2 Th. 1.9. ed.

Christ teacheth MARK X. his disciples. Master, we saw one

A. D. 32. worm dieth not, and casting out devils in

the fire is not quenchthy name, and he 1 Co.12. 3. ed. followeth not us: and

y Ma. 12. 30.

45 And if thy foot we forbad him, be

ż Ma. 10.42. offend thee, cut it off: cause he followeth

it is better for thee to

a Ma. 18.6. not us.

Lu. 17. 1. enter halt into life, 39 But Jesus said,

b De. 13. 6.

than having two feet Forbid him not: x for Ma. 6. 29. to be cast into hell, there is no man which

into the fire that ne

cause shall do a miracle in thee 'to of ver shall be quenchmy pame, that can fend : and ed : lightly speak evil of so ver. 45.47, 46


their me.

c Is. 66. 24. worm dieth not, and 40 For y he that is Ma. 3. 12. the fire is not quenchnot against us is on

Re. 14. lo. our part.

47 And

if thi 41 ? For whosoever i hev to of- pluck it out: it is bet.

1 Or, cause
eye I offend

thee, shall give you a cup fend. of water to drink in a Le. 2. 13. :er for thee to enter my name, because ye Eze.43.24.

into the kingdom of belong to Christ, ve- Job 6. 6.

God with one eye, rily I say unto you, e Ma. 5. 13. than having two eyes he shall not lose his Lu. 14.34. to be cast into hell reward.

f Ep. 4. 29. fire. 42 a And whosoever Co. 4. 6.

48 Where their shall offend one of He. 12. 14. worm dieth not, and these little ones that & Ro. 12. 18. the fire is not quenchbelieve in me, it is

2 Co. 13. better for him that a

49 For every One

11. millstone were hang

shall be salted with ed about his neck, and

a Ma. 19. 1. fire,* d and every sa

Jno. 10.40. he were cast into the


crifice shall be salted sea.

with salt. 43 b And if thy ver. 49– 50 e Salt is good : hand + offend thee,

• This im- but if the salt have cut it off: it is better ports, that,

lost his

saltness, in their state for thee to enter into of torment,

wherewith life maimed, than they will yet season it? fHave salt having two hands to be preserved, in yourselves, and go into hell, into the even as salt have 8

peace one fire that never shall preserves

with another.

things froin be quenched :


CHAP. X. 44 . Where their

1 AND a he arose

& 14. 19. ed.

will ye


1 Co. 6.16. tery

He disputeth

MARK X with the Pharisees. from thence,

A. D. 33. 9 What therefore cometh into


God hath joined tocoasts of Judæa by b Mal. 2. 16. gether, let not man the farther side of Ma. 5. 31, put asunder. Jordan: and the peo


10 And in the

& 19. 3. ple resort into him

1 Co.7.10,

house his disciples again; and, as he was 11. 'asked him again of wont, he taught them

the same matter. again.

c De. 24.1.

11 And he saith un2 b And the Phari.

Is. 50. I.

to them, f Whosoever

Je. 3. 1. sees came to him,

Ma. 1. 19.

shall put away his and asked him, Is it

& 19. 7.

wife, and marry anlawful for a man to


committeth put away his wife? 4 Ge. 1. 27. adultery against her. tempting him.

& 2. 20.23. 12 And if a woman 3 And he answered

& 5. 2.

shall put away her and said unto them, . Ge. 2. 24. husband,

and What did Moses com

be Ma. 19. 5, married to another, mand you?

6. she committeth adul 4 And they said, Moses e suffered to

Ep. 5. 31.

13 8 And they write a bill of di

f Ma. 5. 31, brought young chilvorcement, and to

32. dren to him, that he put her away.

& 19. 9. should touch them: 5 And Jesus an- La. 16. 18. and his disciples re swered and said unto . Ro. 7. 3.

buked those that

1 Co.7.4. them, For the hard

10, 11. brought them. ness of your heart he

He. 13. 4. 14 But when Jesus wrote you this pre

saw it, he was much cept.

