shew you

The last

supper. 13 And he sendeth A. D. 33. ed

and said unto forth two of his dis

them, It is one of the

f Ma. 26. 20, ciples, and saith unto &c. twelve, that dippeth them, Go ye into the Lu.22. 14. with me in the dish. city, and there shall

g Ge. 3. 15. 21 & The Son of meet you a man bear- Ps. 22. 1. man indeed * goeth, ing a pitcher of water:

Is. 52. 14. as it is written of follow him.

Ma. 26.24. him: but woe to that

Lu. 22. 22. 14 And whereso


man by whom the ever he shall go in, Ac 2. 23. Son of man is betraysay ye to the good' 1 Ma. 26.26. ed! good were it for man of the house, Lu. 22. 19. that man if he had The Master saith,

1Co.11.23. never been born. Where is the guest- i Ps. 47. 6. 22 b And as they chamber, where I Ma. 26. 30. did eat, Jesus took shall eat the passover

Ac. 16. 25. bread, and blessed, with my disciples ? Ep. 5. 19. and brake it, and 15 And he will + Or, psalm. gave to them, and

a largę k Ma. 26.31. said, lake, eat: this upper room furnished

2 Ti.4.16 is my body. and prepared : there

23 And he took the make ready for us.

ver. 14
A room set

cup, and when he had 16 And his disci.

apart, and

given thanks, he gave ples went forth, and furnished by it to them: and they came into the city, the house- all drank of it. and found as he had holder for

24 And he said unsaid unto them: and tion of his

the recep to them, This is my they made ready the friends, &c. blood of the new passover.

wherein they testament, which is 17 1 And in the might eat

shed for many. evening he cometh the passover.

25 Verily I say un. with the twelve.

ver. 21

to you, I will drink

The word 18 And as they sat and did eat, Jesus ien used by of the vine, until that

goeth is of no more of the fruit said, Verily I say Latin and day that I drink it unto you, One of you Greek writ- new in the kingdom which eateth with me ers to de- of God.

note dying i shall betray me.

26 i And when they

our Lord, 19 And they began then, here had sung an + hymn, to be sorrowful, and alludes to they went out into to say unto him one bis death, the mount of Olives. by one, Is it I ? and and the pro

27 And Jesus another said, Is it .? specting it. saith unto them, All 20 And he answer

ye shall be offended * not

Denial of

MARK XIV. Peter foretold. because of me this A. D. 33.

unto death : tarry ye night: for it is writ

here, and watch.

1 Ze. 13. 7. ten, I will smite the

35 And

he went shepherd, and

the mch. 16.7; forward a little, and sheep shall be scat- - Ma. 26.33: fell on the ground, tered.

Lu. 22. 33,

and prayed that, if it 28 But m after that

34. were

possible, the I am risen, I will Jno. 13.37, hour might pass from go before you into

38. him. Galilee.

o Ma. 26.36. 36 And he said, 29 n But Peter said Lu. 22. 39. Abba,9 Father, rali unto him, Although

Jno. 18. 1. things are possible all shall be offended, p Jno.12.27. unto thee; take away yet will not I. 9 Ro. 8. 15. this cup from me: 30 And Jesus saith

Ga. 4. 6.

nevertheless unto him, Verily I He. 5. 7.

what I will, but what say unto thee, That » Jno. 5. 30. thou wilt. this day, even in this

& 6. 38. 37 And he cometh, night, before the t Ro. 7. 23. and findeth them cock crow twice,

Ga. 5. 17. sleeping, and saith thou shalt deny me

unto Peter, Simon, thrice.

ver. 36

* Bp. Hall sleepest thou? could 31 But he spake the expounds it, est not thou watch more vehemently, If " When I one hour? I should die with consult with 38 Watch ye and

buman intirthee, I will not deny

pray, lest ye enter inthee in any wise. mity: 1

could incline to temptation. The Likewise also said to wish the spirit truly is ready, they all.

removal of but the flesh is weak. 32 "And they came this bitter 39 And again he to a place which was passion : but

went away, and pray. named Gethsemane : volitions are

ed, and spake the and he saith to his not now for same words. disciples, Sit ye here, me; I do 40 And when he rewhile I shall pray.

and shall

turned, he found 33 And, he taketh


them asleep again,

submit my with him Peter and human will, (for their eyes were James and John, and to thy di- heavy,) neither wist began to be sore vine will and they what to answer amazed, and to be pleasure.”


