His testimony

of Christ. every tree therefore, a. D. 26. saying unto them all, which bringeth not

In indeed baptize forth good fruit is

3 Ma. 7. 19.

you with water; but hewn down, and cast

h Ac. 2. 37.

one mightier than I into the fire.

i 2 Co. S. 14. cometh, the latchet 10 And the people

1J00.3.17. of whose shoes I am asked him, saying,

& 4. 20.

not worthy to un. What h shall we do k ch. 7. 29. loose: he shall bapthen ?

Ma. 21.32. tize you with the 11 He i answereth 1 ch. 19. 8. Holy Ghost and with and saith unto them, + Or, put no

fire : * He that hath two man in fear.

17 Whose fan is in coats, let him impart m Ex. 23. 1. his hand, and he will to him that hatt Le. 19.11. throughly purge his none;

and he that1 Or, allow floor, and will gahath meat, let him do ance.

ther the wheat into likewise.

6 Or, in his garner; but the 19 1 hen k came also suspence.

chaff he will burn publicans to be bap-tt Or, rea with fire unquenchatized, and said unto soned, or, ble. him, Master, what debated. 18 And many other shall we do?

n Ma. 3. 11. things in his exhort13 And he said un

Mar. 1.7.

ation preached he un

Jno. 1. 26. to them, 1 Exact no

to the people.

Ac. 1. 5. more than that which & 11. 16.

19 p But Herod is appointed you. o Mi. 4. 12.

the tetrarch, being 14 And the soldiers Ma. 13.30. reproved by him for likewise demanded


Ma. 14. 3. Herodias his brother of him, saying, And what shall we do, Ma. 3. 13. all

Mar. 6. 17. twife, and for

evils which And he said unto Jno. 1. 32. Herod had done, them, Do violence

20 Added yet this to no man, m neither ver. 11- above all, that he

#i.e.Attend accuse any falsely ;


up John to the essen

in and be content with tial duties of prison. your I wages.

justice and 21 Now when all 15 And


the mercy. the people were bappeople were 5 in ex-ver. 16– tized, 4 it came to pectation, and all * The bap- pass, that Jesus also men tt mused in their tism of the being baptized, and hearts

John, Spirit pene- praying, the heaven whether he were the trates and

purifies like

was opened, Christ, or not;


22 And the Holy 16 John answered,

Ghost desceded i.


r Ge. 41.46. son of Neri,

the son


genealogy. a bodily shape like a, A. D. 27. thiel, which was the a dove

upon him, and a voice came

Nu. 4. 3.

28 Which was the from heaven, which 35. 39. 43. son of Melchi, which said, Thou art my 47. was the son of Addi, beloved Son; in thees ch. 4. 22. which was the son of I am well pleased

Ma. 13.55. Cosam, which was 23 And Jesus him- Mar. 6. 3. the son of Elmodam.

Jno. 6. 42. self began to be

which was the son of about thirty years

t Ze. 12. 12.

Er, of age, * being (as was u 2 Sa.5. 14. 29 Which was the supposed) s the son

1 Ch. 3. 5.

son of Jose, which of Joseph, wbich was x 1 Sa.17.53. was the son of Eliethe son of Heli,

& 20. 31. zer, which was the 24 Which was the Iki 12.16.

son Jorim, which was son of Matthat, which

Ps. 72, 20. the son of Matthat, was the son of Levi, Ru. 4. 18, which was the son of which was the son of

&c. Levi, Melchi, which was

Ma. 1. 3.6. 20 Which was the of Janna,

1 Ch.2.10, son of Simeon, which which was the son of

&c. Ac. 13. 22.

was the son of Juda, Joseph,

which was the son of 25 Which was the ver. 23– Joseph, which was

of Mattathias, * Most cons. the son of Jonan, which was the son of mentators which was the son of Amos, which was



this as rethe son of Naum, ferring to the

31 Which was the which was the son of time (vis. son of Melea, which Esli, which was the the age of was the son of Menan, son of Nagge,

thirty years) which was the son of 26 Which was the when Jesus

Mattatha, which was son of Maath, which the exercise the son of i Naihan, was the son of Mat- of his public which u was the son tathias, which was ministry ; in of David, the son of Semei, accordauce