Ma. 19. 13. displeased, and said 6 But from the be

15, Lu. 18.15,

unto them, Suffer the ginning of the crea- 16. little children to come tion. God made them

unto me, and forbid male and female. 1 Ps. 131. 1, them not : forh

of 7 e For this canse 2. such is the kingdom shall a man leave his Ma. 18. 4. of God. father and mother,

& 19. 14, 15 Verily I say unand cleave to his

1 Co.14.20.

to you, i Whosoever

1 Pe. 2. 2. wife ;

shall not receive the 8 And they twain

i Ma. 18. 3.

kingdom of God as a shall be one flesh :

Lo. 18. 17. little child, he shali BO then they

are Jno. 3. 3. pot enter therein. no more twain, but

6. 16 And he took one flesh.

them up in his arms, 109


Eternal life

MARK X. hardly attained. put his hands up-1 A. D. 33. 22 And he was sad on them, and blessed

at that saying, and them.

k Ma.19. 16. went away grieved: 17 k And when he

Lu. 18. 18. for he had great poswas gone forth into 1 Ex. 20. 12. sessions.

17. the way, there came

23 n And Jesus one running, and

De. 5. 16. looked round about, kneeled to him, and Ro. 13. 9. and saith unto his asked him, Good Ga: 5. 14. disciples, How hardly Master, what shall I Ja. 2. 11. shall they that have do that I may inherit m Ma. 6. 19, riches enter into the eternal life?

20. kingdom of God!

& 19. 21. 18 And Jesus said

24 And the disciples

Lu, 12.33. unto him, Why call

& 16. 9. were astonished at est thou me good ? 1 Ti.6.17. his words. But Jesus there is none good He.10. 31. answereth again, and but

that is,
1 Pe. 1. 4. saith

anto them, God.

Ma. 19. 23. Children, how hard 19 Thou knowest

Lu. 18. 24. is it for them o that the commandments, Job 31, 24. trust in riches to en

Ps. 52. 7. Dol not commit adul

& 62. 10.

ter into the kingdom tery, Do not kill, Do

iTi.6.17. of God! not steal, Do not

25 It is easier for a bear false witness,

p Je. 32. 17.
Ma.19. 26.

camel to go through Defraud not, Honour Lu. 1. 37. the eye of a * needle, thy father and mo- He. 7. 25. than for a rich man ther.

& 11. 19. to enter into the king20 And he answer

q Ma.19. 27.

dom of God. ed and said unto him, Lu. 18. 29.

26 And they were Master, all these have

astonished out of I observed from my ver. 25- measure, saying youth.

# Some MSS

themselves, 21 Then Jesus be- have vajitor Who then

can be holding him loved of saunaov,

saved? him, and said unto camel : but 27 And Jesus lookhim, One thing thou the latter es- ing upon them saith, lackest : go thy way, pression

was With men it is imsell whatsoever thou

quite pro

verbial a- possible, but not with hast, and give to the mong the God : for p with God poor, and thou shalt Jews, as er- all things are possihave m treasure in pressing a

ble. heaven: and come,

ihing sup

28 4 Then Peter be. take up the cross, and posed to be


gan to say nnto him, follow me.

Lo, we have left all,

Christ's death and MARK X. resurrection foretold. and have followed A. D. 33. shall condemn him to thee.

death, and shall de29 And Jesus an

r 2 Ch. 25. 9.
Ps. 84. 11.

liver him to the GenSwered and said, La. 18. 30. tiles : Verily

I say unto 2 Co.6.10. 34 And they shall you, There is no man Ti.6. 6. mock him, and shall that hath left house,

, Ma, 19. 30.
& 20. 16.
scourge him,

and or brethren, or sisters, Lu. 13.30. shall spit upon him, or father, or mother, Ac. 13. 46. and shall kill him: or wife, or children, Ro. 9. 30. and the third day he

33. or lands, for my sake,

shall rise again. and the gospel's,

t Ma. 20. 17.
Lu. 18. 31.

