The GOSPEL according to ST. LUKE.


It Before the and her name

account Elisabeth, 1 FORASMUCH as Domini the

called Anno

6 And they were many have taken in sixth year. both i righteous behand to set forth in

fore God, walking in order a declaration a He. 2. 3. all the commandof those things which 1 Pe. 5. 1. ments and ordinances are most surely be- 2 Pe. 1.16. of the Lord blamelieved among us,

b Mar. 1. 1. lexs. 9 Even as they de- Jno.15.27. 7 And they had no livered them unto us, c Ac. 15.19. child, because that which b from the be- i Co.7.40. Elisabeth was barren, ginning were eye

and they both were

d Ac. 11. 4. witnesses, and mi

now well stricken in nisters of the word; e Ac. 1. 1.

years. 3 elt seemed good f Jno. 20.31.

8 And it came to to me also, having

pass, that while he had perfect under- & Ma. 2. 1. executed the Priest's standing of all things h 1 Ch. 24. office before God k in from the very first,

10. 19. the order of his to write unto theed in order, e most excel-i Ge. 7. 1. 9 According to the lent Theophilus, 1 Ki. 9. 4. custom of the Priest's

4fThat ihou might. Ki, 20. 3. office, his lot was 'to est know the certain.

Job .. 1., burn'incense when

Ac. 23. 1. ty of those things,

& 24. 16.

went into the wherein thou hast

Ph. 3. 6. temple of the Lord. been instructed.

k ICh.24.19.

10 m And the whole 5 THERE was sin

2 Ch.8.14: multitude of the peothe days of Herod,


were praying the king of Judæa, a

1 Ex.30.7,8. without at the time

1 Sa. 2.28. certain Priest named

iCh.23.13. of incense. Zacharias, hof the 2Ch.29.u. 11 And there apcourse of Abia: and his wife was of the

Re. 8.3, 4 angel of the Lord daughters of Aaron,

standing on the right

Ne. 12. 4. course,


m Le.16. 17 peared unto him an

Conception of LUKE I John the Baptist. side of the altar of Before A.D. Whereby ! shall I incense.

the 6th year. know this? for I am 12 And when Za.

• Ex. 30. 1. an old man, and my charias saw him, he

wife well striken in

o ver. 29. was troubled, and oh. 2. 9. years. fear fell upon him. Ju. 6. 22. 19 And the angel

13 But the angel & 13. 22. answering said unto said unto him, Fear

Da. 10. 8. him, I am z Gabriel,

Ac. 10.4. not, Zacharias : for

that stand in the pre

Re. 1. 17. thy prayer is heard ;

sence of God; and am and thy wife Elisa

p ver. 60.63.

sent to speak unto beth shall bear thee q ver. 58.

thee, and to shew thee a son, and P thon shalt - ch. 7. 33.

these glad tidings.

Nu. 6. 3. call his name John.

Ju. 13. 4.

20 And, bebold, 14 And thou shalt

thou ashalt be dumb,

* Jer. 1.6. have joy and glad- Ga. 1. 15. and pot able to speak, ness; and many shall

t Mal. 4.5,6.

until the day that rejoice at his birth.

these things shall be

u Mal. 4. 5. 15 For he shall be Ma.11.14. performed, because great in the sight of Mar.9. 12. thou believest not my the Lord, and shall - Mal. 4. 6. words, which shall be drink neither wine t Or, by.

fulfilled in their seanor strong drink; and y Ge. 17.17. son. he shall be filled with

21 And the people

z Da. 8. 16. the Holy Ghost,'even & 9.21,22. waited for Zacharias, from his mother's Ma. 19. 10. and marvelled that womb.

He. 1. 14. he tarried so long in 16 And many of • E28. 3. 26. the temple.