What an exvery heavy,

ample ! may

41 And he cometh 34 And saith unto we follow his the third time, and them, p My soul is steps! saith unto them, exceeding sorrowful

Sleep on now, and

Christ is

betrayed. take your rest : * it is A. D. 33. lout,


against a enough, a the hour is

u Jno. 7.30.

thief, with swords come; behold, the

& 8. 20,

and with staves to Son of man is betray- & 12. 23. take me? ed into the hands of


49 I was daily with sinners.

& 13. 1.
you in

the temple 42 -Rise up, let us - Ma. 26.46. teaching, and ye took go; lo, he that be- Jno.18.1,2.

me not: but a the irayeth'me is at hand. y Ma. 26.47. Scriptures must

be Lu. 22.47. 43 y And immediate


Jno. 18. 3. ly, while he yet spake,

50 b And they all cometh Judas, one of 2 Ma. 26.55.

Lo. 22.52. forsook him, and fled. the twelve, and with

51 And there folhim a great multitude

a Ps. 22.6.

15.53.7.&c. lowed him a certain with

swords and Lu. 22.37. young man, having staves, * from the & 24. 44. a linen cloth cast Chief Priests and the b ver. 27. about his naked body; Scribes and the el- Ps. 88. 8. and the young men ders.

Ma. 26.57. laid hold on him: 44 And he that be- Lu. 22.54.

52 And he left the trayed him had given

Jno. 18.13. linen cloth, and fled them a token, saying, a Ma. 26.59. from them 'naked. Whomsoever I shall

53 c And they led

ver. 414 kiss, that same is he; Campbell Jesus away to the take him, and lead renders High Priest : and him away safely. are Xel, 'all with him were as45 And as soon as is over, or, it sembled all the Chief

is done': you Priests and the elders eth straightway to

ger watch ; him, and saith, Mas.

54 And Peter folter, master; and kiss- immediately lowed him afar off, ed him.

shall be, in

even into the palace 46 And they laid the brands of of the High Priest :

. their hands on him,

and he sat with the and took him.

ver. 43

servants, and warm

* Rather 47 And one of them


ed himself at the fire. that stood by drew a staff, in Gr.

55 d And the Chief sword, and smote a paßdog, is in- Priests and all the Servant of the High tended prin- council sought for Priest, and

witness against Jesus walking; a to put him to death

3 48 z And Jesus an-club, xvxor, and found none. Swered and said unto is a weapon. 56 For many bare them, Are ye come

false witness against

he was come, he go- need no lon- and the Scribes.

am, or


his ear.

cut off cipally to

Assist in



Peter's denial MARK XIV.

of Christ. him, but their wit-1 A. D. 33. 64 Ye have heard ness agreed not to

the blasphemy: what gether.

e cb. 15. 29. think ye? And they 57 And there arose

Jno. 2. 19. all condemned him to certain, and bare i Ma. 26.62. be gnilty of death. false witness against & Ps. 39. 1, 65 And some began

2.9. him, saying,

Is. 53. 7.

to spit on him, and to 58 We heard him

Ma. 27. 12. cover his face, and to say, eI will destroy Ac. 9. 32. buffet him, and to this temple that is 1 Pe.2.23. say unto him, Promade with hands, b La. 22.67. phesy: and the serand within three days 20. vants did strike him I will build another

Jno.10.24. with the palms of

& 18. 37. made without hands.

their hands,

i Ma. 24.30. 59 But neither so

& 26. 64.

