Christ's sermon

on the mount. seeth in secret, shall A. D. 31.

unto you,z * Take no reward thee openly.

thought for your life,

s Pr. 23. 4. 19 · Lay pot up for 1 Ti, 6, 17.

what ye shall eat, or yourselves *treasures He. 13. 5. wbat ye shall drink; upon earth, where

Ja. 5. 1.

yet for your moth and rust doth Ecc. 29.11, body, what ye shall

eh, 13. 21. corrupt, and where

Lu, 12. 33,

put on. Is not the thieves break through 34. & 19.22

life more than meat, and steal :

1 Ti. 6. 19. and the body than 20 But lay up for 1 Pe. 1. 4. raiment? yourselves treasures

u Lu. 11. 34.

26 a Behold the in heaven, where nei

36. fowls of the air : for

x Lu. 16. 13. ther moth nor rust. Gai. 1. 10: they sow not, neither

corrupt, and 1 Ti. 6. 17. do they reap, nor where thieves do not Ja. 4. 4. gather into barns; yet break through


1 Ino.2.15. steal :

z Ps. 55. 22. feedeth them. Are ye

your heavenly Father 21 For where your

Lu, 12. 22.
Ph. 4.6.

not much better than treasure is, there will i Pe. 5. 7. they ? your heart be also. & Job 38. 41. 27 Which of you by

22 u The light of Ps. 147. 9. taking thought can the body is the eye:

Lu. 12. 24. add one cubit unto if therefore thine eye ver. 19–

his stature ? be single, thy whole * It denotes 28 And why take body shall be full of stores of all ye thought for rai.

. light.

ment? Consider the

ver. 21 23 But if thine eye An earthly lilies of the field, be evil, thy whole minded man how they grow; they body shall be full of avows that toil not, neither do darkness. If therefore his treasure they spin. the light that is in

29 And yet I say

and a hea. thee be darkness, how venly mind- unto you, That even great is that dark-ed man that Solomon' in all his ness!

his is above. glory was not arrayed 94 : No man can ver, 24- like one of these. serve two masters :

*A Syriac 30 Wherefore, for either he will hate ord signi, God so clothe' the the one, and love the or riches, grass of the field. other; or else he will here strik. which to day is, and hold to the one, and ingly per. to morrow is cast into despise the y other. sonified.

the oven, shall he not Ye cannot serve God

much more clotheyou,

Be not and

mammon. anxious. Oye of little faith?' 95 Therefore I say

31 Therefore take

ver. 25

Christ's sermon

MATT. VII. on the mount.

4 Or how wilt thou wo thought, saying, A. D. 31. What shall we eat ? bi ki. 3.13. say to thy brother, or, What shall we Ps. 37. 25. Let me pull out the drink? or,

Where- Mar, 10. 30. mote out of thine eye; withal shall we be Lu. 12. 31. and, behold, a beam clothed ?

| Ti. 4. 8. is in thine own eye? 32 ( For after all a Lu. 6. 37.

5 Thou hypocrite, these things do the & 14.3, 4, tirst cast out the beam Gentiles seek :) for 10.13 out of thine own eye; your heavenly Father 1 Co. 4. 3, and then shalt thou knoweth that ye have


see clearly to cast out

. need of all these b Mark 4:24: the mote out of thy things.

Lu. 6. 38.

brother's eye. 33 But bseek ye first . Lu.6.41,42. 6 Give not that the kingdom of God, a Pr.9. 7,8. which is holy unto and his righteous

& 23. 9.

the dogs, neither cast

Ac. 13. 45, ness; and all these

ech. 21. 22. ye your pearls before things shall be added Mar.11.24. swine, lest they tramunto you.

Lu. 11. 9, ple them under their 3+ Take therefore 10. feet, and turn again

& 18. 1. 10 thought for the

and rend you.

Jno. 14. 13. morrow: for the mor

& 15. 7.

7e Ask,rand it shall row shalltake thought & 16.23,24. be given you; seek, for the things of Ja. 1.5. 6. and ye shall find; itself. Sufficient unto

1 Jno. 3. 22 knock, and it shall the day is the evil

& 5. 14, 15. be opened unto you:

f Prov. 8.17. thereof.

