Tho her own Ide is bless’d with Liberty,
Has the a Right to see all Europe free?
Under this Roof, with Management, I may
The Progress of her arms at least delay.
From a contagious Vapour I will blow :
Within these Walls, Breaches shall wider grow;
Here let imaginary Fears prevail,
And give a Colour to affected Zeal;
From trivial Bills let warm Debates arise,
Foment Sedition, and retard Supplies.
If once my treach'rous Arts and watchful Care
Break the Confed'racy, and end the War,
Ador'd in Hell I may in Triumph sit,
And Europe to one Potentate submit.

Waking at so destable a Sound,
I cry'd, Infernal Hag, be ever dumb!
Here Anna reigns ; a Queen by Heav'n bestow'd
To right the Injur'd, and subdue the Proud.
As Roine of old gave Liberty to Greece,
Anna th' invaded linking Empire frees :
Th' Allies her Faith, her Pow'r the Frencb proclaim,
Her Piety th' Oppress'd, the World her Fame. .
AC ANN A's Namie, deje&ed, pale and fçar'd,
The execrable Fantom disappear'd.

An Elegy on the burning of the Church

Memorial, 1705. .

TO! Sacred Pages, never more repine, IV Tho facrific'd to Faction and Design. Thy Votaries by this more strong become, Gath'ring fresh Vigor from your Martyrdom.

Arabian Spices so, dissolv'd by Heat, Scatter Perfumes around, divinely sweet:

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Sochy Professors fell in wicked Days, Their Glorious Lives concluding with a Blaze. By such a Death would I obtain a Name, And make my Zeal outshine my Fun'ral Flame..! So from the World che Cæfars did retire, Ascending to the Gods from Piles of Fire. So Ptolomy's fam’d Library did shine In Unlearn'd Flames; No Loss compar'd to thin But we can you, Immortal Leaves, restore To former Life ; nor the hard Fate deplore. Sure from your Smoak some Miracle must rise, As when an Angel mounted to the Skies, And sanctify'd the Flame in Manoab's Sacrifice: Spite of thy adverse chance, thou shalt be read, Nor dye, till Principle and Truth be dead. Thou to thy Beauty salt again return, Smile like a Cherub, like a Seraph burn. But Oh! Expect what the three Children bore, 7 A Fire that's Seven times hotter than before, And all Fanatick Rage can practise more. Yet thou shalt feel no Harm, no Fear disclose, But like the Furnace, flash upon thy Foes.

Thou to the cherub, like a hree Childrefore,

Fire and Faggot, or the City Bon-Fire.

CHE's dead! thanks to the Jury's pious Care, » And all her fad Complaints are turn to Air; Vanilh'd in Smoak, as her neglected Crys From Earth to Hav'n's more pitying Mansions rise. 06-1-nd *, to thy fam'd Zeal is due,

That Salter's Hall has glorious things in view, · That Pinner's and Old-Jury's younger Paul's Hold Saints 'triumphant now within their Walls;

* Mr. Gellibrand, who follicited to get this Libel burnt.

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Since but for Thee, as sure as God's in Gloc'ter,
1 he Court had never fix'd on ways to roast her.

Th’ Attempt was noble, as the Fact was bold,
Let it in Gath and Askalon be told,
That Unbelievers may from thence perceive,
We dare to punish such as dare to grieve ;
Heav'ns bless the righteous B each Mother's )

Who have their Sage Fore-fathers Deeds outdone,
And thus, disclaim'd the Sins of Forty One :
They ne'er sat bogling how to judg and try hier,
But flung her instantly into the Fire:
So perilh all, that from these Presents dare
Speak what's offensive to the City Chair,
Or vent such Doctrines as shall difagree
With bless'd Occasional Conformity.

Not that to Thee alone we should ascribe
That Ephraim gains the point of Judah's Tribe,
And rides upon the shoulders of bis Foe,
As High Church yields the Day to what is Low.
Others have been partakers in the Deed,
Witness brave D 1,D , H-gams, The
Immortal D nes, Hugh

H dy, M-*-), Lan,
Who could not bear to see Diflenters undone ;
With Gl --Y,H-ros, Saint-like H-ch and H--s,
Heroes of Worth, and of just claim to Praise,
Bond---n, Gry, swne, Frb and Lek,
Seventeen good Men, and true as ever ftruck,
As ever took op Arms in days of rore,
Or e'er drew Basket-Hilt at Marston Moor.

Sculpture, in Monumental Brass ered
Those that have made the Saints the True Elect;
Their Statues in the several Niches range,
Fix'd upon Pedestals before th’ Exchange.
Patriots like these the Fabrick will adorn,
And stimulate the Children yet unborn ;

To make the coming Ages be their own,
And practise the Examples they have shown.

What if the Court no Precedent can plead,
And they from customary Rules recede,
As they beyond paft Ages Foot-steps run,
And act what by the Senate's only done?
Must querimonious Mutineers imply
Culprit was wrong'd, and did not fairly die ?
The Thought's absurd, and foolish the Mistake;
Where Precedents are wanting we should make.

Some would have had her all besmear'd with Tar, And carry'd into Smithfield from the Bar, . Where Saints of old eternal Truths confefs'd, Mounting from earthly Flames to Heav'nly Rest. But wiser Heads, who foon foresaw a Tartar, Judg'd lhe from thence might have been stild a

(Martyr, And sent her to th’Exebange, to make her fad De

(parture. Since no one there cou'd be suppos’d to die Or for Religion, or for Loyalty, Virtues unknown (their Practices a shame on) To such whose Idol's Gain, and God is Mammon. And there, to expiate her vile Offence, On the bright Wings of Flame the mounted hence ; Soar'd upward, where departed Spirits rise, And climb'd the vast Expanse,and reach'd the Skies,

Thus Hercules (as Heathen Poets feign) On Octa's Top, like this Delinquent Main, High o'er the Stars, Celestial Regions trod, By being made a Mortal, made a God.

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Mully of Mountown. A Poem. By the

Author of the Tale of a Tub.

.. . 1.

(Cares, 1 [ Ountown! Thou sweet Retreat from Dublin

V Be famous for thy Apples and thy Pears,
For Turnips, Carrots, Lettice, Beans, and Pease,
For Peggy's Buccer, and for Peggy's Cheese.
May Clouds of Pigeons round about thee fly,
But condescend sometimes to make a Pye.
May far Geese gaggle with melodious Voice,
"And ne'er want Gooseberries or Apple-Sauce..
Ducks in thy Ponds, and Chickens in thy Penns ;
And be thy Turkeys Numerous as thy Hens.
May thy Black Pigs lye warm in little Stye,
And have no Thought to grieve them till they die.
Mountown! The Muses most delicious Theam,
O may thy Codlins ever swim in Cream!
Thy Rasb and Strawberries in Bourdeaux drown,
To add a redder Tincture to thy own;
Thy White-Wine, Sugar, Milk together club,
To make that gentle Viand Syllabub.
Thy Tarts to Tarts, Cheesecakes to Cheesecakes
To spoil the Relish of the flowing Wine :
But to the fading Palate bring Relief
By thy Westphalian Ham, or Belgick Beef.
And to compleat thy Blessings in a Word,,,
May still thy Soil be Generous as its Lord.

Oh Peggy, Peggy, when thou go'st to brew,
Consider well what you're about to do;
Be very Wise, very fedately think
That what you are about to make is Drink:

is Drink :


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