66 k And as Peter did

witness Lu. 22. 69. was beneath in the agree together. * Ac. 1.9., palace, there cometh 60 f And the High

2 Th.1. 7. one of the maids of Priest stood up in the

He. 1.3. the High Priest : midst, and asked Je-lk Ma. 26.58,

67 And when she sus, saying, Answer

La. 22. 55. saw Peter warming est thou nothing

Jno. 18. 16. himself, she looked what is it which these. Ma: 26.01. upon him, and said, witness against thee? Lu. 22. 58. And thou also wast

61 But she held Jno. 18.25. with Jesus of Nazahis peace, and an- m Ma. 26.73. reth. swered nothing. hA- Lu. 22. 59. 68 But he denied, gain the High Priest Jno. 18.26. saying, I know not, asked him, and said 1 Ac. 2. 17. neither understand I unto him, Art thou

what thou sayest. the Christ, the Son of ver. 59– And he went out inthe Blessed?

* The Greek to the porch; and the 62 And Jesus said words was

cock crew.

ουκ ησαν, I am: i and ye shali


69 1 And a maid see the Son of man rendered saw him again, and sitting on the right "Were not began to say to them hand of power, and equal," are that stood by, This is coming in the clouds by many to

one of them. of heaven,

signify, Not 70 And he denied it 63 Then the High equal to the again. m And a litPriest rent

his charge of a tle after, they that clothes, and saith, capital stood by said again

crime. Dr. What need we any Hammond.

to Peter, Surely thou farther witnesses?

art one of them: n for

• and

to curse and to swear: abundantly, that Pilate marvel

Jesus accused MARK XV. before Pilate thon art a Galilæan, A. D. 33. thing? behold how thy speech

many things they agreeth thereto.

o Ma. 26.34. witness against thee. 71 But he began

74, 75.

5 d But Jesus yet

Or, he wept answered nothing; so saying, I know not

or,' he began this man of whom ye to weep.

led. speak.

a Ps. 2. 2.

6 Now e at that 72 And the second Ma. 27. 1. feast he released unto time the cock crew. Lu. 22. 66. them one prisoner, And Peter called to

& 23. 1. Jno. 18. 28.

whomsoever they demind the word that

Ac. 3. 13.

sired. Jesus said unto him, & 4.26. 7 And there was Before the cock crow b Ma. 2.2. one named Barabbas, twice, thou shalt de- & 27. 11. which lay bound with ny me thrice. And La. 23. 3. them that had made when the thought Jno. 18.33. insurrection


37. thereon, he wept.

& 19. 19.

him, who had com

21. mitted murder in the CHAP. XV.

1 Ti, 6. 13. insurrection. 1 AND • straight-c Ma. 26.62. 8 And the multiway in the morning & 27. 13. tude crying aloud bethe Chief Priests

Jno. 19.10.

gan to desire him to held a consultation a 19. 8. 18. do as be had ever done with the elders and & 53. 7. unto them. Scribes and the Ze. 3. 8.

9 But Pilate an

Ma. 27.14. whole council, and

Jno. 19.9.

swered them, saying, bound Jesus, and 1 Co. 4. 9. Will ye that I release carried him

away, and delivered him to

unto you the king of e Ma. 27. 15. the Jews?*

La. 23. 17. Pilate.

Jno. 18.39.

10 For he knew that 26 And Pilate ask- Ac, 24. 27. the Chief Priests had ed him, Art thon the & 25. 9. delivered him for enking of the Jews! Ho. 5. 1:

vy. And he answering Ma. 27.20. 11 But fthe Chief said unto him, Thou Jao. 18.40. Priests moved the Sayest it.

Ac. 3. 14. people, that he should 3 And the Chief

rather release Barab. Priests accused him ver. 9.- bas unto them. of many things : but A weak at

12 And Pilate anhe answered nothing, vade compli-swered and said again

4 cAnd Pilate asked ance with unto them, What will him again, saying, conviction. ye then that I shall Answerest thou no

do unto him whom

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