Jer. 29. 12,

8 For fevery one CHAP. VII.

13? that asketh receiveth; 1*JUDGE anot, that & Lu. 11.11, and he that seeketh ye be not judged. 12, 13. findeth ; and to him 2 For with what " Ge 6; 5. that knocketh it shall

& 8. 21. judgment ye judge,

be opened. ye shall be judged: ver. I- 9 gOr what man is and bwith what mea- *Christ here there of you, whom sure ye mete, it shall forbids both if his son ask bread, be measured to you severity, or

will he give him a again.

rigour in stone? 3 . And why be judging of 10 Or if he ask a holdest thou * the others. fish, will he give him mote that is in thy ver. 3— a serpent ? brother's eye, but * Mote, a

11 If ye b then, considerest not the small fail

being evil, know how beam that is in thine great crimes. to give good, gifts own eye?

unto your children, Christ's sermon

MATT. VII. on the mount. how much more shall A. D. 31. corrupt tree bring your father which is

forth good fruit.

i Lu, 6. 31, in heaven give good

19 Every tree that

k Lev.19.18. things to them that cb. 22. 40: bringeth not forth ask him?

Ro. 13.8,9, good fruit is hewa 12 Therefore all 10. down, and cast into things i whatsoever

Ga. 5. 14. the fire. ye would that men

1 Ti. 1. 5.

20 Wherefore by should do to you,


I Lu. 13. 24. their fruits ye shall ye even so to them:

† Or, How. know them. for k this is the law m De. 13. 3.

21 Not every one and the prophets.

Je. 23. 16.

that saith unto me,

ch. 24. 4, 13 1 Enter ye in at 5.11. 24. Lord, Lord, shall the strait gate : for Ma. 13. 22. enter into the king. wide is the gate, and

Ro. 16.17, dom of heaven; but broad is the way, that

18. he that doeth the will leadeth

Eph. 5. 6. to destruc.

Col. 2. 8. of my father which tion, and many there 2 Pe. 2, i, is in heaven. be which go in

2, 3. 22 Many will say to thereat :

1 Jno. 4.1. me in that day, Lord, 14+Because strait is

Mic. 3.5. Lord, have we u not

2 Ti. 3,5. the gate, and narrow 0 Ac. 20. 29, prophesied in

thy istheway,which lead

30, name? and in thy eth unto life, and few p ver, 20. name have cast out there be that find it :

ch. 12. 33. devils? and in thy 15 Beware

name done many false prophets, which r Jer. 11. 19. wonderful works? come

to you in ch. 12. 33. 23 And then will sheep's clothing, but ch. 3. 10. I profess upto them, inwardly they

Lu. 3, 9. are

I never knew you .

Jno. 15. 2. ravening wolves,

depart y from me, ye

6. 16 PYe shall know t Hos. 8. 2. that work iniquity. them by their fruits. ch. 25. 11, 24 Therefore zwho.

men gather 12. soever heareth these grapes of thorns, or

La. 6. 46. sayings of mine, and figs of thistles ?

Ac. 19.13. doeth them, I will 17 Even so revery Ro. 2. 13." liken him unto a wise good tree bringeth Ja. 1. 22. man, which built his forth good fruit, but u Na. 24. 4. house upon a rock.

Jno. 11.51. a corrupt tree bring

05 And the rain eth forth evil fruit.

1 Co, 13.2. descended, and the

x ch. 25. 12. 18 A good tree can y Ps. 6. 8. floods came, and the not bring forth evil 1 Lu. 6. 47. winds blew, and beat fruit, neither can a

upon that house : aud

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of 9 Lu. 6. 43,

Do 9


Christ cleanseth MATT. VIII.

the Leper, it fell not: for it was

A. D. 31. 4 And Jesus saith founded upon a rock.

unto him, b See thou 26 *And every one

a ch. 13. 54.

