Co. 6. 7. pitefully use you.

of the Highest : for 29 e Ånd unto him 8 Do. 15. ?: he is kind unto the that smiteth thee on

8. lo. Pr. 21. 26.

unthankful and to the the one cheek offer

Ma. 5. 42. evil. also the other fand h Ma. 7.12. 36 Be ye therefore him that taketh away i Ma. 5. 46. merciful, as your Fathy cloke forbid not k Ma. 5. 42. ther also is merciful. to take thy coat also. I ver. 27.

37 PJudge not, and 30 8Give to every

ye shall not be judgman that asketh of m ver. 30.

Ps. 37. 26.

ed: condemn not, and thee ; and of him n Ma. 5, 45. ye shall not be conthat taketh away thy Ma. 5. 48. demned: forgive, and goods ask them not

p Ma. 7.1. ye shall be forgiven : again.* 31

38 9 Give, and it b And as ye

q Pr. 19. 17. shall be given unto would that

r Ps. 79. 12. men

you; good measure, should do to you, do Ma. 7. ?;, pressed down, and ye also to them like- Ja. 2. 13. shaken together, and wise.

t Ma. 15.14.

running over, shall 32 i For if ye love

men give into your them which love you,

Jno. 13.16.

For s with what thank have ye? & 15. 20.

the same measure that for sinners also love tor, shall be ye mete withal it shall those that love them. perfected as be measured to you

33 And if ye do his master. again. good to them which 1 Ma. 7. 3. 39 And he spake a do good to you, what

parable unto them,

ver. 30 thank have ye? for These ap- Cant the blind lead sioners also do even pear to be

the blind? shall they the same.

proverbial not both fall into the 34 kAnd if ye lend sayings, er ditch? to them of whom ye

pressive of a

40 u The disciple is hope to receive, what tian duty,

great Chris

not above his master:
thank have ye? for viz. rather but every one that
sinners also lend to to submit to is perfect shall be as
sinners, to receive as repeated in his master.
much again.

jury, than
indulge in

41 x And why be. 35 But I love ye resentment. holdest thou the mote your enemies, and do

that is in thy brother's

u Ma. 10.24. bosom."

Mal. 1.6. mently

The tree known LUKE VII.

by its fruit. eye, but perceivest| A. D. 31. jand do not the things Dot the beam that is

which I say ? in thine own eye!

y Pr. 18. 17.

47e Whosoever com42 Either how canst Ma. 23. 13. eth to me, and hearthou say to thy bro

z Ma, 7. 16, eth my sayings, and ther, Brother, let me 17.' doeth them, I will pull out the mote that

shew you to whom he is in thine eye, when a Ma. 12.33.

is like : thou thyself behold - Gr. a grape 48 He is like a man est not the beam that

which built an house,

b Ma. 12.35. is in thipe own eye? Thou hypocrite,ycast

Ep. 4. 29. and digged deep, and

Co4. 6. laid the foundation out first the beam out

on a rock : and when

. Ma. 12. 34 of thine own eye, and

the flood arose, the then shalt thou see a ch. 13. 25. stream beat vehe. clearly to pull out the

upon that

Ma. 7. 21. mote that is in thy

& 25. 11.

house, and could not brother's eye.

shake it : for it was 43 z For a good tree • Ma. 7. 24. founded upon a rock. bringeth not forth

Juo. 8. 52.
& 9. 27.

49 But he that hear. corrupt fruit; neither

& 10. 27.

eth, and doeth not, is doth a corrupt tree a Ma. 8. 5.

like a man that withbring forth good fruit.

out a foundation built 44 Fora every tree

an house upon the ver. 49

earth; against which fruit. For of thorns

in some parts men do not gather of the East, vehemently, and imfigs, nor of a bramble for fisher- mediately it fell; and bush gather they men to erect the ruin of that house grapes.t

their houses 45 b A good man of sand ad

on tho beds was great.* out of the good trea. jacent to

CHAP. VÍ sure of his heart bring the rivers ;

1 Now when he eth forth that which and it not had ended all his sayis good ; and an evil untrequently ings in the audience

occurs, when man out of the evil

of the

people, a he treasure of his heart set in, that entered

heyvy rains bringeth forth that the waters, naum. which is evil: for cof pouring in 2 And a certain the abundance of the torrents from


n's servant,

the moun heart his

who was dear unto speaketh.

them entire him, was sick, and 46 d And why call ly away. ready to die. ye me, Lord, Lord,

3 And when he

is known by his own. It is usual the stream did beat

mouth talns, sweep

Centurion's servant LUKE VII.

healed. heard of Jesus, he A. D. 31. velled at him, and sent unto him the el.

