Sampson, Samuel, Sellers hall, Church end, Finchley Samuel, James, 26 Gt. George street, Westminster 1852. Sanctuary, Thomas, Horsham, Sussex 1849. Saunders, James Ebenezer, jun., 9 Finsbury circus 1842. Saunders, William Wilson, East Hill, Wandsworth 1848. Saward, Michael, 9 Chatham place, Blackfriars 1854. Saye and Sele, the Rev. Lord, Broughton Castle, near Banbury, Oxon Sayer, Edward, 9 Clifford street, Bond street Saynor, Samuel, Grosvenor park, Camberwell Scalia, L., 4 Wyndham place Scamell, George, Melrose lodge, Holloway Schneider, Richard, 3 Circus road, St. John's wal. Scholer, William, Stockwell common Scholefield, W. Freer, Hollin hall, Ripon Sclater, George, Hoddington house, Odiham 1852. Scoones, Major Edward, Tunbridge 1854. Scott, Abraham Charles, 24 Ely place, Holborn 1852. Scott, George Walter, 7 Lothbury 1816. Scott, Henry Dundas, 10 Eccleston street, Pimlico 1847. Scott, Henry E., 11 Holland st., Kensington 1853. Scott, James, 1 Eccleston street, Chester square 1851. Scott, John, 9 Paternoster row 1847. Scott, J. Anthony, 13 Pall Mall East 1852. Scott, Michael, 26 Great George st., Westminster 1854. Scott, Thomas, 5 Charing cross 1851. Sedgwick, John Bell, 1 St. Andrew's place, Regent's park Sedgwick, William, 5 Regent street Sells, Edward Perronet, 55 Bankside Sex, Edward, Stock Exchange Seymour, Henry Danby, M.P., Knoyle house, Hindon, Wilts, and 39 Upper Grosvenor street Seymour, William, 1 Dorset gardens, Brighton Sharpe, Edmund, 2 Devonshire terrace, High street, Marylebone Sharpe, Edmund, M.A., Lancaster Shattock, H. Foster, Nunhead rd., Peckham, Surrey Shears, David T., Bankside 1852. Shepard, J., Halifax 1851. Shepherd, Charles, 53 Leadenhall street, City 1850. Shepherd, Charles, jun., 53 Leadenhall st., City 1843. Sheppard, Richard, Newport Pagnell 1851. Sheridan, Henry Brinsley, 32 Ludgate hill 1847. Sheriff, G. W., 61 Friday street 1853. Sheriff, John William, Ridgway hill, Wimbledon 1851. Shillito, George, Manor park, Streatham, Surrey 1853. Shoolbred, James, jun., The Elms, Acton 1811. Shore, Ofiley, Church Dale, Ashford, Derbyshire 1808. Shuter, T. Allen, Hooley house, Colsdan, Surrey 1812. Sich, Henry, Chiswick 1850. Sich, Henry Wyndham, Chiswick 1852, Sich, Thomas, Chiswick 1851. Sidney, Samuel, Percy vale, Forest hill 1849. Siemens, Charles William, 7 John st., Adelphi 1854. so Rev. Thomas, D.C.L., Ravensden, Bedfordsinite 1854. Silk, George Charles, 79 Pall Mall 1852. Sillifant, John, Coombe, near Crediton 1848, Silverlock, H., 3 Wardrobe terrace, Doctor's Coms, 1851. Sim, John C. 9 Clifton place, Hyde park gardens 1853. Simmons, Capt. John Lintorn Arabin, R.E., Board of Trade 1854. Simon, John, F.R.S., 37a Up 1854. Simms, William Hawes, 9 } Brompton 1843. Simpson, James, 29 Great George street, Westminster 1854. Simpson, Robert, Moor house, Ryton, Newcastleon-Tyne 1853. Simpson, William, 2 Eccleston street, Chester sq. 1843. Simpson, William Butler, 456 Strand 1848. Skeat, Wm., 6 Park place villas, Maida hill West 1853. Skey, F. Carpenter, M.D., 9 Hertford st. May fair 1853. Slaney, R. A., Shrewsbury, and 5 Bolton row, May fair

1852. 1850.