Mar. 1. 22. tell no man; but go that heareth these Lil. 4. 32. thy way, shew thysayings of mine, and b Jno. 7. 46. self to the priest, and doeth them not, shall a Mar. 1. 40, offer the gift that be likened unto

Lu. 5. 12. Moses commanded,

boh. 9. 30. foolish man, which Mar. 5. 43. for a testimony untó built his house upon Le. 14. 3. them. the sand:

Lu. 5. 14. 5 d And when Jesus 27 And the rain à La. 7. 1.

was entered into Cadescended, and the Ps.107: 20: pernaum, there came floods came, and the

unto him *a centuwinds blew, and beat ver. 26 rion beseeching him, upon that house; and * Our only 6 And

saying, it fell : and great was ground of Lord, my servant the fall of it.

security in
the day of

lieth at home sick of 28 And it came to trouble, is to the palsy, grievously pass, when Jesus had build by tormented. ended these sayings, faith upon 7 And Jesus saith the a people were as-Christ, the

unto him, I will topished at * his doc

Rock of

come and heal him. trine :

8 The centurion 29 For he taught *His manner

Ver. 28

answered and said, them as one having of teaching, Lord, I am not wor. authority, and not as ver. 2- thy that thou shonld. the Scribes.

*The leprosy est come under my CHAP. VIII. was an inve- roof: but fspeak the 1 WHEN he was come down from the neous disease word only, and my

servant shall be mountain, great mul.ver. 3–.

Such is the

healed. titudes followed him. sovereign

9 For I am a man a And, behold, authority of under authority, hav. there came a * leper Christ, that ing soldiers under and worshipped him,

a single word

me: and I say to this

from him is saying, Lord, if thou

he man, Go, and

enough. wilt, thou canst make

goeth ; and to ano

ver. 5me clean.

An officer ther, Come, and he 3 And Jesus put in the Ro- cometh ; and to my forth his hand, and man army, servant. Do this, and touched him, saying, who com- he doeth it.

manded an I will;* be thou clean.


10 When Jesus And immediately his

heard it, he marvelleprosy was cleansed.

led, and said to them



He cureth

diseases. that followed, Verily A. D. 31. spirits with his word, I say unto you, I have

and bealed all that not found

Ge. 12. 3. so great


Is. 2, 2, 3. Were sick: faith,

no, not in & 11, 10. 17 'l hat it might Israel.

Mal. 1. 11. be fulfilled which was 11 And I say unto Lu. 13.29. spoken by Esaias the

Ac. 10. 45. you, That

8 many

& 11. 18,

prophet, saying, shall come from the

& 14. 27.

Himself took our inEast and west, and Ro. 15. 9. firmities, and bare our shall sit down with Eph. 3. 6. sicknesses.

h ch. 21. 43. Abraham, and Isaac,

18 Now when Jesus and Jacob, in the i ch. 13. 42.

50. saw great multitudes kingdom of heaven. & 22. 13. about him, he gave

12 But b the chil- & 24.51. commandment to dedren of the* kingdom

& 25. 30.

part unto the other shalli be cast out into

Lu. 13. 28. 2 Pe, 2.17.

side. outer darkoess: there

Ja. 13.

19 . And a certain shall be weeping and k Mar. 1. 29, Scribe came, and said gnashing of teeth. 30, 31. unto him, Master, I 13 And Jesus said

Lu. 4. 38, will follow thee whi. unto the centurion, 1 1 Co, 9.5.


thersoever thon goest. Go thy way; and as m Mar. 1.32. 20 And Jesus saith thou hast believed, so Lu. 4. 40. unto him, The foxes be it done unto thee. n Is. 53. 4.. have holes, and the And his servant was

1 Pe. 2. 24. birds of the air have healed in the selfsame

o Lu. 9. 57, hour,

p Lu. 9. 59. nests; but the Son of

9 1 Ki.19.20. man hath not where 14 k And when Je-Mar. 4.37. to lay his head. sus was come into Lu. 8. 23.

21 PAnd another of Peter's house, he saw

his disciples said his I wife's mother Theodbe. unto him,. 9 Lord, laid, and sick of a lieving Jews, suffer me first to go fever.

who had been and bury my father. 15 And he touched born and

29 But Jesus said her hand, and the brought "p

unto him,Follow me; fever left her: and

within the
pale of the

and let the * dead she arose, and minis-visible bury their dead. tered unto them.


23 And when he 16 m When the even ver. 22- was entered into a was come,

they • Let those ship, his disciples brougbt unto

followed him. many that were pos- who are na

bury those

24 r And, behold, sessed with devils : turally dead. there arose a great and he cast out the

tempest in the sea,

ver. 12

him dead in sin

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