35 x And James and 30 But he shall re

John, the sons of Ze

ucb. 8.31. ceive an hundredfold

& 9. 31.

come unto now * in this time, Lu. 9. 22. him, saying, Master, houses, and brethren, & 18. 31. we would that thou and sisters, and mo- Ma. 20. 20. shouldest do for us thers, and children,

& 4. 21. whatsoever we shall and lands, with per- ver. 30- desire. Secations, and in the * Not al- 36 And he said unworld to come eter- but in value;

ways in kind,

to them, What would nal life.

an hundred' ye that I should do 31 Bat many that fold more of for you? are first shall be last; happiness 37 They said unto and the last first.

than these

him, Grant unto us

could afford. 32 And they were

that we may sit, one in the way going uy The words on thy right hand, to Jerusalem; and Jesus

cup and bap- and the other on thy went before tism are es- left hand, in thy glothem: and they were pressive of ry. amazed ; and as they his sufferings 38 But Jesus said followed, they were

and death,

unto them, Ye know afraid.

And he yer. 39–
James suf.

not what ye ask: can took again the twelve, fered mar- ye drink of the cup and began to tell them tyrdom, seo that I drink of? and what things should Ác. 12. 2. be baptized with the happen unto him,

and John

baptism that I am 33 Saying, Behold, wasscourged

baptized with ?* We go up to Jerusa- 2c. 5. 40. 39 And they say lem; and the Son of and after- anto him, We can. man shall be deliver-wards ba- And Jesus said unto ed unto


them, * Ye shall inPriests, and unto the to Patmos.

deed 'drink of the cup Scribes; and they

Ithat I drink of; and

the Chief nished by

Christ restores

MARK X. Bartimeus' sight. with the baptism that A. D. 33. and a great number I am baptized withal

of people, blind Barshall ye be baptized : y Ma.20. 24. timæus, the son of

40 But to sit on my z Lu. 22. 25. Timæus, sat by the right hand and on my t Or, think highway side

begleft hand is not mine good.

ging.* to give; but it shall be a ch. 9. 35. 47 And when he given to them for

Ma. 20.26. heard that it was Jewhom it is prepared. Lu. 9. 48. sus of Nazareth, he

41 yAnd when the Jno.13.14. began to cry out, and ten heard it, they be- 1 Co.9. 19. say, Jesus, thou Son gan to be much dig.

23. of David, have merpleased with James

Ga. 5. 13,
1 Pe. 5. 5.

cy on me. and John.

b Jno. 13. 14.
48 And

many 42 But Jesns called Ph. 2. 7.

charged him that he them to him, and He. 5.8. should hold his peace: saith unto them, z Ye Is. 53. 10. but he cried the more know that they which

Da. 9. 24.
a great deal,

Thou aret accounted to 26. Son of David, have rule over the Gentiles Ma. 20. 28. mercy on me. exercise lordship over

1 Ti. 2. 6. 49 And Jesus stood them; and their great Tit. 2. 14. still, and commanded

d Ma. 20. 29. ones exercise authori.

him to

be called. e ch. 5. 34. ty upon them,

And they call the

Ma. 9. 22. 43 a But so shall it

blind man, saying not be among you:

† Or, saved

unto him, Be of good but whosoever will

comfort, rise; he call. be great among yon, ver. 46

eth thee. shall be your minis-Luke men- 50 And he, casting ter:

tions but

away his garment*, 44 And whosoever one, but Matof you will be the of two. It is sus.

thew speak, rose, and came to Je chiefest, shall be ser- probable that

51 And Jesus anvant of all.

Bartimæus swered and said unto 45 For even ø the was better

him, What wilt thou Son of man came not known, and that'l should do unto be ministered unto, them both.

to thee? The blind but to minister, and

man said unto him,

ver. 50toe give his life a * An upper Lord, that I might ransom for many. garment, receive my sight.

46 And they came which might 52 And Jesus said to Jericho: and as

have proved

unto him, he went out of Jeri-brance. way; thy e faith hath cho with his disciples

Go thy

made + thee whole.

an incam

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