1854. 1851. 1853. 1853. 1845. 1852. 1850. 1854.

1851. 1851. 1825. 1853.

1816. 1847.

1852. 1850. 1806.

er Grosvenor street hurloe place, Old

1854. Slee, Charles W., 53 Doughty st., and 6 Newgatest. 1816. Smart, Sir George, 91 Great Portland street 1852. Smart, George, Cardiff 1852. Smee, Alfred, F.R.S., Finsbury circus 1851. Since, William Alfred, Finsbury pavement 1846. Smirke, Edward, 79 Grosvenor street 1847. Smirke, Sidney, A.R.A., 79 Grosvenor street 1845. Smith, Benjamin, Bugbrook, near Weedon 1851. Smith, Charles, Church house, 14 Churchyard row, Newington Butts 1814. Smith, Charles H., 29 Clipstone street 1852. Smith, Rev. Charles Lesingham, Little Canfield Rectory, Dunmow, Essex 1851. Smith, Edward Osborne, 24a Bryanstone square 1851. Smith, Francis, 26 Southampton street, Strand 1843. Smith, George, 4 Frederick place, Old Jewry 1847. Smith, George, 65 Cornhill 1849. Smith, George, 29 Finsbury square 1852. Smith, Henry Lilley, Southam 1815. Smith, James Scott, Distillery, Whitechapel 1850. Smith, John, 49 Long Acre 1852. Smith, John, Malton 1854. Smith, John, 8 Upper Fountain place, City road 1852. Smith, Rev. J. H., Leamington 1847. Smith, John Jobson, Roscoe place, Sheffield 1850. Smith, Richard, Priory, Dudley 1809. Smith, Robert Peter, Paris 1852. Smith, Samuel, Field house, Horton, Bradford, York 1852. Smith, William, 37 Tavistock square 1847. Smith, William, 10 Salisbury street, Strand 1849. Smith, William Henry, 40 Great Ormond street 1850. Smith, William Henry, 136 Strand 1853. Smith, William Henry, 8 Upper: Fountain place, City road 1852. Smith, William Wyke, Barnet 1852. Smithies, Joseph J., 14 Compton street East, Brunswick square 1853. Snell, Edward, 14 City road 1851. Soames, James, May's buildings, St. Martin's lane 1835. Solly, James, Tipton, near Birmingham 1853. Solly, Richard, Sheffield 1804. Solly, Richard Horsman, F.R.S., 48 Great Ormond street 1828. Solly, Samuel Reynolds, F.R.S., Serge hill, near King's Langley, Herts 1837. Solly, William Hammond, Bloxworth Rectory, Blandford, Dorsetshire 1845. Sopwith, Thomas, F.R.S., Allenheads, Haydonbridge -1854. Sorrell, William, Eli street, Kingsland road 1853. Soward, John, 241 Tottenham court road 1852. Sparkes, William, Crewkerne 1851. Spicer, Henry, 22 Crescent. Highbury 1854. Spicer, William Revel, 19 New Bridge street, Blackfriars 1848. Spiers, Richard James, Oxford 1853. Spottiswoode, George, New street square 1852. Spurrell, Flaxman, Bexley heath 1852. Squire, William, 54 Camden square, Camden town 1853. Stafford, Marquis of, M.P., 2 Hamilton pl. Piccadilly 1852. Standen, William, B.P., 48 Brompton crescent 1853, Standring, Benjamin, jun., Forest hill, and 152 Minories 1827. Stanhope, the Earl of 29b Albemarle street 1853, Staniland, William, Selby, Yorkshire 1853. Stanley, Lord, M.P., Knowsley, Lancashire, and Albany, Piccadilly 1853. Stansbury, Charles Frederick, A.M., 7 Cornhill 1852. Stansfeld, James, Halifax 1802. Stapylton, M., Myton hall. Boroughbridge 1852. Starkie, Richard Stringer, 4 Strand 1851. Startin, James, M.D., 3 Saville row 1824. Staunton, Michael, 9 Strand 1838. Staunton, William Sandys, 9 Strand 1854. Stephens, Francis, 36 Great Winchester street

