Origin and Services of the Coldstream Guards, 2. kötet

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233. oldal - Relieve the oppressed, hear the groans of poor prisoners in England. Be pleased to reform the abuses of all professions : — and if there be any one that makes many poor to make a few rich,' that suits not a Commonwealth.
233. oldal - Scotland, it hath been our desire and longing to have avoided blood in this business ; by reason that God hath a people here fearing His name, though deceived. And to that end have we offered much love unto such, in the bowels of Christ ; and concerning the truth of our hearts therein, have we appealed unto the Lord.
216. oldal - Macdonell, and afterwards of Colonel Home ; and I am happy to add that it was maintained throughout the day with the utmost gallantry by these brave troops, notwithstanding the repeated efforts of large bodies of the enemy to obtain possession of it.
56. oldal - English or Hanoverians, to strike; not one of them ought to return to the traitorous territory of England, or to be brought into France. Let the British slaves perish, and Europe be free.
368. oldal - The 1st, or Grenadier Regiment of Foot Guards," in commemoration of their having defeated the Grenadiers of the French Imperial Guards upon this memorable occasion.
233. oldal - Thus you have the prospect of one of the most signal mercies God hath done for England and His people, this War: — and now may it please you to give me the leave of a few words. It is easy to say, The Lord hath done this.
239. oldal - Charles, by the grace of God, King of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland, defender of the faith, &c. To our right trusty, and right well beloved cousin, Edward Somerset, alias Plantagenet, Lord Herbert, Baron Beaufort, of Caldicote, ¥ Clar.
229. oldal - Things that are in trouble, in point of provision for your Army, and of ordinary direction, I have, as I could, often presented to the Council of State, together with such occurrences as have happened ; — who, I am sure, as they have not been wanting in their extraordinary care and provision for us, so neither in what they judge fit and necessary to represent the same to you. And this I thought to be a sufficient discharge of my duty on that behalf. It hath now pleased God to bestow a mercy upon...
233. oldal - ... meddling with worldly policies, and mixtures of earthly power, to set up that which they call the Kingdom of Christ...
231. oldal - By some reports that have come to us, they had disposed of us and of their business in sufficient revenge and wrath towards our persons, and had...

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