Question of

the Scribe. love the Lord thy A. D. 33. while he taught in the God with all thy

m Le. 19.18. temple, How say the heart, and with all Ma. 22.39. Scribes that Christ thy soul, and with all Ro. 13. 9. is the Son of David ? thy mind, and with Ga. 5. 14. 36 For David himall thy strength : this

Ja. 2. 8. self said by the is the first command

De: 4:39. Holy Ghost, : The ment.

& 46. 9.

LORD said to my 31 And the second . Sa. 15.22. Lord, Sit thou on my is like, namely this, Ho. 6.6. right hand, till I Thou m shalt love thy Mi. 6. 6,7. make thine enemies neighbour as thyself. p Ma. 22.46. thy footstool. There is none other 9 Ma. 22.41. 37 David therefore commandment great

Lu. 20. 41. himself calleth him er than these.

r 2 Sa. 23. 2. Lord ; and whence 32 And the Scribe s Ps. 110, 1. is he then his son? said unto him, Well,* t ch. 4. 2. And the common Master, thou hast u Ma. 23. 1. people heard said the truth: for Lu. 20.46. gladly: there is one God; Lu. 11.43. 38 And the said and n there is noné y Ma. 23.14. unto them in his doc. other but he:

z Lu. 21. 1. trine, u Beware of the 33 And to love him t A piece of

Scribes, which love with all the heart, brass money to go in long clothand with all the un- See Ma. 10.9. ing, and x love salutaderstanding and with a 2 Ki. 12.9. tions in the marketall the soul, and with

places, all the strength, and

39 And the chief to love his neighbour In the ori- seats in ver. 32

the synaas himself, • is more ginal it is gogues, and the upthan all whole burnt kalws, beau- permost rooms at offerings and sacri- tifully or ex-feasts : fices.

cellently, 40 y Which devour 34 And when Jesus more expres- widows' houses, and saw that he answered sive than the for a pretence make discreetly, he

said word well,

long prayers : these unto him, Thou art scribe's as

of the shall receive greater not far from the king: tonishment.

damnation. dom of God. P And This reply to 41 z And Jesus sat no

man after that our Lord is over against the treadurst ask him any not mention sury, and beheld how question.

ed either by the people cast mo

Matthew or 35 9 And Jesus an- by Luke.

ney a into the treaswered and said,

sury : and many that

The poor

29. filled ?

MARK XIII. widow's mites. were rich cast in A. D. 33. Andrew asked him much.

privately, 42 And there came

t It is the

4. Tell us, when a certain poor widow, events part shall these things be? and she threw in two of that brass and what shall be the mites, which make money. sign when all these a farthing.

b Ex. 35. 21. things shall be ful43 And he called unto him his disciples, Ac. 11. 29.

5 And Jesus anand saith unto them, 2 Co. 8. 12. swering them began Verily I say unto

& 9. 6.8. to say, a Take heed you, That b this poor Do. 24. 6 lest any man deceive

Lu. 8. 43. widow hath cast more

& 15. 12.

you: in,than all they which


6 For many shall have cast

into the & 21. 2. 4. come in my name, treasury :

1 Jno.3.17. saying, I am Christ; 44 For all they did . Ma. 24. 1. and shall deceive cast in of their abun

Lu. 21. 5. many. dance; but she of b1 Ki. 9. 7. 7. And when yo ber want did cast in 2 Ch.7.20. shall hear of wars and all that she had,c even

Je. 26. 18.
Mi. 3. 12.

rumours of wars, be all her living.

Ma. 24. 2. ye not troubled : for

things Lu. 19. 44. such

must CHAP. XIII.

