Bibliography of the Writings of Charles Dickens: With Many Curious and Interesting Particulars Relating to His Works

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F. Kerslake, 1879 - 88 oldal

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78. oldal - twas boyish fancy — for the reader Was youngest of them all — But, as he read, from clustering pine and cedar A silence seemed to fall ; The fir-trees, gathering closer in the shadows, Listened in every spray, While the whole camp with 'Nell' on English meadows Wandered, and lost their way.
22. oldal - Of all my books, I like this the best. It will be easily believed that I am a fond parent to every child of my fancy, and that no one can ever love that family as dearly as I love them. But, like many fond parents, I have in my heart of hearts a favourite child. And his name is DAVID COPPERFIELD.
78. oldal - Their cares dropped from them like the needles shaken From out the gusty pine. Lost is that camp, and wasted all its fire; And he who wrought that spell? — Ah, towering pine and stately Kentish spire, Ye have one tale to tell ! Lost is that camp! but let its fragrant story Blend with the breath that thrills With hop -vines' incense all the pensive glory That fills the Kentish hills.
21. oldal - Oh, my dear, dear Dickens! what a No. 5 you have now given us! I have so cried and sobbed over it last night, and again this morning ; and felt my heart purified by those tears, and blessed and loved you for making me shed them; and I never can bless and love you enough.
78. oldal - The ruddy tints of health On haggard face and form, that drooped and fainted In the fierce race for wealth, " Till one arose, and from his pack's scant treasure A hoarded volume drew ; And cards were dropped from hands of listless leisure To hear the tale anew. " And then, while round them shadows gathered faster, And as the firelight fell, He read aloud the book wherein the master Had writ of Little Nell.
74. oldal - I'll sing you a new ballad, and I'll warrant it first-rate, Of the days of that old gentleman who had that old estate ; When they spent the public money at a bountiful old rate On ev'ry mistress, pimp, and scamp, at ev'ry noble gate, In the fine old English Tory times ; Soon may they come again ! The good old laws were garnished well with gibbets, whips, and chains. With fine old English penalties, and fine old English pains, With rebel heads and seas of blood once hot in rebel...
10. oldal - Boz," my signature in the Morning Chronicle, and in the Old Monthly Magazine, appended to the monthly cover of this book, and retained long afterwards, was the nickname of a pet child, a younger brother, whom I had dubbed Moses, in honour of the Vicar of Wakefield ; which being facetiously pronounced through the nose, became Boses, and being shortened, became Boz. Boz was a very familiar household word to me, long before I was an author, and so I came to adopt it.
20. oldal - ... daily enforced upon me by the nature of my avocation here and the state of my health. This testimony, so long as I live, and so long as my descendants have any legal right in my books, I shall cause to be republished, as an appendix to every copy of those two books of mine in which I have referred to America. And this I will do and cause to be done, not in mere love and thankfulness, but because I regard it as an act of plain justice and honour.
23. oldal - He no more thought, God forgive him ! that the admired original would ever be charged with the imaginary vices of the fictitious creature than he has himself ever thought of charging the blood of Desdemona and Othello on the innocent Academy model who sat for lago's leg in the picture.
23. oldal - sort of gay and ostentatious wilfulness' in the humouring of a subject, which had many a time delighted him, and impressed him as being unspeakably whimsical and attractive, was the airy quality he wanted for the man he invented. Partly for this reason, and partly (he has since often grieved to think) for the pleasure it afforded him to find that delightful manner reproducing itself under his hand, he yielded to the temptation of too often making the character speak like his old friend.

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