Kotzebue, Augustus Von, his passion for the drama, ii. 39.

biography, ii. 186.

observations on stage language,
iii. 198.
Kynaston, the actor, bis quarrel with Sir C. Sedley, i. 176.
La Motte, the French author, his wonderful memory, iji. 117.
Lee, Natbaniel, bis tragedy of “ Alexander the Great,"
i. 96.

reading and performance, i. 109.
Dryden's anecdote of, i. 129.

his reply to Sir R. L'Estrange, ii. 113.
Lekain, the French tragedian, bis biography, i. 243.
Linguet, Madame, the Parisian actress, anecdote of, iii. 197.
Linton, the musician, benefit for his Widow, i. 107.
Liston, his performance of Lord Grizzle, i. 218.

lines to, i. 228.

his letter on bis benefit, iii, 151.
Locke, Matbew, the musical composer, anecdote of, iii. 130.
Lyon, William, a strolling player, bis retentive memory,

iii. 8.

Mucbeth, various perforiners of, iii. 33.

-, Jea de Mot, of an eminent lawyer, at a performance
of, iii. 131.
Macklin, bis epitaph by Pope, ii. 11.

comedy of“ The Man of the World," ii. 39.

performance of Shylock, with Bates as Tubal,
ii. 57.

last appearance, ii. 113.
reparlee on Foote's watch, ii. 150.
criticism on Barry and Garrick, ii. 256.

definition of Esquire, iii. 133.
Macready, the tragedian, bis humanity, i. 6.
Manley, bis letter to Junius Bratus Booth, i. 65.
Marmontel, his tragedy of“ Cleopatra," ii. 17.
Mars, Mademoiselle, her Jeux des Mols, i. 226.
Marshall, Mrs., the actress, and the Earl of Oxford, i. 140.
Masks, introduction of, in the play-house, iii. 256.
Massinger, Philip, slight sketch of, iii. 31.
Mathews, bis interview with Tate Wilkinson, ii. 166.
Mattocks, Mrs., her influence on the fashions, ij. 98.
Maopin, La, the French actress, biography of, i. 150.

Middleton, author of the suppressed play, his petition to

Jaines I., ii. 15.
Miller, James, dramatic writer, bis independent spirit,
ii. 38.

Joe, bis epitaph by Dack, ji. 257.
Milton's daughter, poverty of, ii. 253.
Milward, the actor, bis biography, i. 90.
Moliere, his comedy of " Le Tartusie,” i. 110.-Method of

studying nature, i. 112.-Patron of Baron, the actor,
i. 123.- Piquant reply to a parasite, ii, 20.-His differ-
ence with Scaramouch, the Italian actor, ii. 39.-Condes-
cension of Louis XIV, to, ij. 58.-his performance on the
stage, ii. 141.
Moncriff, the autbor, a critic's address to, ij. 21.
Montague, Mrs., her insolent bebaviour to the audience,

ii. 69.
Montfleury, the French tragedian, bis death, i. 142.

opinion of the charac-
ter of an actor, j. 260.
Montford, Mrs., her performance of Ophelia, when insane,

i, 10.
Moods, and the highwayman, ii. 140.
Moralities, ancient, one of the earliest improvements on the
old Mysteries, account of, i. 170.

called “ The Cradle of Secarity," acted
at Gloucester, ii. 167.

“ Hycke Scorner,” ij. 243.

· Every-Man,"ii. 268.

account of the introduction of “ Fools'
Parts," in, iii. 221.
Mossop, his dialogue with Mrs. Barden, i. 73.

--- character, i. 225.
Mountford, the comedian, his mimicry, iii. 48.
Mountford, William, the actor, account of his murder,

iii. 13.
Mudie, Miss, her first appearance, ii. 2.
Munden, his early career, ii. 128.
Marphy, (A.) his characters in “ The Way to Keep Him,"
ii. 67.

anecdote of bis bust, iii. 208.

, success of his “ Three Weeks after Marriage,"
üi. 214.

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Mysteries, or miracles, the first sacred dramas, i. 132.

characters in the ancient, ii. 25,
the Coventry and Chester, iji, 9.
description of the French, ii, 117.

Swedish, iji, 119.
English, in Germany, iij. 237.

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· Nabob,” the original of Foote's, i, 16.
Nabarro, the Spanish dramatist, anecdotes respecting, i. 3.
Naldi, Signor, his melancholy death, i. 280.
Newcastle, Dacbess of, account of her dramatic works,

iii. 104.
Norris, the actor, his witty reply to a physician, iii. 104.

O'Keefe, plot of his “ London Hermit," and anecdote on
wbich it is founded, i. 14.

--, lines to, by Peter Pindar, i. 25.
Oldfield, Mrs., her benevolent qualities, i. 224.

her reception at Court, iii. 267.
Orchestra in the ancient Theatres, description of, i. 279.