32 Which was the

with the which was the son

period at son of Jesse, which Joseph, which was which the was the son of Obed, the son of Juda, Priests and which was the son of 97 Which was the Levites be

Booz, which was the son of Joanna, which gan to otti

son of Salmon, which was the son of Rhesa, their minis was the son of Naaswhich was the son of trations of son, Zorobabel, which the temple. 33 Which was the was the son of Sala

son of Aminadab,



temptation, which was the son of A. D. 26. CHAP. IV. Aram, which was the

1 AND a Jesus beson of Esrom, which Ge. 11.24. ing full of the Holy was the son of Phares, 26. Ghost returned from which was the son of 2 Ge. 11. 12. Jordan, and b was led Juda,

a Ge. 5. 6, by the Spirit into the 34 Which was the

&c. wilderness,

&11.10,&c. con of Jacob, which

2 Being forty days was the sun of Isaac, b Ge.5.1, 2. tempted of the devil. which was the son of a Ma. 4. 1. And in those days Abraham, which Mar. 1. 12. he did eat nothing : was the son of Thara, b ver. 14. and when they were which was the son of eh. 2. 27. ended, he afterward Nacbor,

• Bs. 34.28. hungered. 35 Which was the 1 Ki.19, 8. 3 And the devil son of Saruch, which a Ex. 23. 25. said unto him, If thou was the son Ragau,

De. 8. 3. be the Son of God,

Is. 8. 20. which was the son of Je. 49. 11. command this stone Phalec, which was Ma. 4.4.

that it be made bread. the son of

Heber, & 6. 25. 4 And Jesus anwhich was the son of 31. swered him, saying, Sala,

Jno.10.34. It d is written, That

Ep. 6. 17. 36 z Which was the

man shall not live by son of Cainan, which • Jno.12.31. bread alone, but by

& 14. 30. was the son of Ar

every word of God.

Re. 13. 2. phaxad, * which was

5 And the devil,

7. the son of Sem, which

taking him up into was the son of Noe, down before

Or, fall

an high mountain, which was the son of me.

shewed unto him ali Lamech,

the kingdoms of the 37 Which was the ver. 38– world in a moment

• " Adam, son of Mathusala,

of time. which was the son of being de

scended from

6 And the devil Enoch, which was no human said unto him, All the son of Jared, parents, but this power will I give which was the son of formed by thee, and the glory Maleleel, which was

the power of of them : fore that is

a Divine the son of Cainan,


delivered unto me; 38 Which was the hand, might and to whomsoever Í son of Enos, which with pecu- will I give it. was the son of Seth, liar proprie. 7 If thou therefore which was the son of ty be called wilt +worship me, ali Adam, b which was God."

shall be thine. the son of God.

8 And Jesus ap1-15


He overcometh LUKE IV,

the devil. swered and said unto A. D. 26. in their synagogues, him, Get thee behind

being glorified of all. me, Satan: forf it is f De. 6. 13.

16 And he came

& 10. 20. written, Thou shalt

to • Nazareth, where

Ma. 4. 10. Korship the Lord thy

Re. 13. 10. he had been brought God, and him only & 22. 9. up: and, as his cusshalt thou serve.

3 Ma. 4. 5. tom was, p he went 9 & And he brought i Ps. 91. 11. into the synagogue him to Jerusalem,

on the sabbathday, and set him on a

i De. 6. 16.

and stood up for to

Ps. 95. 9. pinnacle of the tem

& 106. 14. read. ple, and said unto Mal. 3. 15. 17 And there was him, If thou be the

Ma. 4. 7. delivered unto him Son of God, cast thy

1 Cor. 10.9. the book of the pro

He. 3.8, 9. self down from hence:

phet Esaias. And

k Jno.14.30. 10 For h it is writ

when he had opened

He. 4. 15. ten, He shall give 1 Ma. 4. 12. the place where it

the book, he found his angels charge

Mar.1.14. over thee, to keep Jno. 4. 43. was written, thee :