Ac. 6. 14. needs be; but the end 1 AND a as he went

Re. 11.2. shall not be yet. out of the temple, c Da. 12. 6. 8 For nation shall one of his disciples

Ma. 24. 3. rise against nation, saith unto him, Mas

Jno.21.21. and kingdom against ter, see what manner

Ac. 1. 6. kingdom: and there of stones and what a Je. 29. 8. shall be earthquakes buildings are here! Ep. 5. 6. in divers places, and

2 And Jesus an- i Th. 2. 3. there shall be faswering said unto e Ma. 24.8. mines and troubles : him, Seest thou these Ac. 11. 28. these are the begingreat buildings ? I The word nings of I sorrows. there b shall not be in the origi- 9 But ftake heed to left one stone upon nal import- yourselves : for they another, that shall eth the pains shall deliver you up not be thrown down. of a woman

in travail.

to councils; and in 3 And as he sat

the synagogues ye upon the mount of f Ma. 10. 17, shall be beaten : and

18. Olives over against

& 24. 9.

ye shall be brought the temple, Peter and


and James and John and

Ikings for my sake,

Re. 2. 10. before

'18 And pray be


predicted. for a testimony

A. D. 33. dæa flee to the moun. gainst them.

tains : 10 And & the gos- & Ma. 24.14. 15 And let him that pel must first be pub

Ro. 10. 18. is on the housetop

Col. 1. 6. lished among

23. not go down into the nations.

h Ma. 10.19. house, neither enter 11 b But when they Lu. 12. 11. therein, to take any shall lead you, and & 21. 14. thing ont of his deliver you up, take i Ac. 2. 4.

house : po thought before- & 4. 8. 31. 16 And let him hand what ye shall

1 Co. 2.13. that is in the field

Ep. 3. 5. speak, neither do ye

not turn back again

I Pe.1.12. premeditate : but

k Mi. 7.6.

for to take up his whatsoever shall be

Ma. 10.21. garment. given you in that

& 24. 10.

17 9 But woe to hour, that speak ye: Lu. 21.16. them that are with for is not ye tha I Ma. 24. 9.

child, and them speak, i but the Holy Lu. 21: 17. that give, suck in Ghost.

Jno.15.18. those days!

& 17. 14. 12 Now k the bro1 Jno.3.13.

ye ther shall betray the

that your flight

m Da. 12.12. brother to death, and

Ma. 10. 22.

not in the winter. the father the son ; & 24. 13.

19 r For in those and children shall Re, 2. 10. days shall be afflicrise up against their n Da. 8. 13. tion, such as was not parents, and shall

& 9. 27. from the beginning cause them to be put

& 12. 11. of the creation which to death.*

Ma. 24.15. God created unto this 13 | And ye shall • Da. 9. 27. time, neither shall be hated of all men p La. 21. 21. be. for my name's sake: 9 Lu. 21. 23. 20 And except that but m he that shall & 23. 29. the Lord had shortendure unto the end, r Da. 9. 26. ened those days, no the same shall be

& 12.1. flesh should be saved: saved.

Joel 2. 2. but for the elect's

Ma. 24. 21. 14 - But when ye

sake, whom he hath

s Ma. 24. 23. shall see the abomi

Lu. 17. 23. chosen, he hath shortnation of desolation, & 21.8. ened the days. spoken of by Daniel Jno. 5. 43. 21 S And then if any the prophet, standing

man shall say to where it ought not, ver. 12– you, Lo, here is

• See note (let him that readeth

Christ; or, lo, he is

on Ma. 10. understand, then plet 34. there ; believe him them that be in Ju


Parable of

the fig tree. 22 For false Christs A. D. 33. manner,when ye shall and false prophets

see these things come shall rise, and shall Ma, 7. 15. to pass, know that it

. shew signs and won

2 Pe. 3. 17.

is nigh, even at the ders, to seduce, if it

doors. were possible, even u Is. 13. 10. 30 Verily I say unto the elect.

& 24. 21.

Je. 4. 23. you, that this genera23 But t take ye Eze. 32. 7. tion shall not pass, heed : behold, I have Joel 2. 30. till all these things foretold you

all Zep. 1. 15. be done. things.