1852. Stephens, Henry, 34 Stamford street

1851. Xenos, Stefanos, 19 London street, Fenchurch st. 1853, Yeats, John, F.R.G.S., the Middle School, Peckham 1850. Yeldham, Stephen, 9 Stamford street, Blackfriars

1851. Yapp, George Wagstaff, 17 Cornhill 1843. Yewd, William, 30 East st., Lamb's Conduit st. 1849. Yarborough, the Earl of, 16 Arlington street, 1844. Yool, Henry, 17 Harewood square

Piccadilly 1853. Young, George, Leeds 1813, Yarrell, William, 6 Little Ryder st., St. James's 1850. Young, William Ogsden, 12 Victoriard., Kensington 1849, Yarrow, Thomas A., 89 St. James's street 1853. Ysasi, Manuel de, Club chambers, Regent street

1851, Yeates, Andrew, 12 Brighton place, New Kent road 1853. Zetland, the Earl of, Upleatham, Redcar, Yorkshire


* is o requested that every Change of Residence may be communicated to the Secretary without delay.


N.B.-In the following List the Institutions which have agreed to a General Interchange of Privileges are denoted by an asterisk. By means of this organisation and arrangement a Member of one Institution, when visiting a town in which any other is situated, will be enabled to enjoy at that other, for the time bcing, all the advantages of membership. Any person wishing to avail himself of this privilege, needs only to present his Card of Membership; it being understood that he will abide by the Bye Laws of the particular Institution he may visit, as well in regard to the time to which this privilege may be extended as to all other matters.

*ABERDEEN, Mechanics' Institution
Aberystwith, Literary, Scientific and Mechanics' Insti-
*Accrington, Mechanics' Institution
*Allenheads, (near Haydon Bridge,) Library and News-
Aiton, Mechanics' Institution
Andover, Hants and Wilts Educational Society
*: Library and Institute
Annan, Mechanics' Institute
*Ashbourn, Reading Room and Literary Institute
*Ashford, Mechanics' Institute
Ashton and Dukinfield, Mechanics’ Institution
*Aylesbury, Mechanics' Institution

*Bacup, Mechanics' Institution
Bakewell and High Peak, Institute
*Banbury, Mechanics' Institute
*Barking, Mutual Improvement Society
*Barnet, Institute
*Barnsley, Mechanics' Institute and Literary Society
*Barnstaple, Literary and Scientific Institution
*Barrhead (near Glasgow,) Mechanics' Institution
*Basingstoke, Mechanics' Institute
*Bath, Athenaeum
,, Commercial and Literary Institution
*Battersea, Literary and Scientific Institution
Battle, Mechanics' Institution
*Beccles, Public Library and Scientific Institution
*Bedford, Literary and Scientific Institution
Belfast, Working Classes Association
Belturbet, Literary and Scientific Society
Berkhampstead, Mechanics' Institution
*Bexley Heath, Society for the Promotion of Useful
*Bicester, Literary Institution and Mutual Improvement
*Bilston, Institute
Birmingham, Polytechnic Institution
*Bishop Stortford, Literary Institution
Blackburn, Bank Foundry and Highfield Mill Athenaeum
Blairgowrie and Rattray, Mechanics' Institution
Blandford, Institution
*Bodmin, Literary Institution
Bolton, Mechanics' Institution
*Boston, Athenaeum
Bradford (Wilts), Literary Institution
Bradford (Yorkshire), Mechanics' Institute.
*Braintree and Bocking, Literary and Mechanics' In-
Bramley, Mechanics' Institute
Brechin, Mechanics' Institution

