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For many years, there has been an earnest and increasing demand for a practical text-book on the subject of language; a book that would present the essentials of English syntax unencumbered by the rubbish of which the average “grammar” has so largely consisted. With a view to meeting this demand, the present work has been prepared. We claim merit for it on two leading points: 1. What it contains; 2. What it does not contain. We believe that the latter, as much as the former, entitles it to consideration.

What the book contains.—Some things that are new ; more that are not. The method of treating the subject and the order of arrangement are the principal features of originality. In both these respects, the work will be found thoroughly logical.

PART I covers the essential points in English syntax, including all that pertains to the seven parts of speech and the analysis of sentences. Set rules have purposely been omitted. Definitions have been admitted but sparingly, and in no case until the thing defined has been fully explained. The sentences for practice in analysis have been carefully graded so as to lead the student on in a well-lighted pathway. The parsing to be done is . informal,—not of the “cold-blooded” sort which has so long been the bane of English grammar teaching. Apt illustrations and interesting exercises are introduced from time to time, and the colloquial style of presentation has been adhered to throughout. These features will enhance the value of the book in the hands of beginners, and furnish a helpful review for others. Some of the lessons may seem rather long, but they are natural rather

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