turned him about, and ders of the Jews, be- + Gr. this said unto the people Seeching him that he man. that followed him, 1 would come and heal Or, coffin. say unto you, I have his servant.

b ch. 8. 54. not found so great 4 And when they Ps. 33. 9. faith, no, not in lg. came to Jesus, they Is. 26. 19. rael. 事 besought him instant. Eze. 37. 3. 10 And they that

10. ly, saying, That he

Jno. 5. 21.

were sent, returning was worthy for whom

& 11, 43.

to the house, found he should do this: Ac. 9. 40. the servant whole that

5 For he loveth our Ro. 4. 17. had been sick. nation, and he hath Ep. 5. 14. 11 And it came to built us a synagogue.

pass the day after that 6 Then Jesus went vers he went into a city with them. And when ing was-Ir called Nain *; and he was now not far 1, a subordi- many of his disciples from the house, the nate officer, went with him, and centurion sent friends have such much people. to him, saying unto


12 Now when he

over my dehim, Lord, trouble pendants, it came nigh to the gate not thyself: for I am cannot be, of the city, behold, not worthy that thou but that a there was a dead man shouldest enter under single word, carried out, the only

of thine shall my roof:

effect its

son of his mother, 7 Wherefore neither purpose at

and she was a widow: thought I myself wor- once. and much people of thy to come unto thee:

the city was with her. but say in a word, * Such an

13 And when the and my servant shalí instance of Lord saw her, he had be healed.

contidence in compassion on her, 8 For I also am a my power, 1 and said uuto her, man set under autho- have not

found, even

Weep not. rity, having under me in my Jewish

14 And he came soldiers, and I say family. and touched the fbier: anto tone, Go, and

and they that bare

ver. II ne goeth; and to ano- A town

him stood still. And ther, Come, and he situated he said, Young man, cometh ; and to my about a nile I say unto thee, WA servant, Do this, and or two south rise. be doeth it.*

of Tabor,

15 And he that was

and near 9 When Jesus heard Eudor. dead sat up, and betese things, he mar

gan to speak. And

Ver. 9

11. cleansed,

The widow's son LUKE VII.

raised to life. he delivered him to A. D. 31. Jand tell John what his mother.

och. 1. 65. things ye have seen 16 cAnd there came Je. 33. 9. and heard; bhow that a fear on all: and they Ma. 28. 8. the blind see, the lame glorified God, saying,

Ac. 5. 5. walk, the lepers are Thatd a great prophet

the deaf is risen up among us; d ch, 9. 19. hear, the dead are And, e'l'hat God hath & 24. 19. raised, ito the poor the visited his people.

Jpo. 1. 21. gospel is preached.

& 4. 19. 17 And this rumour

23 And blessed is

& 6. 14, of him went forth

& 7 40.

he, whosoever shall throughout all Ju- & 9. 17. not be offended in dæa, and throughout

Ac. 3. 22. me. all the region round

& 7. 37.

24 k And when the about.

e ch. 1. 69. messengers of John 18 f And the disci- & 19. 44. were departed, he beples of John shewed Ex. 4. 31. gan to speak unto the him

Ps, 65. 9. of all these

people & 106. 4.

concerning things.

John, What went ye 19 And John call. Ma. 11. 2. out into the wildering unto him two of Jno. 3. 26. ness for to see ? A his disciples sent them & Ma. 11. 5. reed shaken with the to Jesus, saying, Art

wind? thon he that should h Job 29. 15.

25 But what went

Ps. 146. 8. come? or look we for Is. 29. 19, ye out for to see ? A another?

19. man clothed in soft 20 When the men & 32. 3, 4. raiment? Behold, they

& 35. 5. were come unto him,

which are gorgeously

& 42. 6, they said, John Bap


apparelled, and live tist hath sent us unto

& 61. 1.

delicately, are in thee, saying, Art thou Je. 31. 8. kings' courts. he that should come? Ma. 9. 29. 26 But what went or look we for ano

30. ther?

& 21. 14.

ye out for to see? A 21 And in the same

Jno. 3. 30. prophet? Yea, I say

33. unto you, and much hour he cured many Ac. 26. 18. more than a prophet. of their infirmities and

27 This is he, or

ich. 4. 19 plagues, and of evil

whom it is written,

Ja. 2.5. spirits; and unto ma

Behold, I send my ny that were blind he k Ma. 11. 7. messenger before thy gave sight.

1 Mal. 3. 1. face, which shall pre22 Then Jesus an- & 4. 5. pare thy way before swering said unto

Jno. 1. 23. ihee. them, Go your way,

28 For I say unto

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