Brentford, Literary and Scientific Institution Bridgend, Mechanics' Institute *Bridgwater, Literary and Scientific Institution Brighton, Athenaeum and Young Men's Literary Union ** London, Brighton and South Coast Railway Literary and Scientific Institution * , , , Mechanics' Institution * > Royal Literary and Scientific Institution *Bristol, Athenaeum ,, Early Closing Association, (Education Department) *Bromley, Literary Institute *Bromsgrove, Literary and Scientific Institution Buckingham, Literary and Scientific Institution *Buntingford, Literary Institute *Burnley, Mechanics' Institution *Bury, Athenaeum Bury St. Edmunds, Athenaeum and Suffolk Institute of Archaeology and Natural History *k * > Mechanics', Literary and Scientific Institution *Calne, Literary Institution Cambo (near Morpeth), Subscription Library *Cambridge, Philo-Union Literary Society *Cambridge and Cambridgeshire, Mechanics' Institute *Cardiff, Athenaeum *Carlisle, Literary, Scientific and Mechanical Institution *Carmarthen, Literary and Scientific Institution *Chatham, Rochester, Stroud, and Brompton, Mechanics' Institution *Cheadle (Staffordshire), News-room Chelmsford, Literary and Mechanics’ Institution Cheltenham, Literary and Philosophical Institution *Chepstow, Literary Institution *Chester, Mechanics’ Institution Chesterfield and Brampton, Mechanics' Institute *Chichester, Literary Society and Mechanics' Institution Chippenham, Literary and Scientific Institution *Cirencester, Literary, Scientific and Mechanics’ Institution * * Permanent Library Clitheroe, Mechanics’ Institute Coalbrookdale, Literary and Scientific Institution *Coalcleugh, (near West Allendale,) Library and Newsroom Coggeshall, Literary and Mechanics' Institute Colchester, Mechanics' Institution *Corfe Castle, Mutual Improvement Society Cork, Royal Institution Coventry, Mechanics' Institution Crewkerne, Literary and Scientific Institution

Mechanics' Institution and

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Huddersfield, Mechanics’ Institution * * Philosophical Society Hull, Mechanics' Institution *Huntingdon, Literary and Scientific Institution Hyde, (near Manchester) Mechanics' Institution Hythe, Reading Society

Ipswich, Mechanics' Institution

Kelvedon, Literary Institution

Kendal, Mechanics' Institution

King's Lynn, Free Library - -

Kingston-on-Thames, Mechanics', Literary and Scientific Institution

Lancaster, Athenæum * ,, Church of England Instruction Society * , Mechanics' Institute *Launceston, Mechanics' Institute *Learnington, Royal Literary and Scientific Institution Leeds, Mechanics' Institution and Literary Society ,, Philosophical and Literary Society ,, Yorkshire Union of Mechanics' Institutes Leek, Mechanics' Institution *Lees, (near Manchester.) Literary and Scientific Institution *Leicester, Mechanics' Institution *LeistonV. Saxmundham), Mechanics' Institute *Leven, Vale of, (Dumbartonshire,) Mechanics' Institution *Lewes, Mechanics' Institution Limerick, Institution * > Literary and Scientific Society Lincoln and Lincolnshire, Mechanics' Institution Linton, o Literary Institution

* Liskeard, Institution

*Liverpool, Bootle Educational Institution * * Collegiate Institution

o Mechanics' Institution

1 * Llanelly, Mechanics' Institution London, Bank of England Library and Literary Association London, Beaumont Philosophical Institution * , Camberwell Institute for the Industrial Classes ,, Camberwell Literary and Scientific Institution * ,, Clapham Literary and Scientific Institution ,, Crosby Hall Evening Classes for Young Men * , Hackney Literary and Scientific Institution * ,, Jews' and General Literary and Scientific Institution * , Kingsland, Dalston, and De Beauvoir Town, Literary and Scientific Institution ,, London and South-Western Literary and Scientific Institution * ,, London Domestic Mission Society * ,, London Mechanics' Institution ,, Marylebone Literary and Scientific Institution ,, North-West London Christian Literary Institute , St. George's, Hanover-square, Lending Library

and Reading Rooms ,, St. John's Wood, Literary and Scientific Institution * ,, Pimlico, Literary, Scientific and Mechanics' Institution