& 24. 27. the children of Israel

22 And when he

b 2Ki. 11.5 shall he turn to the

1Ch.9. 25

came out, he could Lord their God.

not speak unto them: 17 u And he shall ver. 19

and they perceived go before him in the 16. & 9. 21. that he had seen a spirit and power of where the vision in the temple : Elias, * to turn the original is for he heckoned unto hearts of the fathers very expres-them, and remained to the children, and


speechless. the disobedient to

23 And it came to the wisdom of the signifying pass, that, as soon as just; to make ready The might of the b days of his mi. a people prepared for

nistration were acthe Lord.

ver. 20
* Σιωπων,

complished, he de18 And Zacharias 7...

vilent. parted to his own said unto the angel,





The salutation LUKE I.

of Mary. 24 And after those | Before A. D. in thy womb, and days his wife Elisa-l the oth year. bring forth a son, and beth conceived, and

Ge. 30.23. shalt i call his name hid herself five

Is. 4.1.

JESUS. months, saying,

& 54. 1.4. 32 He shall be great, 05 Thus hath theld ch. 2. 4,5. and k shall be called Lord dealt with me Ma. 1. 1$. the Son of the Highin the days wherein e Da. 9. 23. est: and I the Lord he looked on me, to

& 10. 19. God shall give unto take away my re- Or, gra- him the throne of bis proach among men. ciously ac- father David : 26 And in the sixth cepted, or

33 m And he shall month the angel Ga

much graced ver. 30.

reign over the house briel was sent from

f Ju. 6. 12.

of Jacob for ever; and God unto a city of

of his kingdom there Galilee, named Na- & ver. 12.

shall be no end.

h Is. 7. 14. zareth,

Ma. 1. 21.

34 Then said Mary 27 To a virgin despoused

unto the angel, How to

i ch. 2. 21.

shall this be, seeing whose name was Jo- k Mar.5.7. I know not

a man? seph, of the house of 12 Sa. 7. 11.

35 And the angel

Is. 9. 6,7. David; and the vir

& 16.5

answered and said gin's name was Mary. Ps.132.11. unto her, " The Holy

98 And the angel Je. 23. 5. Ghost 'shall come came in unto her, Re. 3. 7.

upon thee, and the and said, e flail, thou m Da. 2. 44. power of the Highest that art + highly fa


Ob. 21. vonred, f the Lord is

Mi. 4. 7.

thee: therefore also with thee: blessed art

Jno. 12.31. that holy thing which thou among women. He. 1. 8. shall be born of thee

99 And when she - Ma. 1. 20. shall be called • the saw him, & she was o Ma. 14. 33. Son of God. troubled at his say- & 26.63,64. 36 And, behold, thy ing, and cast in her Mar. 1. 1. consin Elisabeth, she mind what manner of Jno. 1. 34. hath also conceived a

& 20. 31. salutation this should

Ac. 8. 37.

son in her old age: be.

Ro. 1. 4.

and this is the sixth 30 And the angelp ch. 18. 27. month with her, who said unto her, Fear

Ge 18. 14. was called barren. not, Mary : for thou Je. 32. 17.

37 For p with God hast found favour Ze. 8.6.. Dothing shall be imwith God.

Ma. 19. 26. 31 b And, behold, Ro. 4. 21. 38 And Mary said, thon shalt conceive

Behold the handmaid

& 7. 14.27. shall

Mar.10.27. Possible.



thanksgiving. of the Lord; be it Before A.D. 46 And Mary said, unto me according to the 6th year. My soul doth magthy word. And the an

nify the Lord,

q Jos. 21. 9, gel departed from her.

10, 11.

47 And my spirit 39 And Mary arose

hath rejoiced in God

r ver. 28. in those days, and Ju. 5. 24. my Saviour. went into the hill

48 For the hath re

+ Or, arhich country with haste, believed that garded the low estate into 9 a city of Juda; there. of his handmaiden:

40 And entered intóls 1 Sa. 2. 1. for, behold, from the house of Zacha. Ps. 34.2,3. henceforth u all generias, and saluted Eli- & 35.9.

rations shall call me sabeth.

Ha. 3. 19.

blessed. 41. And it came to t 1 Sa. 1. 11.

49 For he that is

Ps. 138. 6. pass, that, when Eli

mighty whath done sabeth heard the sa- u ch, 11. 27. to me great things; lutation of Mary, the

Mal, 3. 12.

and sholy is his name. babe leaped in her w Ps. 71. 19.

