Consider wbo must drink that Drink, and then
What 'cis to have the Praise of Honeft Men:

For surely, Peggy, while that Drink does last,
?Tis Peggy will be toasted or disgrac'd..
Then if thy Ale in Glass thou would'st confine,
To make its sparkling Rays in Beauty shine,
Let thy clean Bottle be entirely dry,
Lest a white Substance to the Surface-fly,
And, floating there, disturb the curious Eye.
But this great Maxim must be understood,
Be sure, nay very sure, tby Cork be Good;
Then future Ages Mall of Peggy tell,
That Nymph that brew'd and bottl'd Ale so well:


How fleet is Air! How many things have Breath,
Which in a moment they resign to Death;
Depriv'd of Light, and all their happiest State,
Not by their Fault, but some o'er-ruling Fate !
Altho fair Flowers, that juftly might invite,
Are cropt, nay torn away for Man's Delight;
Yet still those Flowers, alas, can make no Moan,
Nor has Narcissus now a Power to groan.
But all those things which breathe in different Frame,
By Tye of common Breath Man's Pity claim.
A Gentle Lamb has Rhetorick to plead,
And when she sees the Butcher's Knife decreed,
Her Voice entreats him not to make her bleed ;
But cruel Gains, and Luxury of Taste,
With Pride, ftill lays Man's Fellow Mortals waste:
What Earth and Waters breed, or Air inspires,
Man for his Palate fits by torturing Fires.

Mully, a Cow sprung from a Beauteous Race,
With spreading Front did Mountown'sPastures grace...
Gentle the was, and with a gentle Stream,
Each Morgand Night gave Milk that equaťá Cream.


Offending None, of None she stood in Dread,
Much less of Persons which she daily fed :
But Innocence cannot it self defend

(Friend. Gainst Treacherous Arts vaid with the Name of : Robin of Derbyshire, whose Temper socks

The Constitution of his Native Rocks, Born in a * Place, which if it once be nam'd, Wou'd make a Blushing Modesty asham'd: He with Indulgence kindly did appear, To make poor Mully his peculiar Care. But inwardly this fullen churlith Thief Had all his Mind plac'd upon Mully's Beef: His Fancy fed on her, and thus he'd cry, Mully, as sure as I'm alive you die; 'Tis a brave Cow, O Sirs when Cbristmas comes, These Shins shall make the Porridge grac'd with Plumbs. Then midst our Cups, while we profusely Dine, This Blade shall enter deep in Mully's Chine : (Roaft? What Ribs, what Rumps,what Bak'd, Boil?d,Stew'd, and There san't a single Tripe of her be lost. (Sounds,

When Peggy, Nymph of Mountown, heard these She griev'd to hear of Mully's future Wounds : What Crime, says she, has gentle Mully done? Witness the Rising and the Setting Sun,.. That knows what Milk The constantly would give; Let tbat quench Robin's Rage, and Mully live.

Daniel, a Sprightly Swain, that us'd to flash The vigorous Steeds that drew his Lord's Calash; To Peggy's fide inclin'd; for 'twas well known How well be lov'd those Cattle of his own. Then Terence spoke oraculous and Dy, He'd neither grant the Question, or denys (Pye. Pleading for Milk, his Thoughts were on Mince-> But all his Arguments so dubious were, That Mully thence had neither Hopes nor Fear,

impose The Devil's Arfe of Peaky .

You've spoke, says Robin, but now let me tell ye 'Tis not fair-spoken Words that fill the Belly; Pudding and Beef I love, and cannot stoop To recommend your Bonny-Clapper Soop; You say The's innocent, but what of that ? 'Tis more than Crime sufficient that she's Fat ; And that which is prevailing in this case, Is, there's another Cow to fill her Place. And granting Mully to have Milk in store, Yet still this other Cow will give us more, She dies-stop here my Muse, forbear the ret, And vail that Grief which cannot be exprelt.

Illuminations at Rome, made by Pasquin,

upon the raising the Siege at Barcelona, consisting of Eight Figures, big as the

Life, with the following Motto's, 1706. 1. THE Lord giving sight to the Man bora

I blind, with the Duke of Savoy's Figure The Motto,

Domine, jam video, Lord, now I see. 2. Peter coming forth upon hearing the Cock crow, with the Pope's Figure. The Motto Et egreffus, flevit amare. And he went forth, and

wept bitterly. 3. Saul dying on Mount Gilboa, with che Elector of Bavaria's Figure. The Motto, Tenent me undique Anguftig. Sorrows compass

me about. 4: Pbaraoh in the Red-Sea, with the Frencb King's Figure. The Motto, ;. Ex omnibus non unus rs. There remain'd not so manfit. I n

much as one of them.

S. Judas 5. Judas going to hang himself, with Portocarcro's Figure. The Motto, Peccavi, tradito San. I have finn'd, in that I guine innoxio.

have betray'd innocent

Blood. 6. Judith with Holofernes's Head in her Hand, with the Queen of England's Figure. The Motto, Tradidit Dominus Po God has deliver'd his

teftatem ejus in ma. Power into the Hands num Femina.

of a Woman. 7. Jonab in the Ship surrounded with Waves, with the Duke of Anjou's Figure. The Motto, Proptcr me exorta eft For my fake is this great bæc Tempestas.

Tempest rais'd. 8. The Daughters of Sion rejoicing, with the Grandees of Spain, when they went to meet Charles the Third. The Motto, Abftulit Opprobrium ex He has taken away the Ifrael.

• Reproach from Israel.

His Holiness having offer'd a great Sum for the Discovery of the Auchor, he thereupon affix'd on the Palace-Gate these following Words: Græci carent Ablativo, Itali Dativo, Ego Now


A Letter to. Mareschal Tallard. Made English out of French. By J. Br.

1705; TT's true, Tallard, when fickle Chance deny'd, 1 At Blenbeim's fatal Field to crown thy side, Where Right again did win; and Europe Tee Thy Master's Lillies droop, tho led by Thee :

It might be well allow'd thee to repine,
For who's a Stoick, in a Case like thine ?
But now since others striving to repair
Thy Country's Loss, with as successless Care,
Ha’ found superior Britain's Strength the same;
O’erthrown like Thee in the mad Chace of Fame ;
Forgive th’unsteddy Goddess thy Defeat,
And count it Churchill's Privilege to beat,

In Ages past, the mighty Mortal name,
That could an equal Place in Annals claim ;
The Boasts and Wonders of the Trojan Race,
Froni Rome's alpiring Twins, to Cæfar, trace;
Thro the long Roll of all their Labours run,
Till ev'ry Town subdu'd, and Battel won.
But as thou dost the glorious Search pursue,
And leaving antient Valour, turn to New;
Be just to Churchill's Worth, and thy best Praise

(Deftow, A noble Spirit's Gift, on such a matchless Foe. For see allifting Fate, with Force Divine, Once more for him the doubtful Scale incline ; See Flanders now a bloody Prospe&t yield, And Blenbeim rival'd by Ramillia's Field. Where met alike, and by as daring Men, The Warrior has out-stript his country's Hopes ao Observe how soon usurpt Dominion fell, (gain. While juster Titles were asserted well, How to reduce the long contested Soil Of Belgia's better half, was but a Se’nnights Toil Then own, Tallard, tho there but little bei Of Truth allow'd in Tales of Chivalry, Tho where great A&s are pictur'd in Extremes, We think 'em oft'neft but the Writer's Dreams, Some Prodigies authentick we may call, And all that's ftrange, is not Apocryphal. When Spierbacb's Fortune, to thy Valour kind, Did thy serener Brow with Laurels bind ;


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