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*Maldon, Literary and Mechanics Institute
Malton, Literary Institute
Manchester, Institutional Association of the Literary and
Mechanics' Institutions of Lancashire and Cheshire
#: * x Mechanics' Institution
*Manningtree and Mistley, Mechanics' Institution
*Margate, Literary and Scientific Institution
*Market Drayton, Society for the Acquirement of Useful
*Marlborough, Reading and Mutual Improvement Society
Masham, (Yorkshire), Mechanics' Institution and Lite-
rary Society -
Middlesborough, Mechanics' Institute
*Modbury (near Ermebridge), Institution
Morpeth, Mechanical and Scientific Institution •

Nailsworth, Literary and Mechanics' Institute Newark, Mechanics’ Institution *Newbury, Literary Institution Newcastle-on-Tyne, Church of England Institute > * Northern Union of Literary and Mechanics’ Institutions *Newhouse (near St. John's, Weardale), Library and News-room *Newport (Isle of Wight), Athenæum and Mechanics' Institution *Newport (Monmouthshire), Athenaeum and Mechanics' Institute *Newport (Salop), Mechanics' Institute and Literary Society Northallerton, Institute *Northampton and Northamptonshire.Mechanics' Institute :: > * Religious and Useful Knowledge Society Norwich, Literary Institution *Norwich, Young Men's Institute Norwood, Library and Reading Room *Nottingham, Mechanics' Institution

Odiham, Mechanics' Institution *Oldham, Lyceum Oswestry, Young Men's Institute

*Patricroft (near Manchester), Mechanics' Institution
Pembroke Dock, Mechanics' Institute
*Pendleton (near Manchester), Mechanics' Institution
*Penzance, Institute
*Pershore, Mechanics' Institution
*Peterborough, Mechanics' Institution
*Plymouth, Mechanics' Institute
Poole, Mechanics' Institute
,, . Town and County Library and Literary Institute
Portaferry, Mechanics' Institute
Portsea, Watt Institute
*Portsmouth and Portsea, Literary and Philosophical
*Preston, Institution for the Diffusion of Knowledge
,, Literary and Philosophical Institution

*Radcliffe Bridge and Pilkington, Lyceum and Mutual
Improvement Society
*Rawtenstall, Mechanics' Institution
*Reading, Literary, Scientific and Mechanics' Institution
*Redditch, Literary and Scientific Institute
Redruth, Institution for the Promotion of Useful Know-
-Rift Mechanics' Institution
Repton, Institute
*Romford, Literary and Mechanics’ Institution.
*Royston, Mechanics' Institute
Ryde (Isle of Wight), Literary and Scientific Institute

*Saffron Walden, Literary and Scientific Institution
St. Austell, Literary Institution
*St. Ives (Cornwall), Institution
*St. Just (near Penzance), Institution
*St. Leonard's, Mechanics' Institution
Salford, Mechanics' Institution

*Salisbury, Literary and Scientific Institution
*Saltash (Cornwall), Institute
*Sevenoaks, Literary and Scientific Institution
*Shaftesbury, Literary Institution
*Sheerness, Mechanics' Institution
*Sheffield, People's College
*Shelton (near Newcastle-under-Lyne), Potteries Me-
chanics' Institution
*Sherborne, Literary Institution
*Shifnall, Mechanics' Institution
*Shrewsbury, Church of England Literary and Scientific
3 * Shropshire Mechanics' Institution
Sleaford, Public Library
Slough, Mechanics' Institution
*Southam, Mutual Improvement Society
*Southampton, Polytechnic Institution
Spalding, Mechanics' Institute
Spilsby, Literary and Scientific Institution
Staines, Literary and Scientific Institution
*Staley-bridge, Mechanics' Institution,
Stamford, Institution
*Stirling, School of Arts
*Stockton-on-Tees, Mechanics' Institute of Literature and
Science -
Stoke-upon-Trent, Athenaeum
Stourbridge, Mechanics' Institution
Sudbury, Literary Institution and Museum
Swansea, Royal Institution of South Wales

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