• 50 And y his mercy

& 126.2, 3. womb; and Elisabeth

is on them that fear was filled with the

* Ex. 15. 11. him from generation

1 Sa. 2. 2. Holy Ghost:

Ps. 111. 9. to generation. 42 And she spake & 110. 3. 51 z He hath shewed out with a loud voice, Is. 63. 1. strength with his and said, Blessed art

Re, 4. 8. arm ; a he hath scatthou among women, y Ge. 17. 7: tered the proud in the and blessed is the Ex 20. 6. imagination of their

Ps. 103.17. fruit of thy womb.

hearts. 43 And whence is z Ps. 99. 1.

52 b He hath put

& 118. 15. this to me, that the

down Is. 40. 10.

the mighty mother of my Lord & 51. 9.

from their seats, and should come to me? & 52. 10. exalted them of low

41 For, lo, as soon a Ps. 33. 10. degree. as the voice of thy 1 Pe. 5. 5. 53 . He hath filled salutation sounded in blSa.2.6.&c. the hungry with good mine ears, the babe Job 5. 11. things;and the rich he leaped in my womb.

Ps. 113. 7. hath sent emptyaway. for joy.

cl Sa. 2. 5.

54 He hath holpen 45 And blessed is Ps. 34. 10. his servant Israel, din she + that believed : a Ps. 98. 3. remembrance of his for there shall be a


mercy; performance of those e Ge. 17. 19. 55 * As he spake to

Ps. 132.11. things which Were


our fathers, to Abratold her from the Ga: 3. 16. ham, and to his seed Lord.


for ever.

Birth of


John Baptist. 56 And Mary abode Before A.D. loosed, and he spake, with her about three the 6th year. and praised God. months, and returned

65 And fear came

f ver. 14. to her own house.


all that dwelt 57 Now Elisabeth's Ge. 17.12. round about them:

. full time came that

and all these sayings she should be deliver

h ver. 13.

were noised abroad ed; and she brought

i ver. 13.

throughout all I the forth a son.

k ver. 20.

hill country of Judæa. 58 And her neigh- + Or, things. 66 And all they bours and her cousins 1 ver. 39. that heard them mlaid heard how the Lord w ch. 2. 19. them up in their hearts, had shewedgreat mer

51. saying, what manner cy upon her; and fthey n Ge. 39.2. of child shall this be! rejoiced with her.

Ps. 80. 17. And n the hand of the 59 And it came to

& 89. 21.

Lord was with him.

Ao. 11. 21. pass, that 8 on the eight day they came

67 And his father

o Joel 2. 28. Zacharias owas filled to circumcise

the puki, 1:45. with the Holy Ghost,

Ps. 13 child; and they called

& 72. 18.

and prophesied, say. him Zacharias, after & 106. 48. ing, the name of his fa

68 p Blessed be the

q ch. 7. 16. ther.

Ex. 3. 16. Lord God of Israel: 60 And his mother & 4. 31.

for a he hath visited answered and said,

Ps. 111.9. and redeemed his Noth so; but he shali Ps. 132.17. people, be called John. s Je. 23.5, 6. 69 rAnd hath raised 61 And they said

& 30. 10.

up an horn* of salva

Da. 9. 24. unto her, There is

Ac. 3. 21.

tion for us in the none of thy kindred


house of his servant that is called by this t ver. 54.

David; name.

Le. 26. 42, 70 •As he spake by 62 And they made Ps. 98. 3. the mouth of his holy signs to his father, & 105.8,9. prophets, which have

& 106.45. how he would have

been since the world

Eze, 16.60. him called.

began : 63 And he asked for ver. 69- 71 That we should

The horn a writing table, and is an em

be saved from our wrote, saying,

His blem of

enemies, and from name is John. And strength, the hand of all that they marvelled all.

both in sa

hate us : 64 k And his mouth cred and

72 * To perform the was opened immedi-writers. mercy promised to our ately, and his tongue

fathers, and

to re

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