Palmer, John, bis death, ii, 272.
Pantomime, the bistory of, from its earliest period, i. 117.
Parody of a poacher, ii. 31.
Parsons, the comedian, anecdote of bim as a painter, i. 286.

---, bis repartee to J. Palmer, ii. 46.
Paton, Miss, her stipulation with the Covent Garden mana-

gers, ii, 147.

Peer, Williani, actor at the Restoration, account of, iii. 202.
Peterson, Josepb, his debut, death and epitapb, i. 186.
Pbilippe, the French comedian, interment of, i. 50.
Phillips, Sir Richard, his opinion of the Theatre, i. 60.

account of the present descendanls
of Shakspeare, iii. 277.
Phillips, the barlequin, his escape from a bailiff, i. 264.
Pinkethman, the comedian, bis liberties with the audience,

iji. 155.
Piroo, the French dramatist, bis epitaph, i. 75.

-wit, ii, 112,
Play, the first soppressed, account of,, ii. 14.

e, performed by the Royal Family, io 1749. ii. 35.

French, the episode of “ Sampson," ii. 40.

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[ocr errors]

Play, seats on the stage at, in the reigo of Queen Elizabeth,
ii. 43.

carious, represented before Cardinal Richelieu, ii. 267.

acted before Charles I. and bis Queen, at Oxford,
iii. 105.

plot of a Neapolitan, iii. 121.

description of Luxury in, “ The Return from Par-
nassus," iii. 140.

scriptoral, at Torin, described by Spence, iji. 148.

plot of, its singular effect on a female, iii. 160.
Player, portrait of a, in 1630, iii, 89.

s, loyalty of, to Charles I., iii. 96.

violent emotions of Betterton, Baron, and others,
iii. 100.
Plays, puppet, of former times, i. 4.

opposed to the regular drama, i. 87.
.., licensed in the time of King Charles II. ii. 145.

-, estract of a letter to Secretary Walsingbam, against,
ii. 233.
-, stage, suppression of, by Parliament, ii. 23.

by the society of the two Temples, in 1715, iii. 159.

soms given for the copyrights of, iji. 218.
Poinsinel, ibe French dramatist, and the taylors, ii. 40.
Polus, the Roinan tragedian, i. 192.
Pont Alais, wit of author and actor, in the “ Mysteries,”

ii. 231.
Pope, bis epitaph on Macklin, ii, 11.
Porsun, professor, bis quotation from the tragedy of “ Da-

rius,” iji. 18.
Porter, Mrs., and the highwayman, i. 215.
Powell, and Warren, bis dresser, ii. 254.
Prices, ancient, of admission to theatrical entertainments,

i. 23.
Printer, a Parisian, bis tragedy, i. 89.
Pritchard, Mrs., Miss Sewaro's opinion of, i. 168.
Prologue, Hibernian, i. 199.

spoken at Demerara, i. 55.

written by T. Warton, at Winchester, ii. 54.
Prynne, William, bis attack on the stage, iji. 76.
Queensbary, Duke and Duchess of, forbid the Court for

attending tbe performance of " The Beggar's Opera,"
i. 282.


Quevedo, his compositions, ii. 149.
Quick, bis performance of Richard III. i. 66.

poetical address, prior to the above performance,
i. 67.
Quin, epitaph on, by Garrick, i. 195.

bis generosity to Mrs. Bellamy, ii. 16.
Foote's imitations of, ii. 85.

Judicrous mistake at his rehearsal of Coriolanus,
ii. 120.
bis biography, ji. 245.

anecdote of Joe Haines, and Lord Sunderland,
iii. 167.

rencontre with Bowen, iii. 211.
Quinaalt, the French dramatic author, his talents as a lawyer,

ii. 140.

Racine, bis opinion on a young author, ii. 133.
Raleigh, Sir Walter, detached poetry by, ii. 176.
Raunean, the musical composer, his opera of “ Hippolytus

and Aricia," i. 174.
Raymond, James Grant, anecdotes of, iii. 260.
Reddish, his affidavit and apology, i. 259.
Reynolds, Fre bis encouragement when commeuoing
dramatist, iii. 158.

lis repartee to Garrick, iii. 102.
Rich, and the country Hamlet, iii. 50.
Richelieu, Cardinal, curious play represented before him,
ii. 267.

comedy introduced by him,
iii. 255.
Robinson, Dicky, the comedian, i. 63.

Mrs., ber history, ij. '60.
Ross, bis performance of George Barnwell, ii. 124.
Roussean, bis distinction between tragedy and comedy,

iii. 134.
Rowe, Harry, the York trompeter, his edition of Shakspearo,

ii. 270.
Rueda, Lope de, the founder of the Spanish drama, i. 1.
Russell, Richard, his penury, iii. 33.
Ryan, the tragedian, his character, i. 212.
, Richard, bis poetical reply to Hogg's Ode to the

Genius of Shakspeare, i. 41.
Saches, Hans, a voluminous author of plays, &o. i. 96.

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