Ac. 10. 37, 18 9 The Spirit of 1 And in their 38. the Lord is upon me, hands they shall bear m ver. 1. because


hath thee up, lest at any n Ac. 10. 37. anointed me to preach time thou dash thy o Ma. 2. 23. the gospel to the foot against a stone. & 13. 54. poor; he hath sent 12 And Jesus an

Mar. 6. 1. me to heal the broswering said unto

Ps. 45. 7. ken-hearted, to preach him, i It is said, Thou Is. 11.2.5. deliverance to the shalt not tempt the & 42. 1. 4. captives, and recoLord thy God.

& 50. 4.

vering of sight to the 13 And when the

& 59.21, blind, to set at liber

Ac. 13, 14. devil had ended all

& 17. 2. ty them

that are the temptation, , he departed from him

19 To preach the fork a season.

ver. 19 acceptable year of 14 And Jesus re- This is an

the Lord.* turned mn in the allusion to

20 And he closed power of the Spirit the great the book, and he into a Galilee; and year of re

gave it again to the there went out a fame lease, called

and minister,

sat here the acof him through all ceptable

down. And the eyes the region round year, &c. See of all then that were about.

Le. 25. 9. 40. in the synagogue 15 And he taught

were fastened on him.


q Is. 61. 1. bruised,

He beginneth LUKE IV.

to preach. 21 And he began A. D. 31. pers were in Israel to say anto them,

in the time of Eliseus This day is this scrip-r ch. 2. 47. the

prophet; and ture fulfilled in your

Ps. 45. 2,
Ma. 13.54.

none of them was ears.

Mar. 6. 2. cleansed, saving Naa22 And all bare Jno. 7. 46. man the Syrian. him witness, and Ac. 6. 10. 28 And all they in wondered rat the gra

Tit. 2. 8. the synagogue, when cious words which Ma. 13.55. they heard these proceeded out of his Mar. 6. 3. things, were

filled mouth. And they

Jno. 6. 42. with wrath, said, · Is not this t Ma. 4. 13. 29 And rose up, Joseph's son?

& 11. 23. and thrust him out 23 And he said un- . Ma.13.54. of the city, and led to them, Ye will Mar. 6. 1. him unto the + brow surely say unto me s Ma.13.57. of the hill whereon this proverb, Physi- Mar 6. 4. their city was built, cian, heal thyself: Jno. 4. 44. that they might cast whatsoever we have Ac. 22. 3. him down headlong.

18. 22. heard done in Ca

30 But he a passing pernaum, do also here y ! Ki.17.9. through the midst of in • thy country.

& 18. 1. them went his way, 24 And he said,

Ja. 5. 17.
31 And b

came Verily I say unto z 2 Ki.6. 14. down to Capernaum, you, No * prophet is accepted in his own

+ Or, edge. and taught them on

a city of Galilee,

a Jno. 8. 59. the sabbath days. country.

& 10. 39. 25 But I tell you

32 And they were of a truth, y many

b Ma. 4. 13. astonished at his docwidows were in 18

Mar. 1. 21. trine : e for his word rael in the days of e Ma. 7. 28, was with power. Eljas, when the hea

29. 33 d And in the ven was shut up three

Jno. 6. 63. synagogue there was

1 Co. 2.4. years and six months,

& 14. 24.

a man, which had a when great famine 2 Co. 4.2. spirit of an upclean was throughout all

& 10. 4. devil, and cried out the land;

1 Th. 1. 5. with a loud voice,
26 But unto none

Tit. 2, 15.
He. 4. 12,

34 Saying, I Let us of them was Elias 13. alone; what have we sent, save unto Sa

d Mar.1. 23. to do with thee, thore repta, a city of Sidon,

Jesus of Nazareth unto a woman that 10r, anay. art thou come to des. was a widow.

ever. 41. troy us? el know 29 And many le

thee who thou art,

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