Ma. 24. 29, 31 Heaven and 24 u But in those & earth shall pass away:

Lo. 21. 25. days, after that tri- Ac. 2. 19, but z my words shall bulation, the sun

26. not pass away. shall be darkened, Re. 6. 12. 32 But of that day and the moon shali

14. and that hour know. not give her light,

& 20. 11. eth no man, Do, pot 25 Aud the stars of X ch. 14. 62. the angels which are heaven shall fall, and Da. 7. 13, in heaven, neither the

14. the powers that are

Ma. 16.27.

Son, but the Father. in heaven shall be

& 24. 30.

33 a Take ye heed, shaken.

Ac. 1. 11. watch and pray: for 26 « And then shall I Th.4.16. ye know not when the they see the Son of

10. man coming in the Re. 1. 7.

34 b For the Son of clouds with great

man is as a man takpower and glory.

y Ma. 24.32. ing a far journey,who

Lu. 21. 29, 27 And then shall

left his house, and

&c. he send his angels, z Jos.23. 14. save authority to his and shall gather to- Ps. 19. 7. servants, and to every gether his elect from Is. 40. 8. man his work, and the four winds, from Ze. 1. 6. commanded the porthe uttermost part

Ma. 24. 42.

ter to watch. of the earth to the & 25. 13. 35 - Watch ye thereuttermost part of

La. 12. 40. fore: for ye know not heaven.

& 21. 34. when the master of 28 y Now learn a

Ro. 13. 11. the house cometh, at

1 Th. 5. 6. parable of the fig

even, or at midnight,

b Ma. 24.45.

& 25. 14.

or at the cockcrow branch is yet tender, La. 19. 12. ing, or in the mornand putteth forth

17. ing: leaves, ye know that . Ma, 24.42. 36 Lest coming summer is near:

44. suddenly he find you 29 So ye in like


2 Th. 1.7. time is.

A conspiracy MARK XIV. against Christ. 37 And what I say

A. D. 33. hath wrought a good unto you I say unto

work on me.

a Ma. 26. 2. all, Watch..

Lu. 22. 1. 7 For e ye have the CHAP. XIV. Jno. 11.55. poor

with you

al1 AFTER atwo days & 13. I. ways, and whensowas the feast of the b Ma. 26. 6. ever ye will ye may passover, and of un

La. 7. 37. do them good: but

Jno. 12. I. leavened bread : and

3. me ye have not al. the Chief Priests and

ways. the Scribes sought nard,'or, li

+ Or, pure

8 She hath done how they might take quid nard.

what she could : she him by craft, and put i Ma. 18. 28. is come aforehand to him to death.

© De. 15.11 anoint my body to 2 But they said,

Ma. 25. 35. the burying. Not on the feast day, & 26. 11,

9 Verily I say unto lest there be an up

Jno. 12, 7.

Wheresoever roar of the people. a Ma. 26. 14. this gospel shall be

3 6 And being in La. 22. 3, preached throughout Bethany in the house

Jno. 13. 2. the whole world, this of Simon the leper, 30. also that she hath as he sat at meat, • Ex. 12.6. done shall be spoken there came a woman Le. 23.5. of for a memorial of having an alabaster Nu. 28. 16. her. box of ointment of Ma. 26. 17.

10 d And Judas Is

Lu. 22. 7. *spikenard + very pre

cariot, one

of the cious; and she brake Or, sacri- twelve, went unto the the box,*

and poured ficed. Chief Priests, to beit on his head.

Ver. 3— tray him unto them. 4 And there were • Critics 11 And when they some that had indig- bave differed heard it, they were nation within them- as to the glad, and promised to selves, and said, Why the gros ord. give him money. And was this waste of the Spikenard he sought how he ointment made ? is an Indian might conveniently

5 For it might have plant; it has betray him. been sold for more

earsor spikes

12 e And the first

even with than three hundred the ground, day of unleavened pence, I and have and its smell bread, when they been given to the is pleasant. killed the passover, poor. And they mur. • i.e. The his disciples said unto mured against her.

seal. Seo him, Where wilt thou 6 And Jesus said, Harmer's

that we go and preLet her alone ; why Vol. 4. 469.


pare that thou mayest trouble ye her she

eat the passover ? 122

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